Nexus Brewery & Restaurant
4730 Pan American Fwy NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109, United States

Review №1

The restaurant is doing curbside pickup. The staff was friendly and efficient. The food was very good. We had the fried fish, fish tacos and wings with Mac n cheese, dirty rice and collards. I highly recommend Nexus Brewery.

Review №2

Damn, the collard greens were OFF THE CHAIN Y'ALL! 6 STARS, NO DOUBT! And to top it off, the Imperial Cream brew was no doubt top 5 best ever! Thanks, y'all! We'll definitely be back, Lord willing.

Review №3

I Have to say this is some of the best togo food I've had during Covid. 5 star experience all around. Online ordering was on point, service was fast and friendly, food was hot and delicious. I will definitely be back for more. The fish tacos and chicken and waffles are to die for. Oh don't forget the fried pickles. Cheers

Review №4

Went and got a nm hot fried chicken sandwich and a pint of Equinox creamy brown ale. The sandwich was good and spicy. Beer was good and strong just wish it was colder. The only reason not giving 5 stars is because of the almost room temperature beer and the pigeon that joined me for lunch.

Review №5

Lively place, cool atmosphere, family friendly. We tried the Cream Ale, Blood Orange Wheat and Honey Chamomile Wheat. All were very light, so this may be a great starting brewery for non-beer drinkers. Imperial had more flavor, but was still pretty light. Food smelled good... Staff was amazing!

Review №6

I would've given them 5 stars, but they gave me grief. When I arrived to pick up my food, it wasn't ready. I was told I couldn't wait inside. Coronavirus! I get it. I showed them my car because they told me to wait there and someone would bring it to my car.I waited and waited. I answered emails. I texted. It rained. It stopped raining. I finally called about 25 minutes later. I waited on hold forever before I was told it was ready and had to go back in to get it. By the time I got home, it was getting cold.Here's the thing though, those greens and that chicken were life itself!! Oh my GOD!! That food is so good, I'll take the hassle. I'm so going back ANYWAY. They made me so mad, but those greens are SO GOOD. They've got me, for better and for worse.

Review №7

Flight of beer: Quality beer- Honey chamomile wheat (gold medal)- Irish Red Ale (seasonal)- Orale Mexican Ale (seasonal)- Black is Beautiful Imperial Stout (seasonal... Very Stout but delicious)Food: Great Food- Chicken and waffles (great crunch, moist chicken, overall recommended)- NM Hot Chicken Sandwich with Gumbo side (the chicken sandwich was good, but the gumbo stole the show... Highly recommended if you like spicy food)- Bread pudding dessert (fried... Kids crushed it. Much larger portion than expected)

Review №8

I love Nexus! They have delicious food. I've yet to be able to have any beer because I've been pregnant or nursing every time I've gone. Everyone I've gone with really enjoys it. Red beans and rice is so good. I get that or Frito pie.

Review №9

We seem to always end up at Nexus when we come to ABQ. The have great beers and awesome food. The service is always great. The staff are always welcoming and friendly.

Review №10

Great place to chill, get away, eat some good food. Definitely worth going back to. This place has a cool feel to it.

Review №11

Everything they make is awesome. We had wings, chicken and waffles, fried chicken breast. Great food, great service.

Review №12

Chicken and waffles? Check. Collard greens? Check. Nashville hot chicken? Check. Fried catfish? Check. I know it's a brewery, but I don't know who goes here for the beer. They all come here for the food, and it's just nice that you can have a cold beer to go with your hot, hot chicken. My personal favorite is the fried chicken breast with mashed potatoes, sub homemade mac n cheese for the collards.

Review №13

We recently went, had the NM burger and NM Hot Chicken, both were excellent. My boyfriend said the burger was one of the best burgers he's ever had, making well worth the $15 (just means it won't be a frequent place for us) and the hot chicken was a very generous portion and the chicken itself had a lot of meat on the bones. Not for the faint of heart in terms of spice, but that's a selling point for me! The regular and sweet potato fries were also tasty. Definitely going to be returning!

Review №14

Food was so good it should be illegal. great spot to eat and get a beer or two. definitely going again the next time i need to be in a food coma

Review №15

They have great food and great beer. IPA is great as is the black stout (10.6%) be careful. Fried chicken is the best.

