Chefs Choice Noodle Bar
1534 19th St A, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States
Review №1

Great quality food. Lots options even for vegan/ vegetarians.. chicken Gyoza and veggie stir fry with brown rice was delicious. Great friendly service.

Review №2

Very nice food. Service was very good. We sat outside under the patio. Althoug, they have created an outdoor patio along Eye Street that looks nice as well.

Review №3

Thai food, yeah, delicious. Great place to chill, get away, eat some good food. I had a cousin come into town and asked me to take him back here. The place has a nice feel to it.

Review №4

Great place for a date or authentic recipes .Drunken noodles and red rice delicious.Only wish it was less sweet was a tad bit too sweet i would have rather had more heat and a bit of sweetness to balance out.But the dish was perfect. Loved the textures and freshness in the ingredient.

Review №5

Had a fabulous dinner here tonight. Bethany was a great server. We will be back soon!

Review №6

I go to this unique restaurant every couple of days because I enjoy the ambiance that is exist in this place. The staff is extremely loyal and well trained. The service is remarkablywonderfully fast. Needless to say, the food they prepare is perfect. I have been there often and I was always happy. The expense is honest. I suggest this place to to everybody.

Review №7

This buffet pretty much hasn't changed regarding menu selections since coming here in 2013. They still have their dependable prime rib, turkey, marshmallow sweet potatoes, Asian, Hawaiian and usual buffet suspects. Even the crab legs are the ones that are cut lengthwise, so no fumbling with crab-pliers or chopsticks. I even recognize the buffet bartender from when the M first opened.

Review №8

Excellent !!! The Chef as always never disappoints. Even tried the Pai Tai and Pineapple Rice. Prefect !!!

Review №9

I've been to Chef's Choice a few times in the past couple of years. The food is reliable, but not terribly exciting, and quite overpriced, especially compared to similar restaurants in Southern California. Yesterday, I decided to try the chicken satay ($13.50 for large order, with 4 pieces of chicken), since I've been trying to eat fewer carbs. Chicken tenders were used, but they didn't seem like they were the freshest, as the meat fell apart quite easily. The meat was also dry and not at all juicy. They were supposedly marinated in "coconut milk, curry paste, and cumin", but were pretty bland. I initially thought the peanut sauce had a weird texture, but since the chicken was so dry, I ended up using most of the sauce. The chicken was served with Texas toast (strange choice for an Asian restaurant), as well as pickled jalapeno/cucumber/red onion, which ended up being the best part of the dish (although it was described as a "salad", I'm not sure what kind of salad is served swimming in brine).Chef's Choice is somewhere I go if friends want to go, or if someone else is paying, but it is not a restaurant I seek out on my own time/money.

Review №10

Has breakfast for the first time with my family today and it was amazing! So many options! I was quite impressed!Jack was wonderful, made sure our drinks never went dry and there was never a dirty plate on our table.Can't wait to try dinner next

Review №11

A fav location for tasty Thai food. i often meet people here to talk. prices that are reasonable. mood here reminds me of colorado springs area.

Review №12

The food was absolutely amazing! Some of the best Thai fusion that I've ever had!

Review №13

Was hoping to find someplace closer to home, so we tried this. The worst! The fish and chips are like frozen fishy fish sticks. The chicken Sate was all in a jumble, not on skewers. Do yourself a favor and go to the Blue Elephant if you want Thai!

Review №14

Decided to give this place a try since I was having a craving for noodles.The interior of the restaurant is nice and relaxing. There is enough light to enjoy your meal, but not too much as to make the atmosphere unpleasant.The prices are straightforward, including tax on the menu, so what you see is what you pay.The staff is attentive and knowledgeable about the menu. My water glass never say empty for long.I decided on the "Drunken Noodles" with beef. It had a perfect balance of heat from the spices and mint from the basil.I decided to get the "Mango Sticky Rice" for dessert, but it was a little disappointing. The rice was nice and sweet, but it was served with butter on it, which meant it feel apart when you tried to scoop it up. The Mango wasn't very ripe either, and didn't have a lot of flavor to it. It also has a mushy texture to it.All in all, I was pleasantly satisfied with my meal, and will definitely have to try this place again.

Review №15

Best shu mai, wonderful noodle soup

Review №16

I liked everything about this place. Excellent food, good service, drink menu was decent, and prices were moderate. What i enjoyed most, was that it was something different. Good change up from burgers, and tacos... Will i go back again? Definitely.

Review №17

I've been to Chef's Choice Noodle Bar for dinner and lunch several occasions and it never disappoints! My"visit" is your pad Thai and pineapple fried rice (good to discuss both of these things, or so the left-overs go home for a subsequent supper ). My husband dictates the surf & turf on a regular basis, with tight noodles. In addition, I suggest the hot garlic edamame. Be forewarned - it's hot!

