DTutanellis Pizza-Amherst
103 Milan Ave, Amherst, OH 44001, United States
Review №1

Order a Italian Boli last night for my lunch at work. Very disappointed when I go to eat and there's nothing but cheese. No meat what so ever. I always loved there food but this was a complete disappointment.

Review №2

Fantastic pizza! Very clean place and courteous staff. Highly recommend going here.

Review №3

Ordering on line was a joke. Order didn't process. Ordering by phone was an even bigger joke. I can't hear you. They can hear me at Marco's just fine!

Review №4

Awesome..well done pizza

Review №5

Pizza was very good but pricey. Still only have carry-out.

Review №6

Crust is light and crispy. Service was great. Pizza was a little bland over all. Not sure if it was the cheese or sauce.

Review №7

WOW! Great pizza. The Gigante is definitely going to be the new move for parties!Update: This has become my go to pizza spot. Love their pizza. The T-Rex is a meat lovers dream.

Review №8

Good.. kind of flavorless. But not as greasy as a chain pizza. The wings on the other hand are great!!

Review №9

For my first time I ordered a calzone. The Freshness was there but the flavor was not.It wasn't bad but just needed more flavor!

Review №10

Love this place and the owners. Great place

Review №11

This place is amazing and has a great management staff. I had an order delivered that was not to my liking and I posted a very negative review about them. Well, they deserve an apology. I worked with a lady named Sheryl or Sherry I am not sure and she went above and beyond to satisfy me as a customer. She runs a tight ship and is amazing. I have nothing but respect and encourage everyone to eat there! They have GREAT food and are top notch. I don't know if this lady owns the place but she definitely needs a raise. I didn't even think people looked at reviews and when I was messaged back I was kind of in shock! Thank God for people like this and a small business who goes above and beyond for it's customer

Review №12

Great pizza every time

Review №13

The new cauliflower crust was amazing with the Flaming Kramer!!!! The kids were beyond happy with the usual cheese/pepperoni pizza. So far every trip is damn near perfect... We love this place!!!

Review №14

Just tried this for the first time. I was hoping for better pizza than the nasty chain pizza, especially since the price is much, much higher. Paid $25 for 2 medium pizzas (stupid, I know) in hopes that it would be worth it. I called, and asked to have a good amount of toppings, baked well done, and extra sauce. I got a scant amount of toppings, barely any sauce, and it wasn't well done. Even if they had done it right, the taste of the sauce and cheese was not good. I read good reviews in this and decided to try it, and I have NO IDEA how it has good reviews. NO IDEA! I'm baffled. Maybe they are reviewing it themselves. A word of advice: don't listen to the reviews of this place! Except this one. Gross!

Review №15

Friendly staff, great food. My family and I all ordered small pizzas thinking they would be personal size and they're actually enough for two people. We were very shocked and pleased. The pizza is the best I've had in a while.

Review №16

Excellent pizza, great service!

Review №17

Awesome pie! Have to be into that style, very heavy cheese and sauce. And very happy with this traditional crust! If I'm getting just cheese or a single topping pizza, this is my favorite in area

Review №18

It's ok. I've had better. The sauce is pretty bland. The wings are fatty. Honestly I'd recommend Doughboy's Pizza and Wings. Way better.

Review №19

My friends and myself doned in a few weeks ago, we had a wonderful time. Food was great awesome service.

Review №20

Delicious! Freshly made and locally owned. I wish I lived closer so I could get more D'Tut's!

Review №21

We've enjoyed the pizza from here in Avon but it says available to order online for both locations but in the end, won't let me do it after multiple attempts. I decide to call on a Thursday at 6:00PM and am told, “we are not delivering right now, and click!” No explanation at all. It would of been helpful to hear why, and when I could call, but I felt as if I was bothering him by just calling. If I would of been told they were not delivering until (fill in time here), then I may have called back. I then went online to see if maybe they weren't open, and I was calling on an off day, but the only hours online are for the Amherst location and I was not calling back to ask.We really enjoyed ordering from here for a few weeks in a row but service seems to have just fallen off and we've decided to order from our old reliable places. Unfortunate. Good pizza but unreliable service.

Review №22

Not very impressed, i have had alot of different pizza shops and this was one of my least favorites. Basically frozen pizza from a grocery store. I went here on a Saturday night at 7 pm and there was not anyone else in the restaurant. Should have been sign. We sat for about 10 minutes before anyone even greeted us.

Review №23

Absolutely loved the food and the place. My husband and I saw the ads on TV a few times and it kept reminding me of this pizza place that I used 2 live directly across the street from in Lorain. I always wondered what happened to it. And to my amazement its the same place but new design and location. We were so satisfied with it that we ordered a large cheese to go. You have my family and myself as customers for life!!!

