Jack in the Box
700 W Division St, Arlington, TX 76012, United States
Review №1

Jack in the Box has the best Chocolate milk shakes that I know of. They may be a little pricey but I think they're worth it. Those cheap tacos may not be real tacos but at 2 for $1 they really hit tha spot. I can eat about 10 of them and with some curly fries and a shake I'm good to go..

Review №2

I came to this place to place some order but the cashier, Patrica, who was also taking care of the order was not familiar with the customer services. I placed an order and as soon as I reached to the window she got scared or I don't know what happened but she was paying attention to close the door as soon as she could. I was tryna talk with her but she was not listening to me and was focusing on closing the drive thru window all th time. This was the worst customer service I have ever had in my life. I ain't gonna come back to this place again. They were even worse than McDonald's. Next time I would rather go to McDonald's than going onto this place. I'm giving two stars just because food was good.

Review №3

Great staff and excellent food, but always seems to be a very long wait. Dont think it's the staff's fault, just always a high volume of customers no matter what time of day.

Review №4

Who don't love Jack! Love the egg rolls for a surprisingly tasty snack!

Review №5

Sat 0600am. Drive thru cashier not covering nose with mask. This is irresponsible and against state mandate. Your reply will explain the Covid measures you are taking with no reference to addressing the mask issue. The reply I want is why you are allowing this???

Review №6

I asked for a hot coffee and I got cold coffee that has been sitting overnight. Then I asked for 2 tacos. The tacos were nasty if I could post a photo I would. They are over cooked and the lettuce was brown. I've always go to that Jack in the box but never again. But I had to be at my job or I would of went back and complain.

Review №7

GOOD service. Good lunch venue for a quick meal. Staff are very courteous

Review №8

Just your standard Jack-in-the-box. Nothing outstanding, but our curly fries were tasty.

Review №9

They need to sell real 100% beef products at this location. Service was very slow this night at the drive thru. You are captive once at the drive thru, so you just have to wait it out. The people we're friendly enough but just not fast enough. That's why it gets a two-star for tonight.

Review №10

Very good food and particularly good staff at this location

Review №11

Wish there was bigger incentive so more students would stop by. Great location, down the road from campus. Sometimes late a night on weekends it can be slow but other than that its been good. Lately it seemed its been better, late night runs as a architecture student is not so bad. Will keep coming back.

Review №12

Our burgers tasted cold and not like beef. and something hard was in the meat. waste of money.

Review №13

Had their tacos for the first time. They are not bad except the main ingredient of meat, "where is it"?

Review №14

A good place to get a quick burger before work.

Review №15

Good service mostly and hears us out what we actually need. Quick with their orders mostly

Review №16

Try the Grilled chicken bowl.

Review №17

The fries r so fresh and hot and my nuggets were to

Review №18

Only 1 person is actually wearing gloves while they're all preparing the woman kept wiping her hands on her pants and then retouching all the food again with no gloves. Think I'm going to call the health department

Review №19

Was late at night early in the morning and I had good service I got my food I was able to go home eat my food it was all right

Review №20

Today on the 25th I went to the drive tru around 5:30pm and the person who took my order at the window had no gloves and had really long nails and they didn't look clean also she didn't look like she was on the right type of work outfit and when i got my order it was cold and soggy my fries looks cold and really Greasy i hope you have a talk with your employees and fix this solution and probably won't come back to this location until this is resolved.

Review №21

Nice lady at the drive thru window

Review №22

This particular store smelled like sewage so we walked right back out and ate at the Gyro place next door.

Review №23

Nice people. Food as expected.

Review №24

Too late because few people are working during night times. Very bad service

Review №25

Very tasty chicken burgers

Review №26

Very good (:

Review №27

There have been several incidences of me not getting food andbeither having to come back for food or money. After speaking to the manager this saturday night and sunday afternoon, i think I'm through coming here. Managememt doesnt seem to care about the service their likely underpaid employees give. The manager seemed to think this wasnt that big a deal and that she didnt care if i came back or not so not it is.

