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This is my third time ordering a cake from The Hive, and it never disappoints!! For my daughter's 6th birthday I ordered an Everyday Celebration cake, with confetti flavor and strawberry icing filling. As always, it was utterly delicious!! They are my go-to bakery for any special occasion!

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Hands down THE BEST cupcakes of all the cupcake shops in this area! The frosting is so light.

Review №3

I ordered a college graduation cake for my daughter who graduated from nursing school . I asked for very specific items on the cake from the color of the stethoscope to match my daughters actual one to a very special cancer ribbon to represent her grandpa and the field she will be working in to represent him and boy did they nail this cake !!! It was absolutely amazing not to mention delicious! I will definitely be back and tell everyone I know what a great experience I had !! Thanks !!

Review №4

The absolute BEST (strawberry) cake I have ever had!! Beautifully decorated, fresh, and frosting was over the top. Thank you!

Review №5

We always get the best cakes! These girls know what they're doing. And you can come up with anything and they'll get it done!

Review №6

Absolutely the best place to order your special occasion cake! Ordered my daughters 6th bday cake here for the first time last Summer. Red velvet w cream cheese buttercream. EVERYONE at her party ranted and raved about it! Most attending said they never liked a red velvet until this one! Ordered my own bday cake from here again recently and once again, did not disappoint! Beautiful decorating and again, rave reviews from our guest's! Im a chef/pastry chef by trade for 20 years and this place is hands down, the best around.

Review №7

These cupcakes and cakes are the lightest, fluffiest, perfect amount of sweetness and frosting to ever Grace the face of this earth! Seriously! My son's graduation cake was GORGEOUS, FLAWLESS and HEAVENLY!!! I work 1/4 of a mile from this bakery and I work to buy cupcakes from The Hive!!

Review №8

* Hi Melissa. I never said I didn't know what I tried. I told you I tried multiple flavors and named them since I purchased six flavors to sample before ordering a larger cake. I don't feel I should be confronted in the way you did, via telephone for not liking your product. You're “a small bakery that needs good reviews to grow” which is what you said in attempt for me to take my review down. Asking me why I didn't contact you first, as if you're owed that. I wasn't looking for a refund so why would I contact you to tell you how to change your recipes? Why didn't you read and listen to the other reviews that said the same thing? I was going to take my comment off but since your response is false and misleading, it will stay.The bakery and cakes/cupcakes are good looking. The designer Melissa was nice to me when inquiring about a specialty cake. I tested cupcakes before ordering a cake and I'm glad. The reviews are true - dry flavorless cake with literally butter frosting. It's a weird consistency between buttercream and whipped frosting but tastes like you took a stick out of the fridge and gnawed on it.

Review №9

I was rather disappointed with the cake we received for my daughter's birthday. I searched high and low looking for a quality baker. Compared to their work on their page, I believe I got a cake that was not up to their usual work standards. I mean it is important we check people work before we buy it right? That is exactly what I did. When I received the cake, it had small butterflies. I gave them a picture of the cake that I wanted. I even communicated multiple times via email. I expected the butterflies of the cake to be bigger than what I received. The top of the cake with my daughter's name was rather plain along with very little butterflies. I planned the party months in advance. I looked for cake designs too. I know two cakes will not be exactly alike. I understand that fully, but the cake isn't even similar to what I wanted. Instead of telling me that they couldn't do it in the beginning. They said we never have done a cake like that before AFTER giving me my cake instead of saying that beforehand. When it came to the flavor of the cake, it was completely wrong. It was supposed to be raspberry buttercream, and it was not that flavor at all. In order to make up for doing the cake completely wrong, they decided to give me 15 dollar credit on a 75 dollar cake. Unfortunately, she never truly said sorry for my cake but instead was rude to me which I didn't appreciate. I would have loved to be a repeat customer but will not be coming back.

Review №10

The cake ordered was AMAZING! I will definitely be back for more cake. It matched exactly to the picture we provided. Great job Hive Cake Studio!! Everyone loved it.

