Panda Express
9200 Rosedale Hwy #300, Bakersfield, CA 93312, United States
Review №1

Best spot to buy something when in a hurry. The service is swift, rates are reasonable, awesome mood. Will visit here again

Review №2

Good food. We asked if we could wait for the fresh food coming. They didn't take long and even brought it to our table. Very deliciousGreat service.

Review №3

Went in to buy lunch for my daughter and myself. Social distancing was being observed and masks worn. There was one way in to order. We got plates with half and half of rice and noodles. The rice was not fully cooked. We got two items with our plates. The honey walnut shrimp and chicken green beans was good. My daughter got broccoli beef but it mostly just broccoli. The place was clean. The associates were pleasant. Paying at the register was fairly quick. This place is usually really good, but this time it fell short just a little.

Review №4

Food was great, the service was better! It was busy & the staff was so friendly, helpful & quick. The BEST take out experience I've had during the Pandemic. Well done.

Review №5

I love Panda went in in the evening time really busy took quite a bit while. They should work on their customer service more and please their customers I asked for possibly little vegetables as possible and this is why. I ask for chow mein if I wanted a fight of vegetables I would have ordered a side of vegetables. The restaurant seemed kind of clean. But please look at this picture and tell me what is wrong all those vegetables and no chow mein.

Review №6

Fresh, fast, and clean. Would visit again

Review №7

Great broccoli beaf but it's the only good food at Panda Express!

Review №8

Food was ok. The manager's customer service is pretty bad. If I wasn't hungry I would have gone somewhere else. That lady needs to learn some manners.

Review №9

Always love the food though it is awkward how they went about COVID. Only one person can come inside at a time and have to wait outside in the heat for it. But if you love Panda like me, it doesn't matter

Review №10

They need better customer service. Spent at least 20 mins in line to get my food.

Review №11

I just happened today. They gave me wrong order. While I brought food back to them to replace with right order. They took it and put it aside. Keep taking new customers. I mentioned them. I am here for long. When I can get my order. They were keep ignoring me. Just keep saying it just wait. They were worried about the new order. Not worrying about the customer already spend time in the line and standing again just to get the right order. They are very unprofessional. I won't feel like going there anymore. While they gave me my order and they gave me somebody else's food too. I am not going back again to return that.

Review №12

Good but ot my favorite.

Review №13

Always good food!

Review №14

Totally poor place to order food. Took almost an hour and a half. Employees are rude and obnoxious. Not the place to go during the pandemic. System is flawed and employees are rude. They need to close the doors.

Review №15

This Panda Express is the worst this one is closest to my house and every times its bad, the severs are rude they don't listen to what you ask for and when you correct them they get all burnt, the food is always cold and I dont understand how that is when they have those warmers underneath.

Review №16

Long lines. Hire more staff and be more organized.

Review №17

Good taste in Chinese food. I understand that people says there are too much sauce inside chinese food, for example, chicken have too much orange sauce on it. Oh well. Just enjoy Chinese Taste STYLE, silly you. So far there is good chinese food that can be better than other chinese restaurants, who knows. Good customer service and good price offer.

Review №18

We shared a large plate, had plenty of beef and chicken, broccoli and green beans...all prepared perfectly. For under $10 ! For 2 adults ! Very satisfying. I think of this when we want a quick meal at burger places...which cost more ! For what?

Review №19

Clean, great service, reasonably prices good food.

Review №20

If you want fast food Chinese this is the place to go! Fairly cheap prices and their cheapest option (bowl) gives you a decent amount of food. Service is very fast and the workers are polite.

Review №21

I'm a fan of orange chicken and theirs is always delicious

Review №22

Always good food. However, the chow mein had too many vegetables. Orange chicken is always crispy and awesome.

Review №23

They always have the best walnut shrimp and bejing beef. Excellent service

Review №24

Not only was it crazy busy but the staff was rude, they were under prepared, and lastly now they charge for everything. Might as well go to an actual Chinese place with their new prices. The food was just alright. Not fresh tasting at all. And they were out of like 5 different dishes. Just a poor experience overall.

Review №25

The manager needs to change their practices! The cashier is wearing gloves, accepting cash and credit cards, using the register, then picking up containers, cups, lids, utensils with the same gloves! Need to research cross contamination - this is a filthy practice!!! Change your gloves!

Review №26

Customer service is terrible.

Review №27

As always, the restaurant is busy due to great food and good prices. Inside and outside seating for winter and summer. Close parking, H-cap parking though the inside tables may be difficult to maneuver around as they are both close together and there is almost always a line snaking through the restaurant (the food IS that good!)

