553 W Dixie Dr, Asheboro, NC 27203, United States

Review №1

Very great customer service! The woman at the counter named Justine is very polite to me.

Review №2

My first time at a Bojangles and my friend was hyping these biscuits. She was right, these biscuits are dope.

Review №3

We don't have this in my area. The chicken was so soft and moist. Had a spicy kick which my kids didn't care for. But it was reasonably priced and fast service. I will always buy if I'm in the areas.

Review №4

They only had two people working.Approximately 25 cars in line and parked to the side waiting for orders.I waited 40 minutes for two sausage biscuits. Bojangles is the slowest fast food Hands Down!!

Review №5

They are slow af. Waited for pver 30 min for my order employees are rude

Review №6

If you're travelling, don't expect to use the restroom while you stop for food. They won't let you in the door. Service time was decent but the food was terrible. Everything was overcooked. One of the worst Bojangles I have ever been to.

Review №7

Love Bojangles wish it was closer so I could go every weekend

Review №8

Wait was very long, although the chicken is good and fresh.

Review №9

Got the pork chop grillers,the top of biscuits were very hard.

Review №10

The pork chop biscuits were too salty. I have eaten them at various bojangles. These were, the worst!!!, I have had so far.

Review №11

My barbecue sandwich was dry my dirty rice was overcooked for my fries was over seasoned and they were not fresh

Review №12

Cajun Chicken Biscuit was good, Bo Rounds were ok, needed to be cooked crispier.

Review №13

#1. Only the drive-thru is if you are traveling, just keep driving; because, under no circumstances, will they let you in to use the bathroom. #FlattenTheFear#2. Our order was super simple, 2 Cajun Filet biscuits and one BE&C biscuit. Yet, these people somehow managed to mess even that up. When we drove back to the window to have it fixed (bc, again, good luck actually entering the building), the girl immediately got an attitude. After the order was corrected, we opened our biscuits and ALL were cold, not even room temp...COLD. Not worth the money, calories or gigantic waste of our time.BUYER BEWARE.....

Review №14

My bacon, egg, cheese biscuit. Had no egg and cheese on it. Macaroni and cheese was cold. Manager had no mask on for safety reasons.

Review №15

I had ordered a boberry biscute two in fact they were hard and not enough glaze on them I'm disappointed and ordered three drinks only got one straw like really

Review №16

Good chicken Old Fries

Review №17

Chicken biscuit. Good

Review №18

Drive through was extremely slow... they were out of cole slaw... paid at window person who took our payment did not thank us for purchase or even say hello.... all she said was her you go and handed us our bag with no napkins.... looked into serving area and floor was absolutely filthy...... trash and food all over floor..... employees just standing around.... a very poor experience... will try to avoid this location

Review №19

Its was great it was fresh but they need to change the breading. It was very very crunchy. It surpose to be spicy not crunchy. But fresh it's always good.

Review №20

I know this is during the pandemic but very disappointed. I bought the 46 dollar w/tax 20 piece w/ biscuits and fixins. However when I got home, what I got was no biscuits at all! I got 1/2 to a 1/4 full of fixins each and it looked like they just put 2 scoops in. 1 gravy after picking 2 mashed potatoes w/ gravy. I was going to go to KFC but I had that during a emergency trip to NY, so I wanted something local and I'm totally disappointed in my local Bojangles here in Asheboro. Second the guy did not even want to make potatoes and tried to talk me out of them at 8:30. Very bad experience. The guy taking the order was nice but that was all. Guess just next time I hit KFC up. Very disappointed indeed. So I just ended up paying almost 50 bucks for some chicken and that's it.Update from the next day: I just got a call from the GM from the store calling to apologize for the issue, and stated that they would fix the problem. So at that I am going to change my review due to this. Thank You!

Review №21

I went there this evening to grab dinner I love their chicken and got 2 meals with dirty rice and there was no sausage in it and it was like white rice with a ramen seasoning packet and watery as ever awful but the chicken is amazing

Review №22

Just spent almost $60 and they didn't supply utensils i had to ask for them and no plates because the woman at the window didn't know if they had plates because the dinning room is closed.

Review №23

Chicken supreme combo ready to eat yum

Review №24

Great food and friendly staff

Review №25

The first Bojangles we went to on our way there was great. The Associates were friendly, the food was fresh and there was no issue with our order for our very large group. The second one we went to in our way back was not so good. Our food was not very fresh, we had trouble getting our items we ordered and the Associates seemed bothered by every customer that came in. Guess it is a hit or miss on these places though. We went on a family vacation to SC and thought this would be a good place to eat that could accommodate us all and we could get what we like. After the first experience on our way there we thought we couldn't go wrong again on our way home. FYI the first one was in SC the second one in NC.

