Weenie Beenie
2680 Shirlington Rd, Arlington, VA 22206, United States
Review №1

Love the half smoke BUT the clerk/cashier NEVER wear mask. I went2-3 times in the last few weeks and this dude never wear any mask. Potential super spreader. Steak and cheese was very bland.

Review №2

Are you looking for that 1950's roadside stand experience? Well guess what? You've found it in Arlington. Weenie Beenie is nothing fancy, but it is special The menu is simple and the food great. I have long wanted to stop in and try this place, and after three years, finally made it.I had the Double Cheeseburger Royal and fries (Combo #2). The burger may be nothing to look at and will win no prizes when it comes to presentation, but the was full of flavor and satisfied my hunger. The lettuce and tomato were crisp, meat well seasoned, and the cheese perfectly melted. Speaking of perfect -- that's the word I would use for the wedge cut fries. Their seasoning was impecable and the cook, perfect. The fries were crisp beyond belief and had a satisfying crunch when I bit into them.Overall a 4/5 -- Definitely worth a meal and a return visit at another time, but you aren't going to make it a regular dining establishment.

Review №3

I recommend the Whiting sub sandwich or the North Carolina style BBQ by the pound with his delicious coleslaw. The owner is from North Carolina and his coleslaw is just about as good as KFC's, a close second. Go give it a try. You will thank me. He has delicious breakfast too. Your kids and teenagers will love his menu.

Review №4

As someone who was raised in the south, this place reminds me of the food you would get in a gas station restaurant. Though that may sound like a slight, any southerner will tell you that it is high praise. "Simple" food with amazing flavors, and most importantly the sweet tea was fresh. There is a 100% chance I will be back. I suggest you do the same.

Review №5

Homemade carrot &coconut & lemon pound cake out of this world YUMMY

Review №6

Service was great. First time customer. I am a DC woman for past 60 plus years- l love half smokes and hard to find them outside DC. Wanted to try them here. Service was tops and fast. My only complaint is that the casing on them OR whatever made parts of it unchewable. I kept biting and kept getting hard to chewpieces and had to remove themfrom my mouth. Although good tasting for what I could ear, having to stop and remove unchewable pieces interfered with the enjoyment. I haven't tried anything else and know then reputation is strong. I was just disappointed.I said OR something else. There was some binding. If it wasnt the casing, it still had unchewable pieces. This is my opinion and experience.

Review №7

WORTH the Wait!!! I was getting my oil changed down the road. Really nice people...and started waiting. I just ordered the 'hash browns' since I don't normally eat breakfast. After 6 minutes, I started getting nervous about time. But then he called to me with a little brown bag with potatoes, fork, napkins, + ketchup packets. Found a bench across the street and at first bite, I stopped caring if the car was going to be done soon. Every chunk of potato had crunchy bits. They are made with bits of onion which added flavor and spiced with a little salt, cayenne and paprika(?). Soooo Gooood! I was full half-way through, but I wasn't going to stop. I'm okay with my car having issues if I can come back here!

Review №8

There was more chili on the wrapper than on my dog. Bland onion rings that were poorly cooked, and when I asked for no ice my drink barely had any Sprite in it because it was ALL ice (they were out of half the drinks and didnt seem to care). $10 for this level of mediocre? Thanks for ruining a classic chain. Pass on this one! There are better places around.

Review №9

Always terrific, steak and cheese and jumbo barbecue with Cole slaw and a little hot sauce

Review №10

Went there yesterday for the first time and had the chili half smoke all the way, with mustard, onions, relish and chili. Split down the middle and cooked perfectly. Didn't think anything could be better. I was wrong. Went there today and had the jumbo Carolina pork BBQ sandwich. Vinegary as can be, with cole slaw and a touch of hot sauce. Spectacular. And the potato wedges were done perfectly as well. I love this place!!!!

Review №11

Oh Yeah! Great place to stop for some simple good food while out on the W&OD bike trail!!!

Review №12

Owner is a cool guy! Best baloney egg and cheese in VA

Review №13

Wonderful half smoke, but the maskless, gloveless clerk ATE SOME OF MY HASH BROWNS IN FRONT OF ME before stuffing the box into the bag and handing it over. SUPER SPREADER

Review №14

This place is a local low price great place to eat.

