Submarine Galley
74 Brockton Ave, Abington, MA 02351, United States
Review №1

Two nights ago I ordered 3 subs. 2 turkey dinner and 1 pastrami and Swiss. I have gotten subs here many times and always had great luck but this time was different. The turkey subs contained 2 thin slices of turkey and a glob of cold stuffing. That's it; no mayonnaise, no lettuce; no cranberry sauce: nothing! Terrible! As for the pastrami and Swiss it came with 2 slices of cheese and 4 small slices of salami. I already had salami in my fridge but I wanted pastrami. Is this really that difficult? Well needless to say; the've lost my patronage. Next time I'll try Spencers

Review №2

Been a long time since I've been to a place with actually surprising takes on subs, and this is that place. They obviously take pride in their creations, and it shows. They make absolutely great subs, and trying new recipes will be one of my delights whenever I'm around. Staff are quick and professional, and the place itself is pretty minimalist and clean, but when the subs are this good, it's hard to notice.

Review №3

Curbside pic up staff always in masks instant delivery to car each time! Convienient location to pull in and pick up and go... Fast as a red light

Review №4

OMG they have THE best tuna, and Italian subs in the area I will never be able to buy another tuna sub anywhere else.

Review №5

They have the best Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce with a little Mayo subs!!OMG they are too die for!! Everything is always fresh!! Get a chance stop by you won't regret it!!

Review №6

Amazing food and amazing people this place is a awesome, i highly recommend this place.

Review №7

This place used to be 5 stars but it's just isn't the same as it used to be. I've been going there for over 25+ years, my dad used to visit this shop back in the 60s and raised me on this place. Last night I ordered two subs and tipped 5 dollars before the girls made my sub and I got the smallest sandwiches I have received in 25 years, they literally had two slices on meat in each sub! The previous time the same thing happened from different employees and I just figured they were having an off day. I really recommend going somewhere that fills the subs like Supreme in Brockton right down the road.

Review №8

Been going there since 1964, The Best Sub Shop in the WORLD...My favorite is the Italian sub loaded. You need a soup spoon or fork. Because they Dice all there veggies. Not sliced. So you get a one pound or more sub. They make there own meatballs too.I will take a pic, next trip there, it's a 40min ride for me.

Review №9

All I've got to say is don't bother ordering at sub gallery it took three hours before I had ordered eight sandwiches told it would be done at seven got there they never even started three other people waiting in line same situation ordered a couple hours before was not done they were waiting on customers coming in the door and having the ones that ordered on the phone to wait so I would recommend going here so don't bother.Oh and one thing and do you order that was put in three hours before when it came time to make the sandwiches they ran out of the white bread.

Review №10

Really good steak n

Review №11

Unbelievable home made meatball subsIt's worth the 30 minute driveDelicious food 5 star

Review №12

Hmmmm went there twice got my food wrong twice been going there since I was little love the square pickles just disappointed that lately my food has been wrong

Review №13

The cheeseburger sub I got was amazing. Nice and hot, juicy and delicious. Definitely will be coming back

Review №14

Always delicious. The recipes have stayed the same for years in the good way. Friendly staff.

Review №15

I have to give this place a 5 star rating because the owner is very into follow up and how his place is run. I have eaten here many times and recently had a sub not up to par and he took care of it. Very professional ! I will continue to be a patron of this establishment. Food is always fresh when it goes out!

Review №16

Great sub shop. Great subs. No pizza!

Review №17

The aesthetic of the place is pretty cool. The damn sandwiches are delicious and really pack a punch.

Review №18

I really wanted to love this place but i was so disappointed when i opened my sub and saw only two slices of ham. I don't like a thick sandwich, but 2 slices of ham and one slice of cheese, with enough pickles and lettuce to fill 2 large subs is not good. On the other hand, my granddaughter's turkey and cheese sub was perfect. If i decide to try this place again, i will be sure to mention this. The ingredients and bread were very fresh.

Review №19

Great food, and amazing service!!!

Review №20

Great food, good service.

Review №21

Very good sub's.

Review №22

Never had a large Italian Sub with so little meat in it. Not worth it

Review №23

The meatball and chicken salad subs are the best around!

Review №24

Amazing place to get a great sub. Excellent service, great portions. I have never been disappointed with anything I have had from them. Highly reccomend them.

Review №25

It was good. They had new employee there who was obviously nervous. I felt bad because there was this old bag there that was obviously sticking her nose up at him and being witchy. He just needs to speak up a bit and do shorthand and he will be fine

Review №26

Great food at great prices

Review №27

The best subs on the south shore

Review №28

Fantastic and fresh food, I like the character the spot has, and the cashiers were super nice. I will surely visit here again.

Review №29

There is a reason that this place has been around longer than I have been alive. Abington staple.

Review №30

Great food, great service! Have been coming here since I was a kid!

Review №31

Great place for good subs specials

Review №32

Great subs!! Fresh food and rolls! Nice staff and fair prices!

Review №33

My ham and cheese sub for $8.50 only 1 layer of ham.

Review №34

I've never understood the popularity unfortunately. I assume most reviews are friends of the teens who work there. My friends ordered from there (not my choice) and my sub was wrong as usual. Asked for chicken parmigiana and got unbreaded pieces, not cutlets of chicken...its not worth the money, and they're pretty cheap to begin with.

Review №35

Ben Crosta is a South Shore Legend. Kid's an absolute wizard between the buns. The Wayne Gretzky of the Submarine Sandwich.

Review №36

Very friendly. I go here all the time and my subs are always perfect.

Review №37

Have always been the best subs a round

Review №38

Great food really fresh ingredients well worth it.

