Bob Evans
700 N Leavitt Rd, Amherst, OH 44001, United States
Review №1

Good food, fair pricing, comfortable décor, good service. Banana bread usually wonderful, but last time got it it wasn't cooked quite thru. Like to save for dessert, took it home, & being undercooked, it got mold within a day. Since it's 1 of the main reasons we go there, that was pretty disappointing. I'm hoping they will have their great pumpkin bread coming up seasonally.

Review №2

We've enjoyed a few meals here in the past. Decided to try the online ordering feature, found on Google Maps. We liked it. The price was normal, the food was hot and ready on time. The staff very attentive and thorough, ensuring our entire order was ready. Overall we were impressed and will surely use this feature in the future.

Review №3

You must wear a mask to enter at this time.The menu has been downsized from the precovid era. I had the wildfire chicken salad. The lettuce was very cold and fresh. The salad was large. The chicken was cooked nicely and plentiful in the salad. I also had peach ice tea. It was not the best, but just OK. I would not purchase it again. The service was fast even though the location was very busy with the lunch crowd.

Review №4

Didn't have to wait long on a Sunday after church. All staff wore masks. The place was clean and people practiced Social Distancing. The food was very good too!

Review №5

We got seated right away. We are a party of 4. Their biscuits are still the best in town. But we had to wait a little bit for our food. We ordered the cod and fries, the pot roast hash. The omelet, and hotcakes for lunch. The server is very nice and attentive. No complaints there.

Review №6

On 10/30/20 we ordered pot roast family dinner.There was NO GRAVY on the meat.The carrots looked and tasted old.Only a half tub of gravy for the mashed potatoes.It was too late and we were too tired and hungry to go back.I tried calling several times, unsuccessfully.Bad experience with our order and we have been LONG TIME customers.

Review №7

We enjoyed it very much. We always enjoy our meals at Bob Evans. That's why we got here at least once a week when the virus wasn't so bad. We will return as often as we can when virus gets better.

Review №8

The waitress was friendly but the appearance of the food and a taste of it had a lot to be desired will not go back to this Bob Evans again

Review №9

Food is delicious service at times not so much they forget some parts of our meals and we wait on coffee at times but all and all we love u place have a safe blessed day

Review №10

Great price for a huge amount of food should try the new Honey butter chicken dinner Delicious!

Review №11

Was nice to feel like having a home cooked meal. Their cheesy potatoe soup was excellent and the chicken and noodles was great with the oven fresh rolls. WaItress did an excellent job. Would definitely recommend for a different pace.

Review №12

Friendly and Quick Service. Hot food!

Review №13

Will never door dash again from them! NEVER got all items ordered. One time i got biscuits no gravy,another time gravy no biscuits. 3 orange juices down the drain because completely watered down.just very poor quality/service over all

Review №14

This Bob Evans is located in Amherst. The service was excellent the food arrive faster than I've ever gotten any food at any Bob Evans. Although the menu was trimmed down the food was done just right as ordered.

Review №15

Good food. Very attentive staff. Super personalble!

Review №16

Very nice people who work there. Food was delicious an service with refills was grand

Review №17

Great place and the service is wonderful with great food that comes fast

Review №18

Not good at all. The chicken pot pie was so salty couldn't eat it. Pancakes what pancakes. The service however was good

Review №19

Sarah was our waitress very good service from her. They seated us 6 feet away from anyone.

Review №20

I don't know who was cooking, but it definitely was someone who didn't care about the food they were putting out

Review №21

Waited a but for a sever but once she was there, she was excellent!

Review №22

Efficient service, food tasty ,priced fair.

Review №23

Good friends good food.

Review №24

Love the banana nut bread.

Review №25

Good food service is a lil slow

Review №26

A good place to eat very reasonably priced to

Review №27

Delicious food. Friendly staff. The waitresses were all really nice!

Review №28

Great service and food was on point. Wild Fire BBQ sauce is amazing!

Review №29

Very good service. Very good food

Review №30

Food is good ! but they need to caulk the seam of the trim beliw the windows so there is no cold draft by the tables between the wall trim and flat window trim. (Trim on trim) if you put your hand there you will feel the cold air. Lots of it!! It made my thigh cold sitting in the chair!!! People were asking to relocate to sit at inside tables!

Review №31

I had a server that refused to serve us. Didnt know her from adam. After i got my food she came and started vaccuming which made me leave and didnt eat.

Review №32

Yummy food great service clean environment not bad on their prices we are happy customers my son myself and my wife would definitely recommend you to go here

Review №33

Consistently good food and fast service

Review №34

Nice place to visit. Price very moderate for your money.

Review №35

Makes you feels like you are eating at home with your family.

Review №36

Home cooking just like mama made! Great service warm and cozy. Staff are always friendly!