Review №15

Went to this place at 6am, I ordered a grilled cheese with bacon and egg. And a half smoke only ketchup and cheese. The grilled cheese was not grilled nor did it have cheese on it and my half smoke had only onions. I believe the lady th hat served me was the owner. And she sacrificed quality for speed. Terrible experience. Absolutely disappointing! I hope they see this and step it up.

Review №16

I've lived in the Northern VA area since 1986 when I was first stationed in Arlington while in the Marine Corps. Shortly after my arrival to the area a few of Marine fellows took me to Weenie Beenie and ever since I've been hooked!! I now live in Centreville and don't get to Arlington very much but yesterday I was in the Shirlington area and stopped by. I got 2 half smokes and all I can say is no other place beats the half smokes at Weenie Beenies. Over the years I've tried just about everything on their menu and have never eaten anything I didn't like. If you haven't been to this historical landmark you should give it a try!!!!!

Review №17

Weenie Beenie is the best hole in the wall food spot in Arlington. My Fav Fish sub Royal, fried fish sub with everything. Hot dogs and half smokes too. Outside shack, no seats, but who cares.

Review №18

Wow. This place literally has the best chili dogs that you have ever tasted. When I was there, it was very busy, but my food came out extremely fast. A must-try for anyone who likes hot dogs.

Review №19

Good like always been coming here for many years great food and friendly service

Review №20

This place is good.. Price's r just right..

Review №21

High school teacher woman opens six day works Sat, all of crew dedicated, efficient and, on point, fast service. I stop by almost every week. Onion Rings crispy, whole onion, not chopped mush. Half smoke split down middle, grilled all the way - chili mustard relish onions have to try. Always hits the spot, cheap eats good food.

Review №22

Half smokes are great! Chili con carne hit the spot. I arrived. Got chili, bread, halfsmoke chili onions,,mustard,hot sauce. Ate those, went back for another half smoke and piece of pound cake. It is hearty, good to be full meal. Probly only have couple of bananas, salad for supper as I'm not feeling hungry. Place reminds me of my grandmothers cooking. Out of this world good food!

Review №23

Best glizzy out there

Review №24

I love this place, their coffee and HEC sandwich is really yummy , the people who take the order are always very kindly. Thank you guys

Review №25

“I wish we had a Weenie Beenie in the District of Columbia, this is a must stop in the morning or lunch period. Whenever I'm in the area I come past.......I love this establishment

Review №26

I got a fish sub with everything and ended up without much, just All the bread and no sauce. And the vegetable soup is horrible plain horrible. It tastes predominated with vinegar.

Review №27

Year after year and one of the last establishments in the area that you can get some damn good food early in the morning even what I love, my porkchop sandwhich and other things that will satisfy any appetite....I hope they stay there forever

Review №28

Weenie Beenie is a magical place. -Their half smokes ... the way the grease sticks to the parchment paper like a diesel fuel stain on a truck stop lot... and the mustard, suffocating under weight of that slightly viscous chili sauce...reminds me of a Sante Fe sunset on a late September evening.Oh, and their Carolina BBQ sandwich... much like that hug you longed for as a child but never received -only topped with slaw and hot sauce.

Review №29

North Carolina BBQ authentic vinegar must have their cole slaw (home made) and hot sauce; home made iced tea, wedges to die for.

Review №30

I love this place. I used to stop here for breakfast while biking along four mile run.Get the half smoke!Just don't eat it prior to biking up Walter Reed!

Review №31

Amazing hospitality, and service meets the quality of their food! Definitely a must go!

Review №32

Been coming here over 40 years, my favorite is scrapple double egg scrambled on white toast, always a real treat.

Review №33

This takes you back to simpler times. Good food; quick. It can get really busy.

Review №34

Great food at a great price.

Review №35

My sons love the Philly Steak n cheese:)I found my new favorite cheese and steak spot.. Toasted sub, lettuce tomato ketchup is how my boys like them. They love the wedge fries and code. This spot is friendly, fast and they care. It's tastier, and no place better! I can't wait to go back! I like the ten commandments, I teach my sons to be good citizens.

Review №36

Best bbq sandwich I've had, and I'm a bbq lover from Texas! The onion rings, half smoke, and home fries are all something to enjoy for sure.

Review №37

Amazing food, always fresh and unbeatable prices. Pro tip: I call in my order a few minutes ahead of getting there. Breakfast is always great - I just finished eating. Cheese steak and grilled chicken sandwich are my lunch go-to orders. Definitely a hidden gem in South Arlington. Thank you!

