Golden Corral Buffet & Grill
465 E Interstate 20, Arlington, TX 76018, United States
Review №1

Of all the years i've ate here . This was by far the worst. Cold n old foods. When asked for a manger He was rude. When asked for GM or corp he was the GM. But gave me an email where i am definitely contacting.What if i was a secrect shopper or health dept.??? He did not apologize or compliment at all. I would never recommend Arlington Golden Corral to a dog.I was visiting from Houston and a Chef myself. This was an embarrassment to the food industry. After a party of 8 you would think customer satisfactory would be priority.The GM Victor Trejo needs training or refresher courses. His skills are very unprofessional!!!!jOh and the restrooms are worse than a gas station or a outhouse.

Review №2

I was really surprised to see GC continuing to offer a self service buffet meal. It was very refreshing to see them doing a little extra to be able to still offer a buffet meal. And kudos to all the customers who adhered to the rules to make it work safely.

Review №3

The place was clean and food was good. We will definitely be back soon. Thanks goes to our server Marila. She was excellent.

Review №4

My family and I.Dine in Nov/01/20.for this Covid "issue ".its Different. But.Maria was excellent. We us.. Also we like miss Chi..those lady's our a favorites..we appreciate. There service.

Review №5

Nice new set-up. Silverware and plates brought clean to your table. One way line with gloves for self service. Employee serving dessert, no kids allowed playing in the chocolate fountain anymore.

Review №6

The worst part is they don't have display name for the food item, and for each item one could not call the staff. The worst Golden Corral ever I went.

Review №7

My mother-in-law just left here they had roaches crawling all over the cakes at the dessert area. They lady put the cakes on a tray but we don't know if they put them back out. It was the chocolate cake it was all over and it went threw everything else trying to get away. So I hope this helps

Review №8

This is probably my worst experience with Golden Corral. They have changed up how you get your plate, food servers must now put the food on your plate for you and have arrows to show you the direction they want customers to follow. All understandable, if the customers followed the rules but barely anyone did. The tables they had closed didn't really follow social distancing, they had large groups of people all crammed in a pretty compact areas, so there were big clusters people. The bathroom was disgusting and out of toilet paper. The food was super cold- all of it. They were not on top of keeping tables clean. The overall state of this location is the worst I have ever seen, people crowded together and all the food being cold made this a very unpleasant visit.

Review №9

They are doing their best to keep clean and safe during these hard times. Cleaner now by far

Review №10

My husband and I visited this location on 08/24/20. As we were going to the buffet with our mask on properly, we saw a kid with his mask under his neck. His nose and mouth was exposed serving himself at the buffet. We brought this to the attention of a female manager who was also not wearing her mask properly. She didn't have anything to say about the situation. We decided to get a refund and will not return. COVID is real and the restaurants need to take it serious.

Review №11

Since covid-19 it's not the same, the food not as good rice was under cooked. The service was good.

Review №12

Great service and the omelets were off the chain!!! Food was seasoned very well.

Review №13

5/22/20 - Was a bit cautious about eating out in general, but read a positive review & gave it a try. I was also pleasantly surprised how attentive the staff at this location was to wearing PPE (mask, gloves) and ensuring customers were well distanced from each other. Food buffet was served cafeteria style, so no need to touch the food tongs, and everything was fresh, hot, & tasty. I know it took a lot of work to deliver this experience, and I felt comfortable eating lunch with my friend. Thanks for putting both your customers & own employee's safety first. I'll be back.

Review №14

Great fresh food wonderful atmosphere and friendly employees and people , loved it like always .

Review №15

Everything was hot fresh tasted wonderful fish was real good . Waiter was great will be returning.

Review №16

I don't like the pizza. They don't have my favorite chicken here anymore so I'm sad now. Waitresses aren't bad.

Review №17

We came around 5pm and the food was as if it has been out in the buffet since lunch. Nothing was good. The kids wanted spaghetti and the noodles were stiff as a cardboard, the fried chicken could have broken the windows and the fish (when they did have it out) had zero flavor. The rice was steaming so I figured it was my only choice and that also was hard. Didnt want to complain so ended up getting taco bell after spending $42.00 on 3 swings and a miss at this buffet.