Review №24

The pizza was okay. The crust was cooked nicely, and had a nice crunch to it. The cheese and pepperoni had nice flavor, but there wasn't much sauce. The pizza tasted fairly dry, and it was pricey.

Review №25

Service was great. Then not so great after that. Pepperoni bread was over cooked. Almost no cheese or pepperoni inside. Had to ask for dipping sauce because it was basically just dough. The kids pizza was great. The Supreme we ordered just wasn't that great. Not a fan of big chunk toppings. The sauce was bland. Had wings too. Not good at all. Not crispy and skin eas still rubbery. Pop was flat also. Prices seem high for the quality. We didn't say anything because there would be nothing they could have done to make it better while there. Might be time for quality check in kitchen.

Review №26

Best pizza in Lorain County

Review №27

When my family and I went to dine in, we were quickly served by a very kind waiter. The food came out quick, and the food was great. We were even treated to free, that's right, FREE pizza bread. The atmosphere was great, very homely, and clean. Great service, great business, and great food. Seriously, go here. Now.

Review №28

Found this little place randomly about 5 months ago...loved the pizza and pepperoni bread. Came back today to see if it was as good as we remembered...it twas! Excellent pizza!!! Worth the hour drive to get there!

Review №29

Very expensive. Small 6 pc delux 15.99. Not bad tasting but not gpod enough at thst price

Review №30

Updated 08/08/2020: First, I want to say I've been ordering from D'Tut's as far back as when they were Granny D's on the east side of Lorain, and I've ALWAYS loved EVERYTHING I've ever ordered from them. However, we just ordered 2 hot ham n cheese subs and we were absolutely disappointed. I cannot believe how downhill they have come with their quality. There were 3 THIN slices of ham on each 7.5" sub. I remember when they LOADED the ham n cheese on their subs and baked them in tin foil! The cheese would melt and get crispy on the foil and they were oh-so delicious. Unfortunately, this is far from the case these days. I couldn't bring myself to rate them lower than 3 stars because their pizzas are still fantastic. I just hope they don't start skimping out on those anytime soon.Excellent Pizza! Love that they pile on the cheese! Also, their PB&J pizza is awesome!

Review №31

Always good pizza!

Review №32

Awesome food and atmosphere....

Review №33

Their dough is the best. Good service and very good food.

Review №34

Loved the food and the staff is so friendly and the prices are reasonable. My kids and I had a great time.

Review №35

Best Pizza in town. Pepperoni balls are out of this world. Plenty is salads to pick from.They deliver and offer online ordering.

Review №36

Over priced for what u get..

Review №37

The pizza was great, the house salad could be a lot better for the price.

Review №38

Their pizza was good, my son really loved it, but I really liked the wings. Awesome food and friendly staff.

Review №39

We love Little Devil Cupcakery! Great local establishment, amazing treats, huge variety, and excellent service by a wonderful owner!

Review №40

Ok pizza didn't have any taste, could've been cooked a little bit longer. First time ordering here couldn't find the place at first because no sign out front just a piece of paper hanging on the door with their name on it.

Review №41

Loved it ️

Review №42

Very friendly staff... made a take out order and loved everything but the pasta salad. Pizza and cheese sticks were amazing.

Review №43

Jalapeno popper pizza was Delicious. Definitely order again

Review №44

Blah- ordered the supreme, extra cheese and garlic crust. Barley any toppings, onions and peppers were so small you couldn't even find them I ordered sausage but the couple crumbles smaller than a ant is not what I would call sausage. Way over priced for such a dismal pizza, you can do better with toppings on a frozen grocery store pizza. Paid extra for garlic crust.... don't think so it was dry and no flavor at all. Salad was wilted and looked more like grated parmesan cheese vs mozzarella which was what should have been on it. Pictures online DO NOT look anything like what you will get. For good pizza worth the price just around the corner is Neechi's or down the street is Antonio's. Wanted to try but sorry we did.

Review №45

The only downside was we ate it all...;) The pizza sauce was fantastic and with 4 kids, hard to beat for value. Kids don't want any other pizza... neither do I. We have a new favorite!

Review №46

The T-Rex pizza is delicious and the pepperoni bread served with every dine in meal is scrumptious.

Review №47

Ok so I gave this place a one star cause the wings weren't made to my liking... since then I was contacted by a manager that was very professional in what she's paid to do... let's just say she made everything right and my second set of 12 bone in bbq wings were super not to mention the pizza was spot on... I was never gonna go there again but was well taken care of... if u order the wings make sure to get them crispy u will fall in love... thx again for the great customer service I am beyond happy as to how I was taken care of... I live in lorain and my wings and pizza will only be purchased in amherst....

Review №48

Good food and plenty of it! Staff was very nice. Will go again!

