5950 Interstate 20 W, Arlington, TX 76017, United States
Review №1

Disinterested waitress. Overpriced. Dirty plate. Ordered sausage, got bacon. Asked for sausage again, and immediately some wrinkled looking links were returned my table clearly not cooked fresh. My wife's burger had raw meat in it. When she complained, the waitress told her that the cook said that is how they come unless you specify you want them differently, that Ihop's standard is a minute and a half on each side. So she corrected my wife for thinking her hamburger should be cooked and brought us a bill for the full price of 22.54. When this restaurant has to close for good, no doubt it will be the coronavirus's fault. Bizarrely bad in every way. Comical of we hadn't come here to eat after an already long and difficult day.

Review №2

Very dissatisfied. Food was cold. Hot cocoa was cold, pancakes were hard. Couldn't even finish my food. My husband who eats anything couldn't even finish his pancakes either.

Review №3

Doing a good job on the Covid safety. This IHOP is very clean and friendly save. Food was average. Only got a refill of coffee once.A couple of things I noticed is a customer got up to leave and her table was cleaned but the customer returned because she didn't know she paid at her table. She left again and another customer was seated without it being cleaned again.I also noticed the waitress would pull down her mask by touching the mouth area of her mask while heading to the kitchen, that bothered me as she then is touching dishes.

Review №4

Very calm and relaxing atmosphere. Wait staff was very courteous. No pushiness everything was great

Review №5

Friendly service and good food. Kind of expensive but I'm use to small hometown prices for a lot more food. Only stopped here because the grandsons wanted it.

Review №6

We went at 11:20am. waited about 5 minutes before we were even acknowledged.We were seated and decided what we wanted. No one came to greet us. 2 wait staff walked by. After 10 mins we got up and left. I said to the person at the front " If you don't want to serve us, we will take our money elsewhere."she said nothing and we walked out.

Review №7

The service was great, as was the food. It was clean and there was good social distance. I felt very comfortable

Review №8

Use to be my favorite place to go until today when I ordered breakfast I had 2 orders I place online for curbside pick up the email says to call when you arrive so they know you are there. I called 18 times no answer due to the phone being off the hook. When I went in and asked for the manager he was rude never apologized for anything I waited over 45 mins plus to get my order n it was still cold very disappointing and I dont plan on going bk there ever again.

Review №9

Finally got seated after 5 minutes of standing up. Then after sitting down waited 30 minutes until we got up and left, without even a drink order. Servers looked at us, didn't come over to ask if we needed anything. Tried to get someone's attention for even a drink order. Nothing. Normally I'd understand if it was busy, but there were 3 tables, all already fed, and 6 servers. Even when we got up to leave, no one acknowledged us. Terrible service.

Review №10

Gave 5 stars only because of Alicia. Went out of her way to get our food to us and bring our drinks that we had asked the hostess to bring 30 minutes prior, after nicely asking for different drinks because the first two were flat. Hostess didn't write our order down and got some of it wrong, no big deal. Just wished she would've been more attentive rather than being on her phone and having someone from the kitchen check on tables. Mind you there was only 3 tables seated, including ours.Thank you Alicia , for doing an awesome job!

Review №11

We were from out of town visiting this particular location. We were glad we did, from the minute we walked in the staff was very friendly. Our order was brought out not only by the server but by the manager and other staff members. We also observed that everyone helped each other out no matter if it was their table or not, not seen often. The food was exactly what and how we ordered it, warm, delicious and well presented. The coffee was nice and fresh, overall a great experience, one of the best IHOP's we have ever been to.

Review №12

Very clean restaurant great food awesome staff

Review №13

Ordered online and had curbside pick up 4 months fornthe 1st time after CoVid started, it was great!!!Food was what I wanted, and good.

Review №14

So my husband and I came to eat at this location last night .We had a amazing service but I was noticing there was another woman picking on my waitresses pushing her running into to her even being loud and very disrespectful. I believe our waitresses name was christie or Christina. I would recommend seeing christie Because she was having a really hard time with that other woman and still made sure we had good customer service. I watched that woman push her. Christie our (waitresses) still was very respectful. My husband noticed tears on my waitresses eyes but still made a effort to smile and take good care of us. They really need to get rid if that woman because she flat out said in front of me and other people i dont care who's mad they can get over it. If I ever come back here it will only be with christe. 10stars for her .

Review №15

Food is good, the paper menu that we ordered from looked like it was used a few times , I wonder why they dont give us plastic utensils to eat with?

Review №16

Over cooked my eggs, asked for over medium, I got over hard. Toast was cold. And waitress spoke too quietly, which with the mask on made her hard to hear.