Review №18

I have never seen that place cleaner before, did we had to get Covid 19 to relearn good hygiene habits? It was very clean and organized, the food had a very good taste. But the quality of the meat decreased big time! It was not tender, tasty but hard. Our waiter, an older Asian lady was awesome!

Review №19

Yummy and tasty food cheap price and berry friendly space.Highly recommend

Review №20

During this Pandemic, I was hoping that your loyal patrons would be notified if or when you would re-open Looking on your site for information.. The other day it said "closed Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday. OPEN at 10:30 on Wednesday. With that I was eager to get a good meal.. to drive there and find out your still closed. Looking forward to having the dust settle where we can again enjoy one of your good meals... Please notify us by this site...

Review №21

Hey thanks for wasting my money. I'm fine with wearing the mask and everything for the pandemic. Where the problem is, your cutting corners to make more money with less people. Your pizza was falling apart and looked terrible. The chicken was old and dried out. The rolls looked like they were dropped on the ground. HALF the items were missing off the menu but don't worry... you still make everyone pay full price. The cookies you could break a brick with. The list goes on and on. Its the last time i will ever eat a golden corral. Tired of paying $40 for two people ans getting food worst then what they give out in highschools. I shouldn't have come. I should have went anywhere else and got my moneys worth. I was only taken advantage of in your restaurant.

Review №22

The food was great. They have it set up like a Luby's cafeteria and have closed a lot of tables for social distancing. If you liked them before all of this please visit them. They need the numbers to stay in business as do so many restaurants.

Review №23

Every Golden Corral I have gone to charges me for a kids price because I have had gastric bypass. (Which is obvious if you look at me.) I can eat three bites of food at a time. I tried to take my daughter here for a date and the manager refused to charge me anything other than the regular adult price of $15. Even paying $8 for someone that can only eat a few bites is outrageous but I was willing to pay that. It's highway robbery. Spend your money at another franchise that charges fairly. Never doing business here. They literally decided, during Covid-19 where I am sure they are hurting for business, that they would rather get zero business than let me pay $16 for a 9 year old girl and myself to eat.

Review №24

Food was great. Excellent customer service.One problem,,,,,Mask. I don't like wearing mask

Review №25

Usually come here with family. Clean place to eat. Wateriest are attentive, fast and nice. Food is usually stocked and hot. Felicia, the manager is nice and sweet. They are very helpful and their purpose is to make sure the food is good and you enjoy your time. Secret: go around 10 so you can eat breakfast and lunch..

Review №26

Placed an order for pot roast for 4 people which cost 33.00 dollars. It came with 1 small order of pot roast, 2 small mashed potatoes,2 rolls and 2 small cookies.With delivery fees was 46.00 dollars! This is a ripoff! I will NEVER order for Golden Corral again!!

Review №27

Not good food! The Mac n cheese tasted weird the chicken is like cardboard and the salad is brown as well as the pickles.

Review №28

We enjoy eating out. Last night we visited this magnificent restaurant which friends recommended to us. We spent a delightful evening there with superb dishes and a well-trained team and an impressive chef. We put this venue in our phone list and we will no doubt visit again soon. Highly recommended.

Review №29

Food good. Everything was clean. It was nothing they did but all I can hear is a crying baby THE WHOLE TIME....... but again not their fault but after I was full I just left. Clean great place though

Review №30

Total ripoff and not the food you know from the chain.

Review №31

Absolutely awful experience!! The meatloaf made my husband sick, and the manager could not have cared any less. The food was absolutely terrible, and the manager was clearly inconvenienced when I brought to his attention that something was wrong; how dare I, as a customer, inconvenience your dinner (the manager) for a potentially serious problem. He literally was vomiting in their parking lot. Worst experience ever from a place that used to be my favorite. If I could give this establishment a negative amount of stars, I would.

Review №32

Horrible food the quality has gone way down and prices have gone up for almost $20 for one person they could learn how to better prep and season the food for $20 each person I could go to a better place like Texas Roadhouse get better quality of food not only that but each time you get up for food YOU HAVE TO PUT YOUR MASK ON AND WEAR GLOVES IF YOU DONT GAVE YOUR MASK ON YOU CANT GET FOOD will never return here or any golden Corral again

Review №33

Place never has anything fresh... I dont care if I walk in at 7pm... The buffet shouldn't look as if it had been there all day.