Review №37

Middle of the road food, slow service, prices are high for what you're actually served. Must've been a busy night. We typically receive great food and top notch service.

Review №38

Great service & Food ;)

Review №39

Taste just like grandma home cooking

Review №40

Some of the food was not cooled all of the way.

Review №41

Good food good price

Review №42

Visiting from out of town. Go there every time I'm in the area, always great service and good quality meals. Kathy is an awesome waitress! She's been there a while, and I always try to get in her section if she's working. Great experience as always!!

Review №43

Awesome waitress and meal

Review №44

Great food. Great service

Review №45

I've never been a big fan. In my opinion the menu just doesn't offer anything I just can't cook better on my own. Sorry.

Review №46

Some food isn't always consistent. I've had the sausage, biscuits & gravy and you take a chance at the gravy being very thick with too much flour. Other than that, I'd say the food is good.

Review №47

First Bob Evans we didn't like, and we have been to too many to count: Ohio, Florida, and some states in between. Go to Bob Evans, just not this one. My husband's burger was just short of burnt, French fries cold, my grilled chicken also almost burned, tea bag basket missing my favorite tea which I got after about 10 minutes and two requests. My cousin that lives in that area says he avoids that restaurant.

Review №48

Disappointed ordered here and my potatoes was not cooked all the way. Ordered by doordash this was my first time trying them and already didn't like it that's sad

Review №49

My husband and I were on vacation and knowing we've always had exceptional service at our nearby Bob Evan's, of course we stopped for an early dinner. As usual, the staff was excellent, the service was great, and the food was perfect. You have excellent workers at every one of the Bob Evan's restaurants we've ever been to.Even far from home, it was a good feeling knowing we could count on you for a fantastic dinner. Dont know how you do it but keep up the good work. Thank you.

Review №50

Great, prompt, friendly service. We were passing through on a trip and stopped in for breakfast. Despite being very busy (almost completely full), we were in and back on our way within 30 minutes. Definitely worth skipping a drive thru breakfast without losing a lot of time

Review №51

They were closing early and didn't have what i wanted, the fried chicken and my daughter's meatloaf was cold and in a hurry to close up

Review №52

Food has really gone down Hill

Review №53

I would give no stars I'd I could. Don't bother orderingdelivery they will forget extra (like rolls). They will expect you to come to the store to get the replacement. The manager Ed didnt think it was an issue that the rolls were not sent. Sadly, I would not trust a delivery from Bob Evan's in the future. What a shame.

Review №54

The only reason they get 3 stars is because they wasn't staffed enough to accommodate their very busy evening. What should have taken just a few minutes for a take out order ended up taking almost an hour. Other than that as always the food was delish.

Review №55

Food was excellent service was good. Will seated very quickly facility very clean well-organized. Plenty of parking handicap parking available and handicap accessibility. Easy to spot from road quick access to highway. Plenty of shopping in local area including big box stores fuel and other restaurants.

Review №56

First, there are massive potholes as you even enter the parking lot. Your car will be damaged if you hit them. The food for my carryout order was terrible. The lettuce on my sandwich was a disgusting dark green and brown with black edges. There was a piece of brown something on my chicken sandwich Whatever that something was I was not going to eat it. The fries were terrible. They were out of everything I asked for. The lemon bread they said they had, they didn't. They didn't even have mayonnaise in the restaurant. It was not my first terrible experience here, but it will be my last because I'm never going to subject myself to it again.

Review №57

Service with a smile

Review №58

I ordered 2 turkey dinners. Was never notified out of dressing, gravy, nor cranberry sauce. I called talked to the manager he will make good on making it right when i go to order again but, my issue is that the waitresses do not pay attention to detail nor move fast enough to get customers orders ready on time. I am talking about carry out orders to be clear. Take out cashiers need to up their standard...stop walking around lost.

Review №59

The food here is exquisite and I'll be able to eat here multiple without getting bored

Review №60

The food was very good. We had a new waitress, and she was good! All in all, great experience!

Review №61

Even with the covid19 and still not a lot of people working, service was very good.

Review №62

Not as good since Bob Evans was sold. Disappointed in quality of food.

Review №63

Good food

Review №64

Loved the Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad. Got the larger size for around $10, leftovers for lunch tomorrow, plus biscuits. Can't beat a good salad. Had a great server who came back several times, had suggestions, very nice. The parking lot is off a rut filled street and Rte 58 was pretty congested. Quite a few take out orders. This place is busy...

Review №65

Waitress was very efficient making sure everything was perfect for our snall get together.

Review №66

Absolutely delicious.

Review №67

This is a busy location, sat at the bar for breakfast. Food was delicious. The waitress / cook interaction was crazy , like disorganized. Probably why people feel like they're slow. But it similar to other bob evans. I've been to better locations and worst too. If there's a lot of cars I'd say be prepared to wait. And I've had the same dish fixed different ways better and worst from the same location at multiple bob evans on my travels.

