Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe
672 North Glebe Road Retail 1, Arlington, VA 22203, United States
Review №1

Want some delicious doughnuts delivered to your door, well Good Company has you covered. Their doughnuts are delicious and several delivery apps will bring them right to your door...contactless delivery to boot! I wanted to surprise my husband with a doughnut breakfast for his birthday and Good Company hit the spot. I ordered a half dozen, which included 4 classic and 2 custom doughnuts. You don't get to choose what doughnuts you get, but they were all really good. The cake doughnuts were moist with a nice outer crust and the jelly/cream filled doughnuts were also moist with enough filling that you can split the doughnut with another person and still get the entire delicious experience. The delivery was also fast and hassle free. I'd order from them again any time. Thank you!

Review №2

The kind of a unique fresh made from scratch yumminess I would imagine being featured on The Food Network. Donuts are the best I've ever had in the DC metro area (favorites are honey dipped + chocolate cake) and their regular meals have all been delicious (ie. weekly specials, bourbon street soup, brisket tacos, dad's steak and eggs, and breakfast bagels. They also do community service/outreach which is honorable. Highest recommendation!

Review №3

Hands down the best coffee shop in the neighborhood and the area. People line up outside every morning! Everyone on the staff is great and create very warm atmosphere, and the general vibe of the place is that they love what they do and care deeply about quality. Doughnuts are delicious, especially some of the seasonal ones (which I enjoy being able to order for some time after they disappear from display). Espresso, cappuccino, cortado, pour over, you name it - coffee drinks are exceptional here and way ahead of any nearby competition (standard cappuccino size is 8 oz - not the typical American 12+ oz monstrosities!). I'm very picky about coffees I drink and I make my own espresso at home, and I still come here almost every day. I am so lucky to live nearby! Before Good Company opened, I was excited about Compass Coffee coming to the area - but now that Compass is open I don't even go there at all even though I have to walk farther to get to Good Company.

Review №4

You know it's going to be good when there is a line on a Sunday morning. And they don't disappoint. The donuts are great, the coffee is too. The people are friendly and organized to move the line quickly. It's a really great treat and I can't wait to return. Thanks!

Review №5

Charles and The Bakers at Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe not only helped me coordinate a large order of donuts to multiple locations, but they worked with me to personalize each order. Great company to work with. Quick replies on email, great product and great customer service!

Review №6

Super cute place! I had an oat milk latte and cinnamon sugar cake donut. The latte was really good and the cake donut was nice and airy! It didn't leave any weird aftertaste like some cake donuts do. The staff was really friendly and I'll definitely return.

Review №7

Amazing food and drink. I was really happy with my donut. Was not expecting the quality to be so good. Very tasty and home made. The staff was friendly and quick with my order. Cappuccino was made perfectly. The breakfast sandwich was a little small but very tasty.

Review №8

Absolutely amazing! The food and coffee is soooo good. Love the atmosphere of the place as well!

Review №9

My favorite doughnut place in the DMV. Slowly making my way through all of the flavors. The meatball sub is delicious too.

Review №10

I came in here with a Pokémon mask on and me and a worker bonded over it! Doughnuts were amazing, I got like 3 for my co-workers and they loved them. I also got a breakfast sandwich that was labeled as itlalian. I don't know if it truly was, but nevertheless it smacked .

Review №11

Did not have the doughnuts, however the coffee and cappuccino that we had was top notch. Service was fantastic and very friendly. Will definitely go again.

Review №12

Great food and great atmosphere. Have only had breakfast so far but will go back for lunch or dinner. The donuts are definitely homemade - Delicious! I had the the fig, honey & burrata toast.. so good.

Review №13

Great donuts, good coffee, outdoor seating. Really nice little place.

Review №14

Best name ever. Good doughnuts. Good coffee. Company is usually aight depending on who you bringing. The Nutella doughnut. Get it. The sourdough braid. Get it. The latte. Get it. I didn't even have time to take a photo of the goods before they were gone. Just go here. Buy things. Eat things. Be happy. More doughnuts!

Review №15

I had a great experience yesterday! It was my first time there, I arrived around 2pm and received a doughnut and iced coffee. They're fast and easy.Can't wait to go back!!