Review №16

Food was good, service not so good. Took 20 minutes for someone to take a drink order. We had to go and ask for service. Everything from there on took forever. Ended up cancelling our 2nd round because after another 20 minutes it still hadn't come. Cancelled it and got our check.

Review №17

Do yourself a favor and try this place. The staff was friendly and sociable. Bring your hunger - portions are large.

Review №18

OMG this place is so awesome! The food is so so good and the people are super friendly! I created my own meal(ish) and sis red beans and rice( which was my husbands) to my nm hot chicken and waffles (just the chicken not the waffles) and it was so hot but so so so good! It's a must go to

Review №19

Amazing food, great beer. Nexus is definitely in the top 3 restaurants to take out of town friends and family. Something for everyone! From crispy yet juicy fried chicken to fish tacos that will change your mind about fish tacos. Seriously good food for comfort or cravings!

Review №20

We ordered a lot of different items and each of us liked our choice! They were very efficient with ordering over the phone and the pick up was a breeze! The only thing that was disappointing was that it was pretty pricey for what we ordered - but that's not the fault of the establishment. I should've checked further into it. It came out to $81 for fried catfish, 2 hamburgers, nachos, and 2 soft drinks. Again, delicious and enjoyed our food! Would love to see prices on their menu online next time so I can better judge my expenses!

Review №21

Such good Chicken and sides. That NM Hot... So good!

Review №22

Delicious soul food. So many good entrees on the menu it's hard to decide. Award-winning beers. I'm a member of their rewards program, so I get a $10 voucher every 100 dollars I spend there. What a treat!

Review №23

Brewery aside, this is the best place for some grub. Do yourself a favor and get the chicken and waffles or fish swai tacos. Their gumbo is amazing as well. We always come here for good food and the imperial ale. what a treat!

Review №24

Incredible food. Our server Quinn was spectacular!

Review №25

My favorite place to eat! Red chile chicken is amazing. Love love love

Review №26

Amazing food and some amazing beers.The nachos are amazing, the chicken and waffles are very flavorful.The service is great,very busy during the dinner and lunch of hours.if solo, hang at their bar and order. small but well worth the wait if you're in Albuquerque.

Review №27

About as good as fried chicken gets, spot on southern sides, and lick the bowl gumbo. Oh, and also the award winning beers. Wont come to abq without stopping here again.

Review №28

This location is one of my favorites. It has a nice interior.

Review №29

Food is off the chain. And the service is awesome. I love it.

Review №30

One of the best spots in the area. Nothing but enjoyable experiences here.

Review №31

Every time I have eaten here the food is Amazing. Possibly the BEST frito pie I have ever eaten, and I'm a local, born and raised in NM. The fried chicken and waffles is also the best I have ever had. There food is worth the wait. 5 stars everyday, all day....

Review №32

I think i might become a regular. this place has a good atmosphere.

Review №33

I like it here always quality food & service. i had a cousin come into town and she asked me to go back here. makes me feel like i am back in sacramento.

Review №34

We love to support local and Nexus never disappoints! The chicken tenders with red Chile bbq and side of honey pecan sauce is Heaven! Mac n cheese, collards are just a few of our fav!

Review №35

Placed an online order at 12:09p. Called the restaurant at 12:33p because I still hadn't gotten confirmation yet. The girl told me “I'm sorry, I didn't put it in because we have a lot of people here. So it's up to you if you'd like to place your order but it'll be 40 minutes until it's ready”. I said I wanted my order placed and she said “ok, you'll get a confirmation email here in a sec and it'll be ready in 40 minutes”. Never get a confirmation and as I'm going to pick it up my order says it's been refunded. I'm just REALLY disappointed in the customer service I received. And would've appreciated better communication. I understand business and with everything going on how it can be stressful. But that was not handled well at all.

Review №36

Great food and really hot being a native to Albuquerque I really didn't expect the heat they can definitely out heat the locals. Any one that likes good food and some good heat I dare you not to like this place. It is great for the family

Review №37

I love this place, great food & service. Nothing but pleasant experiences here.

Review №38

NM hot chicken on a winters day, delicious.

Review №39

Great food and drinks, good value. The location is a little difficult to get to but it is worth it.

Review №40

Came here on the recommendation of several people for a date night with my wife. We started out with some appetizers and beers, and they were all good. The main courses were chicken and waffles and fish tacos; the portions were huge, and the food was well made and very tasty! Service was a little bit slow, but they were very busy. Overall, it was a great experience, and we will definitely come back again.

