P.F. Changs
10700 Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield, CA 93311, United States
Review №1

Excellent !!! We had the lettuce wraps, the tempura calamari, the sesame chicken, along with the salmon. Along with a riesling wine. The only thing I would think they could change was the lettuce could have been a little greener but it's the bad part of the season.

Review №2

I've been here a few times now and I always leave satisfied. This was no exception, my tastes were satisfied, and maybe more importantly I was surprised with the cost. Three entrees and two appetizers (all water drinks) came out to less than $40!Service was friendly, happy to make jokes and chat. Frequent refills, even on a busy Saturday night. I'll be happy to return again soon!

Review №3

Food was great. Dinner with Friends!! Server was a bit off his game, not as friendly, but took good care of our table.

Review №4

There service is not the greatest. Supervisor and host are sitting inside talking to each other. The food was great. We ask the host for sarasha and soy sauce and she forgot we where the only table outside. They have misters and fans and didn't offer to turn them on. We where sweating, they I went inside ask the waiter to take my card , I didn't want my client to know I payed. And the first thing he does is take it out to the table when I saiy all come out and sign it. For sure not coming back.

Review №5

We came into the group and we ordered a lot of delicious food, everything was perfectly cooked the lettuce wraps was delicious and it was gluten free. The service is really fast and the waiters were very polite and understanding and met all of our needs, I'd like to say thank you to all of them for being professional and doing a great job.

Review №6

We ordered lettuce wraps, which were delicious and my son ordered a pepper beef dish that he enjoyed. My order was the Pad Thai with chicken. My dish looked like it was made the day before. Additionally, they have tofu in the dish. When you order a protein, they charge you extra. I would have been fine with that if they had actually put a decent amount of chicken on the dish. There were 2 pieces of chicken and at least 10-12 pieces of tofu. There were also pieces of egg shell in the dish. I threw away the rest of the dish because it was disgusting.

Review №7

Very good Chinese food. Our waiter Steve provided excellent service. Made sure are glasses were never empty. Checked on us just the right amount of times. Left him a big tip.

Review №8

1st time there 2 weeks ago, great food and service..will definitely be going back soon

Review №9

Very nice atmosphere n pleasant staff.

Review №10

Me and my family love there food. if it is your first time going there i would tell u to get the lettuce wraps.

Review №11

For pick up orders it's a long process. You are not acknowledged right away. After 8 minutes as I timed it. I was acknowledged only to wait another 10 minutes

Review №12

Everything is so good! I regularly order the lettuce cups, egg drop soup and mongolian beef.

Review №13

I would dine-in if you have that option. We ordered the Crispy honey shrimp and the combo fried rice. The shrimp had great flavor however it was soggy because I ordered to-go and it sits in a closed container that's why I say order in. The combo fried rice is very bland.

Review №14

Great food, nice staff, regularly good vibes. They charge fair pricing and the food quality is excellent. Great work.

Review №15

My husband and I went to P.F. Chang's for the first time this afternoon. We chose to sit and eat in the bar because there were only 4 other people in the bar. We thought the service would be faster. The bar top was dirty all the way down. The rag we were given to wipe it off with was dirty as well and left a residue. It took 15 minutes for someone to take our order and another 45 minutes to get it. This was at 4 in the afternoon. Our plates were greasy also. The bathrooms were disgusting. I don't think we will go back.

Review №16

I went here for the first time in 10 years. I was actually quite surprised how run-down the interior was. I don't think they've updated the place in that time, and much of it is breaking apart. It's only saving grace is the interior is dimly lit so it's hard to tell forr many many people. Nonetheless, we had the sun setting into the dining room during our meal and you could see the thick dust between the booths, there's broken blinds in the waiting area, etc. The food was okay. Service was good. I'm probably going to stick to local Chinese for that authentic atmosphere and probably 1/3 cheaper.

Review №17

We ordered the crispy honey chicken, the lettuce wraps and the kung pao chicken. It was just yummy.

Review №18

This spot is one of my favorites! Reasonable pricing, large portions and the employees are consistently very kind.

Review №19

This place is my favored. I go to many restaurants but to this one I go the most. The team is very cordial and the cuisine they place on your table is so tasty. I would always prefer to have a decent dinner in this restaurant. Highly recommended.

Review №20

Placed order for delivery it was 15 minutes late with no updates as to why food was cold and after spending 70 dollars it should not have been cold. I wont order again .better yet I won't be din ing there either.

Review №21

Food is bland No flavor just a complete waste of moneyThe only good thing was the hostess very nice lady other than that food was horrible

Review №22

The food was great. Large portions for all and the server was very personable. If you are in the mood for Asian I would most definitely recommend.

Review №23

Everything is good but they need fixing some carpet and doors.

Review №24

The steamed pork dumplings were of exceptional quality! Just the right amount with a couple of Gin & Ts.

Review №25

Great service, great food! What else you want !