Review №16

This is fast becoming a go-to for locals and operates like it cares about every single customer. The food is really good and it runs really efficiently. I hesitate recommending it because I would love to keep it a local secret but their customer service is getting them a lot of attention.The Big Win:The owner is known to share samples and go out of his way to ensure your food met your expectations.

Review №17

This is a very nice donut shop in the neighborhood. Friendly and helpful staffa make the long line go quickly. The apple filling in the big apple was not too sweet just right. The classic donut was what you expect to be a donut that goes well with coffee. We enjoyed their intelligentia coffee too. We are going to try their lunch menu next time.

Review №18

As someone who's worked with coffee for half a decade, I can safely say that the coffee here is PHENOMENAL. Coupled with fantastic service and a great atmosphere. The men and women here have continued to serve us during the quarantine and unrest, and I am eternally grateful for their service. Do yourself a favor and grab a cup of coffee or a donut! Or both.

Review №19

Great donuts and a good drink. Set up decently well for social distancing and take out!

Review №20

Good cake donuts and we had lovely cappuccinos. Will be back to try the rest of the menu. A little bit pricey but nice for an occasional treat! Staff was very friendly and the restaurant itself has a really trendy vibe.

Review №21

Fantastic experience every single time. Great staff, great coffee, AMAZING donuts. The glazed chocolate cake donut and glazed blueberry cake donut are my go-to but if you're looking for a more elaborate one, you will find what you need here.

Review №22

Nice staff good donuts - a little pricey but a treat

Review №23

Their donuts are the best! Sorry we ate them, no pics. Really though, they are so tasty and fresh, and the people behind the counter do a great job of helping you. Right now there can be quite a line, so I recommend placing an online order. Try the maple and the lemon!

Review №24

OBSESSED with this place!! Especially love the breakfast sandwiches and soups! New PSL is great!

Review №25

My first time there and it was fantastic. I will definitely be back for the honey fig and burrata toast again!! I just moved to Arlington and I'm glad I found this spot. The rest of the menu looks amazing and I can't wait to try more.

Review №26

Nice little cafe. I had a nitro cold brew and got some donuts. I thought the donuts were on point, but I might try the espresso next time. Not that the cold brew was bad, just didn't seem as strong as I like. (I needed more caffeine)Looks like this place also does cocktails, and other bites, not just donuts and coffee ...I will be coming back to try more.

Review №27

Thor doughnuts are the best I've ever eaten in my life!

Review №28

I've searched far and wide for the past 3 years for fresh, authentic and quality donuts. I've finally found everything I've been looking for in a fluffy delicious donut; good company. Not only are the donuts diverse and perfect, they're entire menu has delicious food. You can tell they put serious effort in making sure everything they produce is of amazing quality. I can't imagine buying donuts anywhere else, I won't! Stop reading and throw your money at them.

Review №29

For me, the best Doughnuts of Arlington. We love the classic ones!

Review №30

This place has such amazing donuts, and you can't choose wrong. But the cinnamon buns are to die for. Do yourself a favor and get one.

Review №31

I've been wanting to try this place for a little while now so hard and I want to support local businesses. I got the chocolate and toffee donut, large coffee, and large latte. The donut was pretty good. The coffee was decent. I am mainly giving this four stars because $13 for three items is a bit pricey in my book.

Review №32

Went here not knowing what to expect but was very pleasantly surprised. I didn't try their gourmet donuts or their Intelligentsia coffee, but I did try the butternut squash soup (deliciously spiced and creamy) and the veggie sandwich (flavorful on good quality bread). I definitely want to come back and try out the desserts. There were some people hanging out with coffee on their laptops and some families with young kids. I'm curious to see how the vibe changes depending on the time of day. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Review №33

A variety of unique donuts, got to try a few of them and they're delicious. Definitely will come back and try more flavors.

Review №34

By far my favorite local cafe. Best donuts I have ever had, especially the chocolate cake, cider cake, and pumpkin cake. Also a huge fan of the squash soup, salads, and chicken pesto sandwich. Husband loves the donuts, coffee, wine, and New York Strip with potatoes and spinach. The vibe is casual and comfortable, and the staff couldn't be friendlier. The decor and the fresh flowers are icing on the cake.

Review №35

Cozy coffee shop with cocktails and donuts. Bright, spacious. Delicious store made donuts.

Review №36

Delicious coffee and donuts. And great service! Part of our order wasn't ready for pick-up, and they delivered to our house. This is our family's new favorite spot... and a new post-church Sunday tradition!

