Chipotle Mexican Grill
901 N Leavitt Rd, Amherst, OH 44001, United States
Review №1

Ordered a pick up order. Receipt was correct but once I got home nothing in the order was correct. I called the store to get correct items and the person I spoke with hung up on me. Called back 3X and no one would answer the phone. Extremely displeased that during COVID we still try to order food to support our local establishments but are treated so badly.

Review №2

Pick up time was set to 4:45. A bag with my last name on it was ready to go. Upon returning to the car I realized the items within the bag were labeled with other people's names. I understand that mistakes happen, so I went inside to correct the issue.Unfortunately, this correction took the staff 30 minutes to complete. I did not leave the building until 5:15. To make matters worse, upon checking the bag again I realized that my sides were missing. It took three trips inside the building for the meal I paid 40 dollars (and waited 30 minutes) for. Additionally, the guacamole wasn't packaged properly and smeared all over the rest of the food.Perhaps corporate should reconsider opening a restaurant that doesn't care about cleanliness or time management during a pandemic. I certainly will reconsider who I give my money to.

Review №3

Food want all that great this time around. We ordered off of door dash and my wife's burrito was literally 3in and mostly wrapped up in itself, my bowl was ok.

Review №4

The food was good but the service was a bit slow. They needed more help infront for the people that came in to order food. They seemed to focus more on the people who had online orders.

Review №5

Other locations are a 5 star. I'm not so sure if Lorain has a management issue or what but its filthy. When we got there, there was 1 person sitting, 1 person ahead of us in line. 100% filthy tables. We had to clean up our own table as well as the 3 customers behind us. Gross, just gross. Food was good but Gordon Ramsey would say this is a reflection of their practices and that's scary.

Review №6

The Chipotle in Amherst, OH has made it clear to me I am an unimportant customer. If I go in to order my food, the menu is limited. I cannot order a quesadilla if I order in person because I will hold up the line. Yet they made me wait while they made a quesadilla for an online order. The online orders are more important. So you think well just order online. I like to look at the meat choices available so I can order the one that looks the freshest or isn't out. This location operates on a different set of rules. Very disappointing. I LOVE Chipotle... definitely NOT the Amherst, OH location.

Review №7

Our meal was served hot, and quickly. I would definitely recommend getting food to go from here in the future. Debbie G.

Review №8

Never had it before. We had the Carna Asada bowl. Taste good but the presentation is not as visually tasty.

Review №9

Every time we order online it's 20-30 minutes late. Currently at 35 minutes over estimated finish time and still waiting. I get that it's busy, and it's not the employees fault. The manager needs to put more people on the line or the business model needs to be changed so the manager can give a stalled time for online orders or stop them altogether when the inside of the store is too busy. That or add an extra to go make line like other chipotles. At this point we despise ordering from this location. Again, the frontline employees are great and doing everything they can.

Review №10

Absolutely to many people inside. Went in for a 6:15 pm. pick up order it took them an additional 30 minutes before they realized they lost the order. Total chaos with no leadership controlling the floor or the amount of people inside. The walk in order was faster than ordering on line. Should not have been so confusing.

Review №11

There was metal in food I had a steak bowl. Went back and they gave me another bowl and that it in there too

Review №12

For some reason at the Amherst Ohio location when you order chipotle online for pick up or door dash the order it terrible! No meal nothing it's almost a empty bowl! It's like if you aren't there in person just don't order ! All this money and they just SUCK! And don't call customer service! They don't do anything for you! Step your game up or just close the location! Honestly SHITTYYY!!!!!

Review №13

The food is great. Just make sure you tip your waiter...

Review №14

Placed an order online, with specific toppings with their instructions to follow and still they made the order just how they wanted. Just hire people who knows how to read and follow instructions.

Review №15

Really good depending on the time of day you go

Review №16

These are my new favorite people! Delicious food, excellent service!

Review №17

Always very busy ..good food

Review №18

Chipotle in Amherst Ohio is the worse one on the planet. It makes me want to never order from there again meat is always burnt and they are slower then the DMV

Review №19

I think the employees may be illiterate, almost every time I order from this location there is always items missing. I don't think it is that hard to read what someone orders on a receipt, then put said item in the bag with their order. Next time I go to this location I will bring a hooked on phonics book to help them out.

Review №20

I can't say I am much of a fan. The beef is always chewy and the price for a steak burrito is way out of line, given the poor quality.

Review №21

The worst experience and they don't follow any protocol with covid 19

Review №22

Server was very rude and disrespectful not going to let him do my order again !

Review №23

Last several visits from picking up my to go order, have been so wrong!! I suggest going in and watching them make it so that it's right!!