Review №34

Try the steak twice,1st try I have nothing but nerves 2nd try mostly fat greasy and no meat, food has no flavor. Very disappointing

Review №35

Cafeteria Style because of COVID-19.. I appreciate that. Waitress was fantastic. Cant complain

Review №36

Where else can you get all those chooses for different styles of foods My only thing is right now they are serving you instead of you serving yourself and I'm not so big on that.But I totally understand why

Review №37

Ms. Elsa was so kind, very helpful, always served with a smile, thank you again

Review №38

Clean restaurant kind and respectful staff awesome food.

Review №39

Pretty cheeky place. Took my Sister and her friend here to catch up and hang out. You pay up front, pretty decent price. Not that I am not cool with getting my drink myself but the lady who attended to us could have said so. But then later, She goes to hand over drinks to another table while we were seating there waiting lol oh well. It's located close to the road so there's a lot of people who come here. Might want to keep that in mind

Review №40

Horrible experience. Restaurant was dirty. Arrived at the tail end of breakfast. Stayed for an hour. Most food that was there when we arrived was still there when we left. Someone burnt something and the restaurant filled with smoke and everyone was coughing and leaving. The big ticket grill meat items being offered were beef liver and chicken liver.

Review №41

I walked in. Sat down and the noise and heat we're just too much. I walked up to try to get a steak and they didn't have any cooked when it's busy. That makes no sense. The steaks cooking were already taken. That's when I asked for a refund and left. Not a pleasant place to eat. It would be more comfy outside. Maybe improve air conditioning as it's clearly not cutting it.

Review №42

I'm still craving the grilled chicken. A little unclean for my taste but it was late and a lot of customers. I loved their desert choices but I didn't eat any because I could tell they weren't fresh or made with quality ingredients.

Review №43

Good food came out fast even though building was packed and it was a Sunday

Review №44

Great food and great service. More people need to get out and enjoy the great things that await you, at Golden Corral.

Review №45

Good food and pretty good service

Review №46

Disappointing, food 90% of the food was cold or old on the serving line. We expected better for prine dinner times,

Review №47

I went here and the first thing was I was not told that it would be cafeteria style until after I paid. My grandson and I stood around waiting on someone to serve us. The food was in limited supply which I did not mind but it was old unappetizing and not very good. I bit into some fried chicken and it was bloody. The waitress came and took it away but didn't offer an apology or to give me my money back. She only said they were crying more but after sitting for about 30 minutes the pan was still empty. Money is hard to come by and this was money I wasted trying to celebrate with my son. Never again

Review №48

Went for breakfast nasty food cold nasty and soda sprite had black mold speks in it just overall nasty

Review №49

Was very satisfied with the service. The steak was awesome. I was pleasantly surprised.

Review №50

Arlington golden coral is way better then burleson me and my husband love it

Review №51

The food were fresh and hot, I enjoyed myself. good job golden corral

Review №52

The service was good, my brothers and I enjoyed ourselves.

Review №53

Probably will never ever go to another Golden Corral in my life.... worst experience in the world whoever owns this company should probably check out this location and just see how it's running could not get a one plate cleaned off my table couldn't get a refill everything's dirty food is horrible and cold but the kids loved it so that's all that matters but for real tho this location needs to be looked at

Review №54

The place is very expressive the food is not very good it can be cold or to hard costumer service is okay place is kinda clean employees are very friendly

Review №55

The first Golden Corral where you can actually enjoy eating. good food, place clean, waitress nice and not bothering too much.. Been on several from Houston to DFW and I really recommend this one here. Way to go guys!

Review №56

You will just crock at how good it is. Bourbon street chicken calling your nameCan someone bring me some bourbon chicken pls

Review №57

A lot better than Golden corral in Grand Prairie

Review №58

The food was pretty decent. The rolls are always amazing. I kinda think 40 dollars for 2 buffets is a little extreme. The guy that kept checking on us was johnny on the spot though!

Review №59

Ohh amazing place to eat. One can explore many delicious dishes. Loved to go back

Review №60


Review №61

Beautiful setting and tasty yummy food and not to mention a very fair price. So many different variety of food to choose from. Definitely will be coming back. This is my favorite Golden Corral in the Dallas Metroplex.

Review №62

Food not being watched by parents.Kids sticking there finger in evetything

Review №63

Woulda been 5 if they got me my drinks.

Review №64

The food is just fine. Staffs are very nice.