Review №18

Awesome and tasty food, I love the character the spot has, and the cashiers were very kind. Will definitely eat here again.

Review №19

I ordered fresh shrimp rolls but appeared no shrimp inside. Portion is good.

Review №20

I've been to Chef's Choice Noodle Bar for dinner and lunch several occasions and it never disappoints! My"visit" is your pad Thai and pineapple fried rice (good to discuss both of these things, or so the left-overs go home for a subsequent supper ). My husband dictates the surf & turf on a regular basis, with tight noodles. In addition, I suggest the hot garlic edamame. Be forewarned - it's hot!

Review №21

Very good selection. Nice place.

Review №22

My food was ordered online and delivered through grub hub. The food was delicious and well packaged. The reason for the low rating is due to the large piece of plastic wrap being found inside of my food.

Review №23

Service was a bit slow but great

Review №24

Thai food at this spot - great. Definitely one of the best places in the area. The service here is attentive. This place has a cool feel to it. Atmosphere is like a restaurant in Fort Worth I loved.

Review №25

Yesterday was our first time we visited this excellent restaurant. But It is obviously not the last. We had a good time with the efficient service, with the magnificent cuisine and booze and with the honest cost. We will definitely come back again.

Review №26

Great variety. Ate with a large party so saw a variety of menu options served and every dish was delicious. Great service despite or being a large group, and separate checks was not a problem!

Review №27

Vegan Pad See-Ew and Vegan Thai fried rice. Amazing servers and amazing food!

Review №28

Best Asian food downtown .

Review №29

Not good, overpriced, idk where that meat came from because that's not meat.

Review №30

From the moment you step in that restaurant team give you a good feeling. Very courteous waiters, it is a lovely place to to go out with friends and colleagues or with your date. yummy cooking, experienced chief cook and stuff, comfortable pay and attentive service. Highly recommended.

Review №31

Came here for the first time a few days ago. Decided to try the Ramen. The broth was fantastic, the noodles were spot on, and they used big chunks of bamboo shoots rather than those slivers. It was perfect except for one thing. The pork chasu was not tender at all like it is normally served in ramen. They were chewy and the fat had all rendered from the meat. If you want great noodles and a nice environment check it out.

Review №32

Excellent service, great food. The pad thai noodles and tom kha soup are delicious.

Review №33

This place is delicious and has an awesome ambiance. I come here a lot for dinner and lunch and it never disappoints. It's located downtown so it can get pretty busy at lunch but it's totally worth the wait. The people that own it are nice and run a great business. The Pad Thai is the best in town and that is usually my go to.

Review №34

Food way over priced and order seafood soup literally only had 3 shrimp for 20 dollars it should be drowning in seafood.

Review №35

One of my favorite places to eat in town. Great food, great atmosphere. Friendly and amazing customer service. All in all really no complaints about this spot. First impression was the prices seemed a little high, but the quality is definitely worth it.

Review №36

Was looking to try something new in Bakersfield. So me and my wife came here on a Saturday for lunch. The service was great food came out fast and when I got it I see why!! I got the Yakisoba Noddles and my wife got Jungle Curry. Also Crab Cakes which was not crab meat not sure what but Differently not Crab. I could tell my noddles was over cooked because they where stuck together. The beef was over also my wife's food taste like watered down tomato soup with angel hair noddles and vegetable. The best thing we got was the Thai tea. For the price you would think they would cook fresh to order food. I'm willing to wait a few minutes for good fresh food. Won't be coming back here.

Review №37

Good service, great food! Place for a spacious for big groups. Bathrooms very clean. Somewhat pricey but it's worth the price.

Review №38

Delicious food and portions are perfect. The ambiance is great. Great service.

Review №39

My wife and I have eaten here several times and the Pad Thai is delicious. We ordered out tonight and the Pad Thai was dry and the chicken was covered in chili powder. Not sure what happened, but tonight's dinner was definitely a disappointment.

Review №40

Hands down our favorite place to eat in Bakersfield. When people come to town to visit, we take them here. Favorite dish: drunken noodles. Their periodic cooking class is also a lot of fun. Can't recommend highly enough.

Review №41

Great food, drunken noodles and pineapple fried rice are delicious and this place serves the best Thai food in town and as a matter of fact the best that I have had in a long time.

Review №42

Nice clean, darkish, roomy, great curry, quick professional service, lots of vegetation options, full bar. The only reason it gets 4 stars is it isn't one $ maybe for lunch, but I'd give at least $$ & it was tooo air conditioned But really tasty food.