Review №37

First, is always the product: Best Doughnuts in the DMV! Yes, I said it! While other spots might have good doughnuts aka designer doughnuts (too ambitious for my palate) Good Company delivers on the classics as well as inventive flavors. I think the key is in the dough, because it's the vehicle or catalyst for the flavors. The two other" big name" doughnut specialist in the area don't hit the Mark quite like here. Next is service: One time I came in and forgot my wallet. My order was around $20 and all I had was $11 in me. The girl said that because she saw me in there regularly that it was OK. So the next time I came in, I tipped the difference. All in all, great product and service. What more do you need?

Review №38

Amazing very good food and drink but a little pricey and again very good

Review №39

Not only do they have AMAZING doughnuts that are super delicious and fresh, but they have an impeccable method to maintain social distancing, keep things clean, and make sure that as the customer you feel safe. I haven't been eating out much during COVID-19, but I never think twice about going here. They are the gold standard (and seriously, their doughnuts rock).

Review №40

Entered near nine, it wasn't busy. service is typically good. it has a good feel to it.

Review №41

Ate here today with my family (two kids 2 & 4), and was very impressed with the food. I had an open face steak pita which was Mediterranean inspired and amazing, and the Cuban sandwich was delicious as well. Owner was super friendly and knowing it's a mom and pop/ family and veteran owned biz you can feel great about supporting them. Will be back soon!

Review №42

I cannot speak for anything other than the doughnuts but let me be very clear..... YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER ONE IN THE DMV. I stumbled upon them one random day while I was in Virginia a few weeks after they opened in 2019. I willingly drive more than 25 min from NE DC to get 1... 2... or 6 doughnuts from them. Honey Dew is by far my favorite but there blueberry cakes are exceptional as well. They open early in the am but i still taste the freshness in the doughnuts at 12pm or even 2 pm. Well worth every penny and may $1 more.

Review №43

The donuts are nice and fluffy with soft frosting, and the iced coffee is bold. I do think everything here is somewhat overpriced, so I'd consider a visit a way to treat yourself.

Review №44

Mac & Cheese here is awesome, and the donuts are a definite treat as well.

Review №45

Really cute place. Good doughnuts with really interesting options. Welcoming atmosphere and the wood accents gave it a warm feeling. They seemed to have a good wine selection and because it's small it seemed like a nice neighborhood spot. Very friendly staff.

Review №46

Donuts are really good. The lemon old-fashioned are amazing. Also one of the only places that has flour and yeast during the "lockdown."

Review №47

Great little shop! Breakfast sandwiches and coffee are definitely worth it!

Review №48

Love this place! I've been looking for a breakfast place for a while, found it here! Staff is super friendly and food/drink is great! Will definitely be coming back to Good Company.

Review №49

Nice service, delicious breakfast sandwiches, comfortable vibes

Review №50

I liked the place. It doubles up as a cafe and bar in that limited space. I had cinnamon apple doughnut which was tasty and not too sweet. They were also nice enough to heat my brew coffee. Good friendly staff!

Review №51

Great sandwiches, drinks and doughnuts.. wonderful people and service.

Review №52

Nutella doughnut, recommended by the staff. Yum!

Review №53

Incredible donuts. New favorite.

Review №54

The Matcha Cake Donut was so good! Love the atmosphere + music. Clean and cozy. Convenient location. I will be back!

Review №55

Thank you so much for this birthday doughnut! Our little doughnut lover was so happy to get a special donut for his special day. It helped make up for not having a party this year.

Review №56

The Fig Honey Burrata is outstanding, also recommend the Cuban sandwich and the Maple Bacon donuts!

Review №57

Love their donuts! they are made fresh and you can tell the quality of their pastries! the owners are so nice and care about their customers. I tell all my clients about their donuts! cant go wrong with all their food!

Review №58

The coffee was passable, but the donut I had was probably the best damned donut I've had in my life. I'd definitely go back, but I'd bring my own coffee. Addition: The staff are very friendly and do a great job.Reply back to owners: Thanks -- I will touch base with Charlie the next time I visit. Might be a while, though; I'm based out of Boston.