Review №65

Over priced, dirty place WILL NOT BE RETURNING.Trurly disappointed. No STARS this app won't let me post without at least one star MALARKEY

Review №66

Food looked better than I expected, and the place in general was still kinda nasty. Service was slow to get drinks / refills. Silverware was dirty. I'd prefer to not have to go back.

Review №67

They have delicious steaks, roasted corn on the cob, clam chowder, salad bar, dessert; you name it, everything was great!! The restaurant was clean, the service was really good. I enjoy visiting places like this one.

Review №68

Good but tired of pot roast..ham..chicken.....real meat would be nice......hey you offered other coupons and loyalty benefits..wheres my invitation ??...i give 4 stars dessert is always right on....i love the brussel sprouts other choices....just please add some kind of steak...

Review №69

Food was great service was awesome....Will be considered as a family restaurant to go to every month.

Review №70

I had reserved their party room for a baby shower.The room was private and my event coordinator was able to decorate the room. The manager and her team were professional and made sure that my guests had a pleasant experience! The food selections were great as well ! I will definitely use this location for any future events.

Review №71

The food was good. Our waitress was great too. The part I didn't like was there was a few young ladies standing around talking and trying to get our waitress to do some job. They weren't doing anything I feel they could have done whatever the job was in stead of standing around talking.

Review №72

This place used to be good. Last time I went with my family and I was so disappointed. I love their dessert bar and the chocolate fountain but there were barely any desserts and the fountain wasn't working. There was no silverware. We had to hunt down a waiter for silverware. Plates were scarce and the way that they were putting food out was very slow. We also had to get our own refills. I'm never going back to this place again. I'm trying to find another location to start going to. It was a waste of $$$.

Review №73

Periodically go here when I'm hungry for anything and everything. It's not classy but have always gotten great service and the food is pretty darn good too. I salute all the Golden Corrals for what they do for Veterans each Veterans Day.

Review №74

The place serves big portions and for convenient rates. very welcoming employees. Keep up the good work.

Review №75

Staff was very helpful and accommodating I am a member of the DFW Bump Club we had a benefit for a fallen members wife& child/1st annual Christmas party here had a great time with no problems.Food was good and hot along with a wide variety

Review №76

It's clean. There's plenty of food. The price is right.In response to the owner. Right now it seems your menu items are the same every time we come in for our weekday lunches (which is a few times a week currently). If you could change up the menu, even just a little, it'd definitely make it more exciting to come and I'd easily give it a 5 star restaurant.

Review №77

I like golden coral, the fried fish is tasty, the steak is tender depending on the cook, and I like the fried chicken as well. Oh, I love the mushrooms too. I'd like for more restaurants and food chains to pay attention to their bathrooms, and good customer service.

Review №78

Good buffet for the whole family. This one was pretty clean all around except for the tables. There were some that were dirty and we had to be selective

Review №79

The food was very good! The server checked on us often & took good care of us! It was very nice & clean.

Review №80

It was wonderful a good selection and lots of desserts pot roast chicken catfish yeast rolls biscuits and gravy and all kind of cake and pies as always a good time

Review №81

Foods good lots of options. The issue at all golden corrals. Is their bathrooms. They smell, their dirty, and honestly make me question going there.

Review №82

What can I say this place is truly truly great. They really go above and beyond the call of duty. The staff is always so nice and sweet. All of the different types of foods that I have tried there are very good.

Review №83

The food is bad, they don't variety of food!

Review №84

I was great it's kind of like a serve yourself. Very clean and neat. The one issue is the restrooms are just a little dirty. But the food was good.

Review №85

The food was good. Table was clean our waitress was a sweet heart. The bathroom is horrible. On Sunday there should be two cashier at the front.

Review №86

If i could give zero starts i would we just left there and the chicken was not thoroughly cooked . they started cleaning early was not able to get dessert and could barely get any salad due to un stocked bar .had to wait for 5 min just yo get someone to serve us . we say the waitress maybe twice .

Review №87

In my last I could see the lack of utensils. In the roast of beef, the meat too much on overcooked. Aggressive mode by employees in charge of cooking, the meal parts seems to be reacting. I pay for a service and a product. What Golden Corral is not fulfilling that lack of commitment. As is lack of food. Lack of Sevicio. In general, bad experience. The only good to highlight is the service of waiter. Today January 12, 20

Review №88

Good clean Golden Corral. Lots if selections on the open buffet with All you can eat. It wasn't the freshest, however it was 2 in the afternoon so not super busy. Staff picks up plates and offers refills.Next time I am super hungry I'll try it again... it was almost too much for a lunch probably a better dinner or weekend place to stop and load up!

