Akira Japanese Restaurant
4154 California Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93309, United States
Review №1

A preferred place for delicious Japanese food. Everyone at our table was very satisfied. Looking forward to going back again. Prices that won't break you. They have so many good reviews for a reason.

Review №2

Love this place, 2nd time back in 2 weeks!! The chefs are funny & entertaining, food is delicious and the service is top notch!!

Review №3

The restaurant is great and roomy, the menu was yummy and the prices were very affordable. rapidly, efficient service and very attentive staff members. Highly recommended.

Review №4

Went for my birthday dinner. It was hard to squeeze our entire party around the table, but I guess we should have asked how many people fit when we made the reservation. The food was pretty good, although the chicken ended up being overcooked. The shrimp were delicious, and the steaks were good, but a little thin! The rice was really good.

Review №5

Really good food, chef was funny and super engaged with everyone while putting on his show. The waitresses kept our drinks topped off at all times.

Review №6

This restaurant is definitely one of the best place in the area. Anytime I come there I am truly satisfied. They keep their high standard service and the topmost level of dishes they give. You no doubt will love this place. Warmly recommended.

Review №7

Outstanding teppan restaurant, the food is cooked in front of you by a chef who puts on a wonderful display of talent, kids will love it. I had steak and chicken, excellent. Dinner includes soup, salad, entree with vegetables and ice cream.

Review №8

Amazing staff. Great show. Fresh sushi and amazing food all around.

Review №9

Delicious and friendly atmosphere! It can be pricey..never tasted the green tea ice cream but it was really good!

Review №10

I used to love this restaurant but lately it hasn't been up to expectations. The chefs have little to no enthusiasm lately. Not to mention when I took my father out to dinner with my fiance there was an issue over me not ordering a plate from the grill. Because I was going to eat off of my fiances plate (I'm a light eater and was ordering sushi anyways) they wanted to charge a split plate fee. So for two plates off the grill and two plates of sushi I still have to pay to split a plate?? Hope they improve soon.

Review №11

It's all always great but this very last time felt rushed. Not even halfway done with eating and the ladies handed us the bill and a box to go and there wasnt other people waiting to be seated!

Review №12

Tuna is very fresh. Great atmosphere. Very good place

Review №13

The place offers an awesome range of delicious food. I love dining here. The employees are always very nice, prices are reasonable and the spot is always neat.

Review №14

Japanese food at this location - very tasty. Two thumbs up for this place. The service here is outstanding. Feels like a place in Los Angeles I liked.

Review №15

Had a great time, good quality food, prepared well and entertaining

Review №16

Worst sushi in the whole world. Their so called sushi chef even gives you a reason for making the sushi so fast and bad. He made 4 plates in 5 minutes. When we complained he told us we were wrong. "The Japanese way is not the right way" he said to us!Sashimipieces were 1,5 cms thick!!!We will never ever come back. And my wife now is sick to her stomach. We will not recommend this restaurant to the whole world! Very bad service, and very bad kitchen!

Review №17

Akira is my favorite Teppanyaki Restaurant! Always consistent with an amazing taste! I always suggest Akira for every Birthday or date night!

Review №18

Fun times. Great chef. Awesome food.

Review №19

Floor was good,but tempura was under cooked and quite greasy. The miso soup was very good.

Review №20

Hmmmmm..... Just great! Not good - but great.

Review №21

Good food our cook was funny did a great job entertaining us.

Review №22

Good food, it was our chefs first day and he was awesome and honestly cooked and showed off better than the others witch is a 5 star in my eyes.

Review №23

The best Japanese food in town. A friendly and tasty experience with excellent teppan. Highly recommended.

Review №24

Love this place. Best Teppanyaki place in Bakersfield

Review №25

One of my fav places for delicious japanese food. Went there on a Friday I think. Nothing but pleasant experiences here.

Review №26

The food is very good. People are great

Review №27

Excellent cooking. Excellent service. I strongly recommend!!!By Paul from France

Review №28

The food and the service was good.

Review №29

Great food, atmosphere. My kids enjoy coming here.

Review №30

Delicious food and amazing service.

Review №31

This dining place is a teppanyaki/sushi restaurant. It's a nice and pleasant place to dine, but a little too dark (needs a little more lighting inside). Food was great and pricing is moderate. Great customer service and was on par in everything.

Review №32

Thought 13 maybe too many to handle but they catered for us very well and the show was enjoyed by all and mezmarized the grandkids in the party. Well worth the time and money.