Review №41

It's been almost a year but I will give it another go today. Hopefully the service will be better and the chicken isn't burnt this time.I am pleased to say that I will be returning much sooner than before. Everything was great and what my friends had looked amazing. Nachos, fish tacos, chicken and waffles, and the beer was excellent. The service was also great.Thank you for a much better experience this go round.

Review №42

Mac&Cheese the best!, get the bacon and green chili, service 4 star, a must visit!!!

Review №43

Great tasting food, and good beer. Had a great time

Review №44

Hot Chicken was hot as hell!! Love it! SOLID tap line up... Especially the seasonal Mango Milkshake! Service was friendly and on point!

Review №45

Great food. The best chicken you will find. Service is a different story. It's hit or miss on the service. Even just to pay for your food. Waited for 20 minutes for the person to run the card, just kept telling us, "I'll be right back." If the service was better this would have been five stars. That's how bad the service can be. Out of the last 5 times I have been here, I think I've had decent service twice.

Review №46

These Southern fried chicken and waffles are amazing with maple syrup and it really hits the spot.

Review №47

So delicious!! We ordered fish n chips, fried catfish tacos, and chicken & waffles for take-out. The fish was perfectly cooked - fresh, flaky and moist inside and covered in a crispy, flavorful batter that wasn't greasy/oily at all. The pico de gallo had a nice bite and quinoa/roasted corn salad was refreshing with the cilantro oil dressing.

Review №48

Great place, good food and good beer!!

Review №49

What can I say. This place is awesome. Food was spectacular. Service was top notch. Biggest pieces of chicken I have ever seen. A special treat for the discerning soul food loving Star Trek fan.

Review №50

This is a Black-owned spot who likes to refer to their cuisine as New Mexican soul food. The black eyed pea and corn quinoa salad is on point! The fish tacos were good too!!

Review №51

Oh my. The beer is extraordinarily good. I am a fan of a good red ale. This may be the best Red ale I've ever tasted. Better than Deschutes, better than Karl Strauss, Nexus Red 2.0 is wow. Just wow good.The New Mexico Hot Chicken is legit. Like it's cousin in NashVegas, it's not the first few bites that start the sweat rolling down your brow. It's the last few that tear you up. Again, so good. It's served with the white bread and pickles to make sure you forget about that other hot chicken.Great, prompt and friendly service with good prices to boot! I am looking forward to my next visit. Nexus Brewery is New Mexico's best kept secret.

Review №52

I'm so disappointed with this place ! I can't believe the manager Constance was rude to me when I went to pick up my food! Even asked me if I had paid already when my order was online! What's the point of putting my order to be picked up ASAP if it was going to take an hour when it should of had took at least 20 minutes! Food quality is not the best ! I'm really considering of taking my business somewhere else ! If I'm not going to be getting quality food ! I been a customer for over 3 years but not anymore ! You should reconsider on what kind of manager you hire! I do not recommend this place to anyone !

Review №53

Enjoyed dinner tonight.Fried Catfish Taco with FriesChicken and WafflesSide of extra wafflesSide of Mac and CheeseThe tacos were alright, nothing extraordinary.The chicken was really good. Crispy, juicy, southern flavors..The waffles and mac and cheese were good too.I got the 4-beer sampler. The imperial creamy ale was my favorite. Next time I want to try the wings and burgers.

Review №54

We have been here many times, finally I remember to take some pics, even my little one loves their fried chicken and waffles. Too bad my tummy takes very little fried stuff, or I would like eat here every week! Tasty! Tasty!! Tasty!!!

Review №55

Tried this place as it is convenient to the hotel. Not very good. We had wings, fried chicken, and the pork sandwich. The wings were big, but not very flavorful and I'm not too sure they were cooked all the way. Fried chicken, just ok, pork sandwich was just slightly better than good. Our wait person was very good. Beer was good. Most likely will not go back should we be this way again.

Review №56

Called in a to go order when they started doing to go only and the staff were all amazing! Food was great as usual too. Looking forward to being able to stop by for some food and beer in the restaurant once everything gets back to normal again.

Review №57

The beer is great, but the food is even better. Get the fish and chips or the chicken and waffles. I haven't had anything there yet that wasn't fantastic!

