500 N Leavitt Rd, Amherst, OH 44001, United States
Review №1

When I pulled my large fry out of the bag, this is what I see. No fries fell out beforehand, nor were any eaten before pulling them out of the bag. Be better than this McDonald's.

Review №2

I have lived in this area almost my whole life. Use to have my birthdays there as a young child. But I will drive out of my way to avoid this McDonald's now. I have been in about 4am and can't get eggs. Been in at Midnight and can't get hamburgers. The last straw was I ordered a double quarter pounder with cheese plain and after being parked and waiting 10 minutes for my order I get a sandwich with no top bun one pickle and one onion ring.

Review №3

Long drive through lines ( hire more staff), and they missed items in our order ( train them correctly).

Review №4

Only had a problem one time and that was with a big Mac that was fully dressed instead of w/o toppings. Take that as a win! Lines normally long though but so is all the fast food places nearby!

Review №5

Food was actually pretty good, fresh and hot but had to wait at least 7 minutes for it. For fast food thats a little long. Also it's lighting is too dark inside and a bit dirty. Was here 30 minutes, never saw anyone clean and it was 3pm on a weekday.

Review №6

This one keeps getting worse and worse. Do not see myself going back for a very long time. They always have old hard buns for sandwiches. Never give napkins even when asked for. Workers are never nice or helpful.

Review №7

This location rarely gets the order correct. Stopped to get the kids happy meals in a pinch and they forgot the hamburger patty on their cheeseburgers. Lets just say I was not a happy mama!

Review №8

Slow, they need better management. Their drive thru is rediculous. No one follows order. They pull in and it's a free for all.

Review №9

One of the best location around here. All the managers are well trained. And the cheapest around here. I grabbed my coffee every morning. Love you guys

Review №10

Could be better.. don't always get the orders right

Review №11

I had a large order, busy time of the day and everything was correct.

Review №12

Terrible food. Order always wrong. Needs new management.

Review №13

One positive about the pandemic is today it brought me the most perfectly constructed Big Mac I've ever had in my entire life. Obvious care was taken with the addition of each ingredient-- including the special sauce, which in my experience typically causes the sandwich to become a sloppy, yet absolutely delicious mess!

Review №14

I believe they might be Under New Management because they were a little bit quicker than they usually are.

Review №15

Fast service cold food at 11:05 Tuesday 11-24-2020

Review №16

Fast friendly service always correct orders from there

Review №17

Haven't had any issues in a long time, definitely improved

Review №18

The dont make thier orders right and the people are rude

Review №19

A little slow, but your order will be good.

Review №20

I gotta say, that was the best BIG mac I've had in a VERY long time.

Review №21

Worst McDonald's in Lorain county. Made 2 visits in one day and both times orders were missing items. Asked for sauce for nuggets and also wasn't included. Most incompetent folks if you mess up both visits in one day.

Review №22

My husband and I went to the drive thru ordered food and was told to park in spot 1 and when they brought out the food they gave it to the wrong car the people in that car reached in and realized it wasn't there's gave it back and the employee took it and just gave it to us I think they should've replaced it I work at a fast food place and we would have to remake. With the covid 19 don't trust anyone plus they never have mccafe drinks in the evenings whats up with that

Review №23

Don't go here during the pandemic. I placed my order after a 10 min wait (the line was two cars). When I went to pay the lady,she had her mask down to where her nose was exposed. I was nevous but she wasn't handling the food. Drove up to the second window and the manager had his mask down off of his face protecting his beard. He was also making drinks and talking to his staff, laughing and carrying on. This day and age when the cases of pandemic are rising this is unsafe practice. If the manager is disregarding the safety of everyone. What is the cook and the others we don't see doing?

Review №24

They refuse to help you whilst in line no matter if the issue was their/a workers fault or not which is disgusting. It doesn't matter if you have proof, it doesn't matter if you asked/made sure ahead of time, it doesn't matter if you were told one thing and receive something completely wrong. If it's wrong then YOU'RE (the customer) is wrong. They'll ask that you go back around after leaving the windows OR go inside to fix the issue. Considering we're in the middle of a pandemic I don't understand why ANYONE would request you come inside if they could avoid it. I worked at McDonalds for YEARS and this is NOT how you treat customers. Absolutely horrible to us.