Review №39

The meatballs fall apart with each bite! Phenomenal!

Review №40

Great steak and cheese

Review №41

The service and food are consistently good. The portions are great and the food is fresh. However, they don't have as many options as expected of a sub place. I asked for a salad once and they said they could cut up an iceberg lettuce and throw on whatever I would like on it.

Review №42

Huge subs very good pickles and will toast any sub if you want

Review №43

Great subs at a good price. Service was quick and the food came out just as ordered.

Review №44

Good chicken salad

Review №45

No better sub shop in New England. Every time I go there it's always a hundred percent perfect.

Review №46

This is the sub that used to be found all over the place on the South Shore.This places stands alone now.No other sub shop can come close.

Review №47

Highly overrated. Service was awkward, had pounds of pickles on my sub to the point of the bread being soggy.

Review №48

I love meatballs and thees are my favorite out of anywhere

Review №49

Good food for a great price!

Review №50

Steak and cheese combo was good. Nice bread. Food is fresh and tasty. Good service.

Review №51

I enjoy their tuna fish sub with salt n pepper just need alittle less tuna in it though is over whelming when they load it

Review №52

BEST Around. No question about it. No one else comes close

Review №53

I had to try the meatballs and sauce because many have said how great they are, I liked them the sauce was great. The chicken parmesan was very good it's fresh grilled chicken they don't have a deep fryer so no sides and Coke products only. Service was polite and friendly most importantly I ordered and was out the door in a few minutes. The place is clean with a unisex toilet, I'll be returning to sample the salad.

Review №54

Seriously, they have the BEST tuna sub on the planet. It's delicious! I've been going there since 1984.

Review №55

Great food ! ...

Review №56

The white tuna sub, was such a delight.

Review №57

Ordered a grilled chicken sub and as usual, the chicken had black stuff all over it from their ever so popular dirty grill. The only time you can get a nice (and clean) sub is when the women are there during the daytime, otherwise, the teenagers are just going to give you a dirty grill sub.

Review №58

The food is amazing here. The meatball subs and the chicken parm are to die for. Everyone should try them once in their lives. It gives an old fashion feel on the inside as well. Highly recommend

Review №59

Hands down the best sub place around. I haven't been to any place around that compares for subs when I want to stuff my gullet full of sub-goodness.

Review №60

Have driven by this place for 5 years, never stopped in. Saw the sign about homemade meatballs, decided to stop. Kicking myself that I didn't stop in 5 years ago! Got a meatball sandwich, had it for lunch and then took home 2 containers. Service was awesome as were the PRICES!!!. What a great place.

Review №61

Honest, fresh ingredients, best meatball.I've been driving by this place for over 20 years. Finally stopped by today. A stop, I will definitly make again. 2 thumbs up

Review №62

Best subs in abington

Review №63

There was little to no meat. Its gone way down hill

Review №64

The staff is great. The subs are ok at best. It's usually crowded and the parking lot is suicide.

Review №65

I've been going here since I was a kid. The food is amazing and it looks like the inside of someone's kitchen. The place he been there for about 50 years and it has stood the test of time from what my dad said. I make trips to Abington just for a tuna sub from this spot.

Review №66

Great prices & good portions!

Review №67

I'm pretty picky with my food and I can't think of a time where I felt more taken care of. This place is 5 stars through and through

Review №68

Subs are always fresh and great

Review №69

Worst meatball sub I've ever had.

Review №70

Best meatball sub in the state

Review №71

The best subs in Massachusetts!

Review №72

The meatballs were terrible. They were mushy and didn't taste like anything. The sausage was really good though and the Italian sub looked amazing so I'm giving it three stars. Skip the meatballs.

Review №73

Great place for lunch

Review №74

They make the Best "Spuckies" (Southie Slang) Italian Subs!! They have Delicious Chopped up Pickles and Chopped up Tomatoes and Onions!! Love it Chopped up.....much better than sliced.

Review №75

A local go-to!

Review №76

The best sub shop anywhere. overstuffed awesome sandwiches .

Review №77

Great sandwiches made by friendly people! Their meatball sub is the best. Homemade with a smile.

Review №78

This place needs a make over desperately! Looks very dirty.

Review №79

Decent sub shop with good food

Review №80

Good food homemade

Review №81

Great subs.they have been there forever

Review №82

Meatballs are fantastic

Review №83

Excellent food and service

Review №84

Howzabout is the best!!! Their meatballs are out of the world. A+++ business

Review №85

Try something new each time. Always great!!!

Review №86

Excellent Service. Subs are superior. How's about is a favorite.

Review №87

Good subs

Review №88

Bread was not fresh

Review №89

Friendly but skimpy on the roast beef in the sub. Wouldn't order again.

Review №90

I was really happy with my salami sub. Tons of tomatoes and pickles.

Review №91

Great short visit, order was quick and accurate

Review №92

Excellent service with good food and great prices. Definitely worth visiting for lunch.

Review №93

Great subs just not that big.prices are very good compared to other local sub shops

Review №94

Best old school subs around!!

Review №95

Best subs on the South Shore.

Review №96

Fresh food that was awesome and the staff was great

Review №97

Great food, huge portions. Excellent prices.

Review №98

I have been going to the "Sub Galley" and enjoying their food for over forty years. Very little has changed over time, the food has always been great, and it has always been at a reasonable and affordable price.

Review №99

I crave this place. The Galley sandwiches are the best. Nothing like them out in California. I've thought of calling them up and placing an order to have FedExed to San Francisco. Mmmmmmmmmmm

Review №100

Been going there since 1976

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