Review №58

I'm a first time visitor. The food was great and I loved the environment.

Review №59

Amazing Hot NM fried chicken. I ain't gonna lie that chicken is spicy. So if you like heat or if you don't the food is amazing. Plus the beer selections are top notch. Great atmosphere. We'll be back.

Review №60

The food and beer are good. I've been here twice and have yet to be disappointed.

Review №61

Great spot to grab a beer, I did a flight and enjoyed every one. The food smelled excellent, but I didn't get a chance to try any. The bartender was very friendly and knowledgeable on beer and the local area.

Review №62

Heard all the great things about Nexus Brewery and Restaurant, so wife and I decided to try it. Ordered fried zucchini. Way too much oil was in bottom of basket. Ordered chicken and Belgian waffle. Chicken was overcooked with lots of coating -- coating was swimming in oil. By the time we finished, almost all the chicken coating was left on the plate. Some pieces of the generously sized fried chicken were old and dry. And if that was a Belgian waffle, I would never order another. It was a sorry excuse for a Belgian waffle. The whole time we were there, I never once was able to figure out how this place received such good reviews from others. Our experience was not good, so we won't be going back. Instead, I'll go back to Golden Pride Fried Chicken restaurants for my fried chicken. Much better there, and not swimming in tons of oil.

Review №63

Wowzer!! Great food, friendly service, and prudent precautions during this time of virus alert. PS Don't eat the peach-cherry cobbler because I want it all. Same goes for the catfish

Review №64

Food is good, though the fries came unsalted and a little underwhelming. Asked for condiments with my to go (online) order, which never came, but otherwise customer service was fantastic. I'll be back to try other foods to see if the rating stands at a 4 or not.

Review №65

The fried chicken was definitely the highlight of the meal. DH ordered it with dark meat instead of chicken breasts. The batter is crisp and lightly sweet. The gravy was delicious. Collard greens were tender and tasty. I enjoyed the citrus quinoa salad. Good blend of textures and flavors.

Review №66

Great food strang location. First time going to Nexus brewery and we were pleasantly ssurprised. After making it there we were seated in a reasonable amount of time for how busy they were. Service was good and so was the .

Review №67

I was excited to try this restaurant, and was actually kind of disappointed. To be positive I will say the staff were very friendly and the flavors were on point. But thats where my praise stops. I ordered to-go (Covid 19 pandemic) and they forgot my fries. Once that way resolved, I served the Southern Fried Fish and chips to my son. ( But the fish was actually chicken). Another let-down. It was ordered as a swai fillet. It was flat and round and most definitely not fish. Then I opened my NM Soul Burger and the bun was so wet it fell off the bottom of the burger in chunks. I really expected top notch food but had 3 major issues with this single order.

Review №68

They were busy at about 6:30 and the service level dropped but the food was good

Review №69

I messaged YESTERDAY to ask if dogs were allowed on the patio. i was told they are more than welcome, "no restrictions" drove an hour from Santa fe, and they tell us that was not the case. the manager simply said "im sorry" super poor customer service. beyond disappointing. train your staff!!

Review №70

Great food and kind service. Loved the fish tacos!

Review №71

Great food here. Love it

Review №72

Great food, the chicken is always Hot that means freshly cooked. Delicious!

Review №73

This place DOES NOT HAVE DINE IN. Drove hundreds of miles only to be turned away.

Review №74

Amazing food and a decent selections of beer and deserts. Can be pricey, but well worth the portions and quality!

Review №75

All of the reviews say service is garbage-tier - and yet the rating was 4.4 stars so we tried it (at 3pm today, a Saturday). The food is good yes - but the service is among the worst I've ever had.Just be prepared: everything you do takes 10-15 minutes. We sat down, and waited 10-15 minutes for someone to take our drink order (it wasn't our server, but maybe she got lost - she showed up a few minutes later and took our drink order again). Then 10-15 minutes later we got our drinks. On the bright side, we had plenty of time to order our food. This took 10-15 minutes to arrive (the fried chicken says to allow 25 minutes due to cooking time so I can only assume it takes 35-40 minutes). Your server will be by 10-15 minutes later to refill drinks. approximately 10-15 minutes after you finish eating you can ask for the check, which will be by in 10-15 minutes.Pro tip: I recommend immediately handing your card to the server - doing this you can beat the system and save 10-15 minutes, although she won't return with your card for 10-15 minutes.