Review №26

Finger licking good chicken!

Review №27

Very disrespectful and did not listen. I will not go back to this Bojangles and would suggest driving the extra 5 minutes to Randleman !!

Review №28

Fries never fresh/hot

Review №29

I was the 3rd of 3 cars in drive through, waited 33 minutes for 2 pork chop biscuits, and they both were raw and the biscuits were hard as rocks. The cashier was also very rude.

Review №30

On my last visit to the Bojangles on HWY. 64 in Asheboro, NC, my order was incorrect and I did not realize it until I arrived home. When I called the restaurant and asked to speak with the manager, a female got on the phone and immediately became hostile and accused me of lying. I called the corporate office and filed a complaint. After 3 weeks, noone has contacted me. I have yet to receive a refund or an apology.

Review №31


Review №32

Love Me some Bojangles. Never disappointed at our Bojangles in Asheboro.

Review №33

Love my Bojangles Denton nc. Great service and the staff are sooo friendly. Thank you for for the coupons.that I received in the mail.

Review №34

So I had a coupon for buy one get one free cajun filet chicken biscuit. My intention was to go in buy 1 biscuit, get the second free and then buy fries and a drink. The cashier had a hard time w that and charged us for two biscuits and then a combo. Then on top of that attempted to kerp the coupon. I had to speak w the manager and told him what k had, what we were charged w and that she kept the coupon. He took a biscuit and then gave me back the coupon.

Review №35

Rude drive-thru, bad service

Review №36

Talk about some sorry people at this one

Review №37

Always good choice

Review №38

The food was good the service is slow

Review №39

Bo rounds were cold chicken biscuit was warm

Review №40

Great biscuits

Review №41

I needed a large amount of chicken for a family gathering. I stopped by at 8:30 AM and asked if it was possible to get the food at 10 AM. The manager said yes.I returned at 10:02 to find that it was done and ready for me.Excellent service and good food!!

Review №42

Very good food any the staff was polite and very nice

Review №43


Review №44

Really good food fast line good customer service

Review №45

Great food was fresh and a friendly staff with clean bathrooms

Review №46

Love Bojangles. This location was okay, not very clean

Review №47

Too slow

Review №48

Someone posted a pic on FB about the Bojangles on 64 in Asheboro NC and I MUST have been behind him cause this pic EXACTLY how it looked when I pulled up! It was a PERFECT depiction of how this store is UNLESS they know of an inspection coming in. I run a store 3 states AWAY and I would terminate EVERYONE and run it myself before I allowed such filth and behavior as this store ! Its an embarrassment! Do something or I will personally report this dump to the health dept!!

Review №49

I have been wanting my husband to try sausage, egg and cheese biscuit. I like Bojangles biscuits, but this time chicken was cold and tough.So was the biscuit.

Review №50

I got the three peice was good fast and hot. Good biskets

Review №51

Always a great southern food choice. I wish it was a little easier to get in and out of, but overall its nice and clean, with good food, nice folks and happy music.

Review №52

Great service.. all food was hot.. great prices...4 thighs for $2. Glad we stopped here!

Review №53

I usually love Bojangles but the last 3 times I have went through the drive thru I have gotten cold food and not the right size order. I'm frustrated at this point and keep thinking the last time was an isolated incident but nope... Sad because I love their food.

Review №54


Review №55

Fast service, by friendly, courteous,staff. Reasonable prices, good food.

Review №56

I have never received such poor attention in all my years of visits to your restaurants than I received tonight and I will never again stop at that location and will think twice before going to Bo jangles again. I have purchased orders both small and for large events and normally find the workers and managers both friendly and helpful. I even complimented one of your managers at your Western Blvd location in Raleigh in his patience helping a new employee jus 2 weeks ago.Today on my way through Asheboro NC my wife and I stopped and decided to eat in for a change. There was a front staff of 4-5 with one manager and we were the only customers in line. After ordering we waited 10 minutes as the crew including the manager either stood around or packed an order for pick up. Only after I made a comment to one of the workers about standing there waiting for 10 minutes did one of the workers ask about our order. The manager never asked, never engages nor did the cashier who all stood there and I would have thought would ask us why we were waiting.As I left I told the manager I had never has such a bad experience at your restaurants and he barely bothered to even wonder why.This is totally unacceptable and with an Arbys on one side and Wendy's on the other they will not get my business both large and small.