Review №26

I am sad to write this review about a restaurant that I used to love... My wife and I just had dinner at this location the other night and were very dissatisfied with our experience. Our server was great, but the restaurant in itself changed the menu taking off both entrees that we normally get, but didn't find out until after we had already finished both of our appetizers. We normally order the orange peel chicken and harvest curry, but they decided to change their menus because they said it's a “test location” even though all the other P.F. Chang's still have the old menu. We ended up ordering the kung pao chicken and beef and broccoli and the veggies in both orders were uncooked. We spent $70 on a dinner that we thought was going to be a nice night out, but instead felt like we had been ripped off. Panda Express has better food than this at 1/4 of the cost. Our dining experience was great with good service, but the food and menu have really taken a downward spiral. We will not be eating here again, which sucks because like I stated before, we used to love coming here.

Review №27

Loved the place .

Review №28

Wife and I went to PF Changs for happy hour. We sat in the bar area and we enjoyed what we picked. The downside was our server. He was nice and polite but lagged when we needed a refill or when we were ready for the bill and to pay it. We had other servers bring our food.

Review №29

Amazing food!!! The Pad Thai is the best!!!! Their desert is also amazing!!!

Review №30

I tried one of this restaurants in a different city and I thought it was ok.So, when i so the commercial for the new steak entree i wanted to try it. Very disappointing. The steak was chewy and hard to eat. Rice was too sticky. The calamari appetizer was too greasy and it tasted like old grease.Service was ok. Overall not impressed.3/14/20 I tried to email you to discuss my review but your website asks for too much personal information. Phone number, address, email, zip code, naaa. There's got to be a better way

Review №31

A top place for tasty chinese food. Everyone at our table was glad to be there. The service here is friendly. This place has a cool feel to it.

Review №32

Food was amazing as usual, but sadly the service was not. The service was slow and our waitress was less than friendly. I guess I keep coming back for the food, but wish they would train their service to have a personality and check on tables.

Review №33

Amazing food service and beer loved it will go back soon...

Review №34

We haven't been here in a long time, but it was excellent! Even the kids liked it! We had great food and service.

Review №35

We had a great lunch here. Fast service, great food & presentation.

Review №36

My third time going to this resturant, it was suppose to be a special dinner night with my husband because of my birthday...NOT! Food was served cold from the appetizers to the entrees and the main dish we went there to enjoy, the garlic noodles tasted like they just came out of the pot of water, had no flavor at all.

Review №37

Great service and food! Highly suggest the chicken lettuce wraps! They are delicious. Even the kids loved it.

Review №38

This is an amazing dish at P.F. Chang's. Tempura cauliflower best dish on menu next to the Mongolian beef.

Review №39

Food and service were good. The prices are getting high. They limited their lunch menu recently so you're paying dinner prices at lunch time.

Review №40

Reccomend the Dragon Roll here, but I'm sure everything's awesome!

Review №41

I love this place BUTwalked in and was told that tables were not available to ME when 90% of the restaurant was emptyThanks

Review №42

Good food at a reasonable price.I recommend the dumplings and tempura green beans. The twisted whiskey is a nice adult beverage.Service is usually prompt and courteous. Usually is the key word I have had a time or two with lackluster service.

Review №43

Chinese food here - super tasty. Service is always excellent even when they have a full house. Definitely worth a return visit. The prices are fair for the quality of food.

Review №44

Menu is good, but i felt the prices have increased.

Review №45

It was cool. Same as always. Service was good.

Review №46

Food is good, but find the prices a bit high.

Review №47

Wow, we ordered take out via online. Went in 30 minutes later, food was ready, warm, packaged nicely and tasted amazing. I'm not sure what they so for flavor, but it is by far the best Chinese food I've had. Hands down.

Review №48

Good chinese and asian food.

Review №49

Love PF Changs! The food os fabulous!

Review №50

Excellent pork dumplings.Thumbs up on the black pepper chicken...

Review №51

Always great food!

Review №52

Great food as always. Excellent customer service as always too.

Review №53

Very good food and service. I would suggest a little more light. Very clean and friendly service.

Review №54

Service and food is excellent. We enjoy having dinner with family and friends.My only concern is the outdoor space. Full of spider webs. Lots of spiders along the top and trash on the ground. The place needs an exterminator and a good sweeping.

Review №55

Over an hour waiting for a pickup and after talking to 3 different associates still didn't get my order. Won't come back.

Review №56

Went for an early Sunday dinner with family visiting from out of town. Table was dirty with dried rice stuck to it and greasy on another part of the table. All the glasses were dirty and water spotted. One of the wine glasses had old lip stick on it. We ordered 8 entrees plus soup. Soup.was served cold..not edible and.waitress only brought 4 soup spoons for a party of 7Said all their soup spoons were dirty and were in the dishwasher but would bring them out shortly. Never saw her again. I asked to speak to the mgr Brian who never apologized for the poor service but eventually said he would take the soup off the bill. I asked him if he could ensure the rest of the meal was served hot. When we got the bill he hadn't taken it off the bill so I had to ask the waitress (3rd server we had during our meal) won't be going back

Review №57

My family and I love this place. We usually get the Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Mongolian Beef, and the Stir Fry Eggplants. We get other items just to keep it interesting. Very friendly staff and clean environment. Can get pricey but the food is really good.

