5801 Office Park Dr, Arlington, TX 76016, United States
Review №1

Drive through is handy. As I am a new customer to the shop, early mornings have proven best as employees always get the order right and when I am early enough, they have time to make recommendation on what is good. Never have any problems in the morning.Afternoon this week was a different matter, had a long wait time and a long line formed behind us. When we got our large drinks there was maybe about a third of the large cup filled the coffee and a lot of foam trying to cover up the problem. I recognized something was wrong when the older guy handed the cups to me, so drove around to the front and parked and actually look into the cups. Sons took them inside to ask what the deal was as all the cups were nearly empty.Guy made excuses about new employees, and a lot of people quitting lately, but the light weight of the cups were obvious, there was no way he did NOT know they were mostly empty when he handed them to me.Sketchy behavior at best and the fact we had to wait even longer while the drinks were properly filled was annoying. For the 15 minutes we waited in the line originally, there was plenty of time to handle the order properly the first time.

Review №2

Dunkin Donuts coffee will forever taste better to me than Starbucks!!! It actually tastes like coffee and that's what I like. Today I ordered a iced mocha latte with almond milk instead of dairy. It was heavenly!!! Just the right amount of coffee and the mocha syrup. So delicious!!! I also got the Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich and it was good too. Customer service was good here as well.

Review №3

Love some Dunking Coffee!

Review №4

Our favorite donut shop in Arlington! We love the quick service, the fresh coffee and the friendly staff!! We go several times a week. Make sure you use the app so you can earn free coffee and get perks like free donuts. They also serve ice cream here from Baskin Robbins!

Review №5

This store's success truly depends on the employees. They hire some real gems that are absolutely customer-oriented, proficient, kind individuals, and then after a while they progressively become more and more visibly miserable until they disappear. At that point, the service gets terrible, quality goes down, and then this place runs by the seat of its pants. The cycle then starts over. As I write this, it appears to be in the middle of the downward part of the cycle. Lately, I get coffee that's about the temperature of urine, rarely ever get the baked goods I want because no matter the time of day because they're sold out, and it takes longer and longer to get a basic order fulfilled. It took 15 minutes to get an espresso shot and a cup of coffee in a leaking cup, with no one in front or behind me in the drive thru. I'll be avoiding this place for a few weeks until they get their act together again. It is what it is.

Review №6

Ordered the pumpkin spice latte and I must say, it was better than Starbucks, and cheaper!! So good.

Review №7

Better experience than last visit. Last visit couldn't get into the drive thru for pickup and went inside and found extremely loud music playing, couldn't hear employee speaking

Review №8

I love Dunkin But not this location, I was here Saturday the 28th around 4:30 pm first of all they need more employees and training they need to know how to go through a 10 minutes rush or how to get 5 orders out in no time .They need to practice the receipts if there is any .My hot chocolate some how Tasted like mint never happens an other location my vanilla late tasted like just vanilla super sweet the only good thing were the two donuts and the my strawberry nesquik lol my order took around 25 minutes for the two drinks I bought..

Review №9

Every time I come here (when I'm in a hurry) they make my drink with straight sugar instead of Splenda when I specifically say SPLENDA every time. Pretty huge mess up. That's like 20 grams of sugar and yes, I have them remake it every time. I also frequently get iced coffee that was obviously made before I arrived because it's not what I asked for and the ice is melted. So annoying. TRAIN THE STAFF PROPERLY AND MAKE THEM REPEAT THE ORDER

Review №10

Staff needs to be re-trained, the food and drinks are very hit or miss. There are a couple employees who know how to make good coffee and donuts but lately everything has been horrible. Went in the morning and had stale soggy jelly donuts and the iced coffee was either not made correctly or wasn't fresh. There's really no excuse to have old food/drinks in the morning. Everything should be made fresh daily at the very least. I've had great coffee and donuts here when this Dunkin first opened, so I know they're capable of being great, it's just gone downhill.

Review №11

OK food and coffee (always hot) but I get my coffee order wrong waaaaayyy too often. It's a very simple order, two add ins, and yet it's always either missing the cream or the flavor shot. It's a little baffling, given it's only two items.At this point I consider it gamble every time I go.