Review №33

Went for a much needed date night and we were not disappointed. The service was prompt, the cook was friendly and skilled, the food was superb, and the portions were amazing. Will definitely be back in the near future.

Review №34

I love Akira's. This place has awesome food and the service is good. The scenery isn't great but the price, the food, and he service totally makes up for it.

Review №35

Great service and delicious food

Review №36

Good food and service.

Review №37

This was a great night. Probably too much wine but what a list. I even found a great Bordeaux on their list as well. Service was top notch and food was delicious. Would definitely recommend and it was easy to get back to my hotel "The Padre" which is across the street. Highly recommended for the wine enthusiast.

Review №38

By far an amazing experience as well as an amazing taste in their food. The steak and chicken were well seasoned and cooked as requested. The portions were just right in order to not over eat nor feel as if you need a wheel barrow to be carried out. I will surely be returning as well as recommending my peers. Thank you staff and chef for a pleasant lunch.

Review №39

Really good flavor to the food an good service

Review №40

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Bakersfield they are very professional and the food taste amazing.

Review №41

Since day 1 they have always had great food and service.

Review №42

My daughter and all of her freinds go here every year before formal to eat and then catch their lemo or party bus. Tonight was formal, and as soon as they finished their meal they were very rudely told to get up and wait at the door. They had only just finished their food. As her parents, we always go after they eat to make sure they get into their limo/ party bus. Upon arriving our daughter informed us of this treatment. When i approached the owner/ manager. He was rude and unapologetic. I am so angry and frustrated by this. My daughter and her friends are very polite and respectful. Especially of their elders and i feel they were treated this was because they are teenagers. We will not go back to a place like this.

Review №43

Love the fried rice with the steak. not over priced and always friendly staff

Review №44

Good food and reasonably priced. The food is always consistent.

Review №45

Ok location for delicious Japanese food. Food was so appetizing. I had a cousin come into town and asked me to take him back here.

Review №46

I live their weekday teppan lunch.

Review №47

My favorite restaurant in town. Excellent food and great entertainment.

Review №48

The place is a bit dark to my taste. The food was good though. Big choice of rolls and sushi. The portions a rather big.

Review №49

Good food but on a busier night service is poor

Review №50

If you enjoy teppan, this place is great.

Review №51

Great service, they know their customers well. The food is amazing especially the soup

Review №52

Great sushi and specialty cocktalmils!

Review №53

Fair to good.Interesting to see a Guy working to master the art of bento cuisine.Worked fine for our group.Just slightly embarrassed for nipponjin as a whole.The food caused no illness whatsoever.

Review №54

This is mine and my boyfriend's favorite place to eat on our dates. We feel spoiled when the waitresses know our order. Each chef has their own charm. Pricey but worth it for the quality and quantity of food. Their miso soup is delicious.

Review №55

Best tepanyaki i have ever had! Great service

Review №56

My favorite place, simply the best.

Review №57

Nice buffett, clean with lots of choices. Great service

Review №58

2nd time here. The chefs are awesome! The food is fantastic!

Review №59

Very entertaining they need more eggs in the fried rice.

Review №60

Great people.

Review №61

The salmon roll was amazing!

Review №62

Service was great. food was delicious

Review №63

Cozy little sushi spot with some teppan going on too.

Review №64

My experience was bad enough that I had to write a review. First of all the service was 'sub par' (not too friendly). I ordered vegetable tempura and received shrimp with vegetables. I had to wait a while for the waiter to return and when he did, he asked me to leave the shrimp to the side and just eat the vegetables. First of all, I believe to be allergic to shrimp. Second, the vegetable tempura comes with a lot more variety of vegetables. Third, I wanted what I had ordered in the first place! After hesitation, the waiter took my order back without apologizing. Even if we had not spent a considerable amount of money there, this is kind of service is shameful. We will not be going back.

Review №65

Always a great show or you can go just for the food

Review №66

I came in excited for teppanyaki, and was left with an unpleasant taste in my mouth. The display was nice (although a bit sloppy, a bit of food landed on me at one point), however the food was horribly oversalted. I couldn't taste anything but salt-which I can say for the miso soup, vegetables, chicken, scallops, and rice (the latter which was unevenly cooked). Spend your money elsewhere.Update: after notifying waitress, I was told "Yeah, that's just how this kind of food is," implying I'm not fit to judge the quality of the food I'm eating.

Review №67

Great experience! Awesome food and very entertaining. Go as a group of up to 8.If you have never had a "cook in front of you" meal....try this one. The bonus is the green tea ice cream at the end.

