Fuzzys Taco Shop
510 E Abram St, Arlington, TX 76010, United States
Review №1

TL;DR - Cheap prices, friendly staff, no excessive salt, decent food, but be clear when you order so that they don't get it wrong.I like this place, the prices are cheap and the food isn't bad. I always get the Bacon/Potato/Egg/Cheese Taco which can be either in hard shell or tortilla. The employees are friendly and I have never had a bad experience with them even when they might have gotten my order wrong at least twice. They do not add a lot or any extra salt, this can be good if you want to salt the food to your particular liking or annoying if you can't be bothered to do that; I've had both experiences. Sad to see that they now open at 7am as opposed to 5am, us early risers have to wait a tad longer, hah.

Review №2

Nice lunch spot. I had the cheese enchilada and ground beef taco combo plate

Review №3

Great food and large portions on the cheap. I love the spicy pork which is not really hot at all, but has great flavor! I recommend the burrito with cilantro lime rice and black beans topped with quest. My friend had shredded chicken nachos which were good, but the chicken on its own seemed a little bland. Refillable soft drink bar and a game on the TV makes it a winner! It's not fancy but the food is great and a great value given the portions.

Review №4

Food is excellent. My only complaint is you still have to stand in line and wait to grab your online order.

Review №5

Best staff ever. They go WAAAY above and beyond to provide excellent service, even amidst a pandemic. 10/10 would eat from again. They care about deliveries mote than any company while we all social distance, i hope other establishments strive for this excellence. P.S. shout out to Grace and Laurel at the front for being super cool!!!

Review №6

Friendly staff. Always eat here for dine in. 1st time getting to go. Tacos were soggy and disgusting. Meat was cold and burnt shrimp tempura. Lettuce and tomatoes were mushy and withered. Sauce was soaked through to the tortillas. Chips had a burnt flavor. I ordered 6 tacos for me and my husband neither one of us could get past eating even one they were so nasty. They weren't edible. Do not get to go tacos here.

Review №7

Really tasty on this cold evening. There was 13 of us.. we got our orders in a short time. Fuzzy's was accommodating as usual. Good times for all.

Review №8

Went here for lunch while in the area because a local recommended it and actually went with us. There was six of us went. I got the nachos with ground beef. Others got nachos with brisket and some other dished but everyone in the party was very satisfied with the food quality and quantity. All of us agreed we would go back if given the opportunity. Was crowed but I can understand why but still received fast service.

Review №9

Great menu. Good variety of Margarita flavors. Prices are reasonable. They have a nice outside patio to enjoy your food.

Review №10

Had a great time! Was a Little disappointed at the Food, I had chicken enchiladas and the chicken was pretty dry. Also the Mex-Mex rice wasn't cooked all the way and I am pretty sure it was instant rice!

Review №11

Love this place. The migas are great. Well priced for what you get.

Review №12

Has outdoor seating, fairly priced food, and is kept clean. Only down side is during the week they close at 10pm.

Review №13

I had placed an order with UberEats and they forgot to deliver my soda with the order. I called Fuzzy's, the manager, Raquel apologized profusely and DELIVERED MY SODA himself!! He went above and beyond to ensure I was happy! He didnt have to do this, he could have had me get a refund with UberEats. Thank you Raquel for having the customer service skills that are often lacking at a fast food establishment! I really appreciate it!

Review №14

Great atmosphere even with the Covid guidelines in place. I had the shredded pork burrito with a Shiner bock. Food came fairly quickly and tasted pretty good. I'm in town for a couple of weeks so I'll definitely be back.

Review №15

Our favorite Fuzzy's. Not perfect but pretty good.

Review №16

I got the chicken fajita tacos and oh my goodness they were so good

Review №17

Amazing, professional staff. And the food is delicious! Highly recommend to anyone!

Review №18

Some really good tacos and drinks. With a friendly staff on hand alway.

Review №19

The food was great. BUT it's 105• outside & there is no air conditioning in this place??? Absolutely needs to be fixed

Review №20

I ordered a big meal for my family, one item was a veggie burrito with refried beans, and no black beans, well it was covered in black beans. So I place another order over the phone and specify no black beans to the guy on the phone. I was nice and didn't even mention the other burrito was incorrect. Well I just figured this burrito would be correct since I mentioned to the guy twice no black beans. I get home, sure enough it's covered in black beans. This isn't my first bad experience with them either. I tried with Fuzzys, but I'm done.

Review №21

Very tasty food but priced like a sit down restaurant instead of a counter order restaurant. Comfortable atmosphere. Only complaint from my dining partner was no spoons for the beans.