Review №25

Lazy af mcflurry machine is always "down" orders are always messed up how is this McDonalds still open

Review №26

Just had a birthday party here. Staff is very helpful. Kids get Happy meal, favor bag, cake, ice cream. Cake is surprisingly good. Ice cream machine was working. Perfect and economical for a low key birthday.

Review №27

The management and staff here are so unprofessional I work in the service industry and I'll tell you right now how Kelly the manager and the rest of the management took care of there mistakes of messing my entire order up was not right what so ever. Live right by this McDonald's and this is my 3rd time having to deal with there rudeness Just look at there reviews an it should just tell you . They can do way better then what they have in there running that place. They will keep running it down

Review №28

Always gets my order right great place to take kids to play after covid decides to stop ruining our daily lives.

Review №29

Did'nt have what I wanted, breakfast.

Review №30

I waited 40 minutes in the drive thru line to get cold french fries.

Review №31

The workers are seriously so rude. They give such an attitude and always either give us tbe wrong things or leave stuff missing. The woman working today who gave me my breakfast acted like i was wrong when i told her my order

Review №32

Joke of a place....staff are a bunch of untrained customer service. Head down route 2 to the next exit and mcdonalds

Review №33

I order 2 double cheese burgers and only got 1 !

Review №34

Both the timely service and the food were very good. I recommend this location for a quick bite to eat.

Review №35

The food is never on time but aways cold when get. The employees are all on there phones and never have a smile

Review №36

Never get my order correct.

Review №37

The ice cream machine is always broken/down! ALWAYS.

Review №38

Good but forget items

Review №39

Took 10 minutes after checking in to curbside spot, at least the food was hot.

Review №40

Good service and fpod deals

Review №41

This franchise seems see and disorganized. Everyone is nice tho, which helps.

Review №42

Don't know why I keep giving this McDonald's a chance!! Always slow service. Rude workers & not very clean. I try not to go to this one, but it's convenient...

Review №43

They always have good service

Review №44

Was good, went through drive through!

Review №45

Gave me a diet coke instead of a coke. I won't go back

Review №46

Expect long drive thru wait times. Waited over 5 minutes to have order taken while being told to "wait one moment". Didn't wait any longer. I watched 4-5 cars go thru the other lane with no delay.

Review №47

Drive through is always packed, They don't really pull people like they should. Food is almost always right.

Review №48

It's mcdonald's, nothing special but not bad....

Review №49

Plain quarter pounder without cheese apparently means ... Quarter pounder with cheese as it comes and pull ahead to wait while we screw this up

Review №50

Food was hot and promptly made...employees were not friendly...

Review №51

Never get anything right always missing food! Horrible!

Review №52

Drive thru forgot about their outside lane causing people in that lane to get stuck for 10 minutes. Their phone to the restaurant was busy. This place is horrible they need to fire the managers and entire staff.

Review №53

If I could give them a 0 star I would! Disrespectful employees and always the wrong food every single time!! Never again. I do NOT recommend

Review №54

I go here almost every day for a sugar free french vanilla ice coffee with Splenda. I love that they have this and that they put the Splenda in for you, because it's super hard to do it while driving or while in a car. I do wish they had more consistency on their flavor though. It never taste the same but it's better than making it myself! I do wish they had french vanilla creamer for hot coffee though it is 2020!

Review №55

My sandwhich wasnt butchered!

Review №56

My kids love this place

Review №57

The staff there seem to be friendly but there wasn't enough help considering no one could go in. The drive through was at least 25 minute wait at 1015 p.m. on a wed evening. I only waited because i do not live in the area and was on my way home and afraid there may not be another one open by the time i reached it.