Review №17

Went twice and both times our food came out cold. Ordered one of their specialty drinks and it came out unmixed and flat and tasted like straight syrup. Also ordered the New York cheesecake pancakes and they had none of the cheesecake bits in them like they're supposed to and our waitress didn't come to see how our food was, while we were literally the only ones in the restaurant at 9pm. Asked for turkey bacon as I eat kosher, but was given regular breakfast sausage links. We were the only ones in there and food was still cold, even though I could see it being made I don't know how that happened.

Review №18

This was the worst service in the history of restaurants. My to go order was supposed to be ready in 15 minutes. It took an hour. Come to find out it was ready and sitting. It was barely warm at that point. They gave a discount but then one of the meals was wrong. DONT EVER GO TO THE I-20 LICATION NEXT TO DISCOUNT TIRE. I'll never go there again. They are the worst I would give them negative 5 stars if I could

Review №19

Was told there would be a 15 min wait time. Waited 45 min . Tables can be cleaned and people can be seated but nothing is going on . The manager had to step in and do Flor (the hostess) job. This place needs better training and better management employees need to put customers first .

Review №20

Makings was great waiter the food was good. Great clean floors always a good sign

Review №21

Good clean and friendly atmosphere. Food was good and the employees were polite.

Review №22

Well it could have been better ordered overeasy eggs and got water eggs then when they came back with the fresh ones they were over cooked not going back any time soon

Review №23

A bit slow to get curbside but good food and excellent packaging

Review №24

Our server was awesome! She was very attentive and friendly! The food was good too.

Review №25

Attentive service. Good cleaning protocol obvious.

Review №26

I had a great time with the family. We were seated promptly (on a Saturday), and our server was wonderful. The food was fresh and came out fast and our waiter was very attentive.

Review №27

They assigned 1 waitress to serve a group of 10. The eggs we cold before they made it to the table

Review №28

Worse experience everI ordered over the phone when I get there I had to wait 30 minutes. They keep saying in 5 minutesThen they even said that they didnt have my order. They checked their phone and my phone numner was there so I DID CALLEDPeople need more trainingThe red hair girl at the entrance is terrible. How come they dont train these girls before they actually face the customer. Never coming back there.

Review №29

Very good service place. Food very large. I can never eat all my food. Value for price is excellent.

Review №30

Great service and clean place

Review №31

Alicia went out from the kitchen to serve us, she is the best. Thank you for making our visit better.

Review №32

The staff was super nice.

Review №33

Great service, fast, hot, server was always asking if we needed anything else.. Thank you!!

Review №34

Excellent customer service, and great food.

Review №35

Best IHOP ever!!!! I really wanted to thank the manager for taking such wonderful care of our family during our visit to this location. The manager and staff were very accommodating.

Review №36

They girls in the front are super unprofessional!Super rude

Review №37

The last 2 times we have gone there, our pancakes have come out cold. Their chocolate chocolate chip pancakes dont have chocolate chips in them as advertised and the pancakes my wife got didnt have purple icing as advertised. Slow service too.

Review №38

Came here on 01/19/2020 got sat down pretty quickly but nobody came to take our order for drinks or food waited over 10 minutes till I asked one of the hostess if she can send somebody to our table with an attitude she said she would go tell them another 5 minutes passed nobody came till a waitress named Saja came and apologized and took care of us thank you to her or we would of been waiting longer !

Review №39

Was seated, never got checked on, people around us got check on but came after us, never going there again

Review №40

Staff is super nice. Unfortunately, my order came with food I didn't order and I couldn't get anyone's attention to correct the food that was mine and not cooked right.

Review №41

By far the best ihop I have been to it's definitely worth the 45 min drive. It was my first time into this location and I definitely will be coming back! Diana P was an amazing server! She has great customer service skills. Even though it was busy our food was out within minutes of placing our order. Even the wait time we were told 15-20 minutes we were seated within 8 minutes.

Review №42

I came here two days ago in the evening and only three cars outside so that was good for us. When we come inside, there is no one to be seen. A customer was impatiently waiting and upset saying she just wanted to buy a gift card and nobody bothers to check the front for service. We sat down in the front and took another three minutes until a man came to greet her and didn't acknowledge our presence. Two minutes later a young waitress came over and gave us a booth. Our food came very quickly. I ordered pancakes with sausage patties. My patties were not completely cooked so I had to ask another Waiter to please ask the Cook to cook it longer because I couldn't find our waitress. The Waiter that took my patties to the Cook didn't waste anytime on his phone. He'd walk over to an empty corner of the restaurant and get right to his phone usage. After ten minutes I asked my husband to ask ANYONE if the patties were ready ️. This is just so upsetting. Why get a Waitress/Waiter job if you're not going to treat your customers with great service and respect? For the tips? WELL EARN THEM️!MANAGEMENT: PLEASE RETRAIN YOUR STAFFRule #1 Be ready to smile and greetRule #2 Be attentive to customers needsRule #3 Don't be on your phone!