Review №24

Restaurant was dirty. Ordered online & got my order wrong. Just throughout my burrito when I got home.

Review №25

Nothing better than chipotle good service too

Review №26

Choose a different location! 30 minute wait in line to get through four customers ahead of us. Eight employees working, but Inefficient, unorganized, loud and chaotic. Poor customer service. Our family enjoys stopping at Chipotle when we travel, but we will never return to this location again.

Review №27

My children love this place, me not so much.

Review №28

They suck nothing like Elyria

Review №29

Food is good service is slow

Review №30

Overall was great, employees were nice and the food tasted good but it was cold by the time i sat down at the table. I don't know if that's how the food always is but otherwise it was great! On another day delivery is not their strong suit though, i made an order for delivery and they sent someone elses.

Review №31

The line moves much faster at the Elyria location. And we had to wait outside in the heat.

Review №32

VERY slow service. Waited at the counter for 5 minutes before someone finally came over to take my order.

Review №33

Food good overall, but the guacamole was really thick and chunky.

Review №34

They gave plenty of toppings, but the rice was crunchy in both of my bowls. As good as the flavor was, the crunchy rice bits really set it all off. I wanted to give 4 stars, but the more I eat it, the worse the texture gets. Please cook your rice more.

Review №35

Nothing was good. Taco bell is a fraction of the cost and tastes better than the food here. The workers don't know what vegan options they have. I'm not sure anything there is.

Review №36

Chipotle is always a good place to eat for a healthier meal at a good price.

Review №37

Horrible customer service. Tried to place an order through DoorDash, Chipotle canceled the order saying they could not fulfill it. Talked to worker there said I had to go through their corporate number which he never even gave me the number for. Then, tried placing an order through their website. Ordered said it was complete and had been placed just to find out 20 minutes later that they never got my order. Absolutely ridiculous. With so many other choices out there I will not be choosing Chipotle.

Review №38

One of my favorites!

Review №39

It's Chipotle. Friendly staff behind the counter the place wasn't too busy. They filled up our burritos and bowls to make it filling. Great food stop

Review №40

I'm just personally not interested in their food.

Review №41

It was busy and I had to wait for you online order. Most of the staff was following safety guidelines but there were at least 2 workers wearing their mask below their nose.the food was as expected.

Review №42

Great service and good food.

Review №43

Bad service you need to wait so they can take out the orders online and then they take regular customers

Review №44

Don't order doordash from this location. They really skimp on quantity. it's about 1/3 the amount you get when you go inside and order yourself.

Review №45

Worst service of any chipotle anywhere. Only 3 of us in line and workers doing nothing but yapping and walking around

Review №46

I really only order online for here for the easy and ready pick up on the side because its a busy location. The food is always good however there are a lot of fatty peices it seems, in the meat whether it be the steak or the carne asada.. I catch myself spitting small chewy peices out often. Also, i always request extra cheese on my order and i wish they would honor that because im lightweight obsessed with their cheese and do pay the extra fee for it but do not receive it. Overall its good food.

Review №47

I like going to Chipotle but this time was rather unfortunate my rice was hard and the black beans were also. The customer service was excellent and the line moved real smooth.

Review №48

Friendly service, good quality.

Review №49

Nothing like waiting 20+ minutes in the freezing rain for food that I've already paid for :) thanks chipotle and little king dewine

Review №50

I like that the items I choose to eat are fresh, as well as tasty and prepared for me as I order.

Review №51

Maybe because they are so busy they have let cleanliness and upkeep slide. My family and I were in for dinner around 6 pm. We seemed to be before the rush that came in following us. Tables were dirty, floors a mess and the decor needs a serious update. There was even an employee on break with her head down on a table. Yuck! Next time I 'll take my meal home!

Review №52

Don't visit in the evening if you have somewhere else going. Always long lines outside.

Review №53

Awesome food!!! A lil slow because they had a line to the door , BUT SOOO WORTH THE WAIT!!

Review №54

Food was hot and fresh. Price is right. Staff is friendly

Review №55

The crew is always smiling and very helpful, the food is great. Best chips I had thus far

Review №56

Its Chipotle, it's always good but not only was my online order not ready on time, they didnt even have it. I had to wait in line and order defeating the whole purpose of ordering online in advance.

Review №57

Super great food. Not very expensive.

Review №58

Soo good. Fast friendly service as usual. Clean restaurant. Love it.

Review №59

Great service, but watch out, they frequently run out of common ingredients.