Review №58

It's was good,hot fries and burger

Review №59

One of the better mcdonalds

Review №60

Unfortunately this McDonalds location suffers from poor customer service. I bought 4 kids meals and when I got home, found that the "you" they gave the kids was the free coloring books that they have laying out in the play area. I can appreciate if they ran out of toys, but disclose that up front so I don't go home to disappoint the kids.

Review №61

Cold food most of the time, or wrong.

Review №62

I was having a bad day so I says to myself, “hey, a McFlurry and French fries will brighten this day”. Upon arriving at the establishment I was informed that the ice cream machine was down. Whatever I don't need the extra calories anyway. I get my meal and my fries we're so cold and disgusting I gave them to a homeless. The sandwich had far too much mayonnaise and now I want to kill myself. I wish I could rate negative stars. I will be complaining to google about that flaw after this review.

Review №63

I disliked it because it's McDonald's with very generic McDonald's quality. It's very McDonald's.

Review №64

It's a great location. I've been going here for a long time. I have many good memories here like playing in the old ball pit when I was little, going to bday parties, etc. But every now and then I'm super disappointed in the customer service and cleanliness. There's been multiple updates over the years: some not so great and some good ones. Recently it was remodeled. The new play place is nice and I love the new kiosk order machines, in which you can order/pay/take a table number and have the food delivered to your table. The new interactive table is cool but there should be more. I'm not a fan of the color that was sprayed on the exterior, it looks like a prison with the gray color and very gloom (I was hoping they'd make it look like one I saw in Florida which I know is out of the budget but brighter colors would've been nice- I'll post a pic of Florida's bright one for future idea upgrades). Inside looks better, but not the self help drink station, it didn't have a drip tray which I found very odd. Last Sunday I waited 25 minutes for a mocha frappe (it was the only thing I ordered, this has happened in the past, and for some reason the mocha frappe blender is not working every other time I go there). It seemed like they were training someone new at the drive-through pick up window, so I tried giving them the benefit of the doubt. So when I pulled forward to wait I patiently waited for another 15 minutes after just waiting in line for 10 minutes. Finally I got fed up and went inside to get my money back. The manager was nice. She apologized and offered to get me what I wanted or something else, but at that pointed I just wanted a quick exchange for my money back. She offered me a free mocha frappe on her when I returned. So I went the next morning and finally got my mocha frappe and only waited 5 minutes or less. I was definitely happy after I drank it lol [in my pics includes: exterior gray color of this location, exterior led lit Florida location I went to in January, and the play place inside this location which my daughter likes better than the big tree that was in their for many years]. #LetsGuide

Review №65

My food was disrespected throne in the bag. Like trash

Review №66

9 times out of if visiting late either all machines or no credit card/mobile orders. Can save yourself by checking the length of the line at the Wendy's next store

Review №67

Slow but good

Review №68

This McDonald's could not get an order correct to save their lives through the drive-thru. EVERY TIME I go through this drive thru I have to pull into a parking spot and go inside to get a corrected order.

Review №69

This place is horrible ! Long 30 min waits then get ready to order and ice cream machine is alway broke and I mean always . This is the worst McDonald's in all the surrounding county's .

Review №70

Stood inside the restuarant infront of the register for 10-15mins without even being acknowledged. For the first 3 mins they were sweeping but it seemed they were more worried about the drive thru orders then front counter orders.

Review №71

Nearly every time I go through the drive thru they forget at least one of my items

Review №72

Service took forever and the food was unsatisfactory

Review №73

Staff is not very friendly or attentive. When our food was brought to table there was no cream and sugar for coffee...when I said excuse me to the employee she just kept walkimg, so i walked to the counter thinking she didnt hear she was ignoring me because I was clearly speaking and she totally paid zero attention. I FINALLY go her attention.. My 8yo grandson was also ignored when he went to get sauce they left out of the happy meal order. Bathroom in the play place had water all over the floor and the kids toilet was overflowed. Tables were dirty. Saw nobody cleaning. Quality had went downhill.

Review №74

Wish they would have gotten the buns right. Not the best way to deserve $15 an hour....

Review №75

Food was hot and fresh

Review №76

My grandkids love coming here. For Happy Meals and the play area. They don't want to go anywhere else.

