Sweet Leaf Cafe
650 N Quincy St, Arlington, VA 22203, United States
Review №1

Great service and quality food. They also had fresh homemade cookies you could take as well. Overall, fast service and healthy, tasty food at a very reasonable price. Will be ordering from here again!!

Review №2

Oh my God. I read the reviews, which is why I dropped by. I have been having the WORST week in ages, and I was in pain, without transportation, in the cold and rain, carrying a heavy bag. I haven't slept in 28 hours. I just wanted something with veggies and protein, with maybe something fruity to drink. Sweet Leaf was one block away, and the reviews had been fantastic so I had a very faint hope they could cheer me up.I walked in and ordered the Chimichurri bowl. The woman apologized and said they only had a few pieces of meat left. She said they were cooking more, but I could add in some other protein instead. I said I would wait. I asked for her drink recommendation and she said the strawberry kale and avocado Smoothie. I despise kale, but got it anyway. The bill cost an hour of my salary, which nearly made me cry, but the food looked super fresh and smelled incredible.It was the best, healthiest thing I've eaten in a week. It was amazing. Bliss in a bowl. I cannot believe I ate the whole thing. A quarter of my way through it, she brought out freshly seared steak medallions, with two super rare pieces. I nearly cried. The Smoothie looked hideous and tasted like a smooth milky strawberry. Not too sweet, not at all veggie tasting. Amazing.After over 72 hours of disappointment and stress and pain, this was exactly what I needed. I can't wait to wind down and finally get some shut eye!

Review №3

The food here is delicious and healthy and the portions are good. I recommend the sabroso bowl and their smoothies (green cure or velvet oreo are my favorites). The staff here are very friendly and the customer service is exceptional and are one of the reasons we keep going to this location.

Review №4

I always come here when I want to eat clean. All of their selections are healthy, and you and your stomach will feel great leaving sweet leaf The staff is friendly. The environment is nice. The food is good, but I have had better at other sweet leaf locations.I always order the kabobi bowl because I love having a type of meat option in my salads. This bowl has kabob in it. My fiance orders the Asian chicken. Both of them are delicious!I recommend eating at sweet leaf! It is sometimes difficult to find parking at this location.

Review №5

The food is always fresh and tasty. The service is always friendly and professional.

Review №6

Manager/cashier is super quick and amazing customer service, she's non stop movement but in a great way!

Review №7

It just wasn't my thing.. Food was fresh and healthy and the workers were okay.. I like healthy food a lot but it wasn't what I was expecting. This place is not like sweet green or chipotle. It's like a really healthy idk what half of these things are on the menu kind of place.

Review №8

My fave go-to neighborhood spot. Obsessed with their Kale smoothie & Malibu Melt w/ sprouts and tomatoes. I will say they switched the bfast sandwiches to a brioche from sandwich bread a few years ago.... ask for sandwich bread! So so good.

Review №9

Absolutely delicious uberEats order tonight. Thank you, we are both addicted now. So fresh and yummy

Review №10

Got a creative menu. Fresh food. Spacious place. Really good for someone looking to work at cafe.

Review №11

They do salads right! Easy substitutions, great variety of ingredients, and they fill up the bowl! Conscientious and friendly staff. Self-serve water. Their chocolate milkshakes are solidly good too and reasonably priced. Love this place!

Review №12

Ballston has an overpriced and underwhelming avocado toast issue, but Sweet Leaf isn't part of that problem. $5.95 and tax gets you the most generous portion of avocado toast and toppings vs. South Block and Dirt which cost $4-$5 more for less toppings. I do recommend you ask for the toast to be toasted for a little longer though just so the toast doesn't get soggy during eating. It's my go to now.

Review №13

The food is very tasty , the prices are a bit high but well worth it!

Review №14

The sandwiches were a really pleasant surprise. Really delicious and fresh.I got a salad also. :( Lazy, uninspired, and disappointing. A couple small cubes of chicken, some standard lettuce, a few parm chips with moz slices, and a generic green sauce do not warrant $10. Totally outrageous; it was the $4 boxed salad at a Sheetz.So 5 stars for the wonderful sandwiches, and 0 stars for the aggressively mediocre $10 salad.

Review №15

Roasted butternut squash and apple salad with chicken was super fresh and just enough goat cheese to make everything else stand out a little more. Grilled cheese for kids was on really soft bread, cut pretty thick but ok for a three year old, and not greasy. Appropriately priced.

Review №16

Love me some Sweet Leaf! Great location with a fabulous staff! Always fast and friendly!!!

Review №17

This location was the best sweet leaf close to dc after Tyson corner until they changed the staff. The food taste different most probably because of the energy and inexperienced staff! Hopefully get better soon again!