Review №43

The pancakes at one location are smaller and don't taste the same they separate when you try to eat them why. ?

Review №44

Food was fine. Daughter loved the crazy Christmas breakfast items. But it was surprisingly expensive for breakfast, and our waitress seemed to forget about us. Thankfully another server noticed me looking around and got our payment.

Review №45

Came here for a birthday dinner and there was hardly anyone there which should have meant quick and great service but it wasn't. The waitress was very nice although extremely slow. It took at least 45 minutes to get our food and another 45 minutes to even get her to give us our ticket to pay.

Review №46

Love the omelettes.

Review №47

I stood at the front door for over 5 minutes before I was helped. No line

Review №48

I am very happy with the service I received at 1am! Our waitresses Christina was the best. Our drinks were never empty, our food made it out in a timely manner, she didn't get frustrated with our special orders, and made sure the order was right before it got to the table. She was very friendly but didn't hang around too much. She was a shining example of how service should be done! When we come back we will only be seated in her section! The food was really good only made better by the outstanding customer service we received from the amazing employee Christina!

Review №49

Horrible service who hires a server who knows no English first off. Secondly I asked for silverware and coffee numerous times. This nation is an English First Nation and I feel as oh servers should have to speak English or not get hired. Never again at this location!

Review №50

The service was horrific, young waiter was upset that we were sitting at a particular booth, because I believe he had "friends" sitting there, trying to hit on some girls. Then had the nerve to try and serve us, but thankfully we got a different server, much better than the first.

Review №51

Good food.

Review №52

I made an order online yesterday for my aunt and myself. It was missing the extra order of sausage, and they had the eggs from both our meals mixed up. You guys really need some quality control! The eggs weren't a big deal, but the missing item that cost $2.29 before tax was!

Review №53

Waited for an hour to get seated. Another hour for our food. Never will go there again!!

Review №54

Food's pretty good. I ordered online and I got my order fairly quick. Would recommend this place.

Review №55

Clean. Friendly. A bit of a wait, but not that long. Great customer service. The waiter, Edwin, was very attentive and friendly.

Review №56

Always go here while I'm getting my car worked on. always consistent.

Review №57

Very bad service, in the kitchen and waiters

Review №58

Lisa, my server was soooooo polite!

Review №59

It was the greatest had fun

Review №60

I dont go out to eat much but this IHOP is very helpful and assistive. They will never let you down and will make sure that you get the 5 star experience you deserve from the delicious food to the kind and caring staff this is a 10/10 restaurant I'll definitely be coming back keisha is the most caring server and will get you everything you need fresh and on time

Review №61

Ordered harvest grain pancakes to go...the best, delicious.My wife was craving for these pancakes, we haven't been at IHOP for a good while, the place has been renovated, looks nice and cozy. Thanks for great pancakes.

Review №62

This restaurant is open 24 hours now. Not sure why google still has it closing at 11pm...I work here! WE DO NOT CLOSE!!

Review №63

Ihop is okay, I only go because my husband likes the sirloin tips

Review №64

Always good food. Just one particular server just not very attentive or meeting the needs of a customer. Why would you serve an avocado that's not ripe could of offered to take it back and not charge me for the drink that was not good. Sometimes young generations have to get the work ethic together.

Review №65

Great service, delicious food. Love coming here with my family.

Review №66

Food was fast, hit, and fresh. Waitress did a great job.

Review №67

Great customer service. Nice and friendly staff. They also got my order correct

Review №68

Last time i was here they completely forget my order. I ordered Tres Leches pancakes, bacon temptation omelette, and chocolate milk..... i atleast got my chocolate milk....

Review №69

We always get good food at this IHOP. The service was good also.

Review №70

Really good food service was good

Review №71

I placed an order thru the app to be ready at 11:45. We didn't get our food until 12:31. This is ridiculous! Why order thru app if you still have to wait over 30 minutes to get your food?I will never do this again!