Review №43

We had been hearing about how good this place is but had not made the effort to go. That was a mistake. It is excellent. The menu offers an array of great choices and the servers know them well - put yourself in their hands and let them lead you to some recommendations. We trusted their guidance and will do so again. We enjoyed the casual and comfortable setting. Excellent Food Great Service Worth The Visit. I've been 8 times. Always Great. If you don't know the menu. Ask they will suggest items. Great bar also.

Review №44

The pineapple rice is absolutely amazing! One of the best things I have ever had.

Review №45

One of my fav places for quality thai food. The bill was well within reason for the quality.

Review №46

One of my best experiences in a restaurant like that. The employees were super nice and on top of everything. Definitely would eat there again, and definitely would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great place to eat.

Review №47

Good food and customer service. Went here for lunch w coworkers and we all enjoyed it.

Review №48

Amazing service! Food it's delicious!! Will definitely keep on going back for lunch

Review №49

Dull setting good service good food.

Review №50

Food was great and there is a large range of different food options. From soups , to rice and noodle dishes, to steaks. Had the thai garlic noodles with shrimp , and everything was cooked well. Definitely need to come back again to try something else.

Review №51

Food was good great service we had a great time

Review №52

Last week was our first time we visited this magnificent restaurant. But It is surely not the last time. We had a good time with the generous service, with the superb food and wine and with the honest price. We will absolutely visit there in a short time.

Review №53

Love this place. However our last two experiences ordering the Tom Yum noodle soup was less than to be desired. So surprising because that soup wa outstanding. The flavor is missing something. I think it had ground chicken in it before. now it's chunks of chicken and minimal amounts of peanuts. I'm not one to complain but really disappointed in the soup. we used to love going there for it especially on a cold winter night Actually you could have that soup anytime of the year that's how good it used to be. Kind of disappointed.

Review №54

I don't get a chance to eat here often but I always enjoy it. I usually get the crab fried rice and usually can't finish it, too much food! Today I had the orange chicken and brown rice, it was great. My brother-in-law got the same but with white rice and said it was good, too. The staff is very friendly and we will be back.

Review №55

Excellent place.I enjoy the atmosphere every time I walk in, you can tell that the establishment cares about appearance and goes the extra mile. The waiters have always been friendly and professional.There's usually a good lunch crowd in, and the atmosphere is lively.The food is usually very good, and the portions usually fill me up. (But i eat a lot).I've ordered from them using UBER in the past, and it's refreshing to know that Chef's Choice Noodle Bar does not cheat their to-go order portions. Thank you.

Review №56

This place is amazing. The food is outstanding with great flavor. Their Thia Boat is amazing with just the right amount of savory/spicy flavor. In most noodle soups I dislike the meatballs but in this dish they complement it well. Another dish that is great is the Drunken noodle on the spicy side but again just great flavor. Now the important part to me is the servers and staff. The staff is amazing with their kindness and you will never go long period of time without someone checking on you. The staff is what I would call on top of their you know what. The owner is amazing and when in the restaurant will always greet you with a smile. All In all Great Food and even Greater People.

Review №57

One of the best thai iced tea I've tasted in a long time.

Review №58

Good food.

Review №59

A preferred place for tasty thai food. A preferred evening place. I've had nothing but enjoyable experiences here and plan to keep visiting. Prices were fair.

Review №60

Great Service and Food

Review №61

Excellent service, food, ambiance, no wait early evening, good prices. Parking tight, neighborhood a bit sketchy

Review №62

Lots of different choices on the menu including soups, noodle dishes and stir fry. We had pad Thai, which was excellent and pho, also very good. Service was excellent and very friendly. The place was busy on a Friday night but we were seated immediately at about 6:30 pm. We were surprised to see that they now serve alcohol, which isn't on their website. Wine pours were generous and a variety of specialty cocktails are available.

Review №63

Drunken Noodles and flourless cake were delightful

Review №64

One of the best place to eat. Excellent service, and can't wait to go again.

Review №65

Loved the Spicy Eggplant and the mixed drinks.

Review №66

Excellent food, good service, reasonable prices

Review №67

Delicious. Owners are so friendly and accomodating. Love everything I've had off the menu. I like that tax is already in the price you see makes it easy for large groups

Review №68

Staff very friendly and responsive. We ordered pineapple fried rice, pad thai, and others. Ask for the fresh cut chili !! They mixed it up nicely with soy sauce, tasted very good. Reasonable price, didn't expect to find such nice place in the middle if nowhere.

Review №69

I liked the food both times I went. This last time I got jalapeno poppers and drunken noodles. The time before I got green curry. I'll go eat here again. There are a lot of options on the menu. I'd recommend it for sure.