Review №68

Consistently some of the best cooked filet I've ever had!

Review №69

I love their teppanyaki. Shrimp & scallops. They're super nice chefs . And I love the green tea ice cream

Review №70

It was very good. Just wished it had fried shrimp. That's just on Fridays.

Review №71

I came here to bring a friend for his birthday. We came in and I was told the wait time was 45min. I left along with my friend and came back in about 30 or so minutes only to find out that because we weren't there our table was given away. But there's no reason for this because I was told 45min; early. And they still gave away our table and said we had to wait another 45min for a new table. This ruined the night I had for my friend. Good food but poor customer service.

Review №72

Great sushi! Very clean

Review №73

Akira's was the first in Bakersfield and is the Best! Great food and service the staff are very friendly. Try it out, you'll be very pleased.

Review №74

Food was ok. I do enjoy them cooking out in the open.

Review №75

Food was okay, but I've had better. You pay 20$ for a plate and they give you rice to get full fast. They have charges on the weirdest things. If you share a plate, they have to charge you 7.00. Not to mention they charge you without any consent their top which is 8.p0

Review №76

I go here when hearing cases in Bakersfield. They have a decent teppan lunch deal if you are not in a hurry.

Review №77

"This place offers great food and service.""The burger itself was quite tasty, and I loved that I could eat it on a salad.""Friendliest, cleanest diner I've ever visited, hands down."

Review №78

Had an excellent Tepan lunch there recently.

Review №79

My favorite place. The best fried rice in town.

Review №80

My favorite place! A little expensive, especially at dinner, but so delicious!

Review №81

Great food. Family Fun!

Review №82

Terrible rood service we walked out it was so bad on my daughters birthday..we have four kids two that need to be in high chairs and of course me and dad need to sit next to the baby's so we wanted to also sit together me and dad with babys on the side of us and the manager said we could not do that she needed the space for two other people as we also made a reservation for 6 and she wanted to push us into 5 seats with the place all ready cranes and was so bad the lady was yanking the chair from my husband saying no we cant put the high chairs like that and she said then we have to order a kids meal for all of my kids which is 25 bucks for each kid and we have two baby's under 2 and 1which can share with us, so we walked out and went to akiera sushi next to home depot on ming next door to bakersfield pizza company which also is awesome with vegan pizza but akiera it was awesome with the fire and more slace lots more, they have a fish pond inside the restaurant with s water fall so peaceful and romantic so thankful we left here

Review №83

At one point this was my favorite restaurant and had the highest ratings and awards. Lately, their food has much to be desired. I was very disappointed particularly in the Tappan. The cook knew how to do all the tricks but not much of a cook. The steak and vegetables were overcooked. The fried rice was simply drenched in butter and not much flavor. I guess it's time to find a new restaurant.

Review №84

We love this place: cozy, reliably good food, full bar, good sushi too!

Review №85

Amazing taste we go once a week for the steak and chicken dinner

Review №86

Did not have hot and spicy sauce the food had barely any flavor The service was great and my sushi crunch roll was delishWish my lunch had more flavor

Review №87

The food was very good and prepared in the traditional and entertaining manner. Im sure ill go back

Review №88

I love this place and Amy is the perfect hostess

Review №89

Not impressed at all , food had no flavor other than salty, definitely wouldn't recommend this place, for people who like to adventure great food

Review №90

Lovely experience and delicious sushi, very yummy and cozy

Review №91

Good service, great food and happy tomes

Review №92

Got there just about closing time and had a wonderful lunch.

Review №93

Food is great. Service is awesome!

Review №94

The food was surprisingly delicious and I will eat there again

Review №95

I come into the restaurant after a long drive. I walk in a 6 o'clock in the evening and the hottest says I can't sit and have dinner. She just literally sat 5 people in front of me and told me that the restaurant is closed.

Review №96

There's a story behind In n Out burger! I like their mentality! They have fresh products and good service. I usually don't like fastfood restaurants but this one can really be appreciated.

Review №97

The service was awful.

Review №98

Great experience

Review №99

Nice vibe in small, homey location complicated by a tiny parking lot and situated near the terminus of a perpetually busy cross-town freeway. The food was remarkable. The daily specials offer the adventurous a respite from your standard AM fare. Recommend the fried green tomatoes, any of the specialty pancakes and the sautéed portablella mushrooms in a killer sauce served...

Review №100

Favorite restaurant in all of Bakersfield. Amazing experience for the family or even just a date. Good sushi and bar as well.

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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
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  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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