Review №18

Frozen yogurt here is one of my favorites!

Review №19

Love coming here to get breakfast and lunch..very nice employees

Review №20

Love this place. Line gets long at lunch, but otherwise quick, made to order, fresh salads and sandwiches. Reasonable pricing. Breakfast served all day, the Malibu Melt is my go to. Coffee and baked goods are delicious, with decent beverage selection including freshed squeezed OJ. The employees always seem to be happy and working together like a family!

Review №21

On a rainy day I stopped in at 7pm with my friend who hadn't ate all day and we were told to leave because we can't bring outside food in. Only a single table had customers and they hadn't order, they too were just waiting out the rain. The difference was we brought a home cooked meal and they didn't. Have never had a more rude experience.

Review №22

Ordered online and they always seem to get it wrong.

Review №23

Lovely place, tasty food

Review №24

Love the food. Great quality at a fair price

Review №25

Love the food and love the fact they look out for their military vets as well

Review №26

One of my go-to lunch places in ballston! Their bowls are more filling than Sweetgreen and they feel well balanced.I wish they offered side dishes as ads-ons. The milkshakes and brownies are great, but not the best healthy sides ;-).

Review №27

Did they cover the desserts yet? You know they're adjacent to the garbage can, and that somebody elbow-leans over the brownies while breathing directly upon them, right?Food's okay, but staff can be very hit-or-miss. Why is it that as customers we can come in being friendly, polite, and respectful, but are stared at with a hard look?It can't be that she is sad, because I noticed she had a smile for someone in the kitchen immediately afterward.Ohh, I understand--I'm the customer, and thus the enemy. I'm the one making her work there, demanding she prepare food for me, etc.I get it, it doesn't matter that I smile and look someone in the eye, treat them respectfully like a person and not as a servant, say "Please" and "Thank you" (even though most of the people working in these places don't respond in kind), pay too much of my money (mine, not theirs) for mediocre food, etc.It's because I'm the bad guy.Also, please put the desserts--brownies and cookies--either in wrapping or under glass, because they sit in open air right next to the counter and an uncovered garbage can, and also where employees constantly work the register, and answer and talk on the phone while leaning on the counter bent over directly above and six inches away, while talking and breathing directly upon them. (That's not an exaggeration, just a truthful--and long--sentence.)

Review №28

Always fresh and good products

Review №29

Great tasting healthy food and nice decor including this wall pic found there. Sweet!

Review №30

Great choices and friendly staff. Nice atmosphere. Crazy high price for drinks in bottles & cans- more than $2.50 for 20oz of soda!

Review №31

Good salad

Review №32

Real food from the farm! All of it! Even the sliced chicken breast! And incredibly delicious and healthy too. My new favorite local franchise.

Review №33

So cute. Great staff. DELICIOUS salads...had the pesto vinaigrette. Great for kids too!. We took a 2 and 5 yo.

Review №34

Great food , staff very nice, ate there 3-4 times while staying at hotel nearby. Would eat there again. Food is fresh and fair priced.

Review №35

Good place for a casual family dinner out. Kid friendly.

Review №36

Delicious. Fresh ingredients. Great salads and sandwiches. One of my favorite lunch places. Fast service. Highly recommended

Review №37

Counter service cafe with a nice selection of very good, freshly made salads. Sandwiches are also available. The ice cream is very tasty! Service is efficient.

Review №38

Yum! Fun decorations and tasty food.

Review №39

The food rates four stars. They have creative combinations and something for pretty much everyone - meat eaters and vegans alike. But the noise level is absurd. The people who work there yell back and forth, and the place is all hard surfaces, so it reverberates. And when they use the industrial immersion blender, forget about hearing yourself think, let alone talking with someone else!

Review №40

Love me some sweet leaf! Staff here is great!!!

Review №41

Very good and friendly service and awesome health options and shakes and smoothies.

Review №42

Huge delicious salad for a great price! This place is great. Finally a healthy meal for a great price. The people were very friendly and served very well.

Review №43

Delicious. Quick, fresh, and wholesome. Minus a star because the staff were pretty inattentive. Had to wait for them to finish their conversation to serve me.

Review №44

Fresh, delicious salads and friendly staff. Recommend!

Review №45

Such a great salad only problem is then price to add a couple of little things is pricey!

Review №46

This is an awesome restaurant with great food. The toppings/salads are very fresh and the sandwiches are yummy. They have stuff for everyone and the coffee is pretty good too. Slogan is farm to fork.

Review №47

We loved the sandwiches we ate for brunch, they were big, fresh and delicious. Nice atmosphere and service

Review №48

Their breakfast burrito is pretty good. Best thing I've eaten there is the Kale Cobb. Sub the cheese for sundried tomatoes, and the vignette for pesto dressing.