Review №28

Went to drive through around 4am and the employees are saying the 24hr location is closed while you can see them sitting inside eating. This location is great but has a serious problem with employees not wanting to work during overnight shifts. This location is always 24hrs and doesn't close so for the employees to lie is just ridiculous and lazy

Review №29

Nice place to grab some onion rings and curly fries

Review №30

1st time experience good.

Review №31

The wait wasnt long. However that's because my order was missing half of everything, including my change, receipt, bacon on my ULTIMATE BACON CHEESEBURGER, the cheese and bacon my loaded fries. Not being rude but having someone on drive through that could properly communicate with me would be fantastic. I remember why it has been awhile.

Review №32

Im only leaving stars because of the man who works at night his name is Jose he is awesome professional n outstanding customer service i had stopped going because the women specially the manager are rude sooooo rude i had to call corporate on this location. But thanks to an amazing human being named Jose i came back n will keep coming back his shifts only doe.

Review №33

This crew is awesome , they always seem to be on the ballThey are friendly , fast ,know their regular customers.

Review №34

Always busy but service is slow in the morning

Review №35

They were hella packed and i still got all my things quickly

Review №36

I so wish I didn't have to leave them with one star but when you receive poor customer service they leave you with no choice unfortunately. I didn't get an effortless customer experience, I didn't feel valued as a customer. When I got my food I didn't even want to eat it anymore after the treatment I received.

Review №37

The guy behind the counter didnt even look at me when I was standing there behind the lady that just ordered. I waited for him to ask me for my order just to be ignored then he walks out the door and starts to clean tables. Like I was invisible or something. Then say oh are you ready to order nah I'll never go back here. Ive been coming here for 21yrs but nah I'll never be coming back to this resterant again. Lets just call it what it is very disappointing. I guess if you dont speak Spanish you wont be served here. Ridiculous.

Review №38

Good food with decent service.

Review №39

Friendly staff good customer interaction

Review №40

Great breakfast.

Review №41

Always a great place

Review №42

Excellent tacos. Breakfast croissant is good too. Not the best place for hamburgers.

Review №43

I wouldn't even try the new spicy chicken tenders. They taste and look 100% processed. They're flat, oddly shaped and fried. The picture they show doesn't represent what you get, in appearance, taste or quality. Sorry Jack, it's afor me!

Review №44

Ok great place would go there again

Review №45

Rides smooth 25

Review №46

Still waiting on Jack to get with the program. Offer something for people who don't need to load up on meat. They got ok poppers and fries tho.

Review №47

Love their cheese jalapeño and Curly fries

Review №48

Friendly clean quick place to eat

Review №49

It's better now that now they got better people in there

Review №50

Registers always updating & not taking food orders

Review №51

I always have a good experience at this Jack in the Box! They get the orders right and they're ALWAYS open- Win, win!!!

Review №52

I ordered two Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers and instead got two regular hamburgers. I spoke very loudly and clearly when I ordered and it even shows what I asked for on my receipt. I will never again go here because I can't trust that my order will be correct. What a horrible place.

Review №53

Tasty burgers

Review №54

This this particular Jack in the Box is very good their food is always fresh and hot and the customer service is two thumbs up

Review №55

The food here is great! However, next time I am going to have to tell them to scramble my eggs hard. I don't eat soft eggs. I like to make sure that my eggs are very well done.

Review №56

Lots of good food that my wife and I like but sometimes some of the foods are a little bit too greasy but we keep going back for more.

Review №57

If you say you're open 24 hours then someone should be available to take my order. Sat in the drive thru for 5 mins no one came over the speaker to take my order

Review №58

Very nice store very nice people good service

Review №59

Guy in the overnight shift was very nice and polite. Fries were not completely fresh, but ultimate cheeseburger was. Would go back again

Review №60

I love the place the tacos are good mm nice and hot YUM go and visit jack in the box. Go go goooo

Review №61

Great service great fast food for the occasional stop and eat

Review №62

Service is good

Review №63

That Grand Sausage breakfast burrito is the business, service is always good. But sometimes it can be a little slow

Review №64

Never has secret sauce. Food quality poor. Service horrific.

