Hot Dog Heaven
493 Cleveland Ave, Amherst, OH 44001, United States
Review №1

Sad to hear about fire, we went there often for years. Great food. When we would go up to visit we would always make it one of our must stops, along with Mr Hero's, and Giovanni Pizza! We miss all three!! We are in Louisville KY now and a RN nurse I talked to today at KY Ford Truck Plant just told me today! They still have family also in N Ohio. I thanked her for info and immediately googled news article. Prayers for owners they can rebuild this long time local icon that has been a family favorite for years! God Bless them

Review №2

I never want to see this this place close! It is a timeless family run restaurant with the local people at its heart. Good honest hod dogs with some awesome sugared sweet potato fries that tasted like doughnuts. If you want a hot dog fix without breaking the bank, this is the place to go.

Review №3

Love Hot Dog Heaven. One of my favorite places to eat for a lot of years. They had a fire and will probably be closed indefinitely.

Review №4

A friend took me there for dinner. The place was very clean, and the service was excellent! I had the beef hot dog with saurkraut, and fries, and it was delicious! I remember going there years ago when my kids were little. And it's still a great place to eat!

Review №5

This is a classic diner type restaurant. Their focus is hot dogs and they are awesome! Very nice local vibe!

Review №6

Food is always good. We usually get the family pack that comes with more than enough fries

Review №7

How do you not love a hot dog? Very good place.

Review №8

Chili dog was delicious, but the fries are just awesome! Definitely will be back.

Review №9

Delicious hotdogs the way you like them. Great fries with cheese.

Review №10

The husband & I tried this place today, great hot dog & fries! We will be going back!

Review №11

Best place ever! It's sad that they burned down but I'm looking forward for the rebuilding of it, if they're still going to do it!

Review №12

Im sorry to say but it was not really good because there was no ketchup on the tables and. The Fry's where cold and not done all the way.i will probably not be back anytime soon until they fix stuff you can e mail me at [email protected] i been going there for years and i never seen it this bad

Review №13

I've been going to the place since I was a young girl with my family. Now that I have a family of my own I take my daughter there on our date nights. We go there as a family. Definitely a huge part of my life.

Review №14

Food was OK. Order made fast. Cashier was lifeless and when asked what's good to eat she acted like nothing was....

Review №15

Best hot dogs and french fries!

Review №16

Best place for hot dogs and some french fries

Review №17

Good dog, food burger, great price! Best lunch in town.

Review №18

Where do I start, this place is amazing.Yes, they serve more than just hotdogs.The toppings are innovative and endless.Try the Mac & Cheese dog!! You will not be disappointed.

Review №19

Great hotdogs! Icon in downtown Amherst.

Review №20

Pretty good hot dogs . It's a little cramped in the winter, obviously due to lack of outdoor seating. Plenty of French fries, hot and fresh.But we couldn't get the cashier to return a smile .

Review №21

Sure, they are experts on hotdogs, but try the hamburgers, excellent!

Review №22

Love visiting every time I'm in town.

Review №23

Delicious Hotdogs, fries and Ice cream! Fabulous service :)

Review №24

We really like Hot Dog Heaven. They have fair-style fresh cut fries, hot dogs, chili dogs and various ice cream treats. They have been in Amherst for 44 years.Set up in a former family home, their dining is a little cramped, clean but somewhat sticky( maybe cleaning solution?). This was the only thing that made this place a 4.Does not stop us from coming. Nor should you.Last visit we got a “person pak”. 4 hot dogs , a medium fry and two drinks. We added a second fry, some chicken tenders and powdered sugar funnel cake fries plus a peanut butter sundae.Yum.

Review №25

Good food although rising prices with the new owner

Review №26

The young lady taking the order was nice, but her listening skills needed work. She was told by the manager and another employee to clarify whether or not the orders were. In house, or take out. She never listened. Her not listening back up a line of orders. The food was time i will say light onions

Review №27

Great local place. The dogs were great as we're the fries. Next time I will remember to add onion too.Decorated with pictures of local middle, high school, college, and professional athletes. Nice atmosphere.

Review №28

Service is always awesome. Food is always amazing!

Review №29

I know you're thinking "it's just a hot dog" but it's so much more! You can have your dog almost any way you can think & the fries are fresh cut! And you can add toppings to those you but why? They're amazing all on their own.This visit we had an ice cream treat with my daughter & I forgot how tasty. So creamy and delightful Hot Dog Heaven has a lot of memories for me. It's a great place!!

Review №30

It was OK.Sorry, I clicked the wrong button, had more to add but had to walk away.It was not a bad experience at all. But to me it was just OK.If I were out with friends and they said let stop by Hot Dog Heaven, I wouldn't complain, but I wouldn't be overly excited about it either.I do think it was good value as the prices were very reasonable. Not every place fits everyone.If I were to offer you advice, I would say keep doing what you are doing. The place was packed and there was a steady flow of customers the entire time we were there.