Review №59

Excellent food and excellent friendly service. A very clean and friendly place to get a doughnut and coffee, sandwich and soup or an full meal. Right across from the Ballston mall on Glebe in the corner of one of the new apartment buildings. The sandwich and soup combo was served quickly and was very delicious. We look forward to coming back and trying other entrees. The donuts and coffee are fabulous as well.

Review №60

Best sandwiches ever!!!!! Absolutely delicious!!!! Great quality

Review №61

Have been here 3 times. Always fresh and packed with flavor. Cuban sandwich is excellent, egg sandwich is delicious, and the egg bowl is tasty and original in the way that it's constructed. I've gotten a latte and a donut with each meal- how can you not. The filled donuts are sublime. They do not skimp on the filling- dough is perfectly soft and chewy. An all-around excellent food establishment.P.S. a peanut butter Bismarck topped with chocolate glaze and crushed banana chips would be AMAZING

Review №62

This place is amazing! Great coffees, the best doughnuts, creative and tastefully done meals. Super friendly staff. Clean and cozy. I wish I could give them more stars. They deserve 6!

Review №63

Great coffee, great prices. Haven't tried the food yet but the menu looks great. $8-$10 cocktails can't be beat

Review №64

Although their doughnuts, coffee, and service are fantastic (and absolutely worth a stop if you haven't tried them yet), you should also know that they offer quality food (salads, sandwiches, toasts) throughout the day. They make everything in-house and also serve alcohol and have happy hour specials if you are looking for a chill neighborhood spot to unwind at the end of your day. The owners care about their product and want to serve only the best. As someone who lives and works in this neighborhood, this is the type of place you want to see stick around for a long time.

Review №65

Nice sandwiches and donuts. Need more sandwich varieties though.

Review №66

Very nice food and upscale, pleasant atmosphere. Not super-cheap (it's Arlington)... but I enjoyed it. Nice for a date or get-together with somebody...

Review №67

Convenient cafe.! Love the dougnuts

Review №68

Fantastic donuts. Crispy on the outside, cakey on the inside. Goes great with a hot cup of coffee. The raspberry filled one's are to die for. Bring a box to work and you'll be the most popular person there in no time.

Review №69

Great coffee and donuts!

Review №70

Mmmmm!!! Coffee!!! Mnmm!! Donuts!!!Love this place!!

Review №71

Great doughnuts and even greater service. When I came in, I was warmly greeted and felt very welcomed. The doughnuts are like cake doughnuts, similar to Duck Donuts, but the doughnuts here are tastier. I've found my new go to doughnut stop.

Review №72

Their doughnuts are stellar, both raised and cake doughnuts. Maple bacon was the best raised. Good atmosphere if you want to sit - looks like a nice cozy place to enjoy a doughnut and coffee.

Review №73

My husband and I have been here for breakfast four or five Saturdays in a row! We love it so much! Seriously the best homemade doughnuts in the DC area, and we've tried most places! They have all the classics that you would expect and more. I'm obsessed with their maple frosted. I get it every time. I'm from VT, so I know maple. Their maple frosted doughnut is the best I've ever had!I love the coffee and espresso they serve right down to the beautiful ceramic cups and saucers they use (by Not Neutral).Everything is consistently delicious, and the customer service is just wonderful. All the staff is so friendly and cheerful. I hope the restaurant is there for many years!

Review №74

Great atmosphere and service. This is a great addition to the neighborhood. My kids love the donuts and hot chocolate.

Review №75

I dream about these donuts, the coffee is flavorful and bold, and every staff member is kind and helpful. If they have a Butter Crunch donut or cinnamon roll on the bar, get them while you can. They seem to fly off the shelves, and rightly so. The chocolate frosting is also literally perfect. We will go every week. So glad they are in the neighborhood. I cannot recommend this place more highly!

Review №76

Excellent macchiato - not bitter in the slightest. And don't get me started on their donuts...

Review №77

Overall I was disappointed. Went in for two iced mochas and was not satisfied with what I got. They didn't really seem like iced mochas. It seems like they gave me two iced coffees.

Review №78

Doughnuts are delicious and they have good variety. Also tried the egg/chorizo sandwich which was incredibly tasty-highly recommended. Good atmosphere, great service, everything you want in a coffee/doughnut shop. Visited on a busy Sunday morning and they were attentive and fast.

Review №79

Owners and staff at Good Company are always friendly and helpful. Great selection of fresh doughnuts, and the sour cream cake-style with blueberry filling I had this morning was a work of art!