Review №68

Honestly, not terrible, some minor improvements can be made to get back to a good rating. Utensils and men's bathroom were dirty, but not unusable. The food tasted slightly off compared to other Bob Evan's. Service was okay, but only okay because they made it right by apologizing and adding value to original order. The order however was not met and the hash browns were only cooked half way, and again, something was off in flavor. Pancakes had the same problem. Even the water (with and without a lemon) seemed a bit off, idk how that's possible. Placemats were clearly reusued as coffee stains were sitting there.Would return, but would hope things would improve between now and that distant future visit. Bob Evan's has not lost a customer, but I am slightly disappointed. And even with this review, I'm not so picky that I didn't eat it all.

Review №69

Service was horrible charged for food i didn't receive watched my food sit under the heat lamp for 10 minutes got my refill when i was done eating and ready for the check. Assistant manager didn't seem to truly care when we paid and left she tried pretend as if she was going to do something, in the end nothing.... never had a problem with Am staff... would not recommend for dinner.

Review №70

Clean areas,friendly service. April was our waitress and she took good care of our party of 8.

Review №71

Not quite 5 * but not far from it. Actually the restaurant north of it will do fine if it too busy.

Review №72

Showed up around 930am had 3 adults and 2 kids (one being an infant) there was only 1 person waiting ahead of us to be seated. After 20+ min she called a family of 4 before us! I was like um we have been waiting 20 minutes these people had just walked in! She was like we dont have any tables for 5 right now. we only needed 4 chairs and she was incredibly rude when I brought it up. We ended up just walking out.

Review №73

Great food and Wonderful staff that provides the best service

Review №74

Excellent food, reasonable prices, good service.

Review №75

Overall a nice lunch with co-workers. Fruit cup was not good. Fruit was soft and old.

Review №76

Went for thanksgiving 2018. Wife was working along with myself. So when I got off at 7pm everyone was pretty much done with the thanksgiving dinner. Bob Evans was the only thing open so ordered country fried steak and a bunch of other stuff. Was pretty decent. Plus the staff made me feel like I was home.

Review №77

Amazing service

Review №78

SHEILA best waitress. Food good. Clean and friendly atmosphere.

Review №79

Out of baked potatoes out of Sprite pop waitress yelling at cook

Review №80

I haven't been to a Bob Evans in at least 15 yrs, my best friend and I went 3 days ago in Lorain, OH, We had a great waitress and I ordered the country fried steak dinner with a side salad and buddy let me tell you, the meal was heavenly!The mashed potatoes and country fried steak with country gravy melted in my mouth. The salad was amazing. The portions were perfect.My husband and I will be dinning there this coming weekend!

Review №81

Terrible service and waitress was like someone that had Alzheimer disease !Forgot to bring soup 3 times after being told was 15 minutes before asking bus boy to go and get her. Brought the wrong side to grandkid and 20 minutes later had to be reminded.The grilled chicken was so tough you could only eat half of it . Complained she had 4 tables and was busy.Worst service I've had in a long time

Review №82

Soup was cold but the hashbrowns were great as always

Review №83

Fresh food and friendly staff and patrons!

Review №84

Good food and service was great by our waitress

Review №85

Food was burnt, sent it back, server was a B, short, rude, acted like we were disturbing her when asking for things, talked about us on the line and we could hear her. Manager standing right there and did nothing, her tip was a big fat Zero!!!! Dennys is right down the street!

Review №86

Best Chicken Pot Pies around!

Review №87

I consistently have good food and service here. Any time I've ever had an issue the servers have been great and on top of it. Other than getting some cold sides a couple times everything has been great. I've had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All were good. I'll continue to be a regular.

Review №88

Service was great. Very friendly n great food. Loved it.

Review №89

Great food and super friendly waitress.

Review №90

Food was excellent and the fried Chicken great price. Easy to spot from roadie close to major highway. Plenty of shopping in the area including big box stores banking drug stores specialty stores. Plenty of parking wheelchair accessibility and handicapped parking available.

Review №91

Breakfast is good

Review №92

Excellent food that will fill you up & leave you satisfied. Mmm

Review №93

I love this place. Never fails! I come in here and I gotta get breakfast even if I'm planning on something completely different BEFORE I sit down!

Review №94

Expensive but good

Review №95

Love love gravy and biscuits ong delicious!

Review №96

Hot and fresh and Ready on time

Review №97

Our waitress went above and beyond.

Review №98

Fast service..good food!

Review №99

Love did recommend a roast beef pot roast dinner just like Grandma used to make will go back

Review №100

Good servive

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  • Phone:+1 440-988-8894
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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