Review №31

The hot dog was amazing as always. Love the homemade fries as well

Review №32

I hadn't been here for over 10 years until today. Even under new ownership the food was just as awesome today as it was then. 2 hot dogs with chiĺi (sauce), cheese, and onions, and a side of fries. Service was excellent. Everything was fantastic!

Review №33

I've been coming here since I was a little babe! It was my grandpa's favorite restaurant and it's so nice to come back here and reminisce, it's essentially unchanged (and that's a great thing). Go for the dog, slaw, chili, cheese, onion, and stadium mustard. We love Hot Dog Heaven!

Review №34

Breaks my heart that it burned. Owner said he plans to rebuild.

Review №35

Got 2 chili dogs n they were so good! Love their fries too!

Review №36

Still one of my favorite guilty pleasures close to home. The fry portions are hit or miss, sometimes you get a mountain, other times half of one. I'd take a chili cheese coney from HDH over just about any other place.

Review №37

The sauce is very thin.

Review №38

I see no method to speak with you privately. I would like to, nevertheless. I appreciate your prompt response.

Review №39

Cheap and delicious hotdogs!

Review №40

Great food definitely recommended!

Review №41

First time ever visiting this hot dog shop. I was really amazed at what all options they could present with the simple hot dog. The staff was very friendly and service was fast. They have a nice dining area that offers a wholesome and family environment. I had the chili dog combo and loved it. The prices are very affordable as well.

Review №42

Very good food and customer service was GREAT.

Review №43

Best hotdogs hands down!

Review №44

I love their food fresh and good.very good prices too!

Review №45

Always a treat to visit HDH. Love the jumbo dog with the works! Shoestring fries are the best, order the family size if there are more than 3 of you. If you're a veg head, they serve salads.

Review №46

Always Good Food!

Review №47

Great food and prices. A must stop.

Review №48

Best hotdogs and fries around

Review №49

This place is a treasure for all of the visiting high school sports teams. The staff is always super friendly and patient with us. The prices are very reasonable and the food is solid. I would suggest just a plain old dog with chili, cheese, and bacon smothered all over.

Review №50

It's just the BEST ever Dogs and Fries

Review №51

Didn't feel welcomed, overpriced under cooked hot dogs. I won't go back!

Review №52

Love to grab a jumbo kraut dog and a root beer. Chili cheese dog is really good too.

Review №53

I guess I wanted it to be more. Dairy stand food at fine dining prices

Review №54

These folks are awesome as usual. Highly recommended.

Review №55

Best fries. Reasonable prices.

Review №56

Great as always

Review №57

Very nice staff and quick service! A must stop after a long day!

Review №58

Wife and I enjoy going there for the partner pack.

Review №59

Home made fries where really good

Review №60

Hot Dog Heaven is a Amherst staple. For many years, people of all ages have been stopping in for their delicious hot dogs and fresh cut french fries. With a variety of toppings you can customize your hot dog any way you like it. Ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, cheese, chili and more will make sure each bite is satisfying. Their fries are absolutely amazing and are cut fresh daily. I personally love to dip them in their malt vinigar. Not in the mood for hotdogs? They offer burgers, salads, and chicken items as well. Got a sweet tooth? They have you covered with a variety of dessert options to satisfy your cravings. My only wish, is that there was more room for seating inside. Due to the building formerly being a house, the dining room can be cramped or even full during peak hours. Other than that, I have been coming to Hot Dog Heaven since I was a small child and I will be coming back for many more years to come.

Review №61

Normally a line out the door, but moves pretty quick. This time waited 15 minutes and didn't move. I would go back and try again.

Review №62

Best hot dogs I've ever had. Great service/environment

Review №63

Best hot dogs in town, and their cheese fries, ! Keep that cheese coming!

Review №64

I've been coming here since I was a kid and it's always been the same, until this past time I went. My hotdog didn't look right, it was a different color, and it tasted like all beef which I don't like. They've never tasted like this before. Hot dog heaven had one of the only hot dogs that I would actually eat, which is why I was willing to pay the price, but I don't plan on going back after this. The fries aren't worth the drive.

Review №65

Oh wee!!! a SUPERB small town treasure! Thank you for the yummy food!

Review №66

I need to come here more often. I honestly forgot this place existed until my tennis team visited after a match. There used to be an Avon location too, but it has since been replaced by a local pizza chain (wether I used to work, small world).I actually forgot to bring cash with me so I didn't get what I wanted, but I did get the mini corn dog bites as a sorry of consolation meal and they were way better than I expected (or rather, remembered from the Avon location).You'll be immediately hungry upon walking in too-- the smell is just amazing. Like I said, I'm glad I was reminded of this place and I plan to go back when I am next able.

Review №67

Somehow, even with a major change in management, over all the years, it's still that amazing place to go, and take the family along. Granted, there isn't the largest seating arrangement. But, it's nearly impossible not to like, if not love, being there. Even when busy.