Review №38

Good food good price

Review №39

Great BBQ sammy!

Review №40

Absolutely phenomenal food!

Review №41

Great food! Consistent!

Review №42

Good chili dog and hamburger royale. Satisfied what I wanted. Prices very nice. Take away only with plenty of parking

Review №43

Great hot dogs, half smokes, and many fried snacks.

Review №44

Ive been going here since maybe 7th grade. Food thats actually prepared..and not just heated.. I love it! This is today's breakfast choice on the way to work. Grilled

Review №45

They take too long to fix the and my order was wrong.

Review №46

The service is consistently fast, lovely mood, very friendly staff members. Will visit here again when I am nearby.

Review №47

It's rare you can find a place that sells a decent half smoke anymore, rarer still that you can find one selling it with no muss, fuss, or frills. This is simple counter service for good hearty food. Nothing fancy but it doesn't need or want to be. Just good food.

Review №48

Great place great food fast service

Review №49

Great prices and great food! Got to try the half smokes!

Review №50

Great selection of fast food items. Courteous service.

Review №51

Great B bque

Review №52

Taste like the hood Alot of flavor Add a side of wings with whatever you get

Review №53

Best half smoke in the DMV area, very good prices. The pulled pork sandwich is also really good.

Review №54

I have been a customer at Weenie Beenie since childhood . Although I now live in Md I still travel to my hometown to get a halfsmoke or fish sandwich. It is the best and no comparison to any fast food around. I remember the manager from the 80's and when he brought in the manager of today. He never forgets a face and the friendly associates. They use to have a location in Md. Thank you for being there for us both far and near.

Review №55

Great food! Portions are just the right size to hit the spot after a long bike ride. My go to is the chili dog with all the toppings on it. Pair that with some home fries.

Review №56

Good food, good prices. Beats the pants off the more standard fast food joints in the area. Expansive menu, too -- both U.S. and Latin American options.

Review №57

Breakfast is pretty damn good!

Review №58

Born and raised in Virginia 35yrs old and just ate from this place for the 1st time 1month ago. I love the BBQ pork sandwich

Review №59

An icon. I grew up walking to this spot. Only reason it's a 4 is because my heart cant drop it to a 2 or 3 and because the customer service sucks. They can be rude. Fix that and it's a 5 all of the way.

Review №60

For breakfast, lunch or dinner you can always find some good eats.

Review №61

Very dirty, greasy spoon. Walk up service only. Don't expect to come here past 6pm. Way overpriced for what they provide in service, food, &/or environment. All three are lacking.

Review №62

Good good food check them out food is not that bad at all.

Review №63

Great hot dog stand. Their employees are friendly and courteous. Prices are very reasonable. Reminds a bit Pink's in L.A. except their dogs are kosher and a bigger. Bigger prices also lol.

Review №64

Long time business with consistent product. It is an out door walk up kinda place serving the common person. If you are seeking a good sausage egg and cheese sandwich, a half smoked, or a sandwich at a reasonable price this is the place.

Review №65

Always stop when in the area

Review №66

Friendly staff and tasty ingredients - this little lunch spot was very enjoyable!

Review №67

This is a legitimate western-style drive-in with breaded onion rings, gewy cheeseburgers and legitimate potatoe wedges. Service is fast and friendly. I'll definitely be back. Thanks for being true to yourself for all of these years.

Review №68

Had passed by several dozen times when in the area for work. (Reside in PA).Today I decided to stop in, and I was not disappointed in my decisionA quick google search told me what a Half Smoke is, and as they say. When in Rome.Sausage had a nice snap. The chili sauce was killer. And just the right amount of onions and mustardThere is only one shop locally at home I can get a bite like this.If you're on the fence about stopping, take the plunge. You won't regret it.

Review №69

Dope half-smokes. Super tasty. Fries could've been better.

Review №70

They've been here for so long for a reason. The food is great, served quick & will leave you satisfied. The Philly and the Chicken Philly Cheese steak are A1.

Review №71

Tried it a long time ago, nothing special, iirc. But been there done that, not how I try to eat now. Day labour overruns food options, as uncomfortable with those hanging around at the corner...

Review №72

My favorite pancakes

Review №73

Great local establishment. Best hotdogs and short order food, anywhere.

Review №74

Great onion rings and cheap breakfast sandwiches

Review №75

The lady who attends is a spoiled and bitter woman, she has no patience.

