Hot Pot Spot
1525 18th St, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States

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Love the food here. So far I've tried the seafood bowl, lamb bowl and spicy beef bowl, they are all really good. The spicy beef bowl is my favorite, it is delicious! I also love the egg rolls, they are huge and tasty. I did get to try some orange chicken the other day too, it was good stuff. Didn't have to wait very long, the food came up pretty quick and the server is very nice. I'll be back to try more. :)

Review №2

Great spot especially in cold weather!

Review №3

Overall fantastic experience! Costumer service was great, you could tell they really care about their customers, food came out in a timely manner and was absolutely DELICIOUS (the flavors in the Seafood Pot are amazing)! Would definitely recommend to everyone; if you're looking for a cool new joint to enjoy a fun and different dining experience this place is definitely it!

Review №4

Boba good, very uptight I mean up kept. Cheesy special, much b recommend

Review №5

My friend and I decided to go here on Friday night.Upon arrival we noticed there was no hostess station. We were unsure if we sit ourselves or do we wait. 2 minutes later we weren't even nicely greeted a lady told us to pick a seat. We went ahead and sat in a booth. We noticed a gentleman employee trying to calm down a homeless women who was not wanting to leave the establishment. He kept telling her she needed to leave and would physically slap at him. At this point we were getting uncomfortable and now afraid for our safety. My friend was wanting to move to a different table across the way. When we got up a female server asked what was wrong? I nodded to the female that was just in an altercation with the Male employee. So we sit down and we look at the menu and we wait, and we wait, and we wait. No one came to ask us if we wanted drinks or appetizers. We waited over 10 minutes and NOTHING. At this point I was uncomfortable even being there. The homeless women had now slipped into the booth that we were originally sitting in and eating the sauce out of the container on the table. At this point we decided at that point that it was a bad decision to go there. We both left the establishment and went somewhere else. Definitely do not recommend this location. Customer service needs some serious help. Obvious that they are understaffed.

Review №6

We're trying to sit here patiently however I can't forgive the slow service, it has been 25 minutes since we've arrived and we haven't received a menu. They need to hire 2 people that understand how to seat people to make sure everyone gets served accordingly, because currently this one waitress doesn't know where she's going. I suggest they get two people working one as a host and one as a server they can split the work up between them by having one seat and take drink orders and the other focusing only on food orders and delivering food. As I am writing I waited five more minutes and decided 30 minutes was all I could handle waiting and left I won't be coming back for a while I really hope they can fix the issues here and I'll change my review once I see they did. I will say it smelled really yummy though.

Review №7

I am so disappointed because we were so excited for this place. We have wanted to try since before it opened and finally had the opportunity tonight.We walked in and there was one group of about 7 seated, and 3 other tables of 2-3 people each. We walked in at the same time as another couple. They were sat and we were sat within a couple of minutes at the booth next to theirs. The couple that came in at the same time as us ordered and we were able to order within 5 minutes. That's when things went downhill.The couple needed refills, as did I. The restaurant was starting to fill up. 3 waitress, 12 tables, 2 of which were big tops (7-8 guests). The other couple's food came out, no refill offered. The young lady finally was able to flag down the waitress and ask her to get her boyfriend a refill because his hips was empty (and he ate all of his ice) and she had maybe an inch of cola left in her cup but the waitress only grabbed his glass leaving hers and walking by my now-empty glass, ignoring us. At this point we still hadn't received our appetizer (sesame balls) but the couple that came in at the same time as us was receiving their check and trying to cash out.I waited 15 minutes. FIFTEEN MINUTES of trying to get our server's attention, with my empty tea glass at the end of the table, other couple that arrived with us now gone, and finally we got another server to cash us out for our drinks and left.

Review №8

Thanks for opening a hot pot place in Bakersfield. It was the one thing I missed most after leaving Los Angeles. I love this place. Everyone was super nice and attentive. The place hasn't officially opened yet, but I had the opportunity to drop in on their soft opening during my lunch hour. I can see this place being packed out everyday.Great job with the build out and creating such flavorful soups. Finally, we have a healthy cuisine in the area.

Review №9

My wife and I had a nice dinner together. The restaurant was new, clean, and comfortable. We know the owners and they treated us with great service and some great food. Try the coconut boba!

Review №10

The food was delicious! I would definitely come back & recommend this place! Only thing is they never brought my sauce and taro boba was watery but the hot pots were definitely tasty

Review №11

Food Was Delicious and The Prices Are Not Bad at All It's Fairly New I don't see Why People Are making A Big Deal About Wait time Etc.Defenely Coming Back!

Review №12

I'm so happy that there is finally a hot pot place in Bakersfield. Nice staffs and great food! I will definitely come back again.

Review №13

The plates were good but I have some constructive feedback to improve the hot pots.1. Offer gluten free soy sauce2. Offer Sriracha and a variety of other spicy options3. Cook the veggies in water with salt, they were bland and flavorless4. Improve the quality of the broth, it tastes like carton broth5. Add more spices or flavor overall6. Get electric hot pots so the broth doesn't boil over and spill on you7. Offer pre-cooked chicken hot potAtmosphere tips:1. Add plants2. Hang pictures on the walls3. Play good musicThere is a lot of potential, I am excited to see the continued improvements.

Review №14

This place was so good! I went right when they opened and while they're working out some kinks I think the food and staff were great! I'm so thankful this place has come to Bakersfield!!

Review №15

Good food and fair price. Pretty okay customer service. Place is clean.

Review №16

Been waiting to go here and so happy i waited its super filing

Review №17

My family and I were there tonight when it was really busy, the wait was average, but the food was GREAT. Glad to have hot pot in Bakersfield.

Review №18

Great food, glad to see one in Bakersfield. Street parking was hard to find, but the free public parking structure came in handy.

Review №19

It's just like the Boiling Point. Loved the hotpot and boba milk tea! Finally a hotpot place in Bakersfield.

Review №20

I like this restaurant. The soup tastes very good and the service is quick. I will come again!

Review №21

Good hotpot, different than what I expected because we didn't have to cook it ourselves, really enjoyed it. The XO sauce was the best.

Review №22

Was awesome to try something that Bakersfield dose not have first one to order, service was amazing staff very sweet and comidating to our requestsLoved it all, service was Awesome, Food just as great too.Lobster was Additional cost.So I wanted to experience with a hot pot was I drove last year November 5th all the way to LA to try hot pot this style is different from that style in LA but I still totally enjoyed this although I would have liked to have the meat not cooked as much as it was when it was first brought to me everything else was delicious and I'll know the size of the bites were little big for me to handle with chopsticks I still was offered a fork and knife and a plate to put those bites on to cool down and like bite-size.The experience was definitely a fun thing to try that Bakersfield does not have yet and I encourage everyone to come and try this Hot pot spot. Next time I visit I will bring my husband and we will try the plates they have as well. I do have to say their XO sauce was delicious along with the broths they served were amazing.

Review №23

Loved it! Good food, great service...try the matcha green tea boba

Review №24

The food was just okay, service was definitely lacking, and the restaurant added a mandatory 18% tip to the ticket.

Review №25

Good food and very good prices only thing I really didn't like was the add on instant noodles but everything else was good staff was very polite and friendly

Review №26

Supposed to open in November. It's now January and not even an update to Facebook. Reflection on how their customer service is gonna be?

Review №27

I've been here twice now and its worth it.

Review №28

11/23 we when there , but it was not open yet!

Review №29

Is it open now?

Review №30

Love it

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