Review №22

I thought the food was good, but it did not knock my socks today. plus my guest and I thought it was rather pricey today also.. all in all it was very good and satisfying lunch.

Review №23

Haven't had this much fun in a good while with my best friend here.

Review №24

The people are really nice there, the workers can keep up with their customers really well and the food is just amazing. I love this place and we'll definitely keep going

Review №25

The prices are great for the quality of the food. The salads and quesadillas are true winners. Try the Sangria Swirl for a treat!

Review №26

Great spot. Love the tempura shrimp burrito. If you're really hungry, get it smothered in green sauce or queso. Wash it down with a beer margarita on a hot day. An excellent place for many levels of appetite and thirst.

Review №27

Love Fuzzy's️ You have to try them if you haven't yet️

Review №28

Delicious food!! Good location in downtown Arlington TX

Review №29

Good ppl. Hard working :)

Review №30

The quesadias were so good. The cheese was so cheeseyExcellent food

Review №31

The shrimp and fish tacos were spectacular!!

Review №32

Love those grilled shrimp tacos and swirl margaritas

Review №33

Tasted bland. How do you mess up a burrito? I will not be returning.

Review №34

Our dine in experiences have all been good. Clean restaurant and restrooms, pleasant employees, quick service...all good. However, our delivery experience was quite the opposite. Missing, items, order incorrect, special instructions ignored, and food not even remotely warm. We were given a credit on our card for the missing items, but what can be done about the rest (rhetorical question). So, by all means, go to the restaurant, but, if you can't dine in, don't have it delivered.

Review №35

I don't like giving bad reviews especially the first time trying a place, but that was the worst steak burrito I've ever had. To start the burrito was about $10 which I thought was pricey, but whatever. Next I got the burrito served cold. I took a bite and it was colder than room temperature. But I figure I'm on a date and don't want to make a scene so I'll warm it up at home. I finally get home and warm it up to find out that the steak was tougher than rubber. The seasonings were nice but I couldn't even chew the steak. Ended up throwing it out and making tacos. Don't think I'll ever give this place another chance

Review №36

Best around dfw in my opinion

Review №37

Yum brisket salad and the Tacos were good too

Review №38

Don't forget to add chips and salsa to your order. This place has the best salsa ever! Ambience is good too.

Review №39

Love Fuzzys! You guys are doing a great job with all that is going on!

Review №40

Nice clean location. Awesome patio.

Review №41

Service was very poor. The cashier was rude. Drink machines messed up. My sister found a long hair in her taco. To "make it right" the manager only took off her tacos and drink. For a totally ruined meal.

Review №42

Well first off let's talk about the location . It's right next to AT&T Stadium and it's right next to the highway. They most definitely have the best chips around DFW. I strongly recommend the queso and the guacamole dip. The chips definitely remind me of a place I used to go to call Papacita's. It definitely brought back some memories.There are a lot of different types of tacos to order. I ended up ordering the spicy pork and my wife got the chicken. I was a bit confused with the spicy pork because it definitely looked just like brisket. I even ordered three more thinking that they would actually be the diced up spicy pork that I'm used to and not the pool. Other than that it was delicious and I highly recommend stopping in there. They really have one of the best availability of different kinds of beer and alcohol that I have seen in a taco shop. The place was delicious the atmosphere was all good and I'm highly satisfied with the service. But I may order the chicken next time

Review №43

Friendly staff and the tacos were excellent!!

Review №44

Great food and fun atmosphere.

Review №45

Great tacos and quesadillas.

Review №46

Very yummy beef nachos add black beans

Review №47

Nice place to hang with friends. Good food and great service.

Review №48

REVISED: I got a call from the General Manager who offered to make it right. He was very apologetic and polite and said that he would refund my money. I thanked him for recognizing his customers are important.I placed an order online to what I thought was my local Fuzzys and instead it ordered here, after talking to the young lady on the about it, she said “well, it's your fault you ordered at the wrong location.” Then she got the manager on the phone who said they didn't own the other location that usually pops up so they couldn't do anything... have fun eating my family's $34 worth of food....

