District Taco
5723 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207, United States
Review №1

An Arlington staple. You cannot go wrong with this place. Fast casual done right. The quality of ingredients are amazing and much higher quality than chipotle or any other competition. The tacos are excellent. Highly recommend dining at District Taco

Review №2

No real need to leave a review because I'm sure everything great has already been said. This place is great!! Breakfast is amazing!! Just go, you wont be disappointed!

Review №3

My wife order some nachos and she forgat to order with guacamole, when she told the guy at the register who was been really nice and passed the order of guacamole to the cooks. The lady who was making the nachos with and attitude because maybe she had to do extra work. She told the guy at the register: she has to pay for that you know it right. My wife told her straight I know I had to pay for it I never ask for it to be free I just forgot my daughter wanted guacamole. We get home there is no guacamole but they charge for the side. They have time in the kitchen to complaint about customers, but when it comes to doing their job they just come short?

Review №4

I realize this is a chain but as a non-hispanic entering this place I will say this to you: be prepared to be assumed as well as treated like you know absolutely nothing about this cuisine when you really do. The way the staff treat you here is like you're just another number and they can't be bothered. Well, I'm not going to bother to come back here.

Review №5

Can't get enough of District Taco. Fresh and yummy ingredients. Love the salsas, I use them like Salad dressing, but their salad dressing is also really good. My kids love it too.

Review №6

OMGYou just find the right flavor in your tacos, today I went to buy one carne asada taco, one chorizo taco and 1 carnitas taco, omg omg amazing all of them. I didnt have to spend more than 1 minutes to order and get it done!first time there and very delicious.

Review №7

Best online ordering & contactless delivery experience I've had from anywhere, so far. Great communications via text.Fast service, delicious food. The meat flavors really shine - I especially enjoyed the fish. Thank you!

Review №8

This place is great, tried the rice & beans w/chorizo (spice sausage)quesadilla, loved it.

Review №9

I'm from Austin, TX and in Texas we live on breakfast tacos. District Taco is the only place in Northern Virginia that serves really good breakfast tacos. My favorite are the potato, egg and chorizo! My other go-to breakfast is their Huevos Rancheros. Their version is not like the traditional version you'll find in Texas but still really good. The Azteca sauce it comes with is amazing. Go give them a try!

Review №10

Been here about 2 times. customer service is not great. Been to other district tacos about 3 times too. after about the 3rd time all of the menu items start to taste the same. This arlington/falls church district taco also has the least tidy decor and atmosphere. if this is your taco place - then I suggest the tysons or merrifield district taco - both are clean and fresh feeling inside. They advertise as "Yucatan" style food - I've had Yucatan food and this is not even close or an attempt to be close - purely shameless marketing.

Review №11

"EXCELLENT quality smoked meats (tried the pulled pork, brisket, and sausage)

Review №12

I get it - we don't have good tacos in this area. Why are their tortillas always soggy though?Meats and salsas are pretty good

Review №13

Love it. Different varieties of tacos. Very good.

Review №14

Glad that stumbled upon this gem!The food is amazing and they have an old cigarette machine filled with local art ! Cool

Review №15

This place is awful. Fourth time giving it a try. This last time was the worst by far. No lid on guac cup? Thanks for guac all over my bag. Every taco was soggy like someone poured a cup of water in the bag. Tortillas were definitely not warmed either. Cold, tough, soggy tacos......yep...the worst I've ever had. Not even delivery. Walked in and did take out. Will never be back. This place does not sell tacos...they should not be allowed to call them that.

Review №16

This place is good! Convenient pricing, large portions and the staff are constantly very kind.

Review №17

This place will make you fat. Great tacos!

Review №18

They have the best tacos out of all the places, by far!!

Review №19

I eat at District Taco quite often and normally have no issues. From my past experiences, the food was good and the staff was nice. However- today, I've never been more disappointed and generally inconvenienced with no remorse from staff/management. I ordered 3 breakfast tacos for delivery and my only modifications were that my guac and grilled veggies be on the side. When my food arrived, I was astounded to find that they'd given me 3 EMPTY TORTILLAS.... just plain tortillas with a side of guac and veg, then nothing else.... like HOW?!?So I then called to let the restaurant know what happened. The man who answered said I could come into the store with my wrong order and receipt to have it fixed. He also said that they would throw in a free bag of chips or drink as compensation for the wrong order... as if that makes up for such a negligent mistake and the inconvenience of having to drive to the store (aka the entire reason for the invention of delivery).BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE... I arrive at District Taco (the Lee Hwy location) and present my dilemma to the cashier. She re-makes the tacos I originally ordered, says “sorry about that”, then sends me on my way. I get back home then open my tacos and to my disappointment, they forgot the cheese- which is an ingredient listed on the menu, not just an add-on I requested. I guess it was my mistake for not double-checking the bag before leaving the store.. but I also made the mistake of assuming the same thing wouldn't happen again.So I'm summary, I had to drive into the store to correct a DELIVERY order, then was served the wrong order not just once, but TWICE... and didn't get offered a refund? Or at the very least, the complimentary bag of chips/drink that was said on the phone??? Unbelievable. Would not recommend this location.

