373 Centre Ave, Abington, MA 02351, United States
Review №1

Best fast food around, great chicken sandwiches and burgers, best fast food fries, good chicken nuggets, all around amazing food and service for the price

Review №2

Honestly these prices are unbelievable! 4 for 4 is amazing!

Review №3

Very lovely very lovely ladies inside of there not only speak English nice

Review №4

No line inside which was great. The dude at the register was really nice. Gotta say it was a pleasant visit.

Review №5

I have always enjoyed going to Wendy's for a quick bite to eat usually get a Baconator jr. Bacon 9 out of 10 times a baked potato this time though got the baked potato got home want to go and eat it and it look like a golf ball rubbed in mud is the smallest little saddest potato you've ever seen other than that the food was still good did not wait in line long good place to go will return again but will definitely check my order before I leave

Review №6

Quick drive thru and very efficient. Order was correct and hot.

Review №7

Fast always. Convient location to other stores and gas

Review №8

I arrive at this outstanding restaurant every couple of days since I enjoy the good mood that is exist in this restaurant. The personel is extremely loving and experienced. The service is very fast. Also, the food they serve is exceptionaly good. I came often and I was never disappointed. The rate is decent. I highly suggest this restaurant to my friends and family.

Review №9

Wendys is always,. so very delicious. The menu is acceptable for any cravings,. in any style. 4 for 4. When oneself is not in a hurry, utilize your time wisely and go inside to read the menu. Sometimes using the internet takes away from the actual experiences. Communication is key. You want something,.. step up and order it. The food looks like the pictures.

Review №10

I don't like this Wendy's because they put too much mayo on my bread and they don't cook the meat for a long time. The customer service was excellent.

Review №11

Long line at the drive thru so you may want to go inside if the dining room is open again.

Review №12

The people were real nice here and fast. After all it's fast food. But I got chili and didn't get a spoon or any napkins so I didn't give five stars. All in all a good location.

Review №13

I go to this great restaurant often! This is my favorite restaurant to have a bite. I go there frequently. The meals are just great, the crew is courteous and the prices are affordable. I enjoy meeting in this place to have a tasty supper.

Review №14

The oven has been broken for weeks so I have been unable to get breakfast biscuits. Who runs this place? Incompetence.

Review №15

Never had a problem here

Review №16

Definitely fast and good food. The service was apathetic and a bit on the nonchalant side. It would be nice to have a friendly voice say please or thank you. Basic common courtesy would definitely improve the experience. But, hey it's fast food, and they are always open to feed you if your choices are limited.

Review №17

I just didn't got my combo right, missing items, and paid for it, but that happens!!

Review №18

I regularly stop purchasing some food in here. I loved the prompt customer service and well made dishes. Fantastic work.

Review №19

Excellent food service...

Review №20

Food and help is great

Review №21

I ordered 3 honey butter chicken biscuits for breakfast and the deadass gave me honey butter biscuits with NO CHICKEN.

Review №22

Love their nuggets and chicken Sandwiches!

Review №23

Best seasoned potatoes

Review №24

Wendys is Wendys. I like it better than Burger King and Especially McDonalds. More of a variety including baked potatoes salads and chili. I never leave there feeling sick like when ive been to McDonald's

Review №25

Friendly service.

Review №26

I've always liked Wendy's better than McDonald's or Burger King and would recommend to everybody

Review №27

This is the dirtiest Wendy's I've ever seen. The floors are littered with trash and so greasy that it felt like I was walking on ice. Every surface I touched inside this place was covered with a slick film of oily dirt. It's like they used one rag to wipe the whole place down, day after day, since the doors opened. The bathroom smells like vomit, they were out of soap and paper towels, and the urinal had so much hair in it, I was uncomfortable using it.Twice I've stopped here for food, and twice I've left empty handed and completely disguised. I will never eat here.

Review №28

They Are Finally Selling Triple Burgers Again!!!!

Review №29

Good food, bad service.

Review №30

It always varies. This time is was happy. Good service, Good food. The place was clean. Communicated reason for hold up on my coffee (making a fresh pot, OK.) Only downfall ordered and paid online and they could not locate order.

Review №31

Ok not like it used to be better than mcd or by but I'd go to five guys if had chance....chili gone way down hill and honestly burgers don't taste the Same os dave Thomas began

Review №32

Burgers were undercooked. Cold and soggy. Went last night. 11-1 . About 11p.m. we were the only car in the drive thru if memory serves. Theres no excuse for serving the public raw meat. We threw out our food. No point in returning to the source of the problem at that hour. Wendy's is the only place I'll eat a fast food burger from. Going forward I may have to rethink that. Speak to your staff about the dangers of being so careless.