Review №49

Edit:07/22/2020They seem to have some new staff and they have been much better. Good quality and friendly servicePrevious:Will never come back to this fuzzys. Service was horrid and the front lady didn't want to help me with anything

Review №50

--Original review below--The food is good in my opinion. Always seems to be freshly cooked. But I've consistently had my order wrong. I've ordered fish before and when I drive home, I realize it's shrimp. What if I had been allergic to shrimp? Tonight I ordered from here again, and ordered one taco crispy, and one soft. I got both crispy. Is it a huge problem? No, (unless you have a shellfish allergy, in which case it could be deadly) but the point is that I've consistently had my order wrong. They're great about correcting orders, so there's that. But they shouldn't have to correct it in the first place.I'll go back to Fuzzy's for tacos, but not this one.--Update--I have gone back to this Fuzzy's location a few times recently, because it is closer to where I live, and the other Fuzzy's location seemed to not be taking mask wearing seriously.One of my main points was getting incorrect orders, this seems to have been fixed when they introduced stickers on the orders that they made. So all I need to do now is look for the appropriate sticker (Beef/Chicken/Fish/Pork/etc) to know if it is the proper meat that I ordered.I don't think there have been management changes from what I've seen, but it's definitely and exponentially improved (in my opinion) from where it was previously. Only concern I have, and didn't notice, is how strict they are about mask wearing for the cooks in the kitchen

Review №51

The patio outside has an old piano and was being playing by the kids. You you will have tune it out or not sit outside.Staff was friendly and food was good.Patio tables need little TLC.

Review №52

Great all around, always have fun, enjoy the tacos, and nachos especially. I really like it now they serve more then just beer, service is fantastic usually.

Review №53

Nachos with pork are the best!

Review №54

Love the food. Drinks are the bomb and staff is helpful.

Review №55

Tacos on point as always. Margaritas we're legit. Prices are fantastic as always.

Review №56

The food is always seasoned well. No pics of the food. We didn't wait.

Review №57

Staff were super nice and helpful. The height of the pick up counter is not wheelchair friendly. Ordered the pork tacos and they were tasty.

Review №58

This is a very good place for friends and family. Drinks are nice. Amazing food. Even though I'm a vegetarian I liked this place. Register people were quick with my drink and also with my order.

Review №59

Love the tacos and margaritas ! They are open late and have the best margaritas

Review №60

Fuzzy's ground beef nachos is why I come here. They are so delicious! I recommend you try them. The set up is nice but the staff is kind of rude. The sopapillas were not that great. I suggest Pancho's sopapillas.

Review №61

Jorge the manager, was very rude. He limited my choice when clearly the coupon has no limitations. Then he says, "order or leave, I have other people." I was with my family and I felt totally disrespected.

Review №62

Meh. Reheated store bought tortillas. Ok beans. No salsa, just bottled hot sauce. They have actual limes, but they're turning brown and they're very thinly sliced. Worst of all, they put lettuce in all of their tacos.

Review №63

I had not been to this location, but the food was good. The only negative thing I can say is that it was hard to find a clean table to sit down at. Now it was at the middle of the lunch rush, so it may have just been a fluke. Otherwise, I would recommend it.

Review №64

Great customer service from the staff and the food/drinks here are tasty. One of my favorite places to grab a margarita.

Review №65

Food was good. I dont think it should cost 5$ for one taco, so i was treating myself. Maybe 2 for 5$ would be a good idea, but guess its working for them. Also it smelled like that stinky cafeteria dish water and old towel everywhere at this location

Review №66

I don't care for Fuzzys Taco flavor. The one and only time I ate here made me sick. I don't understand why it's so popular.

Review №67

Counter girl was friendly. Food was so quick and delicious

Review №68

A fun little place for some pretty good tacos & nachos. The place is pretty busy during lunch hour. The college students seem to like the place as well. The staff is very friendly.

Review №69

Bad customer service. The lady at the front was RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL. I ordered the fajita nachos, the advertised the nachos as being piled up and the they weren't. The meat was cold so I asked for it to be done over and she got a attitude.

Review №70

We saw 2 roaches crawling around. It was gross....we had already finished our food

Review №71

Awesome food and fun atmosphere! If you get an opportunity to have breakfast there I strongly recommend it. The staff is very friendly and the restaurant is clean. The portions are more than fair. I'm pretty sure that Their salsa it is homemade too. I highly recommended this restaurant

Review №72

Got here for the very first time , cos i read reviews ordered for nachos , and i almost puked i do not like white cheese, they never told me, went up and spoke to the gurl at the counter and she was laughing like it was funny .. i just spent money for nothing! i left my house expecting to eat really good nachos... not kool

Review №73

Always, always, always good food. All locations have a great atmosphere - even going back to the original on Berry. Currently addicted to the fish tacos. Grilled or fried, always amazing. Can never go wrong with the quest, right??

Review №74

Those shrimp enchiladas are AMAAAAZING!

Review №75

Drinks are DA BOMBTreat yourselfGo see for yourself

Review №76

Inexpensive food at a very reasonable price!