Review №20

I am from Arizona, I can say this is NOT authentic Mexican food BUT it is the BEST Mexican food in NOVA that I have found so far.

Review №21

Simple, good fresh food. The menu is not extensive, but there is enough choice to satisfy most tastes. You can load up on salsa, sauces, cilantro and more at the fixings bar, which is a great feature. Otherwise, ambience is near zero, but it's clean and decent. Probably not worth a trip across town, but a good place to go for supper and a beer, or lunch and a soft drink.

Review №22

Excellent authentic Mexican food, as a SoCal native it is so refreshing to eat the best Mexican food in the DMV

Review №23

Great Taco's, but there was a employee sitting in the rear of the restaurant without a MASK.

Review №24

Good food just small portions for the price

Review №25

Lots of options, including vegan which is great for my SO. The shrimp was fresh and pleasantly spicy. Could do with a bit better ambiance but otherwise a reallygood place to get a taco.

Review №26

Loved the shrimp tacos!!!!! Fast delivery during lunch time.

Review №27

Always consistent, always incredible. Best in the area and beyond. Breakfast is awesome and served all day, tacos and burritos are fantastic, and the bowls and salads are healthful. Try the habanero salsa, you have to ask for it special as it's not on the salsa bar. Coffee is phenomenal but mostly only available in the AM.

Review №28

Have never had a bad meal at District Taco. From fish tacos to shrimp tacos to quesadillas, everything has always been tasty. They've got good guac and also queso. If I could order a bucket of their pico de gallo, I would, it's that good. Great selection of salsas from mild to smokey to hot, but the pico is definitely my fave.

Review №29

They have free parking, usually you can find parking easily. They are very expensive and untidy. They don't care about cleaning and their air ventilation and hood doesn't work properly. All place smells. Their toilet are not clean. When it comes to taste it is not that great for the value

Review №30

The food is constantly well prepared and delicious, employees hands over excellent customer service. I love the cleanliness and mood. Will come back again.

Review №31

Excellent food, good prices, convenient location, and like someone else says below, always consistent. Have knocked a star off because on our last visit, the server was a bit of a jobsworth.

Review №32

You get your money's worth here. 5 stars for every reason.. Cannot beat the prices for the portion sizes.-high quality ingredients -open condiments and toppings bar -clean (cane sugar) soda machine -friendly staff and family oriented -absolutely supreme quality carne asada steak, just melts and chews perfectly. Probably 22x better than chipotle's steak

Review №33

California burrito... YES! I crave it. Good selection of salsas too. Love their salty corn chips.

Review №34

Fresh ingredients, cold beer, clean kitchen, floors tables & windows. No hard shell tacos. For me this disqualified them fro calling them selfs a taco restaurant. Right???

Review №35

I patronize this particular location often because it's down the street from my home. However, last night was not a good visit. I got a California burrito with chicken and I can tell it was rushed. After I ate the burrito my stomach immediately started hurting. The following day I had food poisoning and could not stay off the toilet. I will probably never go back to this location which sucks because it's 5 mins away from my home. It's imperative to have high cleaning standards during this world pandemic. Because of this experience I will probably never go to District Taco again.

Review №36

Excellent grilled fish taco! Best I've had in years.

Review №37

The food here was made fresh and the polloi asado tacos which I tried where made with fresh barbecued chicken and had that unique Mexican flavor. Priced higher $10 for 3 tacos. But the experience was good.

Review №38

Order is prepared incorrectly. This has happened frequently. Make sure you check your order before leaving the store. I have had meat missing and/or toppings missing. Once I was given an order with only lettuce and meat...

Review №39

District Taco is a decent taco bar, but I wouldn't choose them over some other places, like Taco Bamba. The place is nice and clean and food is okay, but nothing special. The salsa bar is a nice touch. Service is also good. Overall, the tacos here are tasty, but there is nothing very unique served here.