Review №60

Just not the same as the 5 stars it use to be, a staff member of another location told me a while back they were given smaller spoons to serve the meat with and being a double meat customer I can tell its probably true , I guess with popularity come greed. Just my opinion! But I'll still go, they have the hook in me. LOL

Review №61

I travel all across Cleveland and go to Chipotle pretty frequently, and this is the worst one. Every time I go in the tables are extremely dirty, and the staff is very rude. The employee at the register acted annoyed and angry that she even had to ring people out. Another employee was yelling across the dining room that they needed a manager to help them out. Seems like poor leadership and unmotivated staff.

Review №62

Just dont get hooked its that good

Review №63

My boyfriend and I both love chipotle, however this latest visit was a waste of time and money. Not only was the chicken burnt to the point of being inedible, but they also forgot about us on hold when we called for a very long time. He ended up having to hang up because they weren't coming back. We're both very dissatisfied with this meal and will most likely find somewhere else to eat next time.

Review №64

Very friendly staff at this location

Review №65

Today the food was really good and the line was engaged. Been a while since I stopped in there and they were running pretty well

Review №66

I loved Chipotle when they first opened, but since then the prices have only climbed as the service and food quality has steadily plummeted. I waited 45 minutes tonight to be told that it would be another 10 minutes to grill the steak (which might have been more like 15-20 minutes for how unconcerned all the workers seemed to be). The line stretched around the dining room, and there was only one guy working the food, which would have been fine for me, had one of the other 8 workers been grilling steak....

Review №67

Very salty, just slow but it's always been slow.

Review №68

Ordered chicken bowl and chips. Chips are too salty but the bowl is great!!

Review №69

Waited over an hour past my "promised pickup time" for my food..

Review №70

1st time wife took me there & the food is excellent, the portions are huge for the cost,will be back soon! It's also healthy eating for us too!

Review №71

Listen I watched people get there food but I was there before them and it took 1 hour to get a burrito ot of the good dame kitchen never go there

Review №72

Weirdly the greatest Chipotle I've ever been to, I'm not even sure why, just amazing from start to finish. Super fresh. Super fast. Polite employees.

Review №73

Have ordered from this chipotle about 5 or 6 times since this whole virus thing started. 4 of those times, I was missing items. Items that were paid for. I don't order much and I don't see how things can be forgotten.

Review №74

Staff was definitely not working as a team and it really showed. One guy working the line was doing great but had no support when bins needed changed. One girl was lazily sweeping the floor as the line was out the door. Was slowest Chipotle experience ever.

Review №75

They have wonderful food and for the most part great service

Review №76

Pretty good burritos

Review №77

Love the guacamole!

Review №78

Very clean friendly great atmosphere hardly ever any wait time

Review №79

We said we were going to be there in 10 minutes and they said ok. IT TOOK 1 HOUR to get our food!! Ridiculous

Review №80

Good food but very slow. Cashier was outstanding.

Review №81

I don't know what happened but my food for the second time has absolutely no flavor. The mild is no longer mild, the slight lime taste is gone. It's like I'm just eating different textures with no flavor.

Review №82

Please give the same amount of steak as you do the other meats. Other than that, great location.

Review №83

Love chipotle, good quality food and speedy service with friendly staff. Great place to grab some dinner for the family or even have a date and eat in.

Review №84

My new favorite place to eat!

Review №85

It's was really fast

Review №86

This hotel is actually very clean. The people are friendly and courteous. The only reason I didn't rate this a 5 star is the ice maker wasn't making ice.

Review №87

Doesn't do emergency responder discount anymore. And it wasnt that good. Was somewhat worth it for half the price not anymore

Review №88

Amherst oh. Food good but staff slow. Not always friendly. Look like they could care less that there are 20 plus and line and the wait is 20 minutes plus. Other stores quicker.

Review №89

Ordered 37 dollars worth of food for a 6pm pick up. Its not 6:30 pm and i have yet to get my food and there are saying my order was never proccessed yet my card was charge. Also not a single offer of something to drink while my wife and i waited 30 minutes so far

Review №90

Yes love their food, employees are very nice,

Review №91

Dining area filthy,rice under cooked,rude employees

Review №92

My son and daughter love this place they practically live off chipotle

Review №93

The place was really dirty. Trash cans overflowing. Food was good though.

Review №94

Fantastic food, great time on ordering your food, clean place. Lot parking.Nice environment. Family friendly atmosphere.

Review №95

Good food made to order

Review №96

Chipotle is the best thing in quality fast-food!

Review №97

Pretty tasty as always! We had the veggie bean burrito and three soft tacos! Some of the music was rather loud and a bit weird but still worth eating in.

Review №98

Ordered 2 bowls. Chicken was burnt so bad I couldn't even eat mine. Called management and was told there was nothing they could do because I didn't have my receipt which I'm pretty sure I never even received from the cashier who was much more concerned with her conversation than waiting on me

Review №99

Good food good price

Review №100

Always good, gives a military discount

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