Review №49

Ordered a special, gave me the wrong order, didn't compensate for their mistake, asked "where do these people get these 'specials'", also they didn't know how to work their credit card machine. I looked at the coupons they gave after I had finished eating and the special was on one of their coupons. I paid $25 for a medium pizza and a 2 liter, was supposed to get a large, cheesy bread, and a 2 liter for $20.

Review №50

Pizza and salad were both very good. Waitress was friendly and efficient.

Review №51

Good food the first couple of time this time we had flat pop and the food was mot done all the way

Review №52

I gave 5 stars just because they won't let Ohio food critics post a comment, worst place for wings I have ever had. Worst management service, I have been to 27 countries in the Marines, and had better service in countries that didn't like me, my advice after my written review find another spot

Review №53

Always fast, always friendly, always fresh, and always delicious. The Flaming Kramer is numero uno in my book.

Review №54

Great service, always great food and a very friendly staff

Review №55

Very tasty food, cozy atmosphere, friendly staff

Review №56

Loved it! Worth going

Review №57

Great pizza and a terrific staff love it

Review №58

Great service amazing pizza

Review №59

First visit.... We paid $19.99 for their "Pizza Supremo".. For that price, I expected a significant amount more toppings!! When cook approached me about my concern about toppings, she just said, " well, that's the way we make our pizza "! I even pointed out several different slices of pizza that only had a few pieces of pepperoni. She had NO comment.I asked if we could enjoy our pizza on their porch, they said, 'yes' mind you, we were never offered napkins or plates!! I received no friendliness, let alone NO hospitality!!!! I felt VERY unwelcomed! For $19.99... I'll take my money where it will be appreciated. Soo unprofessional... #UnsatisfiedCustomer

Review №60

Awesome pizza

Review №61

Great pizza. Great service. Only place around here that has real new York style pizza and calzones.

Review №62

Sad food ,sad service ,high prices.

Review №63

Amazing Gigante pizza! Pictures doesn't do it any justice what so ever! You have to see it to believe it hands down!

Review №64

Great food

Review №65

Always a nice experience.

Review №66

I cannot believe I am the first to review this place. It is located in the Main Street Marketplace Business Center at Five-Points in the center of Amherst. It has plenty of parking, and the menu is online. They are excellent at taking phone order for take-out, and they have a charming area for dining-in if that is your preference. Visit their web site {Google does not allow me to post the restaurant's website} and try them for yourself. My only complaint is that they do not have medium size. I always get pizza with everything on it, and the thin crust cannot really handle that load so now we order the regular crust. We love the pizzas here, but taste is something folks need to try for themselves, especially with three good pizza places within one triangular block.

Review №67

They best pizza place around. Super servi 've as well.

Review №68

Good food and nice dining room

Review №69

Not the greatest but not the worst. The bread they bring you before your pizza comes out is really good.

Review №70

Great pizza great price!

Review №71

Friendly service and relaxing atmosphere.

Review №72

Pizza didnt have too much flavor, got a garden salad added additional toppings on the salad $1.50 extra for each topping and they didnt even give alot of toppings

Review №73

Hands down the best pizza around. Great service and great environment also.

Review №74

My niece enjoyed her birthday party there!!

Review №75

Saw add on TV on Tues, went today, Wednesday. Not a happy camper AT ALL ! Pizza was barely cooked, cal zone was crisp overcooked on outside and raw inside, wings were badly burnt on a grill, silverware was dirty. Save your money and just go to Walmart, get a $ 5:00 pizza and two shirts for the same price

Review №76

Very good pizza,in a area that was all about Olde Town for years,not no more.

Review №77

Me and my family tried it after some friends told us how good it was. I wasn't to us, the sauce had no flavor, the cheese was bland, and the pepperoni didn't have any flavor either.

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Review №79

Horrible delivery service, over 1 hour delivery time. Next time will go to the competitor

Review №80

Great pizza best I've had in the area

Review №81

I am new to the area.This is the best pizza l have found.

Review №82

Best pizza around!!!

Review №83

Good pizza, good prices.

Review №84

Service, food and pricing make it a wise stop!No delivery I think

Review №85

Great food and service. BUY A DESERT PIZZA!

Review №86


Review №87

Good friendly service very cozy

Review №88

Best Pizza in Amherst!

Review №89

Good quality food

Review №90

When my granddaughter visits the only place she wants pizza from is D'Tutanelli's

Review №91

It was ok

Review №92

There pizza doesn't have enough sauce and there wings are soggy

Review №93

Loved it!

Review №94

Great pizza and menu.

Review №95

Excellent pizza!!

Review №96

The pizza was dry barley any at all. I won't order from here again. Pizza is not good at all.

Review №97


Review №98

Delicious pizza!

Review №99

Awesome ppl

Review №100

WOW, Really good pizza.

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  • Address:103 Milan Ave, Amherst, OH 44001, United States
  • Site:http://www.dtspizza.com/
  • Phone:+1 440-985-9866
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  • Monday:12–9PM
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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