Review №40

Good food for a good price. Some of the best Huevos Rancheros I have ever had. Burritos are good. Selection of salsas is very good. Energetic and fast-paced service. Good soda bar. Somewhat out of the way in terms of location, reachable by the 55 bus, but I wouldn't make the trek by public transport just for it though.

Review №41

District Taco is fantastic and this is my favorite location of them all. Some of the locations will over toast the tortillas or dry out the protein but not this one. The tortilla is always fluffy, warm, and fragrant and the tacos themselves filled to the brim with toppings.

Review №42

First time, asked for recommendations and was not disappointed by the servers choices! Fish tacos and monster breakfast burrito were hits. Thank you Nicholas!

Review №43

Good tacos. Bad noise. Music too loud. We all need good tacos and I go there to eat, not for a concert of loud lousy music/noise.I asked manager on duty just now about turning it down a little. He said he couldn't do it and wasn't otherwise very interested in this concern.

Review №44

Can be busy but they do a good job of keeping the place running while providing high quality food

Review №45

Have been here several times when in Arlington, VA. Nice Tacoria with a delightfully menu to choose from. Nice staff who take your order and then gets delivered to your table. No bells or whistles. The restaurant us basic but the food is food. Has off road parking but it is crowded.

Review №46

Best burritos in Arlington!

Review №47

You good get a table full of tacos there that taste really good.

Review №48

Food is good but pricey for what is mostly rice, beans and tortillas. Service was adequate, which is the best one can hope for in this area. No crispy taco shells? Really?

Review №49

Amazing tacos, burritos and salads. The shrimp taco's and fish tacos are unbelievable. I really love the salsa bar as well. Nothing better than a couple of tacos, some chips and guacamole, and some spicy salsa. Very quick and friendly service along with the great food.

Review №50

I am one of the people who agrees that the way to treat the customer is first many places lack much customer attention ok the truth the sauces were almost no fish was over cooked

Review №51

This is the best District Taco by far. They can't franchise worth anything as all of the other locations are not even close in comparison. The food is good and fresh, the tea could be a bit better. Overall, I would come back to this location solely.

Review №52

Authentic delicious Mexican food is served here! I've eaten here numerous times and it's always delicious. They have a salsa bar where you can get your own salsa and condiments free of charge. They're all homemade and very delicious.They have fish tacos that are very very good! The servers are always very friendly. We went in with a paper order for about eight people and they were very patient and kind taking the order. And there were no mistakes made with the order.I would highly recommend this place for anyone who likes authentic Mexican food.

Review №53

My burrito bowl came without the meat, really disappointed :(

Review №54

District Taco never disappoints. This is the third chain I've been to and all of them serve the same fresh food in a clean.m, cheerful establishment. Go for the Carne Asada if you are looking for a real treat!Parking here is fairly tight. When I arrived someone was just leaving so I nabbed their spot but customers right after me had to park up the street. If you are coming in a group, definitely combine into one car before coming here during the lunch rush.

Review №55

Ask for the habanero sauce if you like spicy food. It is the spiciest thing I have ever tried in my life

Review №56

Just wow. I'm going to get this one gripe out of the way. Our tortillas were a little on the cold side. The food was very tasty, we had plenty of salsa and sauces to go with out meals and the drink selection was nice. I believe it was a local/regional non-coke brand. I wish we had this place down in central VA or TX. This is the closest I have gotten to authentic Mexican food outside of Los Tacos #1 in NYC.

Review №57

Great place for breakfast or lunch!

Review №58

My favorite - delicious Quesadilla with chorizo (American way) - also love their salsa bar!

Review №59

Wonderful. Parking can be difficult.

Review №60

Tried the shrimp tacos for the first time -- absolutely delicious. Blend of flavors and textures made this dish my new go to favorite. Only available certain days, including Wednesdays, so check website first if interested.

Review №61

Food was good. Service was excellent

Review №62

You can make your own tacos!

Review №63

I got the #12, chicken tacos. Everything was great, fresh, really tasty. Clean location and easy to get in and out of, very easy to find too.

Review №64

A very nice whippersnapper named Jack was very helpful in assisting me place my order. I simply could not decide between chicken and al pastor.Jack suggested, "por que no los dos?" So, I did as he said, and I ordered "los dos." "Wow!" is all I can say. Delicious! Give this young man a raise!

Review №65

Great food, fast and friendly service, and a nice clean location.

Review №66

I ordered the chicken burrito. It was delicious. The young man taking my order was in training and he did an excellent job taking my order. He was very friendly and upbeat. He also thanked me for my order and coming in.I should have asked to speak to the manager to praise the young man in training. Hopefully they will read this review.