Review №70

Always great. The pork pad thai is the best in town.

Review №71

Very friendly staff. One of the best chai tea I've had.

Review №72

My preferred place for quality thai food. Food was so tasty. I'll return friends next time. The bill won't shock you. Feels like a place in Charlotte that I enjoyed visiting.

Review №73

Server was nearly nonexistent, minimally polite when they did surface.Ordered green papaya salad and it wasn't muddled at all merely tossed, void of debth of flavor tasting only of lime juice and sharp raw garlic. The pho too was void of flavor and the "meatballs" had the unpleasant consistency of hotdog. Was looking to order desert but was given the check without ever being asked how anything was.This was not my first trip here but the last two visits were similar.Most likely will not teturn.

Review №74

My preferred spot for quality Thai food. I look forward to going back again. It has a nice feel to it. Kinda of like a cafe in Phoenix that I enjoyed.

Review №75

Everything on the menu is great. Service at take out to for to-go orders is lightning quick. Dining in is fairly quick as well, but some dishes take longer to prepare than others. I've taken most of my best friends here and they all are extremely happy. This restaurant specializes in ethnic Thai food rather than traditional, but there are some traditional dishes available.

Review №76

I come here for the Pad Thai!!!! Delicious! It's one of my favorite places!

Review №77

This is my go to for Asian cuisine. A lot of good options. Pineapple fried rice is a must try. Portion sizes are very generous.

Review №78

Best thai food in Bakersfield. Love that this is Downtown.

Review №79

Phenomenal restaurant! Great service and delicious food! Had a wonderful date night.

Review №80

Would definitely recommend trying this place. Fantastic atmosphere, yummy food, good service. Fantastic work.

Review №81

First time eating at a place like this ( I'm only familiar with Panda Express) the menu was overwhelming because I didn't really know what I was looking at but my server Stacie helped me navigate thru it and the meal I chose was DELICIOUS! Being a manager of a restaurant myself I'm glad to say that Stacie and the rest of the staff were very friendly and attentive, this was my first visit and I now intend to come back very often!

Review №82

High quality food friendly service and very clean ambience

Review №83

Courteous service and great food. Always a delight to try different things on the menu. Great for social or business meetups. You won't be disappointed.

Review №84

The Tai boat is outstanding! The menu is robust and the server was very well versed in all the items. He was able to direct us to the perfect dish for our tastes. Our food arrived at our table hot, fresh and bursting with flavor. So glad we found this gem in Bakersfield. We will be back!

Review №85

Ok place for tasty thai food. stopped in on a monday i think. prices that won't break you.

Review №86

Drunken noodles are always good! Fast service as well

Review №87

Always good thai food, fast service, and the servers are great

Review №88

This restaurant was great. The food and service were A+ and I would have given 5 stars but my spicy basil pork tasted like ground beef instead.I came at the lunch hour and it was crowded but being solo, I was seated within a few minutes. I loved where I was seated and the waitress was so friendly.I ordered the fresh spring rolls and spicy basil pork with white rice. I also had a thai iced tea. The flavors were excellent, except that which I stated above.I will definitely go back and I recommend this restaurant.

Review №89

I had never been to a noodle bar before. I like Asian food, but noodles not so much. My daughter and husband love this restaurant. It is beautifully decorated, the waitstaff is excellent, and the food is great.

Review №90

Excellent food, love the thai iced tea.

Review №91

Must place to eat. Staff and the Owners go well beyond expectations

Review №92

A fav location for quality Thai food. two thumbs up for this place. i will be back with my coworkers. prices were reasonable.

Review №93

This place is absolutely amazing. I reccomend the surf and turf with pineapple fried rice. So much food you can share!

Review №94

Cool food!

Review №95

Very little flavor. Not fresh.

Review №96

Real good food, gotta go back to try other options.

Review №97

Staff are friendly. Very accommodating for our group of 10. Food is alright , would go back .

Review №98

Really good food if you're downtown and like Thai food!

Review №99

The drunken noodles from this place is one of best best foods I've ever had anywhere. The other dishes are delicious as well. This is a must try place.

Review №100

I really enjoyed myself there.I had Glass noodle with duck and a small bowl of Wonton soup. It was wonderful.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:1534 19th St A, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 661-325-1234
  • Asian restaurant
  • Thai restaurant
  • Japanese restaurant
  • Delivery Restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Southeast Asian restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–8:30PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–8:30PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–8:30PM
  • Thursday:11AM–8:30PM
  • Friday:11AM–9:30PM
  • Saturday:11:30AM–9:30PM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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