Review №12

Good service, decent coffee (was a little burned) and the donut hikes were good although a little dry.

Review №13

My family received the very best service from Christopher at this location. My iced coffee was great, our peach dragonfruit drink was refreshing, the donuts were delicious, and the wait was quick. We'll definitely be back.

Review №14

Date: 5/2/2020.Approximate time of arrival: 11:00 AM.Unfortunately, I am forced to rate at least one star since there is not a “no star” or “negative star” option.My son and I stopped by this location for a couple of drinks and a small breakfast.We ordered a sausage, egg, and cheese croissant and a couple of breakfast wraps with tea and coffee. The total was $12.20 for all. The amount becomes important later.When ordering, we were told they only had one croissant, so we said fine (we only ordered one).We pulled up, paid, received our drinks, and were asked to pull around front to wait for the hot food.After waiting for 10-15 minutes, the manager comes out and asks us what we ordered.Ten minutes later he comes back and says they handed our order to another customer. He then said, as if to reassure us, that he yelled at his team.Another ten minutes (or more) later, someone else comes out holding two bags asking us if we ordered hash browns. No, we said. We ordered a sausage/egg/cheese croissant and wraps.Neither bag contained our order. He said we have no croissants. I said that's because you gave our order to another customer.At this point, we asked for a refund.When we pulled up to get the refund, he again asked “what did you have?” We told him. He asked if he should refund the whole order. Sure, we said.Then he already have your drinks, so I can only refund the sandwiches.He refunded the hot items and we left, hungry and very displeased. The partial refund added insult to injury to top off a horrible experience costing us over 35 minutes out of our day.At no point was there an apology for losing our order, for giving our order to someone else, for making us wait, for not offering a reasonable option for the now unavailable croissant, or for the generally terrible customer service.The “manager”, who seemed out of his depth, seemed to have hidden from having to face us a third time and was not present to negotiate our refund discussion.This is not a good look for Dunkin Donuts. You have way too much competition out there to be running such a [email protected] show.

Review №15

The last 3 times I've been here during various hours but never any later than 6pm they have been out of Bavarian cream. Let me tell you I'm looking for in a donut franchise that I've been going to since I was 5. Inventory. I absolutely can not understand why inventory cannot be maintained well before closing time.

Review №16

I always stop getting some food here. I like the speedy customer service and well cooked food. Kudos.

Review №17

DON'T go to this location. The only thing they get right is the coffees. Several times I have gone to this location and 95% they give me the wrong items, missing items, food is cold and mostly still frozen, and they have charged me for things I did not order before. Their wraps have been given to me cold without even being heat up at all to which the cheese is still whole, sausage semi frozen, and everything else is cold. It always seems that the staff are not trained properly, they are careless, and unprofessional. I only go there because I absolutely have to when I got no other choice.

Review №18

The entire order was wrong. Ordered a bacon egg and cheese on a BAGEL got given a croissant, ordered sprinkled donuts, didn't get those. Asked for tea with cream no sugar, didn't get the cream. Asked for hot chocolate, got brown water.

Review №19

Be aware employees do not know how to wear a mask properly, some were standoffish as well.

Review №20

Ordered an iced coffee on the drive thru pull up to the window and it was already made. The ice was melted so it has been made for longer than me pulling up to the window and it also didn't have the little sticker that says the type of coffee and the time it was made.

Review №21

I love Dunkin', brings back memories of me in the Midwest and northeast but lord the attitudes here are not the Dunkin' I know. The inability to take a basic order is so funny, I pray for this store if they come across one of them Karens. :)

Review №22

This particular location can't get my iced Carmel Macchiato made right, they always seem to leave the Carmel out!

Review №23

Went there this morning to get donuts, but the baker didnt show up for work, so no donuts? I guess the other employees arent trained to make donuts. So just change your name to dunkin coffee.

Review №24

I wish i could give this zero stars. i love dunkin' but this location is the worst. every time i get coffee, whether i order on the app or in the drive thru, my order is always wrong. my coffee always tastes like dirty water with some milk . i always go with the attitude “this time they'll get it right, maybe they had a mix up last time” but i'm always wrong.