Review №28

Panda Express is always good you can never beat it

Review №29

The Rosedale location has great service on a Sunday afternoon. The place was packed but the staff kept the people moving smoothly and my food was hot! Thank you to Panda Express on 3/24/19.

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Review №31

We go here a lot... more than I care to admit. But they always have good food at a reasonable price and are typically very accurate. They do get busy around lunch and dinner time, but that's to be expected.

Review №32

They employees that were working when I went in could use some training on how to speak with a customer. They are very rude and don't care what you have to say. Food way okay.

Review №33

Clean, taste great, fast and quality Chinese food

Review №34

Fast, tasty, good price, clean and well run.

Review №35

Containers filled up to 3/4 of the container; Ordered the “Family Feast” to go and all 3 servers involved (supervisor included) served 1.5” below the full line. Paid for the 2 different Shrimp options which is extra cost and now they're not filling up the containers.Instructions to under fill containers must have come from management because they all under-served equally and it's the first time they don't do it (May 10 @ noon)...I have been a customer for 2.5 yrs and I'll probably give them one last chance to see if was a one time issue... although I love Panda Express food, nobody likes to be scammed out their money

Review №36

Good chain Chinese food, prices are a bit on the high side for what you get. Employees are taken advantage of with not enough hours and over working them for basic benefits on minimum wage. Orange chicken is the most well known and popukar dish. Clean, up to health department standards but Panda owner please put employees first

Review №37

We had to stop for some of the food that is always good, yet there was no panda tea bar. My mother and I enjoy the tea bars in Panda Express and so do many others. Please consider putting a tea bar in this location for the frequent stops here from the 99. Great place and friendly staff plus bathrooms were clean. Only recommendation would be the tea bar for EVERY Panda Express.

Review №38

I wish Taft had a Panda Express. Love their food.

Review №39

Food was fresh and delicious...the orange chicken on the other hand was kinda hard.Facility was clean.

Review №40

So delicious I'm now wanting it everyday Hot and fresh.

Review №41

My walnut shrimp was way over cooked

Review №42

Food was good. But service was very slow. Stood in line waiting to place order for a least 20 minutes. There were only 2 people in front if me.

Review №43

The food was good and it was hot. The line was long. The counter service was terrible. One older lady (the manager) working the food line and one young lady working the cash registrar. The older lady was intrested in trying to up sell your order. (you order a Bowl, for a dollar more make it a plate) She ask a questions and did not wait for an answer. The older lady did speak loudly or look at you directly. She skipped over people in line and had to double back.The younger lady at the register could have been faster at the register, but she had to finish orders that were incomplete (side orders & extra items).Plus the younger lady had to sort orders that were out of order because of the older lady.The seating area was only about a quarter ways full. The of the tables weren't wiped down and self service drink area was a mess.I've been inside this particular store before during lunch and dinner rush. Gotten better and faster service. I've seen the place look a lot cleaner and kept in better shape during those busy times.Hopefully it's better the next time I visit. Hopefully this is not a new onwer or manager style of trying save money and increase the stores profit margin.

Review №44

Amazing food very cleanly

Review №45

Rip off. They give half the portions of any other place, for twice the price. They put corn instead of egg in their fried rice, which means it's just rice and corn now... plus they have hidden fees for almost any menu item, which means anything you pick you have to pay an extra two dollars for. This place is such a ripoff I won't ever return to any panda Express for the rest of my life. What an embarrassing and greedy corporation, no thank you.

Review №46

Absolutely awesome. Great service and clean tables.

Review №47

Food is good as always but not worth going back if I'm going to be hit up for food or change by homeless as soon as I walk out.

Review №48

Very good food and variety! Great selection also. Prices are good too.

Review №49

I have always loved everything about Panda Express especially the ice tea. Where did it go? Please bring the original ice tea back! Thank

Review №50

Always come here I love panda!!!

Review №51

Very busy place and no wonder.... this popular place has fresh Chinese at affordable rates with the quality you can taste, Something we appreciate.

Review №52

Jasmine was excellent customer service very nice girl and helpful.

Review №53

Food was good. No complaints.

Review №54

Amazing really love the orange chickennnn!#good #amazing #100%#life

Review №55

Foods great as long as they don't mess up your order and leave you without a fork to eat it with! By the time I was finally able to eat my food (I was at work with nothing but my dirty hands) it was cold. When I called the assistant manager said they'd do what they could to make it right but in the end just laughed and made me feel like an inconvenience for asking for a remake of my cold order... least to say customer service out ways the food in this instance... I won't be back... plenty of other places with good food and much better service!