Review №33

Wendys is undergoing cool changes in most locations but maybe its taking time for the employees to get on board. They have self service tablets to put in your own order but at this location they were put up in front of the register rendering them useless. Food was good as usual but took forever to get service at the counter even though i was first in line. They forgot my fries so i had to wait again to get help but otherwise i was happy with my visit.

Review №34

Fries always cold

Review №35

Good food at a good price

Review №36

It was fine...floors were sticky but other than that no complain ts

Review №37

Food was ok service was fair.

Review №38

Comfortable atmosphere

Review №39

The fast food here is always good

Review №40

Easy access. Warm water. Pleasant beach.

Review №41

Very clean warm food good

Review №42

The best service around! Always fast and friendly staff.

Review №43

My kids love Wendys over any other fast food places. I, myself, rarely ever eat this stuff but I got to admit it's pretty tasty.

Review №44

Dirty place, mad greasy handprints all over the glass doors. Mens room was missing the soap dispener like it was completely missing. Floor was wicked slippery . Soda machines dirty.

Review №45

Burger was awful. Dried over cooked

Review №46

Got to say Wendy's got the best chili baked potatoes broccoli everything's good at Wendy's.

Review №47

The jalapeno burger was one of the best burgers I've had at Wendy's.

Review №48

Great food

Review №49

My very first time at this location and at a Wendy's in a very long time. The service was fine and food was satisfying. So far I'll be back again

Review №50

Yummy food

Review №51

I eat here once or twice a week every week. The only thing I can suggest is keep your drink dispensers full. They are often out of ice and several of the selections. Other than that the food is great and so are the employees.

Review №52

Good food fast

Review №53

Fast and friendly service same great food

Review №54

They got my order wrong and charged me full price instead of the 2 for 5

Review №55

It's Wendy's. The kids like it and it's near Target and Stop and Shop. I would have given it four stars if the drink thingy had the raspberry ginger ale working. And the food was better. And faster.

Review №56

One of the best Wendy's in Massachusetts! They always get your order right and the food is always hott and fresh!

Review №57

Got my food alittle before midnight and everything was fine until I went for my burger which was cold and the bun was soggy like it had been sitting for quite some time. Needless to say I'm very happy at the moment.

Review №58

Why ask my name for the order if you can't spell it right in the first place? Woman at the counter asked my name I told her it was Andrea and she types "Adrian" then it took 10 minutes to even pay because she couldnt figure out how to take the total of my order, then when im waiting i decide to use the bathroom, which smelt like pure death when i walked in. After holding my breath in the bathroom i go back out and wait. She then annouced my order was ready by saying "adrianna?"... So my named changed twice within 15 minutes i guess. Nevermind the fact that their order screens are right in front of the counter which deems them useless. Overall the food in the end was decent but what do you expect from a wendys that has poor management. Maybe train your employees better?? Just a reccomendation.

Review №59

I didn't get anything but a soft drink at Wendy's. It was good but one of the machines was out of ice. I didn't think anything of it at the time but three hours later I drove past an unmarked white van with generic Viagra printed on the side. The vans back doors were struggling to close due to the impressive amount of Wendy's ice stored in the cargo area.

Review №60

Best chicken sandwich.

Review №61

Always a great meal!

Review №62

Never fails that when I get my drink the cap is always not on correctly and spills all over my car and clothing! Always given the wrong sauce and fries are cold! Get it together

Review №63

Quick service, friendly staff.

Review №64

Fast food. Done well.

Review №65

Very good

Review №66

Fast food that isn't greasy. Got a grilled chicken sandwich and fries. Tasty and quick

Review №67

Love how nice and cool it is inside them all :)

Review №68

I prefer Wendy's over most fast food restaurants. I particularly like the 4 for 4 menu. It offers a good selection at a great price.

Review №69

Make no mistake, this is fast food. However, it is a much higher quality than the competitors.

Review №70

Always good friendly service good fast food

Review №71

Went to this Wendy's at 9:00pm and only had a $100 bill. The cashier asked the manager (or whoever she was) if they could change it. The woman actually said "I just emptied the drawers, I can't do anything with it, so too bad, go to the bank." The bank is closed, it's 9 at night!! U can't go into the office and change the money? The poor cashier asked again and the woman said "no, give it back to them, there's nothing I can do with that! Nothing at all, too bad." I actually felt bad for the cashier, she was very sweet, u could tell she wanted to help us but that woman just wanted no part if it. Great customer service (NOT) extremely rude!!!