Review №25

A little slow but good since they are just starting out. Would have liked my donuts to have a wax paper so the jelly did not get all over everything else in the bag.

Review №26

Been there three times now. First two times they messed up my order and the food was cold. Never said anything. This time I walked in to buy an ice cream cake for a birthday. The staff are always jerks and talk down to you. I thought they were just having a bad day the first time but its that way every time you try to do business with them.

Review №27

*NEW MANAGEMENT - The place is cleaner and the customer service is much better as well. I have noticed a big difference lately. They are no longer out of stock and the espresso machine works all the time!! I was curious as to the change for the better here. After speaking to the staff here, I learned this location is under new management.

Review №28

I came in on july 3th. And this location definitely have horrible service. They showed lack of effort to provide service to me as a black male in their lobby. The manager asked a white family in front of me if THEY have been helped. And they told them they already have been and they pointed to me and told her, that they think I needed help. Which I did. And the same people that were taking orders all of a sudden didnt know how to help the only BLACK MAN in the lobby. So I guess dukin donuts only puts full effort in serving everyone except BLACK PEOPLE. The word still will be getting spread about y'alls treatment to BLACK PEOPLE.

Review №29

Super slow in the drive-thru that the only problem

Review №30

Pleasant service and fresh coffee along with ice cream

Review №31

Worst customer service ever. Especially coming from the manager you think he could own up to the job. I plan to never come to come back.

Review №32

Not the best donuts but there good. Recommend this place and they also have baskin Robbins in there store to so you can get ice cream !

Review №33

Always fun coming here. This is one of my frequent stops as I am a delivery driver for Favor and well everyone needs their coffee and donuts right? The staff is great and very friendly. They are very attentive and all around great conversationalist.

Review №34

Horrible food, it's always old or burnt. The coffee is disgusting at this location and they are always put of something. They just sold me a burnt kolache and this is the last time they will be receiving my money.

Review №35

The donuts r not good but the frozen chocolate is awesome

Review №36

New store on Little Road.. Good ice cream and staff is nice. Noticed they have free WiFi and built in connectors for media on the table so you can charge and plug into while having your favorites items.

Review №37

How does a donut store have no donuts 3 hours before closing?? My dunkaccino was the extremely watered down.

Review №38

D&D is a favorite no matter where the location is but this one was awesome. The man behind the counter was super friendly and personable. Highly recommend your stop by

Review №39

I have always had a good experience here. Donuts have been fresh even late at night. Fairly new location as far as I know but it's been good to me.

Review №40

This location frequently gets my order wrong and the iced coffee always has waay more cream than coffee. We just moved here in March and have attempted to return multiple times since it's close to our house but I won't be returning anymore.

Review №41

Got 30 minute old coffee, no straws, cold food, terrible service. might as well go to the one on cooper st.

Review №42

Team sits around and doesn't do anything. Always running out of product. Like chocolate for their ice cream, which cuts out almost half the product. Sometimes I'd come in the morning and they're out of donuts or kolaches already. Rather go anywhere else but Dunkin for now on.

Review №43

The service was quick and the workers are very friendly!

Review №44

Coffee is good. service is bad. donut holes are terrible. asked for 1 cocoa mocha and 1 caramel craze and they gave me 2 caramel craze. when I said this isn't what I asked for they replied with, well that's what I rang up. well I didn't see what you rang up. they didn't offer to replace it or anything. when I saw they didn't care I just grabbed what they gave me and left because those are good anyway but I'm not going back to that location

Review №45

Had an amazing experience with Libni. She explained thoroughly suggested beverages since I didn't know what to get and was helpful the whole process. It was just a matter of ordering coffee, but team members like her make the place valueble and worth going back. Definitely recommend this Dunkin location.

Review №46

Very nice employees. Looked like a new employee was slowing them down a bit but the other to were quick to compensate. Food was good. We had egg and ham wraps, tots and donut holes.Donut holes were perfect for grandsons little hand. I would not hesitate to return.