Review №68

Several weeks ago my husband and I were in the area. Having grown up in Amherst we thought it would be nice to go to Hot Dog Heaven, I have fond memories of conversations with Jack and Tom over the years. My how things have changed! The day managers were nasty older women! There weren't many people in the place which was surprising for a lunch time. Hot dogs and the chili sauce were very good, just as I remembered. The french fries, which use to be awesome, were burnt! The kitchen conversation that could be heard in the dining area was VERY inappropriate! the women were bashing men and saying men are worthless and without women to tell them what to do they are totally useless. I don't think the professional gentlemen and the grandfatherly gentleman will return. I know we wont for awhile, maybe things will improve. They need people that care about the customer back in there, if Tom still works for them that is the kind of person who needs to be there caring for the customers like him and Jack always did.

Review №69

A hometown staple. Love it!

Review №70

First time there, the chicken tenders and fries were good! The fries are fresh cut and crispy! I also had the pleasure of having the hot fudge brownie sundae, and it was delicious! It is small brownie bites with frozen yogurt topped with fudge. The bites were delicious and different than your ordinary sundae! Recommend going there!

Review №71

Great place for great hotdogs and fries!

Review №72

Great little spot to indulge in your cravings for unhealthy food.

Review №73

Great longtime local hot dog place

Review №74

Been going there since they opened in 1976, and they are still the same today.Nice to see over that many years the quality of there food is just liked when they opened, hats off to their staff.Good foodGood serviceGood management

Review №75

A lot of different styles of hot dogs they have great fries too

Review №76

Great Mac n cheese

Review №77

The jumbo all beef hotdogs were the best. Everything was definitely very good, but it is more fast-food rather than gourmet.

Review №78

A Lorain County institution, and the best hotdogs and fries in Northern Ohio!

Review №79

This place has good quality quick food. The prices are pretty reasonable too. The hot dogs were good and you can choose from a bunch of different toppings which is nice. Also, the fries are fresh cut and they give you a huge pile of them even with the small. I would definitely give this Amherst landmark a go if you haven't already. You can also satisfy your sweet tooth with a large selection of shakes and ice cream cones.

Review №80

Food was decent... ice cream was handed to me already melting... got all over my clothes and it was only 60 degrees... Manager was rude and acted like I was bothering him by asking questions about the menu...Won't go again

Review №81

The fries were really good this time. Hot dogs have been great since the beginning. I was there too.

Review №82

The food is constantly great and they have a great patio.

Review №83

Great take on the hot dog. The fries are great.

Review №84

Not as good as it used to be when I would go after school with friends. Hot dog quality changed when owners did, I think. HUGE difference!! French fries are still the bomb though!!

Review №85

The food here is so good! Service is great and polite plus it has the small town diner feel to it would defenitly reccomend it!

Review №86

Best hotdogs you can find

Review №87

The food is not as good as it used to be I grew up eating hot dog heaven. It was kind of disappointing. The staff was rude as well.

Review №88

The food is always great. I've been a few time and always get a rushed vibe when I walk in. The space is a bit cramped but it is a very clean place.

Review №89

Good dogs n great polish sausages with natural casings, making them crisp with a good flavor.

Review №90

I have mixed feelings about this place because I do like the food and I respect what they do, but they charge way too much for some hot dogs and they don't even do anything special to them. Nice spot for a quick lunch.

Review №91

Service Slow, And our lunch was disappointing........

Review №92

Reasonable priced delicious food. best fries ever.

Review №93

Excellent food, family owned and operated. Always a favorite with the kids

Review №94

I had my first experience with Hot Dog Heaven at the Brew Kettle Golf Outing 2017. Maybe their restaurant is different than their food truck. The owner responded that there are grill marks... Well didn't see any grill or grill marks on our cold dogs.I can say firsthand they don't sell these grilled hot dogs (with out any grill marks that taste similar to boiled hot dogs) in Heaven! After trying them served from their food truck, I definitely wouldn't drive out to Amherst to get another dog, when you can find similar products at your local gas station.As we rounded the turn they gave the 4 golfers in our scramble 2 hot dogs each. Everyone in my party commented after taking the first bites, how the dogs were cold in the middle (which they were).I said something to the person serving them from their Hot Dog Heaven (Food Truck), instead of correcting the issue, offering us warm food, his response while laughing was, and I quote, "We will work on it."Looking through the reviews it seems others have had similar experiences.We were additionally dissapointed that the lunch at the turn was not Brew Kettle food, as their pulled pork is excellent and would have been the quality we expected after paying 100.00 for the outing.In summary, if Hot Dog Heaven served their food in Hell it would not surprise me. Gross!

Review №95

Great little home town hot dog shop.

Review №96

Food is good and dining is ok but the service at. Counter is very very slow. Which makes the line go very very slow

Review №97

Always great.

Review №98

Great local treasure! We love going here after Amherst sporting events.

Review №99

Good hot dogs. Different options to choose from. Great french fries. Food was served hot and fast.

Review №100

Fast, friendly, and showed great team work between coworkers! Food was great!

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