Review №11

Even though cakes are meant to be simple and sweet, my husband and I had a lot of demands when it came to a wedding cake. We wanted a unique cake and The Hive cake studio exceeded our expectations. The cake was beautiful and tasted even better.In addition, a few weeks before the wedding my husband found out he is allergic to gluten and Melissa went above and beyond to create gluten free delicious cake.I don't think many people say the cake was the best part of their wedding but once you taste The Hive Cake Studio's cake, you'll agree.

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A family member orders from here for every event, so I have tried multiple cakes. The cakes are absolutely beautiful, the flavor is awful. The icing tastes like butter and food coloring, the cake is very bland.

Review №13

Amazing!!!!The birthday cake was decorated so nicely to what we had requested. Our guests all asked where we had gotten it from and had nothing but compliments about it.The gluten free cupcakes (while there is not a dairy free option) were so worth the risk for me. So delicious!!!Will recommend The Hive to others!!

Review №14

Coming up on our 1 year Wedding Anniversary and I just had to get on here and let everyone know not to waste their time with this very inexperienced cake shop. We paid a decent amount for our wedding cake and everything from the color of the cake to the disgusting icing they use to the awful taste of the entire cake was a disaster. It was a moment that can never be replaced. An when we contacted the hive they could have cared less. I'm now about to order a second wedding cake to share with my wife on our Anniversary because I have to make up for the NASTY CAKE the hive delivered to us. I literally had to spit out my wedding cake folks. Don't chance it. Not with your wedding cake. I wish I never would have came across this place. I'll be hearing about it for the rest of my life. Every year on my anniversary.

Review №15

I have been able to try many of the Hive's baked goods, from cookies to cupcakes, and have enjoyed each and every one of them! I recently got engaged and utilized the Hive for our engagement party cake and can't wait to start the process of coming up with our wedding cake! The owner is beyond accommodating and has been very responsive! Happy to have such a great local bakery to meet our needs!

Review №16

I really needed to thank you all for helping us out last minute! A real life saver and the cupcakes were awesome! Thank you very, very much!

Review №17

I love this bakery!Always greeted with friendly smiles when I walk in!She has made my sons birthday cake the last two years,and I will continue to use this bakery!

Review №18

Thank you so much for the very special cake. Amazing customer service. Your bakery is like something off of food Network.

Review №19

It's always nice to see a place that still makes things the old-fashioned way, from scratch! I was happy when I heard this but even happier when I tasted a few of the! I am not typically someone who craves sweets, but I definitely will be craving more of these goodies.

Review №20

Recently went to a wedding where they served cake from The Hive Cake Studio, the buttercream is absolutely delicious! I'm not at all a sweets person but this hit the spot and had to go up for seconds (and may or may not have had thirds) just because it wasn't too sweet or extra sugary. The overall theme of the cake was beautiful and really matched the couples personality and vibe of the wedding.Everybody at the reception was raving about it!! I'm getting married within the next year and my fiancé and I know exactly where we're going!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Review №21

Ordered cupcakes, brownies and baby girl themed cookies for my daughters Sprinkle. Wonderful! Looked and tasted amazing. Very personal service. Reasonably priced. Highly recommend

Review №22

I first tasted The Hive while shopping at Eton on Chargrin Bvld on the east side of Cleveland in Woodmere! They had the cutest pop-up stand in the center of the mall where I was able to grab a 1/2 dozen cupcakes and four of their rice crisps for the family. We're excited to hear they're going to be a semi-regular installment at Eton this spring; We look forward to seeing what else they have to offer! Simply delicious

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Melissa made my son's first birthday cake and smash cake and both were perfect! I have been pleased with everything I have purchased from her bakery and been showered with compliments when I take cupcakes and cookies to family gatherings!

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The Hive's cupcakes are amazing, and the other treats they make might be even better! Melissa made my son's third birthday cake with a sculpted T-rex head. It was unforgettable, and delicious. Every time I visit there's a new creative flavor available. The Hive is my guilty pleasure!

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I found the cupcakes in edible and returned the product as I would serve them to my friends.