Review №47

Horrible. The bagels are ALWAYS stale and old. They clearly keep them for days and days and don't bust out fresh ones until all the old ones are gone. The staff is apathetic at best and downright rude at other times. This place is just awful.

Review №48

Poor kid must be new. After I paid I realized he ordered three wrong coffee. He couldn't find the breakfast bowl I wanted to I ordered something else. Took longer than i expected and ended up being late to work. Once I got the correct coffee it was pretty good.

Review №49

I've tried to give this place the benefit of the doubt, but the service here is absolutely the worst I have gotten for food service. I've been here three times, every time the cashier has no idea how to punch in my breakfast sandwich that is clearly on the menu. I end up just eating whatever they make for me... They are always out of Nitro cold brew and they forgot about making our secondary drink choices. Absolutely terrible. At least my son was happy with his donut.

Review №50

No French vanilla or pumpkin spice

Review №51

Staff at this location is always amazing, service with a smile. Coffee and donuts always fresh and icecream selections are the best!

Review №52

I bought donuts at 7:30 in the morning when ate the donut it tasted like they were from the day before. It was also dry and firm. Never again am I buying donuts from them again.

Review №53

Came in for a bagel with bacon n egg and the egg was cold as f#$&. And the cashier just looked me and went to make me another n didn't apologize just said there u go lol.. wow they need to be trained at costumer service.

Review №54

Staff is friendly but I have been three times around 0530 AM and coffee is stale and old. If you have time you can have them make a fresh pot. On last visit they didn't have the kitchen open which was a disappointment. If you can make your way over to the Cooper St location I would advise it, never had a bad visit to that one over the years. This location is new so maybe they just need time to get into a groove.

Review №55

Delicious lattes & crossaint sandwiches! Didn't care for the hash browns much at all. Thanks!

Review №56

1. We walked in and wasn't greeted & we just wanted ice cream. Not only was it all messed up they had no idea what there were doing which is fine I was very patient but then they just kept laughing and being funny about it. 2. So a ginger (hair) co worker (male) asked one his employees to ask was my roommate who was there with me “gay” so she's asked him “ are you gay . I'm just asking for a friend “ and he was so embarrassed from the attention he was getting and I had to intervene and say “ he's with me thank you” then she responds “ oh okay sorry just so you know I love gays” ....& it both made us feel very uncomfortable and we just left I'm so much anxiety and depression. You can tell they either was in high school or just graduating it was so embarrassing that I will NEVER go back inside . Get better employees ! People's personal lives shouldn't be asked by strangers !!!

Review №57

It took 10 minutes and 4 employees to make 3 drinks and box up 3 donuts. I was the only customer there. Mediocre food and uncomfortable experience.

Review №58

The coffee is good, but the bagels have been terrible every time I bought one. Hard, stale old bagels aren't worth the extra 5+ minute wait time.

Review №59

Great sundae. Nice place to get a treat.

Review №60

I hope this place improves. It is never to late to improve. If new employees are needed or some kind of re training can be done I hope it gets done. I think this place was someones dream to open. I know it took real money and effort for whoever opened the franchise up to start it up.I personally hope whoever you are that you succeed.It is places like this that have made me eat in more often.

Review №61

This is the worst Baskin Robbins/Dunkin' Donuts I've ever been to I've been there multiple times and every time they can't complete my order one time the guy said they're out of chocolate chip how could you be all out of chocolate chip ice cream that's so common and another time the lady said oh sorry I can't make you a shake because I don't know how do no one taught me how to that is very unprofessional how could you run a business and still be open

Review №62

Ice cream shop that has been out of chocolate chip ice cream 3 out of the 5 times we went in the last 2 months. Easy solution......order more than you usually do and it won't happen.

Review №63

Great coffee, great place to take the kids for a Sunday morning treat or for ice cream. I love their coffee! Great prices too.

Review №64

Do not enjoy coming here! Have been here twice and both times did not go well, especially the ice coffee something is just off.

Review №65

Very nice staff and delicious donuts Can't wait to try the ice cream during my next visit!

