Love Love Teriyaki
2195 14th Ave SE #102, Albany, OR 97322, United States

Review №1

Always enjoy Love Love had the shrimp and noodles today for the first time and it was good good. Good food ample portions, fair price, friendly service... What's not to like?

Review №2

I love coming here for the out. My roommate and I come here about once a month. I get the teriyaki with orange chicken dinner. The bathrooms were clean and I didn't have to wait long for my meal. Ma and pop store. Love the owners.

Review №3

What. Happened. This place used to be magnificent and now...not so much. Spring roll was greasy, spicy chicken was bland. Why does everything I love leave me?

Review №4

Our dinner was so very disappointing. We have eaten many times at these Salem and Keizer locations and always have been impressed. Unfortunately, the Albany location was terrible. The chicken was dry and flavorless. I am sure that the gyoza were actually Costco frozen pot stickers. Even the rice was just mushy goo. It seems that the dinner had been made this morning and sat under a heat lamp all day.

Review №5

I just want to share some information. This is not love love teriyaki!Love love teriyaki was sold and the new owner needed to change the name, they have not.This place is a fraudulent restaurant

Review №6

Food was gross..Had it delivered and waa hot but the worst I have had. Not reccomended

Review №7

Some of the worst food I have ever eaten. Huge waste of money the chicken had a really bad taste to it. I thought I was going to get Salmonella.

Review №8

The tempura vegetables are the best thing on the menu but they are not always available. Have never had a bad meal from Love Love, it's my go to Albany restaurant!

Review №9

Fast service & good quality! Only 10 minutes from order to pick up!

Review №10

Love this place a DC the people there. Funny, witty, very nice and amazing food

Review №11

Always good and fresh food at a great price!

Review №12

I love this place in the Target Mall parking lot! Awesome teriyaki chicken (tender, flavorful, no or very little gristle) on farmer's market-fresh lettuce with bits of broccoli! LOVE that Love Salad! No carbs except in the dressing, which is so tasty the carbs don't matter!

Review №13

I got the Bento dinner and the orange chicken tasted like it was very old. It was chewy and disgusting. I miss the old owners. I feel like the food has gone downhill. Even the regular grilled teriyaki chicken isn't as good as it used to be.

Review №14

Got my food wrong 5 times in a row. Owner was very rude to me when I called in to complain finally.

Review №15

Great food. The udon soup is so good and the fried rice is my favorite

Review №16

Yummy food, reasonable cost!Owners are friendly and attentive to customers needs, fast service.Love love the ambiance!

Review №17

Fast service and delicious food!

Review №18

Have gone there twice now and will continue to go there. Love the Udon and the Ramen. The Gyoza, Spring Rolls and Crab and Cream Cheese wontons are all really good. The Fried Rice is really good as well.

Review №19

This place used to be decent but it's not anymore.

Review №20

Love love the food now. 2 or 3 years ago food was good and suddenly got very nasty food no taste it was awful,but recently i told my husband to try it again maybe new owners who knows and so we did and food was excellent again great taste we love love to get spicy chicken yakisoba and the amount is right on point i askend the owner for more sauces and charged me 21 dollars not bad for 2 spicy chiken yakisobas to go

Review №21

Excellent service, staff was very friendly and attentive. Food was delicious! Will definitely be returning.

Review №22

Took my family here as we used to love going here on a regular basis, but haven't been in a while. Saw there was new owners and the floor was sticky and dirty upon entry. Once we we're handed our drink glasses my son's glass had wet orange soda residue all over the inside of the glass. We tried telling the owner, yet he wasn't forthcoming with fixing any requests even listening to there being no paper towels in the restroom or dried soy sauce in the salt shakers. The orange chicken was old, dry and very artificial tasting. My love salad was so bland and the lettuce was old looking. Very sad experience as we used to call this our favorite family place. Now we are going home hoping we don't get food poisoning and the new owners weren't very responsive to respectful feedback on serious concerns we had. Not going back. Wish I had read recent reviews before going in.

Review №23

Perfect lunch, with enough left for dinner!

Review №24

Great food....Great. Staff was great as well. Clean place when I was there. Loved it!! Some of the best teriyaki chicken I've had!!

Review №25

Today I want to Love Love and had the best customer service. The girl working register was super sweet and the food was amazing!! The spicy chicken love salad is the best! Highly recommend coming here.

Review №26

Pretty good food. Nothing super special, but if you like Teriyaki food I'd recommend. Unless you aren't a fan of Christian Rock, because that is what is playing in the dining area.