Review №72

Good food

Review №73

Waitress cool

Review №74

Food was as ordered, service was okay

Review №75

Where shall I begin. We had a party of 3 on a weekend night. With only 5 tables sat the only person that seemed friendly at all was the girl at the hostess stand. Unfortunately the kid next to her sat us and ended up being our waiter. He didn't seem happy that we asked to take a min to look at the menu and had to return. When we said our order he acted like he didn't understand what sandwiches we were talking about even after it was pointed out. When we got the food most of it was cold. One of the sandwiches looked like it had mold cooked into the egg, not just a over cooked. And I guess the cook decided to use a dirty knife to cut the sandwich since there was grape jelly ( we think) all around the bread. After being told our waiter would meet us up front to help we waited almost 10 mins then went looking for him since he wanted to stay in the kitchen talking with the rest of the staff. We live close by and have been here a few times. Looks like we will be finding another

Review №76

Friendly atmosphere and decent food for a good price

Review №77

This has been the best experience ive decided too take my parents out for breakfast and the food was hot and delicious i cant explain how Every thing looked and the gluten free pancakes and grits was very good and even the turkey sausage surprised me, IT WAS STILL JUICY YUUUMMM

Review №78

The ihop in Arlington, TX off little Rd. The food was great.The manager was nice and polite Served veterans with great food on veterans day We were Very happy. Thank you!

Review №79

Never crowded but always entertainment.

Review №80

Food was exceptionally well and service was fantastic.

Review №81

When me and my friends went in the lady at the front saw us and she refused to provide customer service and left to go to the kitchen. Another worker saw us and he went to the kitchen as well. I heard laughter in the kitchen and my friends and I left that place and will never come back. This place has 0% customer service. Choose your restaurant wisely my fellow people.

Review №82

My granddaughters loved the green Grinch pancakes.

Review №83

We love IHOP.. breakfast lunch or dinner.Today was a business meeting over late it!!

Review №84

It was packed yet the service was still good and the food was delicious.

Review №85

The food is good,but not very filling. I think it depends on what you get,reasonable price though.

Review №86

Medium eggs were served with whites runny, hashbrowns still raw and service very slow. Won't be returning. Very disappointed!

Review №87

The wait to even order drinking is so long and it wasn't even that busy wouldn't recommend if hungry or in a time crunch

Review №88

I always get the strawberry banana pancakes. They always come out amazing!

Review №89

It's been a few months since I've been to an IHOP. I was really impressed with the customer service and some of the new menu items. It tasted great. food was out fast, order was perfect, and the place is clean.

Review №90

Normally pretty good. This day, we placed our orders, and as they were putting our food down on the table, they informed us that they were out of the sauce that is supposed to be on or meal. I don't understand why they would not tell us that BEFORE they made it. That's as dumb as ordering pancakes, and when you put the pancakes on the table, then tell the customer your out of syrup.Anyway, normally pretty good here. Employees are friendly and efficient. Your orders will arrive to table pretty quick. They also keep the facility clean.

Review №91

If I could give negative stars I would. It took 5 minutes for anyone to even come to the front to great us and seat us. We got sat next to a family who was allowing their child to literally climb over the table dividers and play with the sugar packets on the near by tables. The one older female manager did not ask him to stop or tell the family to ask him to stop. Nope. The management allowed the child to literally keep climbing over the table dividers and just kept coaxing him instead of trying to ask him to sit down. When I told the server they may want to throw out the silverware the child stepped on they looked at me like I was crazy. Once we got our food after 20 minutes of ordering in a very dead store it took another 15 for someone to bring our check and it wasnt even our server. Nope. The older female manager came by and asked if we needed anything we stated we were waiting for our check since our plates were absent of food and at the edge of the table. "Oh I'm sorry I didnt realize yall were waiting..." when I informed the manager of the child being on the tables with his shoes she stated "yes, I'm going to get some bleach and clean it off." I have worked in the food industry for years and bleach is not safe for areas where food could touch and be eaten. NEVER COMING BACK.

Review №92

Pretty much something to offer for everyone !

Review №93

They was so helpful and patient. Manager was so nice. Thank you all.

Review №94

Great selection of all kinds of food! The crispy chicken sandwich was excellent and the service was top notch. Definitely sit in Elisa's section!

Review №95

Great place enjoy with family and friends

Review №96

Server attentive. Front person attentive.

Review №97

Service was really slow and disorganized.

Review №98

Hello everyone ! We are open 24 hours now , come on down to your local ihop we are here all day everyday ! I work here ️

Review №99

Best and clean place always come here feels like peace Christina is the best employee of them they should raise her salary she always treat everyone with respect she is clean and so smart for Christina

Review №100

I wouldn't even call it terrible customer service. It was non existent. I get it, every server has a bad day, but when we got sat down she took our food and drink orders, and never came by again. When our food got to the table, we didnt have silverware, so we asked one of their runners if they could get us silverware, to which we waited probably 5-10 minutes before finally going to grab some off of an empty table.

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3.5 Rating
  • Address:5950 Interstate 20 W, Arlington, TX 76017, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 817-561-9973
  • American restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Family restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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