Review №77

The food was not good had two tacos and a beer. The tacos had no taste chicken and just a little bit of shrimp for the shrimp taco. I do not recommend this taco place it has no flavors Taco Bell is 100 times better. I do not recommend this place because it does not have any taste at all.

Review №78

We had fajita beef nachos and fajita chicken salad.The salad was delicious but the nachos seemed to be lacking in something. Perhaps the cheese was tasted a little too premade and the beef chunks could be slight smaller.We were very thankful that they are open until 1am on a Saturday night since we were starving after the football game. Overall, great experience.

Review №79

Edit: After my previous experience, I came back twice and not only were my expectation met but EXCEEDED. Perhaps I came on a bad day? I ordered everything, bar was set a little lower as per my last review, but luckily it was all good. Thank you!Previous review for context:I came in with my usual expectations and they we barely met. I usually get my typical order of chips and queso, no pico/shredded cheese in the queso and extra fuzzy dust. I'm not a big fan of all the extra stuff and just want me some queso. I don't believe this is all that specific as I assume the pico/extra is added after the queso is prepared. Our order was finished surprisingly quickly, I didn't even get my drinks before I was ready to claim my food. However, to my surprise, the order was barely fulfilled. I got queso with shredded cheese (come to find out I either didn't ask or miscommunicated as the receipt didn't list "no shredded cheese" as usual, so this isn't on them) however there was still plenty of pico that even when I try to avoid It I still get the taste. The chips also had 0 dust, so I had to ask them for some. Maybe they thought "XT Fuzzy Dust" listed on the receipt this time meant "exit the dust from the chips" or something. Was very upset and didn't bother going to get a refill of chips as I usually do. Unfortunately I left hungry. Typically this never happens, so I was surprised by this one time sub-par service. Everything else was great, I'm just disappointed.

Review №80

Food wasn't bad, and came out real quick. Customer service was good too. Overall the experience was good, but nothing spectacular.

Review №81

The service is always super friendly, and reasonably timed. The food is always made well, and tastes fantastic! I enjoy the outdoor seating space and the atmosphere of the area.

Review №82

Yes the Margueritaa are the bomb

Review №83

Always has good food

Review №84

The food was typical Tex-mex fastfood, too greacy and salty. Also the lady at cash register (Kristina) was so rude. Definitely wont go back to this place again.

Review №85

Very clean polite, and food was delicious

Review №86

Vegetarian Taco Bliss. Not stingy on Avocado. Fuzzy dust on at least half the chips. Luv it!

Review №87

Food and ambience was great. Authentic Mexican food

Review №88

You can always count on good service and a nice price when eating at Fuzzy's

Review №89

I went on national tequila day, which was crowded because of their 2$ margaritas, but the line still moved on fairly quick. I personally ordered a chicken burrito and was extremely satisfied by the size of the burrito and the amount of chicken they stuffed in there. The drinks were very good and service was great. All around excellent first time there and definitely insist on going back.

Review №90

Food is great drinks are better

Review №91

Love the Tacos the food there was great

Review №92

Good food, reasonable pricing, & great adult libations...hint add the extra shot for .50

Review №93

The food is always great. Love the covered patio.

Review №94

We love this location because it's close, the food and margaritas are great and the cashier is super friendly-unsure of her name but she generally has two different earrings on, short hair and glasses. She is very nice. The only reason I don't give five stars is because the Italian manager was very evidently sick, sneezing, coughing and blowing his nose without washing his hands then proceeded to take orders and take all the hot sauce bottles off the tables, then he offered to replace our meal when we informed him of a cockroach near the bathrooms. I'm not sure how that is a solution to the problem at hand. He did a lot of off putting things in the few minutes we were sitting there. The girl cashiers are all great though.

Review №95

My first time there!! Loved it, i had the taco plate and my daughter had the enchilada plate, both were delicious!!

Review №96

Cilantro haters, beware! Fuzzy's puts cilantro in their guacamole and everything else. But if you can tolerate the cilantro, this is a great place to be. Queso blanco, tacos, fajitas, margaritas, all delicious. The restaurant is kept clean even though it is busy every time I visit. Service is fast and friendly, and the food is served hot.

Review №97

Quick friendly service. Reliable quality of food you expect when you visit any Fuzzy's. You can't go wrong with the chips/queso and soft shredded beef tacos or salad.

Review №98

Food is good and fresh. Actually taste just right.

Review №99

Great margaritas and awesome tacos

Review №100

It's a vibe.

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  • Phone:+1 817-265-8226
  • Mexican restaurant
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  • Tex-Mex restaurant
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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