Review №89

The food was absolutely amazing!! Everything was fresh, the fried chicken was hot, juicy and crispy!! Only one problem, the sweet tea wasnt sweet. But the food was very good and many options.

Review №90

The food was god awful. This place just opened and yet the food was cold and tasted like it had been left out for HOURS. I had to ask to get a hot burger and instead of the worker making it fresh, she just simply heated it and put it on the grill for a few seconds which was gross and did nothing but make my burger oily and greasy. All the food looked like it was rushed with no thought put into it instead of taking their time to make quality edible food. There was 1 server for everybody which really made me upset because I had to ask for water and after that I didn't get any more water. My table was filthy since only one waiter was working. What made me mad more than anything were the huge group of workers (hispanic ladies) two table full of them, sitting in the back eating food and having social time. If it was lunch time, I would understand them having a break but the place just opened. There was one server for everybody when those ladies could have been working which would have given everybody a lot better service. I knew I wasn't getting another water so I quickly left. The food was so bad that the best food item there were the gummy bears that were offered for dessert. Everything looked and tasted so old and bad. The chocolate fountain wasn't even running. Just nasty old chocolate settled to the bottom. Very disappointed because this used to be my favorite place to eat.

Review №91

Service was 5 stars. The food was utterly bland. The enchiladas are the worst I've ever had. The gravy was tasteless, the ranch salad dressing was watered down so much it was all at the bottom of my uneaten salad. The desert was trouble. The pumkin pie was like glue with nutmeg and sugar. The chocolate pudding was unexplainable. The mac and cheese was very decent. Honestly...the whole experience was dull and gross. I did not add photoss because the food appears good but it's really bland and so very misleading.In response to your cookie cut response: The ONLY way I will ever return is if you change your recipes.

Review №92

It was surprisingly good! The restaurant was nice and clean. The food was fresh. I have no complaints!

Review №93

It's just ok...nothing special, food is pretty average...just think it's about a step above a Bologna sandwich but unless you buy their specials they are way to expensive...

Review №94

Being new to the area we stopped in after a long Sunday full of churching. Back home IL Golden Corral is not even an option cause its just not good. This location gives us hope. Everything was hot and fresh!! Many food options to choose from and the waiter we had was very good!!

Review №95

They have set up buffet so that customers don't touch serving utensils. Staff serves your choices and tables are spaced for social distancing.

Review №96

My family love Golden Corral and normally would rate 4 stars, but I'm not happy about them changing the early bird special price for seniors from 7.49 each including drink to 11.19 each drink not included because they served prime rib for lunch on Valentine day. My wife and I wasn't interested in prime rib for lunch. I think that was really unfair for seniors because 8.00 more is a lot for us, that's why we go during early bird special. And the young man Tommy N was not very nice when inquired about the price, as if he felt he didn't need to explain. Second bad experience I've had at this Golden Corral in Arlington Tx on Interstate 20 in 2 months. They even change the early bird special prices on some Saturdays as well. The waiters are always kind, but trying to decide if I want to continue going through these changes or just switch to Furrs across the freeway.

Review №97

Great family dining

Review №98

Golden Corral isn't my favorite. However, this is the nicest one I've been to. So, I'll just say that.

Review №99

Vents dripping condensation. A stench of unclean floors. First few minutes in....Plates were dirty, stained and chipped. Food and service was good. Dessert tasted stale. Vanilla Ice cream in dispensary was non existent on such a hot time of the year. No sprinkles either No cotton candy. That was disappointing. We pay alot of money for a 4 member family lunch at adult prices to have a down graded experience in a well publicized and branded establishment.

Review №100

Carpet needs cleaning, allergies flare up soon as I walk in there. But, the food and service are pretty great. Lots of varieties in all categories.

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3.3 Rating
  • Address:465 E Interstate 20, Arlington, TX 76018, United States
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  • Phone:+1 817-419-9157
  • American restaurant
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  • Saturday:8AM–8PM
  • Sunday:8AM–8PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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