Review №27

Food was cold and staff was rude. Met some business colleagues for dinner and a meeting here. All our food was cold (rice and meat). Out of four different orders NONE of them were more than luke warm and the food was just bad. I could understand if they were super busy but we were the only ones there! One of my partners asked for a fork and when they didn't bring her one, she got up to find one (utensils are all sitting out in the open up front)...when she went to grab one, the lady at the counter yelled at her and said “it's NOT self serve” very rudely. I was embarrassed I suggested it (my granddaughters suggestion). I will never go back and will not recommend this establishment to others. FYI, I didn't notice any other people there during the 5-6:30 dinner hour on a week night so guessing others may have had a similar experience by the lack of business.

Review №28

Used to be great. Not anymore. Place was dirty, lots of flies. Owner was a word I can't use on google. So, I'll just say rude. Chicken was cold. Couldn't get the order right. Angry when I asked for a fork. Never again. Stay away. I'll stick to the ones in Salem.

Review №29

Visited from out of town as this used to be a frequent go to when i lived in Albany. Didn't want to believe the other reviews, but the food has sadly gone downhill. The teriyaki sauce tasted store bought and the shrimp tempura were cold in the center. The place was clean, and they had just mopped, so that was nice! Sadly won't be going out of my way again to visit in the future.

Review №30

Service was terrible. Would not give us sauces and continued to pour excessive amount of spicy sauce on my food. Previous owners gave us the sauce to our table and let us use it to OUR liking. Completely rude and would not try and make it right.

Review №31

Over priced. Food was $7. Soda was $3 and it was .50 cents for refills. .25 cents for sauces. The chicken was ok but low quality. New owners I believe and they are not doing a good job. Place was empty at noon (lunch time). Guess we aren't the only people not impressed. Used to like to go there but will probably not go again. I usually never write reviews but felt it needed it. It's to bad because I used to look forward to the times I would be able to eat there.

Review №32

We used to go there all the time when we lived in Albany. Since moving we try to get it whenever we are up there. Got it lastnight and dont plan on it ever again. The noodles were gross (not the same as they used to use), the sauce used to be a nice thick teriyaki but it was runny and watery, and barely any veggies. I dont know why they changed it up but hey at least we wont miss eating there any more. On a good note the man who helped us was very kind, friendly & gave my son a free soda. :)

Review №33

I love that place... Great food.. great prices

Review №34

This place has new owners and has great food, friendly service and a decent atmosphere. Why that other girl is saying there is flies all over the place, I don't know. I have yet to see any. The Teriyaki Chicken bowl is one of their best dishes.

Review №35

Place is very inconsistent. Always out of What i want an take forever. Hire some people that actually care bout making people happy. Went there an table was broke an was upside down Just sitting there legs in the air. I wanted to fix it myself but i forgot my screw driver. Great noodle though yumm

Review №36

Use to be REALLY good. Would eat here weekly... Idk whether the owners changed or what but I usually get a Love Salad and they use to have Kale Cabbage Bok Choy Carrots Lettuce.... Now the salad is legitametly bagged salad mix from a grocery with horrible cut carrots and stuff added. Not to mention the portion is like half the size. I will not come here ever again.PS... The manager? Or owner? very rudely interrupted me while I was in the middle of ordering and proceeded to pull the waitress to the side and talked about how to organize the to go bags for almost 10 minutes before finishing my order.

Review №37

Love Love Teriyaki is always a treat. When we go, we order the spicy chicken, and it is absolutely amazing. Leaves a good after burn but very worth It! They provide excellent service every time, with perfected cooking, and smiling faces. They even tune to our favorite radio station! Not too expensive. Definitely our favorite place to go out as a family.

Review №38

Very good teriyaki. The whole family loved it. We will be going back soon.

Review №39

Used to be good but just got chicken yakisoba here and the broccoli was litterally frozen.. like they threw it in after making noodles. Very lazy.Update: the chicken is old too. This place needs to be shut down real quick.

Review №40

The food was absolutely delicious and they had quick and easy service :)

Review №41

A clean restaurant with delicious teriyaki sauce and green tea! Bento box was fun and tasty. Impressed that they have washable silverware and dishes instead of single use ones. If they would stop using styrofoam for take-out, I would give them 5 stars.

Review №42

Horrible service when we asked for sauce owner laughed and dumped a very excessive amount of spicy sauce ALL OVER our plate of food and refused to allow us to sauce our own food as well as when we decided we were never gonna eat there again and leave he tried to not allow us to do so and tell at us worst service I've ever had then when i go to eat my food once we arrived home my chicken had no sauce at all at this point and was beyond dry to where i couldn't eat it sad day when we used to eat at love love weekly

Review №43

Ordered 3 dinner meals for the family and they came out in less than 5 minutes. Are we re-heating the already cooked food? The crab wontons tasted sour, the spring rolls were definately not fresh-they were mooshy, and who puts sauce on already cooked teriyaki flavor? The pork gyoza were mooshy, and the yakisoba tasted nasty. Unless my tastebuds changed 100%, this is the worst teriyaki I have ever eaten! There goes my $37.00. Don't waste your time!