Review №77

Very rude drive thru service on 2/21 @430pm.From the moment I kept being told "order when ready" probably 5 times within first 20 seconds to the point it was distracting from the menu.Then to top it off, the 2 strawberry shakes were made as shamrock and the chocolate shake was coated in shamrock at the bottom.

Review №78

They are great..but sometimes forget some food...

Review №79

This McDonald's has a really nice Playland. It is not the new design where the spaces are so small the little kids can't figure out how to get through them. It was perfect for 3 and 4 year olds. And even a little bit older but all the kids had fun. we just went to get in the air conditioning and let the kids have a good time out of the sun.

Review №80

The extra fries I ordered and paid for were not in the bag when I came home. It was very busy, so I didn't want to hold up the drive through line checking my order. I even asked if they included the extra fries I ordered before pulling away and they confirmed they had.

Review №81

My husband works 3rd shift, this is one of the easiest places to stop to grab him food on his way to work, or at least it would be if the credit card readers weren't "down" more than half the time.

Review №82

No sign saying no dine in

Review №83

Received two 4-pc tenders extremely overcooked and hard. Brought them back up to the counter and the woman (manager perhaps?) was apologetic and made sure to get us fresh ones as soon as she could during the lunch rush. Very kind, great customer service.

Review №84

Food was decent. Especially lived the hot fresh fries. Service was quick.

Review №85

Never get an order right

Review №86

Sure the food is fast and relatively cheap. I should go onto say this location is 24hr and with the area it is in that's comes in pretty clutch, but 5/7 times I've been there recently they have messed up the order. We all know that becomes a hassle for everyone.

Review №87

Service at the drive thru is a little slow

Review №88

I asked for no salt to have fresh frys and they weren't freash and didn't fry them in fresh grease

Review №89

Fast service was able to go inside and place order on app made the wait shortened

Review №90

It's Nicky DeesVery friendly staff

Review №91

An average McDonald's. Since other restaurants is open for dine in they've slowed down drastically for service

Review №92

Patience and courtesy goes a long way I know it's lunch pHour on a Sunday afternoon. There's no reason to be short with somebody. I don't know if the girl was having a bad day but I hope she has a better day.

Review №93

This is the worst McDonald's I've ever been too. Constantly slow. If you come late at night prepare to wait 20 minutes for a $5 order with nobody in front of you. Isn't fast food whatsoever. Are constantly out of basic food items in the middle of the day and late at night. The workers are rude and poorly trained. Would not ever recommend.

Review №94

This McDonald's doesn't know a chicken nugget from a cheeseburger. They always manage to screw my order up every single time, even.... When I go inside and order my own food with the kiosk. I order a quarter pounder today and my burger Patty was 3/4 of the way hanging out of the buns and they didn't put half of the toppings that it is supposed to come with. Seriously I know toddlers that can take and make an order better. The last time I ordered a large fry.... My son received more fries in his Happy meal then I got in my large fry.If the managers at this McDonald's read this.... Please get your $#*! together....

Review №95

Great dollar menu that makes it easy for Seniors & low income individuals. Food is fresh, staff is very friendly. Enjoy yogurt parfait. Wish they had more salad choices. Like breakfast all day, too.

Review №96

The staff is friendly and makes the food fast. I've never had an incorrect order from this location!

Review №97

They did have the Sweet Tea over by the other drinks. They mopped the floor the floor was so wet that I almost fell. Over by the drinks it was dirty. Every since Ann the Manager left that McDonalds has went down Hill

Review №98

Favorite place for iced coffee

Review №99

Order was poorly prepared 1/4 pounder was served rare and cold. Waited almost 12 minutes for fast food. The manager said it took longer to cook fresh burgers then frozen ones. DUH Who knew??????

Review №100

Hit or miss. Get alot of orders wrong

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2.6 Rating
  • Address:500 N Leavitt Rd, Amherst, OH 44001, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 440-988-5919
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Coffee shop
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Sandwich shop
Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Play area:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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