2275 Cooper Foster Park Rd, Amherst, OH 44001, United States
Review №1

Customer service was excellent especially the guy in the Nasa hat. The food was amazing. I got my food delivered and it was still the perfect temperature and consistency. The cheese wasn't really runny and the toppings were delicious. I highly recommend this place.

Review №2

Waited two hours because the driver got lost. Told the girl on the phone when I called that i was concerned about it being hot/fresh. She said it would be fine. She lied. It was neither hot or fresh. The breading on thr mozzarella sticks was mush, the cheese was hard, the pizza was room temperature. The driver finally arrived only gave me half my order and I had to ask for the other half. They didn't charge me, but honestly, I would have rather paid for pizza that was actually hot and good.

Review №3

Great pizza & service. The wings and sandwiches were good also.

Review №4

Jillianos is THE BEST pizza we have ever had, hands down. We order every week from them and are never disappointed. They are very generous with the toppings and the taste of everything is absolutely delicious. I would recommend them to everyone and I always brag about them. Great staff and always very friendly.

Review №5

Good pizza with a sauce that upon first bite is both sweet and savory. The wings were excellent with a mild sauce that was loaded with flavor and plenty of garlic.

Review №6

Best pizza around! I get it once every other week since it is about a 45 minute drive from my home, but it is always worth it!

Review №7

4 stars is not really a slight. I love pizza and 5 stars does not come easily. It's really good! Sweet and savory sauce on a medium crust. Toppings were plentiful and good. Price was a little high, which may affect quantity of future orders, but there's no doubt it's good food.

Review №8

Really really great place. Delicious and fresh. Staff was really great. Can't wait to stop in again.

Review №9

Amazing pizza! I have never been disappointed with any of my orders. Thank you for making great tasting pizza!

Review №10

Best pizza in lorain and Amherst

Review №11

At first it was my new favorite pizza place until now...Just ordered a pizza with extra cheese. It looks like they intentionally put a crazy amount of cheese on, maybe to be funny, I don't know but it was rude and disgusting. I wanted extra not a mountain of it. Will never order from here again!

Review №12

This is a place that offers both traditional and new pizza experiences. You can get the usual pepperoni pizza here, and it'll be pretty good, but really I'd suggest trying some of the more unusual pizza types on offer. My mother ordered a seafood pizza and was impressed by it. I meanwhile took a chance on the cheeseburger pizza, and can honestly say I recommend it to those who like the idea of a cheeseburger's flavours in a pizza form. This is definitely a place with some creativity and heart.

Review №13

The best pizza in the area! Delicious! & The have very friendly customer service!

Review №14

Crazy good pizza!!!! Deep dish Italian sausage! Wish I hadn't waited so long to try Jillianos. Our new favorite pizza!!! Melt in your mouth crust is unlike anywhere else!

Review №15

Tried this Pizza place for the first time a couple months ago. I had heard nothing but good things about the food and the owner. Having been around so long, she must be doing something correct. The others were correct, excellent experience, great pizza, you can tell they use quality cheese and not that garbage blend used at most Pizza Chains. The owner was very kind to my children, we loved the experience. Hope to make Jillianos a lifelong experience.

Review №16

First time I tried this and it was beyond words in tasty satisfaction! The price however was a little bit high for a pizza but even with that being said I'll definitely be a repeat customer.

Review №17

Good tasting,good service,real pizza well made

Review №18

Very good pizza. I'm new to the area and had a place at my old house that I have eaten my whole life so I knew it would take really good pizza for it to become my new pizza place. Julianos was that good. I'm happy I tried it. The sausage and cheese are good quality and tasty. The blt pizza was also real good.

Review №19

Great tasting pizza, fast sevice and friendly staff. Love it, A+

Review №20

The pizza is really good. It cost a little more than the national chains but worth it. They also have wings which are very good and they are on special on Tuesdays.

Review №21

Got a large cheese pizza deep dish yesterday (Friday night) and it's the best pizza in the county! I can't believe I've never tried them before! Yalas used to be my favorite pizzeria but this place blew my taste buds of out the water! Great job guys! Now just take all my money

Review №22

Great food and service!!!

Review №23

Friendly staff and awesome tasting pizza dough!

Review №24

This place is right around the corner from our house so we go all the time. Now, I am pretty picky about my pizza. From the sauce to the crust to the amount of cheese and the even dispersment of the toppings.