Review №44

Never go here. Flies are everywhere inside and my food was worse than the frozen food section at winco. If she could put negative stars I would. Horrible food. I SERIOUSLY thought about making myself throw up after eating it because I was so ashamed of what I had put into my body.

Review №45

Use to work here. Left on my own due to the unsafe culinary conditions of the kitchen and complaints. Great food yes but terrible owners. I wouldn't recommend eating here due to the very high chance of becoming ill with a food borne illness. I've made a formal complaint to Linn County health department and they are taking these complaints as high priority.

Review №46

Great selection, good prices, will revisit again on our next trip.

Review №47

I love going here for a quick, affordable lunch when I'm running around the Heritage Mall. My favorite is the simple teriyaki chicken bowl, which is both cheaper and healthier (and tastier in my opinion) than getting the same amount of food from Panda Express across the street. I've had the vegetable tempura before and it was stellar. Last time I went in, my hostess was super friendly and very quick. Thumbs up from me!

Review №48

The cashier/server was very nice, but our food didn't taste good. The two types of chicken we had were underwhelming at best with the spring rolls being pretty decent. Saw a few people come in for the noodles, but I'd stay away from the bento boxes.

Review №49

Not the best terriaki place but it's decent enough. Not the cheapest price, or biggest portions, but not small enough to complain. Lol

Review №50

Fast service and decent food. Price was good deal and portions were adequate. Almost 4 stars, but only visited once..

Review №51

Good job moving thru a long lunch rush line. Sounds and looks like calling ahead is a smart move.

Review №52

The teriyaki and orange chicken was yummy.

Review №53

Fresh and fast, the food is good and the prices are reasonable. Lots of options and very friendly service.

Review №54

Only 3 stars because they don't have the veggie or onion tempura like other love loves

Review №55

Friendly atmosphere,tasty food. Just what I needed. Thanks ️

Review №56

It was my first time trying this place and I can say I will NEVER go back! As soon as they took our order we sat down and got our plates literally within the minute we were there. I took a bite of my teriyaki chicken and it was ice cold! I took my plate back they reheated it in the microwave. I sat back down and asked my friend how her food was and hers was cold and had a hair in it! Her stomach turned so I took our plates back only 2 bites were missing. They only refunded us the food not our drinks! We spent a whopping 3 minutes in this place and walked right back out.

Review №57

Good food. large portion. 2 ppl $20

Review №58

Good food, large portions

Review №59

The good was ok- not very hot. But what got me was how dirty it was. My shoes stuck to the floor .

Review №60

Kinda pricey, but awesome food!

Review №61

Was so so, food was a little blan wife always wanted to go there and we finally did. I wasn't impressed with the food

Review №62

Always awesome. I love their Love Love Salad with Chicken.

Review №63

The food is good, not exceptional. Service was great, prices are fair. My order was ready quickly.

Review №64

Wonderful dinner tonight. Great food and service. They have good sushi too

Review №65

I have visited this Love Love location more than 10 times, and EVERY single time I try to order the Bento with Teriyaki Chicken and Orange Chicken and am told that they are out of Orange Chicken. Don't put something on your already limited menu if it is not readily available, or put up a sign when you run out of something that makes it clear and obvious that you are out of something. Not trying to find a different place to eat this last time I went there (4/16), I asked that they substitute Spicy Beef for the Orange Chicken. 15 minutes later the food arrived and I had on my plate Teriyaki Chicken and California Rolls, NOT Spicy Beef. On top of that, no forks or napkins had been provided and I had to ask for eating utensils again. They took all my food back in order to fix the order and provide Spicy Beef as requested, and promptly brought forks and napkins, but the forks were dirty! When told the forks were dirty, they said sorry and gave us new forks. 30 more minutes past, and everyone around us had their food, my girlfriend had finished eating her food, but mine still had not been delivered back to me. I walked up to the front and waited 5 minutes before I was asked if i needed anything, and I told them that i wanted my money back and was appalled by their service. The lady informed me that my food was ready now so she would not be able to give me a refund. I asked to talk to her manager, and he refused to talk to me, but told the lady to give me my money back. No apology for the poor service, only refunded me for the part of the meal that was not delivered, I had to come up with the correct change to avoid getting a bunch of coins and dollar bills back (meal cost was $8.95), and just shy of an hour was wasted without getting a single bite to eat. I will not be returning here, and would advise anyone else considering this place to think twice. Customers here are not treated with respect, service is poor, plates, tables, forks, and bathrooms are dirty, employees are rude, and management is lacking. I have never had worse service at ANY restaurant in the Albany area.