Review №49

Great food. Quick Service.

Review №50

We went as a family after hockey game in iceplex and ordered sandwiches and soups. Fresh, tasty sandwiches and hearty lentil soup were just what we needed. Recommend the place for quick quality food.

Review №51

Love the food, but every time I come the line is slow.

Review №52

Very good food in tha ladies the work there super nice

Review №53

Expensive but good. Fresh ingredients for sure. Staff was kinda slow too, but the food makes up for it!

Review №54

First Try was a Cesar salad. It tasted like FISH!!Threw that out and they made a different salad which if you served is similar to CX gas. Omg so spicy.

Review №55

Great local place for salads, sandwiches, and grain bowls to go

Review №56

Sandwiches, salads, wraps, and great brownies! I have been going here for several years and have never had anything I didn't like.

Review №57

Very friendly staff, excellent coffee, fresh tasty eats, reasonable prices.

Review №58

Not only is the food amazing, the location has great and better decor than most

Review №59

I gotta say, the KOO KOO ROO sandwich was phenomenal. How do they make their Italian loafs so crispy?

Review №60

I have gone back a few times for a healthy alternative to other sandwich shops. I also like the food here better than sweet greens.

Review №61

There are two Sweet Leaf locations in Ballston, and this one is definitely the winner! Great food, nice staff and it's not nearly as busy as the location on Glebe Rd. They also have coffee/latte drinks at this location, but the Glebe location only had drip coffee the last time I visited. Salads and sandwiches are great! Sweet Green is just a block away, but I will always choose Sweet Leaf first!

Review №62

Salad is amazing and the staff is very friendly

Review №63

Tasty salads (from someone who doesn't typically like greens) friendly staff, and convenient location. Ticks all the right boxes.

Review №64

Awesome place. Get a giant filling fresh salad for a good price.

Review №65

You can make your own salad or choose from a pre-set selection as well. I have yet to be disappointed in any way other than in my own taste.

Review №66

Really nice place with fresh salads.. The toppings are amazing

Review №67

A tad pricey but the food was good.

Review №68

Vegan and vegetarian options, everything is freshly made and prepared on demand. Prices are relatively low and staff is pleasant.

Review №69

LOVE ! So good and wonderful friendly staff

Review №70

Eat there probably once a week. Seems to be the only healthy place to eat in Arlington, and everything always tastes great and fresh!

Review №71

Quick service, good food

Review №72

Plenty salad options. And sandwich options as well. Great place for a "to go" salad.

Review №73

Top notch fresh healthy food. They do substitutions.

Review №74

Great salads, reasonable prices, friendly service.

Review №75

Salad was good, if a bit pricey, but the staff was a bit disorganized. Didn't help with the long line.

Review №76

Great quick lunch

Review №77

I rarely review, but this location's staff (can't speak to other location) is superior. They are efficient, friendly, calm under the pressure of long lines at lunch and get it right every time. My go to lunch spot for salad, rice/meat bowls and sandwiches. Thank you.

Review №78

Good food

Review №79

Better salads than sweet green.

Review №80

So many ingredients and all yummy and fresh!

Review №81

Awful sandwiches and customer service. Barely any egg or meat on the sandwich. It was all Bread. Terrible

Review №82

Had breakfast here with my family. Great food, friendly staff.

Review №83


Review №84

Not to bad. Similar prices to Sweetgreen, and similar quality.

Review №85

Get the kabobi bowl. Cure vibe, fresh food!

Review №86

Quick easy salad joint

Review №87

Substandard food and cleanliness. Much better options in the immediate area

Review №88

Both salads and soups are complements to the sandwiches and desserts here. Big portions and many options.

Review №89

Delicious salads

Review №90

Delicious salads!

Review №91

Love milk

Review №92

Amazing healthy food and options

Review №93

Excellent, best salads.

Review №94

Not a fan

Review №95

Fresh salads,friendly service

Review №96

All delicious

Review №97


Review №98

Delicious salads

Review №99


Review №100

Great salads

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:650 N Quincy St, Arlington, VA 22203, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 703-527-0807
  • Health food restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Cafe
  • Frozen yogurt shop
  • Organic restaurant
  • Salad shop
  • Sandwich shop
  • Vegetarian restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:8:30AM–8:30PM
  • Tuesday:8:30AM–8:30PM
  • Wednesday:8:30AM–8:30PM
  • Thursday:8:30AM–8:30PM
  • Friday:8:30AM–8:30PM
  • Saturday:8:30AM–8:30PM
  • Sunday:8:30AM–8:30PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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