Review №66

If you are going here I hope it's for the Baskin Robins ice cream or a donut. The staff is nice but the Duncan food and drinks are not good, the coffee tasted very low quality and the breakfast sandwich was bad. At least it is cheap so you won't waste a ton of money.

Review №67

Sat oct 5, 12:30 pm. Waited for ever at drive through only to get Unmarked coffee and cold food. Guess the B team is there today. But the staff had time to take calls on cell phones.

Review №68

Probably done with this one after today. Usually a long wait, croissant taste different, and 7/12 donuts were stale as if left out for two days.

Review №69

Guessing it's due to its relative newness, but the staff don't seem very well trained or equipped in any way. The workers seemed confused by what we tried to order and even mixed up the cookies in our ice cream sandwich orders.Take better care of your staff!

Review №70

Fun people and the new manager had me leaving with a smile

Review №71

Can you please have your employees go train more, maybe to the Cooper location but it's pretty upsetting to finally have a convenient and nearby dunkin and have them always get the order wrong or tastes different every time. Today was the icing on the cake when I asked for a toasted croissant with cream cheese inside and be given a burnt croissant with cream cheese on THE SIDE with a FORK not to mention my coffee with 0 kind of sugar or flavor. I moved here from the east coast where there's a dunkin in every corner, maybe if more effort was put into demonstrating how great dunkin is people would want it and more locations would open up. And btw when someone goes through a drive through for breakfast they don't have time to spread their own cream cheese especially with a FORK. So disappointing.

Review №72

Always get my order wrong. Always.

Review №73

This place needs some improving. The iced coffee is way too overly sweet to the point where it makes you sick. Their donuts weren't bad for it being late in the night.

Review №74

Store is constantly dirty, they don't clean the milk dispensers regularly so you're probably drinking curdled milk, the management is a total joke, and the employees frequently stress about the horror that is their job and how much they hate it. I work next door. I would just go to Starbucks

Review №75

I come here at least 2-3 times a week. Always great donuts just like Dunkin in Boston. It's always great for a little late night grub too.

Review №76

Love Dunkin Donuts, so was very excited to get one nearby. Missing all frozen drink items, and order was completely messed up. Ordered iced coffee, Boston creme donut and jelly donut, got a hot coffee and two Boston creme donuts with the icing facing bag first. Got the coffee changed but didn't notice the donuts until I got home. Awful service - hoping to see new faces when I come back next month.

Review №77

Wide selection of ice cream, reasonable prices, pleasant atmosphere - great for late night ice cream date! Donuts looked yummy, so we'll be back for those.

Review №78

We've tried multiple times but this location has the worst service ever. I'm going back to Starbucks.

Review №79

Dunkin Donuts is my favorite now they have a new management and look supervisors you can tell right away the hospitality is wonderful the young workers listen to you and they remember you everyday thank you for switching your Management Group in the supervisors you can really tell thank you

Review №80

Sometimes the donuts are sold out. But still amazing coffee and powered donut holes!!

Review №81

Been there Dunkin donuts two times in the last week Sunday no glaze on glaze donuts or on other donuts today went to get pumpkin spice and it's apple cider not pumpkin spice I'm not sure but they're doing business like they're another for non-franchise it has no clue and can't read English to follow directions because this isn't the first time since they've opened up it has been really really bad I would not recommend anybody go to this Dunkin donuts prize won on South Cooper this one here just really sucks

Review №82

Donuts here are not too bad. Boxes are so short that icing comes off of the donuts and sticks to the lid. Their donuts are also usually approaching staleness after about 2 days.

Review №83

Fairly new location, clean and enjoyable. Food and coffee were great!!

Review №84

Disappointed with this new store. Over the last three weeks, I have visited four different times. Each time the had no Munchkins. They also, three weeks in, did not know how to make my requested ice coffee. I'm sure they'll get better with more training and experience. Staff was nice. Just not yet fully competent.

Review №85

This is a new location with serious staff/training issues. If you order an iced latte, make sure you check it before you leave the store. Many of the workers do not know how to make it and will try to give you an iced coffee instead. Also, if your order is not ready in the drive-thru, they will ask you to pull up to the door. The problem is, that now all cars behind you are blocked in and cannot exit.