Review №80

Consistently great service, coffee, and food; the doughnuts are a hit when I bring them into the office, especially the themed ones they had for Halloween. The charcuterie is fantastic, and the ambience is beautiful despite the ongoing Ballston construction. I certainly hope this place sticks around for a long time.

Review №81

I really liked the cinnamon bun and my husband liked the Long John (aka Boston cream pie donut) but he said the cream was too sparse at the end. Still, we would come back to have them again. We also tried the chocolate cruller and jelly cruller. The oil they use to fry these 2 cake-type donuts did not taste good to me. They were both dry and not enough jelly in the jelly donut. The servers were pleasant and efficient and the atmosphere in the store is very nice. We will be back and will try some other things like the coffee.

Review №82

Solid donuts and very good coffee. They have a range of artisan donuts which are in the $3 range. A half dozen will run you $14. The chocolate that I had was definitely cake based with a glaze. The raspberry filled was lighter with powdered sugar in the outside.

Review №83

Excellent donuts. Get the filled ones. Great breakfast and lunch options. We have not eaten supper there, yet. Teas, coffees, smoothies... excellent staff. Must try!

Review №84


Review №85

The best coffee/ restaurant / bar I have been to in VA. This place will blow your mind. World class chefs there wine and drink selection is super good and the coffee... fantastic!!!!

Review №86

Impeccable customer service. Tasty food. Nice, well decorated space. Local, family-run business.

Review №87

Donuts are great here and huge but a bit pricy. Be ready to spend 24 bucks on a dozen. Try the cinnamon roll/bun it was amazing.

Review №88

We look forward to our donuts every Saturday! Get the lemon cake donut if they have it!

Review №89

Great donuts? Check. Excellent coffee? Check. Locally owned and super friendly? Check. Definitely going to eat here on the regular (and ride my bike a bit more often!)

Review №90

Decent prices and interesting healthy lunch options. Friendly staff. The espresso was watery and the country music drove me a bit crazy.

Review №91

Delicious bfast sandwiches and donuts - plus they serve Intelligentsia coffee

Review №92

Wonderful spot. Great donuts and other impressive breakfast options.

Review №93

Wasn't served what I ordered after many attempts - I ordered an egg and cheese sandwich. They informed me that they were out of the English muffins and I said that the ciabatta bread was fine. Then after I paid they said they were also out of the ciabatta, and offered me white or wheat bread. I chose white bread. Once i was home I realized they'd given me wheat.

Review №94

Great fresh donuts and even their egg dishes are delicious! (Had a soft boiled egg over asparagus and toasted sourdough crutons.)I highly recommend the Honey Dew donut.

Review №95

Great donuts and coffee!!!

Review №96

This locally owned place is great! The doughnuts, coffee, and tea are all top notch, super fresh, and made with care. I will be going back to try their breakfast protein bowls, toasts, and sandwiches. The place has a cool vibe. Even better, it's a locally owned small business and you can tell the owners care about customer service and making sure people are happy. Go support this gem in Ballston!

Review №97

So my husband and I are in Arlington for business when we came across this little jewel. The location is perfect and the staff made us feel right at home. Will definitely be back

Review №98

Great doughnuts, coffee and food. Salads are spot on and the pour over was delicious. Love stopping by here to pick up lunch and grab some sweets to take home for the fam.

Review №99

Doughnuts are dope, good variety, reasonable prices and coffee has a free refill if you sit in their chill dining area. Staff is very friendly :)

Review №100

Such lovely owners. The donuts are absolutely amazing - the bourbon soup is like heaven ---- best soup I've had in years!!!! Kudos to the terrific owners and thanks for bringing us the terrific little spot. Easy to sit and use your wi-fi. BTW, the BLT is incredible and so far is the only sandwich I've tried. The honey glazed donuts are irresistible. Please give this place a try.

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4.8 Rating
  • Address:672 North Glebe Road Retail 1, Arlington, VA 22203, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 703-243-3000
  • Restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Cafe
  • Caterer
  • Coffee shop
  • Donut shop
  • Family restaurant
  • Lunch restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–4PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–4PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–4PM
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  • Friday:7AM–7PM
  • Saturday:7AM–7PM
  • Sunday:7AM–4PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
  • Veteran-Led:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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