Review №72

Good play to eat right next to stop and shop

Review №73

Super slow line. Got wrong sandwiches.

Review №74

Horrible service. Employees touching hair and face then food gross

Review №75

Floor was slippery

Review №76

This was the one of the worst Wendy's I have ever been in. There wasnt any management that I could see and the workers were all under 21& they were texting in the kitchen when work clearly needed to be done. The restroom was dirty the soda fountain was filthy and the garbage was overflowing. I was actually afraid of the food so I threw it out.

Review №77

Friendly staff, polite when taking my order at the drive- thru speaker. There was line about 7 or 8 cars deep. But still, moved us right along! Every car ordered, paid, got their food, &drove away, all within 3 mins! I was greeted w/a friendly smiling face at the window. I saw a young man quickly moving right along. Filling drinks, putting fries in the frialator, and also taking the orders from people at the speaker!- all done very efficiently&at a steady moving pace. It's always clean inside the restaurant, as well as the complete outside & surrounding areas of this Wendy's. If they were just open 24 hrs, they'd be THE PERFECT Wendy's EVER!

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Review №79

Great burgers and fries...

Review №80

The burger tasted like bleach and was cold

Review №81

Tried to post this directly to Wendy's but I couldn't find my receipt. I'm lowering my rating because this location is falling into disrepair and is constantly under staffed. The register staff had to let a line develop in order to assemble orders. One of the self service ordering kiosks was out of service.One of the self service soda machines was completely shut down. The other was out of almost every soda, so everyone had to go back to the counter to get their soda worsening the chaos there.The line to order backed up 8 parties deep.The shift leader was yelling at the staff she had though it was clear that she was under staffed.The food was fair, but thrown together and the chilli and fries were both deliberately under filled.Poor visit entirely.

Review №82

TERRIBLE service, the manager doesn't know what they're doing and lets all the employees do whatever they want and makes the poor new girl do everything by herself. HORRIBLE WORKMANSHIP!!!!

Review №83

The service here is always fast and correct! The manager here is on top of everything!

Review №84

Usually good food, no problems.

Review №85

Best Wendy's ever.great staff. Very friendly and curtious.thanks guys

Review №86

Fast food is all the nasty as it can be

Review №87

Very nice people and very clean!!

Review №88

Service needs to be a little more motivated and restaurant should be cleaned more often.

Review №89

We wanted to send an e-mail to the franchise owner but there is no way to do that on your website. This review is not generally for your restaurant but specifically for one of your employees. We went in your store and waited at the order counter and were completely ignored. One older woman facing us with her back to the drive through spent several minutes talking with another employee who was filling take out orders about what shifts she would be "working" over the upcoming weekend. Not only was she not working, she was interfering with others trying to do their jobs. I apologize for the description, the woman was large in stature and wearing a black jacket. This occurred at 16:15 hrs on 12/20/2017. After some time waiting and being ignored, we said THANK YOU very loudly and walked out. Your restaurant was modern and very clean but lacking in service and hospitality. Hopefully the black jacket does not indicate that she was a manager, if it does then she needs to be reprimanded.

Review №90

Place is going down hill.

Review №91

Food cooked well but didn't give me what I asked for

Review №92

Terrible service. I ordered tonight at the drive thru, they forget one item from my order. That is fine, I just expect to fix it. But instead there were a lot of drama inside this place. The employees blame each other back and forth with no respect. Next time if you want the clients no to know the lack of respect among their employees. There were rude! Please close the window so next customer does not to hear your all the internal issues... perhaps management! I will never come back to this place.

Review №93

The best fast food there is 5 star

Review №94

What's to say... Bacon. Get the baconator and hate yourself later. You will be too far in dreamland eating so much bacon no one's thoughts about how you look matter. You owe it to yourself and your mind and soul will thank you for it.Oh they have other stuff too but does that really matter?Also, nuggets.

Review №95

It is too expensive to eat here on a fixed income.

Review №96

Clean, fast and friendly. Have been going to this establishment for 15 years.

Review №97

The restaurant was clean and organized. Service was quick and accurate.

Review №98


Review №99

Great service

Review №100

Nite crew is a trip, but food is usually good fries always Pippin hot

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  • Address:373 Centre Ave, Abington, MA 02351, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 781-982-9651
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6:30AM–1AM
  • Tuesday:6:30AM–1AM
  • Wednesday:6:30AM–1AM
  • Thursday:6:30AM–1AM
  • Friday:6:30AM–1AM
  • Saturday:6:30AM–1AM
  • Sunday:6:30AM–1AM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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