Review №26

No taste ! Terrible cake and cookies! 20+ guests and all disliked them. So disappointed! The only thing positive it was a cute cake just not edible!

Review №27

Super clean place and they have the best oatmeal and raisin cookies in Ohio.

Review №28

OMG....this place has the best cup cakes I've ever eaten,and my favorite is the 2 oatmeal raisin cookies with the frosting in between,holy cow that's good stuff, it's so good your tongue will slap your brain silly wanting more...go get you some you won't be sorry!!!!

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Great love the cupcakes here

Review №30

The first time I ever visited here was because my credit union is two doors down. I stepped in and was amazed by the cleanliness and the tasty treats. I visited several times when I was able to!I decided to order cupcakes for a Valentine's Banquet event. I ordered 24 cupcakes. I ordered a day before the event, although my wife had been in contact with Melissa, the owner, by email for a week. I was told to pick up the day of between 10 am and 3 pm.I showed up at 12:30 pm the next day. I was told the order would not be ready until 3pm. I was fine with that and decided to come back. The lady at the front then relayed to me that Melissa (in the back baking) stated she only needed to ice the cupcakes and the order would be ready. I waited 10 minutes (not a problem for me).She asked me to look at the cupcakes, and asked if they were ok. I said yes, then was on my way to the event.Upon delivering the cupcakes to my wife, she noticed that many of them were still gooey, and several overflowed the paper. Also, the icing was runny on a few. Once they dried, the cake was hard on the edges. They did not look professional at all.My wife was disappointed! We paid $50 for 24 cupcakes (No discount) and did not get cupcakes that looked like the ones they sell from the display every day!My wife promptly emailed Melissa, the owner with these dissatisfactions. She was met with a warm email that gave an apology and an offer to give half of the money back.A week later, I was able to stop by. At first I actually ordered $5 worth of goods. Then I stated that I was there to pick up the check for the order. Melissa came from the back and asked me what the problem was with the order. I stated what happened again. She retorted, "well, you looked at them and said they were fine, so what's the problem?"Keep in mind I hastily scanned the cupcakes before leaving and did notice a few irregularities at the time, but I'm no cupcake professional, also, I did not REALLY check over them.She then began to state her defense to me and put the blame of the situation on us (although she was very nice over email and OFFERED to refund half, we did not ask).It was obvious she was very upset and even quivered as if she was nervous. She was very snarky with me about this whole issue. She handed me the cash ($25 keep in mind) then told me they would no longer accept any future orders from us because of this. I chuckled and left.Melissa would rather be argumentative about the order and defend her hasty and sloppy job (several people at the event commented about the cupcakes) and then refuse business to us, than keep a customer.I would assume she would know this review would come and that her Facebook page would be reviewed as well. But she must be ok with being passive aggressive and rude to customers with legitimate complaints, who would have kept giving her business.I believe she does good work, but was hasty and sloppy with our order, and then became angry with our complaint. Customer service is key!

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I've debated about whether or not to review this business since my wedding in early September, but feel compelled to share our awful experience. The Hive made my wedding cake. The cake was dry and tasted awful. The icing was terrible. We were humiliated when several of our guests commented about how bad the cake was. We emailed the Hive to express our disappointment and received an email back thanking us for our feedback!! Feedback?! They ruined my wedding cake! I wasn't sharing feedback, I am a customer who was hugely dissatisfied with the wedding cake we paid a lot of money for! And in return, we get a two sentence, condescending email thanking us for sharing our feedback. So, not only was our wedding cake a total bust, we were also made to feel as though we are not the type of customer that is worthy of a sincere response; which was confirmed after seeing the responses given to other unhappy customers that posted on Facebook and received a thoughtful response back explaining that they dont use the typical American buttercream which may be the reason they were not crazy about the icing. We were never told this at any point. Maybe it is because we are a lesbian couple. Regardless, it was made very clear that our concerns meant nothing. Thank you Hive for destroying what should have been an amazing memory.

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Hive is AMAZING!

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