Review №56

This Panda Express is the best one in town in my opinion. It's always busy but worth the wait.

Review №57

Panda Express is always amazing. The line always moves fast.

Review №58

Arrived 30 min before closing only 2 main entrees on steam table had to wait for Black pepper chicken were out of chicken for teriyaki employees were more worried about closing than having food out for customers

Review №59

The ever present line moved quickly, the food looked as good as it always does. Check out was over in a flash. The food when enjoyed at home was excellent. Definitely got my money's worth. I will go back soon.

Review №60

Food is always good and fast service

Review №61

Good food but they never put enough food in the plate.

Review №62

Had to order a fresh batch of food because obviously they fried them too loong and items were burnt. The new batch came out burnt just the same. Gave up and left not knowing they also forgot a side dish. Manager was nice enough to remake but employees need a refresher in cooking and customer service.Had Panda plenty of times before but last time at this location.

Review №63

Traveling on Christmas Day, most shop were closed. We were trying to go to Red Lobster first without luck. Hungry, we were glad to find Panda Express's open. There's a Starbucks nearby that's open as well.

Review №64

Disappointed that the Rosedale panda has changed the veggies and fried rice. Taste just isn't the same. Bring back the carrots broccoli and squash. Get rid of that fish taste in the rice.

Review №65

Tasty but lines are long

Review №66

The service is excellent. Employees take a personal interest in your satisfaction. Food is always consistent and served hot. I recommend it for carryout or a quick dine in meal.

Review №67

Always good food. Great prices. Excellent customer service.

Review №68

Always a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The food is great, hot and fresh. The staff is not only professional and polite but patient as well. They work together as a team which makes even the longest of lines seem short.

Review №69

I love Panda Express but if they can get somebody else to make that chow mein like in Rosedale this one over here is extra dry

Review №70

Fast service and great management. The lines at times can get pretty long during peak hours but this is my favorite location compared to other locations in town

Review №71

Long line great service

Review №72


Review №73

The Fastest Drive Thru in Cali! Had READY the bag of food in one hand as I drove up to pay. Impressive Speed & Service.*5*STAR

Review №74

The restroom always smells terrible, they didn't clean at all and they didn't gave you enough food compared with the money you spent.Service so rude and terrible. Never come back.

Review №75

OK food and service, nothing to write home about.

Review №76

It's a nice buffet. Prompt service. Good experience.

Review №77

Good, but not offered any soy sauce

Review №78

Food is aleays good and fresh

Review №79

Not so good as Ive eaten before. But not this location very polite ask. If we needed anything. Food not so good !

Review №80

The food is the best man like its soooo good

Review №81

Always fresh and nice take out.

Review №82

Pretty good..

Review №83

Had to wait for my order to be filled. Extra 10-15 minutes. Food was good once I got it.

Review №84

When asked if they served farm raised or free range panda, they didn't have an answer.

Review №85

Good stuff. Always loving me some panda express.

Review №86

Great staff and delicious food best Chinese food

Review №87

Loved it. Great place for a quick bite.

Review №88

The food and options are always great. I recommend ordering online during the dinner hours though.

Review №89

Always a little pricey. But the food and the service was really good.

Review №90

Food was decent at best, had to weight almost 30 minutes for our order and it wasn't even that buisy. This Panda express in particular used to be excellent, no more. What happened? Been going to this place for at least 7-8 years, unfortunately probably won't be going back.

Review №91

Orange chicken with steamed veggies! Veggies are cooked but crisp. Plus they have outdoor seating. Very nice.

Review №92

Love their food, especially the orange chicken!

Review №93

Probably the busiest restaurant in the Northwest Promenade shopping center, this Panda Express location seems to be one of their signature stores with the first to get new dishes and the first to be remodeled to the new style. The staff is very friendly which is impressive with how many customers they serve in a day. The wait times at noon and six o'clock can be extensive so it's best to visit at off hours.

Review №94

I like this location. Employees are always friendly and quick in service. The place is clean and well stocked.

Review №95

Long line and a long wait for food

Review №96

Awesome food great service

Review №97

Love there orange chicken just perfect every time

Review №98

Good food as I ordered it. Fast service

Review №99

Regular customers, service was particularly slow and the food lacked taste that night. Guess everyone has a bad night sometime.

Review №100

Been coming here for years and first time today in a bit. Great staff, great food. Always a treat and made my day.

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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
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  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Catering:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
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  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
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