Review №65

Best place to eat. As a student, enjoyed a lot spending time here. Good taste and service.

Review №66

3:56am. Sat at the menu for 10 minutes and not once did anyone greet me or ask me what I would like to order. No other cars in drive thru either so they had no orders. It's good to know working at Jack in the box at 4 in the morning is the hardest job ever. 10/10 on whoever manages this place.

Review №67

Tacos are good

Review №68

Great fast food breakfast at a great price

Review №69

Very nice Jack in the. Box but tookforever to get my order correct.

Review №70

Customer service is great! Personnel greets you with a smile, plus the food, for fast food, is excellent! Recommend it highly.

Review №71

Hit or miss. Always great for the 99 cent tacos and a chicken fajita pitas. But the rest is s test

Review №72

When following the GM's portion sizes felt a little skimped on my bacon potato wedges. However it was remedied without fuss and comped a small drink. Thanks y'all for going above and beyond.

Review №73

Lompoc California sunsets are beautiful.

Review №74

Great food

Review №75

Scott the late night mgr. Is cool. Nice Friendly. Great food too!. 1 or 2 times a month. After work late night meal.

Review №76

Nice staff for such a busy area.

Review №77

Nicest Jack In the Box i have been too, but the servicem left much to be desired! Each item I ordered had to be redone!

Review №78

The food was trash!!! never again!!!

Review №79

There was this food see? and i ate it!

Review №80

Food good, set I've ppor!! Google and website says open 24 hours but the inside closes at 10pm and o walk up to winfow?

Review №81

Bad service.. manager jose flicked us off because we came to the window instead of waiting 5 feet behind....

Review №82

Drive thru service very minimal... food was warm not hot ... i spent almost 10.00 there for sourdough burger combo , upgraded, extra for curly fries and feel like i got 3.00 food ... won't be back unless i just have too ...

Review №83

Way better than burger King

Review №84

Quick service and UTA students get 10% off the bill

Review №85

Well ummm they couldnt seem to get our order right 3 times in a row....

Review №86

Good communication and awareness of customer by the lady. They kept informing us that we would be serviced while dealing with heavy drive thru orders.

Review №87

Ordered 2 tacos and they couldn't get it right. 15 min wait outside and 15 inside. No customer service.

Review №88

The food is alright but the service is good

Review №89

Love the available times of this restaurant I went so much the staff basically knows and sees me all the time friendly people and never take long at all orders are always quick and they are always happy.

Review №90

Onion rings mozzarella cheese sticks and jalapeno stuffed bites are super good

Review №91

Horrible a bug in the box of eggrolls!!!

Review №92

Ordered their spicy chicken strips and they were gross, fried hard and too spicy for my taste

Review №93

My boy saved the day

Review №94

Everything is good here. Almost everytime it has some kind of offer or value pack you can enjoy while you're on a budget. Food is good too. A little too small in my opinion though. One time, i had to wait in line for about 15 minutes just to get my order in.

Review №95

I came here after the JIB on Cooper & Lamar refused to take my order once i said i had a B1G1 Free Ribeye burger coupon, told me my coupon expired on the 12/1(even though i told him i didn't receive it until the 12/12), and never even offered to look at my coupon once at the window (the worst customer service I've ever experienced at a JIB). This location is a little farther out of my way, yet not only did they accept my coupon with no problem, but the ladies provided me with great customer service. I will gladly go a little farther for people that are willing to do their jobs.

Review №96

The Jack's munchie meal is a Life Saver late at night.

Review №97

It's Jack in the Crack. I mean it's edible

Review №98

Very very very slow drive thru......better not have any plans other than waiting 15 minutes in line for one combo.

Review №99

Quick fast and decent

Review №100

Pésimo servicio. They forgot my buffalo sauce

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3.5 Rating
  • Address:700 W Division St, Arlington, TX 76012, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 817-583-6430
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Chicken restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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