Review №66

Good food small portions as expensive

Review №67

Best Teriyaki EVER dishes

Review №68

Not very friendly

Review №69

Great food, reasonably priced. I highly recommend Love Love Teriyaki!

Review №70

Spicy Chicken was cold. Cabbage was old. It will be a while before I ever go back.

Review №71

Best food and great prices!

Review №72

Not bad. Food was fresh and hot, good portion size.

Review №73

The noodles and chicken I got were good, but I'm not especially fond of thin teriyaki sauce.

Review №74

Good food at a reasonable cost.

Review №75

Food was absolutely horrible and no was the answer to every question we asked. Will never go there again.

Review №76

No wasabi for California Roll. What you'd expect from teriyaki fare. No side sauce for us extra folks.

Review №77

Good food, good value, and an overall good experience. I got a fancy ceramic plate full of teriyaki chicken and rice for about 8 bucks. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Review №78

Not like it used to be. You can tell it's no longer fresh cooked. Teriyaki sauce is just dumped on the chicken before serving. Sad.

Review №79

Excellent food and Great service!

Review №80

Very nice. Wish they had more of a menu

Review №81

I want some ribs. And they said they turn off the grill already so that was a no. Also she said we are only doing togo orders and it was 40 min before close. Food. Didnt have any flavor.

Review №82

Great food reasonable price.

Review №83

Food was good, but the restaurant was dirty.

Review №84

Love the tofu bowl !!!! It's so good. The service is amazing also :)

Review №85

Quick, friendly and delish. I'll go back.

Review №86

WoW yay they are great again! I'm so happy the food is great, I'll be coming more often. I would have taken a photo but the food was so good I ate it before I knew what I was doing.

Review №87

Idk how this place got so many high ratings 2 & 3 years ago. the only recent rating is 3 weeks ago and was a 1 star which is more accurate these days. not very good

Review №88

Love this place. Great every time. Bento and spicy pork are awesome. Service is slow though.

Review №89

This is probably the worst experience for food I have had in Albany. The orange chicken was bland and unappetizing. I asked for sauces and wasabi and there were none in the bag.This is a bad way to start a Monday.

Review №90

They are open till 8:30pm, but don't go expecting to eat there after 8:00pm, because they only do to go orders then. Not posted anywhere I could see. Horrible service.

Review №91

Just ate there for the first time and got the yaki soba with tofu. Completely bland. No taste. The tofu is disgusting as well. If you good tofu and Chinese food, go to K1 Chinese in north Albany. Way better. Honestly hate love love. Worst first impression.

Review №92

Today was a hit! Have been here on days where it's a miss. Granddaughter loves their food!

Review №93

Not happy. :( HAD ALLERGIC REACTION TO FOOD....Went there with Coworker for lunch with New Management. I ordered Cali Roll & Co Worker ordered Crab Wontons. I had allergic reactions to Cali Rolls or Crab Wonton immediately. Asked for list of ALL Ingredients. Was given list "Here is what we can Divulge to You". YES that's right not whole list. MY Dentist that I work for and all coworkers noticed swelling on 2 parts of my lip. Now when I have similar ingredients It could be life threatening. But Now I Have to play the Careful Game, since I DON'T KNOW What was In them. Only Base materials given for list, NO Seasonings. OH and My Co-woroker ordered Fried Rice, (she is vegan), they served her Pork Fried Rice. NO WHERE on the menu it stated it HAD PORK. Then when she brought it to their attention and they were substituting with Stir Fry Veg's, they wanted to CHARGE Her more money for the change.Needless to Say, NOT Going Back. This was the 2nd try back after NEW MANAGEMENT. But I"M DONE, will not recommend to return or any one to go there.

Review №94

They pretty good, but the rice in the California rolls are always hard when I get it. That needs to be fixed asap.

Review №95

Go here if you want to get sick. The bathroom is so dirty there are mushrooms growing by the sink in the men's bathroom! The food was bad. Only good thing was the pot stickers (gyoza). Not going back!

Review №96

My wife and I met her sister here for lunch. Quick service and everything was tasty.

Review №97

So disappointed. Tried it for lunch great experience. Tried it for dinner a week later. Sooooo bad. I think it was left over from lunch. Tempura was dry. Shrimp and vegetables were cold and tasted like they were recooked a few times. I was told to wait 10 minutes. I am not sure why as it was not freshly cooked. This was a wasted $9.95.

Review №98

For one, we found long strands of hair in our food & they didnt offer any kind of refund or another meal for it. And two, if you are PATIENT VERY PATIENT they'll have your food ready for you about an hour after you order it. This has happened on more than two occasions. I am done with them. Good luck!Even if you call it in. This has happened to me on more than two occassions

Review №99

Wasnt impressed with the sushi. Bland

Review №100

The food is great. You can sit outside on a nice day.

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