Review №57

Very good food but slow service

Review №58

Chicken tenders are just large nuggets staff mouthy and unreliable. Staff also tends to be of the rude kind.

Review №59

It is the bomb good food

Review №60

It was very good

Review №61

Cajun meal, no problems & delicious

Review №62

Service was fast and staff was very friendly and professional

Review №63

Best place to order ala cart items for special diets

Review №64

We went at 9:30 at night. It was as good as it gets...

Review №65

Great remodel. Food was hot and delicious when we visited.

Review №66

Cheap fast food

Review №67

Went to asheboro Bojangles ha it was awful we order the fish sandwiches they put them on biscuits NOT buns no we didnt ask for them that way who wants fish on a biscuit my husbands didnt even have tart I mean come on people I mean if you were out of buns just say so and the fish was hard and cold...the FFs tasted like they were old .I dont understand how you can mess up a fish sandwich and I have question Do you like old FFs didnt think so I won't be back Sorry

Review №68

Love the Bojanglers (fish sandwich) at 2 for $5!

Review №69

Great food , and friendly folks.Service is quick.

Review №70

Food was good, staff was pleasant but very slow to get my small order and it was not even busy.

Review №71

Food was ok but Slowest service ever

Review №72

The best chicken place

Review №73

Best place for breakfast on the go

Review №74

Horrible, nothing was right, and everything I asked for they didn't have, then what they gave me, wasn't what I paid for!, & too top it off, they wouldn't answer the phone for me to even tell them what they had done wrong W/ my meal, & I had to wait 12 minutes to even be able to order my food, when I got there!;(

Review №75

They spilled tea all over me. Forgot to give me half my order and then not even a straw for the half of tea I had left. I tried to call the store and no one bothered to answer. So screw this place. If I could give a negative star I would.

Review №76

Great food very friendly and didnt have to wait forever love that!!!!

Review №77

Great biscuits and good price. My only complaint, the biscuits were not quite done this time around

Review №78

Good biscuits good service Sausage egg biscuit very good.

Review №79

Miss Bojangles! A favorite comfort food when we head south. Had to stop on the way home for breakfast. Yummy biscuits! Great cajun fries! Excellent chicken:)

Review №80

Great food and fast service.

Review №81

Went in there tonight, and got 3 orders. 2 of them were right and one was wrong .I order a 2 piece breast with 2 fixins , let's just say I just got a biscuit and 2 pieces of chicken but no sides .... so please check your orders before you leave.

Review №82

Drive thru is slow, took 20 min to get my food with just 2 cars in front, the restaurant seems to be understaffed.

Review №83

I am a Bojangles fan and eat at a lot of them but this one disappointed. The chicken was very overcooked to the point it was dry not moist at all and the outside was not crispy but was really really hard to even bite. Grease it was cooked in wasn't fresh. Mashed potatoes were hardly warm. Sorry

Review №84

The best biscuits

Review №85

Love their dirty rice

Review №86

Need to learn how to bake biscuits done. 3 times in a month raw biscuits. From now on Will go 2 mc donalds or biscuitville they always done. Tried 2 call manager about problem no answer. Last morning I will stop there 4 breakfast.

Review №87

Great chicken and biscuits.

Review №88

Reliable breakfast. Drive through usually moves quickly in the morning.

Review №89

Grt specials grt food

Review №90

The times I have been there the food is great, service is quick, staff is friendly and the place is clean.

Review №91

Loved the food but the service and cleaning on the sit down part of the restaurant should have been alot better!!

Review №92

I go here often. It's very good.

Review №93

Pretty good not great

Review №94

Place was a bit hot, but got the best service from Taya, Definitely going back because of her!

Review №95

Good food but had to wait for them to make biscuits

Review №96

Drive thru very slow especially the last 2 times. Didn't use to be that way.

Review №97

The floor is so greasy that you can hardly walk.Got to the counter and while their was 2 ladys working behind the counter they never acknowledged my presents, the manager had to greet and take our order.Behind the counter looked as though it had not been wiped and or cleaned in quite a while.Also the tables in the lobby were as a whole were dirty from lack of attention

Review №98

Great food.

Review №99

Good food nice people

Review №100

Quick drive thru service with no major issues! However, they assured us they put straws in the boxes when in reality we had to stop and go inside to grab some ourselves. Not a big problem but slightly inconvenient

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  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
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