Review №76

Nexus constantly delivers when it comes to comfort food. I've travelled across the country and been lucky enough to have some delicious soul food. Nexus is definitely a place to stop by when you are craving some home style cooking but too lazy to do it yourself (or they just plain do it better than grandma).

Review №77

Great food and great drinksService was good and our server was very attentive and friendly.

Review №78

We had a door dash that needed to be delivered I waited almost 35 minutes and still never got the food I get it's busy, But know one would say it's almost ready nothing!!! We ended up leaving customer never got food...

Review №79

The absolute best Gumbo and food. Great service and beer. You absolutely have to try this place. A great addition to the Albuquerque venue

Review №80

We decided to try something "new" so we came here. The nachos were huge the lemon wheat beer was tasty and the cornbread waffles and chicken was the bomb! It will be a splurge place for us.

Review №81

Great place to take a date. This brewery has a great polished look compared to other ones in the area. They have a delicious honey wheat and the porter is tasty. The staff is attentive and helpful.

Review №82

Great service and food too

Review №83

Great food, good beer, and excellent service from Sean. One of our new favorite spots!

Review №84

The music was great!! The food was alright in my opinion, but the fact that they were only playing Whitney Houston, Prince, and Michael Jackson really made it a great experience for me! Whoever was in charge of playing the music really made the trip for me!

Review №85

Excellent beer, great food, good service. No complaints! Keep up the good work!

Review №86

The chicken cracklings appetizer is the best appetizer I've ever had with zero competition. Try it with the creamy blue cheese dressing!!! The chicken and waffles were Georgia quality with a Cajun spin from succulent cornbread waffles!! Get the cornbread waffles, just do it! and the New Mexico hot chicken wings were some of the most unique and spicy wings I've had in ages, absolute 10/10 on all fronts, winner winner winner. Burger with TRIPLE AMERICAN CHEESE, fully melted, WILD!

Review №87

Went at 8:30 pm there is a 20 min wait. To get seated wish you stayed open the 11 on Fri and Saturday. Awesome Chicken and waffles.

Review №88

Nice atmosphere. Busy good. Nacos spicy. Good spicy. And tasty chilli. Will come back.

Review №89

Lost my wallet in men's room while enjoying a super NM burger.Didn't notice. It was found by another customer who turned it in. Great group of customers!Loren locked it up so I could retrieve it next day. Huge relief! Amazing staff and food!Going back soon

Review №90

Best chicken and waffles in Albuquerque. Spicy chicken and fluffy waffles. The imperial cream ale is dangerously smooth and a perfect pairing.

Review №91

Nice atmosphere and great gumbo!

Review №92

Excellent food, beer and service.

Review №93

Great food, great service

Review №94

Best chicken & waffles w/ Honey Chamomile Beer pairing!

Review №95

4 words: Southern Fried Fish Tacos.They are what keep me going and you should, no, have to try them at your next opportunity. Add in an appetizer - the Chicken Chicharones with cajun ranch - and you can strap me into the electric chair because I've just eaten my choice for final meal.

Review №96

This place is a true gem! The waffles are fluffy on the inside and have a great flavor. The chicken was juicy and well seasoned. I highly recommend!

Review №97

Best Nashville hot chicken I've had. So good I tried making it. Had cravings for it and dreams of this dish. Stout beer was also on point.

Review №98

This place was great, food was awesome and the service was top notch - our server was very attentive and had an excellent personality. Fried chicken plate, fish and chips, fish tacos were what we ordered and everything was good. The seasonal Kolsh was great, had to have three!

Review №99

My oh my. These guys know how to make amazingly good chicken and waffles. The chicken carries just the right amount of crunch!

Review №100

Food is unbelievably delicious!! Asked for well done sweet potato fries and they were the best I ever had!! You better be hungry because they aim to please with huge servings. As soon as we sat on the patio with our dog they greeted her with a bowl of water. Service is outstanding!! However, if you order a dish and you want to replace the meat wit rice, you will pay extra.

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:4730 Pan American Fwy NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 505-242-4100
  • Soul food restaurant
  • Brewery
  • Mexican restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–8PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9PM
  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:12–8PM
  • Sunday:11AM–8PM
From the business
  • Identifies as Black-owned:Yes
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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