Review №25

I have to say...this is for sure in my top 3 fave pizzas i ever had. I ordered it in person and they walked it out to me when it was done. Super nice service and like i said...mind blowing pizza. Fresh and tasty. Funniest part was i got the one that had pineapple on it(which i hate) and i still fell in love with it. Cant wait to go back.

Review №26

They have the best pizza! Must try spicy bbqs wings too!

Review №27

Amazing pizza, great service. A little pricey but, WORTH IT!

Review №28

Italian sub it great. So is the pizza better get both.

Review №29

Decent pizza busy place

Review №30

If you love seafood, you have to try Jilliano's seafood pizza, WOW it is awesome. Best Pizza around. For those that do not like seafood, try the Jilliano's favorite (butter cheese with bacon and no sauce) .. I could go on and on about all the pizzas! LOVE them ALL !! But those are our top 2 on the list of many!

Review №31

Very rude manager.

Review №32

We look forward to eating here every time we visit the area. Awesome Pizza Every Time!!If you haven't eaten here yet, you're missing a price of Heaven!!! Yummy Yum-Yum!!!

Review №33

The best pizza in town.

Review №34

They make good pizza but it isn't consistent and it's pricey. Maybe if they tried a business model that included more than one employee to answer the phones and make the pizzas it would be the place to beat.$25 for a 4 topping large and 1 topping small!

Review №35

They have really good pizza for which I order all the time but on the occasion that they make mistakes they're rude on the phone to admit that they made a mistake and never want to make the mistake correct So they got a one star rating from me for their customer service

Review №36

Simply Divine.I like to consider myself quite the pizza connaisseur. When it comes to Jillianos, their pies are nothing short of fantastic. I tried their Hawaiian 'za on their very own specialty crust this weekend (3-19-17) and my taste buds were sent to another dimension not yet revealed by any other dish.The Breakdown:Crust- when I review a fine slice, I like to start with that which holds it all together, the crust. As mentioned above, I was lucky enough to experience the "specialty crust"(only available on weekends). This consisted of a light, buttery, and crispy crunch with every bite. The bottom was dusted with a fine layer of bread crumbs that popped with flavor each and every bite. A truly perfect companion on an epic pizza voyage.The sauce- A sweet, yet savory, paste that caressed each topping that one could ever want on a pie. While flavorful, it was not overwhelming. The perfect amount as to not drip or leak over the edges of the pizza vessel.The cheese- Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael would not be disappointed. I had to lift my arm almost 12 inches from the box just to separate my pizza from its brethren. I feel as though most other pizza's cheese is simply a glue, merely holding everything together not offering much, if any, flavor. This is not the case for Jillianos. This ooey, gooey, culinary masterpiece is accompanied by none other than the finest cheese I have ever had on a pizza. Jillianos will have you reaching for the heavens as each slice requires ample clearance.The toppings- Just when I thought Jillianos had nothing else up their sleeves, the artists in the kitchen somehow managed to fit, what I perceived as an entire potbelly pig on my pie. It lived in sweet harmony with slices of pineapple larger than SpongeBob's house.In conclusion, I always perceived Jillianos to be another pizza joint in my "backyard". Come to find that this magnificent pizzeria is the "landlord". I'm honored to have been able to enjoy a slice.Love,The Amherst Sprint Crew.

Review №37

Jill's PRETTY ! & the cheese burger pizza is the best .

Review №38

The pizza and meatball sub were great

Review №39

Love the Pizza...and the people who own it are wonderful. Especially the daughter who runs the business.

Review №40

Awesome pizza and wings

Review №41

Pizza not that good

Review №42

Good pizza nice shoes

Review №43

Great pizza

Review №44

Always the best tasting pizza!

Review №45

My favorite pizza place ever!!!!!!!

Review №46

Great food

Review №47


Review №48

Great pizza and wings

Review №49

Their garden pizza is the best veggie pizza!

Review №50

Jillianos is always my first choice for pizza and wings.

Review №51

My girlfriend and I Tried to stop by for lunch but they weren't opened. 1230 on a Thursday. Oh well we went to Ziggys instead.

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  • Address:2275 Cooper Foster Park Rd, Amherst, OH 44001, United States
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  • Delivery:Yes
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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
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  • Solo dining:Yes
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