Review №76

Food is ok. Not anything like a Chicago Hot dog stand and the man taking our order with the rastafarian hat on is one of the un friendliest in a public service setting. Will we be back? Chances are NO!

Review №77

I tried this place because it reminds me of down south local joints. It has good prices but the food is just ok. The hotdogs are small and the chili has almost no flavor.

Review №78

Pancake platter was a tasty breakfast, very good bacon!

Review №79

This place is an icon of the area. It's cheap comfort eats at their finest.

Review №80

Old school, mom and pop, hole in the wall, Good food,good price, excellent service.

Review №81

Good half smokes, havnt tried any other food yet, but plan to

Review №82

The chilli dogs were excellent. I recommend them.

Review №83

Been around a long time. Was in the area and stopped in. Like everything a little different Good memories.

Review №84

Scrapple egg and cheese is awesome!! Perfect spot for quick breakfast or lunch. Easy parking great prices. Stop by and try

Review №85

Food was great! The pork barbecue sandwich is my favorite. Always greeted with a smile. I really enjoy coming to the Weenie Beenie.

Review №86

Sandwiches (beef hot dogs and chill dogs) for a quick bite to eat. Also serves breakfast. If you like food trucks, you'll love Weenie Beenie.

Review №87

I got a half smoke and it was pretty good! It tasted like it came off the grill and cook just like I like it!

Review №88

Love Weenie Beenie. Used to drive by when I was a teenager and thought, meh dosen't look attractive. Its an old hotdog stand but the food is delicious and affordable for a good quick bite. A good stop when I used to come home with a hot cooked Half Smoke with onions and fresh chili. Tell them you want them well done and you won't be sorry.

Review №89

This is an old-school, inexpensive takeout joint that's been around for years. The Foo Fighters even wrote a song about this place. Customers range from construction workers, soccer moms/dads, cops, office workers, and old-timers that have been coming here since they were kids.Get the chili dog with chili, onions, and mustard and you won't be disappointed. The cheesesteak and burgers are also good.Tip: There are two picnic tables on the side of the building if you don't want to eat in your car.

Review №90

This place is a great local lunch spot and had been doing the same thing for decades. The menu is good but the CHILLI HALF SMOKE IS KING! If you're in the area and hungry, stop by this spot. It's always a good sign when you see businessmen joining construction guys in line for the same lunch spot.

Review №91

Very good food and service. Philly and hotdog were great.*update* (Sorry, I must have been in a hurry). This place is AWESOME! Cheesesteak is as tasty as TonyLuke's in Philly. The dog a little sad but only 'cause it's gone so quickly!!!!! Only bad thing is that it's 10min from my house instead of next door. (OK maybe next door might be a little unhealthy... or WAY unhealthy 'casue i'd eat Hotdogs every day.)More updates to follow - I'm hitting WB for breakfast next week.

Review №92

I tend to frequent this place for lunch every time I'm in the area. The dogs are awesome if you like street food style dogs.

Review №93

Classic local comfort food stand. Fast service. Take out only.

Review №94

Well made sub. Very tasty.

Review №95

Good little shop for some carryout

Review №96

Try their fish sandwich. With tater sauce lettuce tomato onions and pickles

Review №97

Best damn bbq pork I've had in years. If you want a locals spot that serves up gut busting awesome this is the place.

Review №98

Weenie Beenie once had numerous locations throughout the area (it started in 1950!!) - and this is sadly the last remaining stand. The half smoke is absolutely the best in the area - Ben's could really learn a thing or two!! WB grills the half smokes, so they are juicy with a nice char. The prices are great, the service prompt, there's plenty of parking and a few picnic tables if you don't want to eat in your car. Truly a unique area institution!

Review №99

Very unassuming but good. Unique and consistent! I've never had a bad experience. I like the chili cheese dogs AND the North Carolina BBQ!!!!

Review №100

Found this place after my maps took me to a nearby subway which didn't exist. Food was all grease-filled roadside fare.... And I loved it.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:2680 Shirlington Rd, Arlington, VA 22206, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 703-671-6661
  • Restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Brunch restaurant
  • Diner
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Hot dog stand
  • Lunch restaurant
  • Sandwich shop
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–6PM
  • Thursday:6AM–6PM
  • Friday:6AM–6PM
  • Saturday:6AM–6PM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Temperature check required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Black-owned:Yes
  • Veteran-Led:Yes
  • Women-Led:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Historic:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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