Review №86

Nice place

Review №87

Horrible customer service! This is second time I'm goin this location, they never paying attention what I'm ordering, no communication with each other.Never having a problem with other locations when I'm getting my coffee, but there is this lady either not putting caramel in the coffee or giving me full of ice which I'm mentioned that i want light ice.I said” ohh sorry but I ordered light ice” and she grab the coffee very angry and throw it away all the top part which coffee and flavor was on top part and giving me just ice milk.I said” you just threw all the coffee and I didn't like it” Same lady tells me like “You coming here everyday and making problems, here your coffee and return, have good day”.She said it in front of everybody.What a horrible attitude! If you don't like your job, there is nothing to do for me as a customer.Sad..

Review №88

I paid off $3.49 for a Croissant with Ham and Cheese so Pricey and BK is out of Pralines & Pecans ice cream. The worst management that I seen

Review №89

Nice people, very clean

Review №90

This place is horrible! Half of the employees do not seem to have been trained correctly, and the other half don't seem to care. Frozen drink machine has not been working since they opened. I had two orders messed up just in the past week. You can't even call them to let them know something was incorrect!!!! The number they have listed is a cell phone and the person never answers when I have called.I really was excited for this location to open as it is close to my house, but it turned out to be a huge disappointment (so far). I will be going back to the Cooper location until they get new staff from the Management down to the part time employees.Again this place is a JOKE!!!STAY AWAY from this location!!!

Review №91

Only 1 star cuz they had napkins and the front door was well lubricated.I gave this place 3 chances and orders was messed up 3/3 and just not professional people working in there,no idea of what they are doing.I hope the place get better or going this way it'll collapse quick

Review №92

Free coffee is for me. Everytime the Cowboys for me

Review №93

Great service my daughter loves this place

Review №94

Place was dirty, trash was over flowing, toilet paper just sitting out in bathroom instead of inside dispenser. It's a brand new store, come on. Didn't have any brownies or cookies to make sundaes. Felt like we were being rushed to make a decision. Ended up going to Braums across the street, much better experience there.

Review №95

I really liked their donuts they're not as sweet as other donuts they are perfect

Review №96

Every time I go here they are always very low on donuts. They are open 24 hours and yet it's like they only have donuts in the morning. Been disappointed to many times.

Review №97

Donuts are better than the one on Cooper street but they don't add enough sugar to their coffee as the one on Cooper.

Review №98

This location never has anything from donuts and coffee syrups in the morning to ice cream and toppings at night. I've had everything from burnt croissants to undercooked bacon. Not even sure how a Dunkin is out of donuts before noon. This location is horrible and unfortunately it's 5 minutes from my house.

Review №99

So my parents went here for their anniversary & they went here for the Basket Robbins' ice cream. When they arrived, they got this vibe that they (some employees) did not want to serve them (my parents). They recieved this vibe mostly from the manager & 2 female workers. There was a guy (maybe new) with a headset who seemed to be doing everything while the two females watched & the manager stayed in the back room. When my mom inquired about a flavor, with no tag or description, the boy asked one of his female coworkers, she walked over with an attitude* & started describing the flavor to the manager on her headset. The manager finally came out, also with an attitude*, & told the two workers what the flavor was before returning to the back room. My parents by this point were so turned off by the lack of quality customer service by those three employees, that they ended up leaving the place & going somewhere else.*when I mention attitude, its the type where you are bothering them with questions or like they are inconvenience by you. That's the type of attitude they were giving my parents.

Review №100

I gave them a break when they had a rough opening 3-4 months ago with difficulty maintaining inventory of donuts, closing of store overnight while advertising "24 hours," ineptitude by counter staff, absence of phone that actually gets answered, inability to use DD app, stuctural issue with drive through lane too narrow to navigate, et al. Some of this has improved or resolved, but this location still doesn't have it's act together. Up from 1 or 2 stars and hopefully with more improvement to come.

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  • Quick bite:Yes
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