Review №67

They hace good place. Clean and very friendly bit the food, not good to ME.

Review №68

Love this place. Anna and Tania are so friendly, attentive, and makes the visit enjoyable. The cooks are so friendly and prepare amazingly good food. Great place!

Review №69

Best shrimp tacos I've ever had. I eat here somewhere between 3-10 times a week!

Review №70

Always fresh! Always very friendly service!

Review №71

Went in here with a friend yesterday morning for breakfast. The place was clean and the staff was very friendly and the aroma of the food was so inticing. The gentleman was very welcoming and patient when asked questions about several items on the menu. He offered us water as the food was being prepared. I went to the restroom and I must say that the bathroom was very clean. I normally don't use public restrooms because they are not well maintained. But not here! The music was fantastic too! So if you are looking for a place to eat some good Mexican food (including breakfast) give District Tacos a try. They even bring your food to your tablet! They are family friendly too, so bring the kids along, they have coloring for them. There is also seating outside to eat if you like. I will be going back soon!

Review №72

I'd return. Choose the corn tortillas, bc they're great. They also serve a natural soda if you're into that. Parking is difficult.

Review №73

The food was decent could of been better but could have been much worse. It does sponcer a lot of youth teams and I love that thay are doing that.

Review №74

Price/Cost: Huevos Rancheros w/Chorizo $7 ...Taste: Great! Taste even better because it is cheapService: Friendly and Food ready within 5min...Restaurant: Clean! Staff always wiping tables...What I Like: Fountain Cane Cola!!! Also, the sauce and salsa bar...

Review №75

Been a fan for years! Always great food and friendly service.

Review №76

Really good tacos, but a bit pricey

Review №77

Was crowded but food was good.

Review №78

Great food, high prices as expected. Go during non-busy hours or wait to get a seat.

Review №79

Awesome! Had them cater our house warming party. Perfect casual, fun meal. Pretty reasonable price.

Review №80

Food pretty good. Plates $10 -15. Service good. Ambiance Mexican rustic. Didn't try the make-your-own taco but it looked good.

Review №81

Please stop serving spoiled sour guacamole

Review №82

The parking is good. The food is good, but the place is a little clean. What I really like about ths place is theat the sponcer many youth sport teams. They really help out the community.

Review №83

The guac is amazing!!! Great friendly service and great food. Highly recommend!

Review №84

Best Nachos in towb, hands down.

Review №85

Great lunch but recommend using french fries vs grilled potatoes in the California burrito. Also no rice

Review №86

The foods good and made as you order. District Taco transformed from a well run food truck and to a successful chain of restaurants. This location is kept clean, they have multiple fresh salsa and 3 tacos will run you around $9.50 with tax. The parking lot can get a little crowded at times, put there is plenty of residential street parking nearby. The breakfast tacos are nice; made with real eggs to which you can add amazing bacon.

Review №87

We really like this place. Good food and friendly service!

Review №88

Food was good, but parking is tough and the wait was long.

Review №89

Great tacos and guacamole!

Review №90

I recently went to the District Taco on Lee Hwy while on the way to the airport to pick up my family. I had missed lunch, and showed up at about 2:30 very hungry. I ordered two carne asada tacos on corn tortillas. When they came, the tortillas were falling apart so badly that I had to grab a fork and eat the stuff like a salad or something. Also, the meat was a light brown/greyish color, the color meat takes when it is not high quality to begin with, and then sits stewing in its juices for way too long. Like I said, I was on a mission to the airport, and did not have time to mention this to the manager on duty. I have always tried to support a local place like District over Chipotle, but no longer!

Review №91

Quick and easy to order online and pick up. Queso is phenomenal

Review №92

I am from Texas and this is the only place near me with great breakfast tacos.

Review №93

Pretty good. Smaller protons than chipotle

Review №94

Great flavor. That the tacos were served fully wrapped in paper meant they were a bit of a mess.

Review №95

Friendly staff and great tasting food. I order online and would appreciate a notes section for customized orders

Review №96

Delicious Tacos, with a great salsa bar and unique sodas. I loved the tomatillo salsa and the queso. I would love to visit this place again

Review №97

Very good. I would recommend it.

Review №98

When they get your order right it's quick and fresh.

Review №99

Super good tacos. Made fresh. I like that you can get breakfast tacos all day.

Review №100

Good food, quick wait time, and pretty clean

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  • Phone:+1 703-237-1204
  • Mexican restaurant
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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