Review №58

Andrea server was amazing. The food was not good, and bland.

Review №59

This was my first time trying P.F. Chang's after hearing about it from many co workers and friends being highly recommended. I went in and had a horrible waitress she was very rude and took 45 minutes just to bring out our drinks which was a water and a tea. I also had gum stuck to the bottom of my bowl of rice that fell onto my dinner plate.

Review №60

Always good. Very nice build-out for a smaller market location. Only critique is the bar is too small and isolated from the seating area so you miss something of the vibe.

Review №61

We went to P.F Chang's for our 19th anniversary and it was easily the worst restaurant experience we've had in a while. The waitress was bland and barely went through the motions. Her ‘get to know us' questions were ‘text book' dull and it was so obvious she was only chatting because it was required of her. That could have been overlooked if the food was good… but well…The appetizer we ordered (dynamite shrimp) was lukewarm with very little taste. My wife ordered the ‘Signature Lo Mein-Combo', and I ordered the ‘Shrimp Fried Rice.' After a long wait my wife gets her dinner, but the waitress honestly tells me, “I don't know where yours is. It was there and when I went back it was gone.” She comes back about three minutes later with my plate. But wouldn't you believe… they are BOTH lukewarm. No heat was anywhere near those two plates.By this time I was already over this place. I just wanted the check so we could go. After another long wait, we got it. I did leave a tip, although it was smaller than what I would normally give because the service was so bad. I did fill out the survey on the receipt and chose for someone to contact me about this, but I'm not holding out hope. Needless to say, we will NOT being going back. While the joy of our 19th anniversary wasn't (completely) ruined by this experience, this was a definite low point.

Review №62

Decent Chinese food, balanced flavors. The appearance of the food is sometimes messy. Serve is okay, but the wait-staff does not go the extra mile.

Review №63

Amazing restaurant with outstanding service and food taste. Ambiance is always superb. One of the very best dining establishments in Bakersfield.

Review №64

After arrival they set table made us wait to be seated for 10 min. Then set us at a dirty table that was already set with clean settings. Then tried to say it was bad varnish on the table top when clearly it had food all over. Not very happy so we are leaving if dirty on table how is the kitchen?

Review №65

It was really good. Got there for the happy hour specials on the appetizers 6$ a piece witch I thought would be half portions but they were actually full portions so needless to say I ate way too much but why not you only live once. Service was great as well. Good eating!

Review №66

Great service, great food

Review №67

Staff is always very friendly and the food is great.

Review №68

Love the variety of the dishes as well as the flavor. Simple dishes with exquisite taste! My choosing of food always great! Drinks are delicious as well!

Review №69

Very good food. Service is good. They have a decent amount of vegetarian options...thanks for that!! Adrian, one of the the servers has great people skills. Alcoholic beverages are great.

Review №70

I really enjoyed the food. Wished it weren't so dark inside.

Review №71

Pretty nice place. good staff. but not my favorite place to eat. i find it very lacking in options. but my wife loves it so i eat here.

Review №72

The food was delicious! Service was great. We got there at about 6:40 despite it being busy, we got in fairly quickly.

Review №73

Wonderful food and service. Only negative was the spicy green beans we ordered as an app never arrived before our entree. However, the entrees arrived quickly and we were quite satisfied. My specially modified entree came out perfect, exactly as ordered and was delicious. Everyone in the party was very happy, and our server, Trent, was very nice.

Review №74

Not bad , nice atmosphere, have had better food.

Review №75

Overall, PF Chang's is nice place to dine. Yesterday's experience was not good. Food was half cooked. However, they did replace it.

Review №76

Excellent food and excellent service. Never felt rushed. Vegetarian dishes available.

Review №77

Waitress was amazing and professional.

Review №78

Horrible service. They closed the kitchen because of some kind of "incident" we couldn't order our dinner for a birthday party of 16. Until we asked how the manager can accommodate the inconvenience then they said we could order dinner. The drinks took way too long to get to us as well as our appetizers. The appetizers came at the same time as our entree. Definitely will not go there again.

Review №79

Love the food and service here!

Review №80

P.F. Chang's is one of my favorite restaurants. The flavor of the food is amazing and addicting. I highly recommend this place.

Review №81

This is a very good place to eat and the service was excellent. But it is very expensive. So for me this is a place you go to splurge for dinner and that we did.

Review №82

One of Bakersfield's best places to eat!

Review №83

Clean! Fabulous waitress and the food was very fresh, hot and came out quickly. I would definitely return!!

Review №84

I'm pretty sure they used pressed chicken in the orange peel chicken the texture was like that of the frozen chicken nuggets variety you would purchase at the store.

Review №85

Well...they have a nice building.I have had the PF Chang's from the freezer section of the grocery store, but I didn't know that is what they served in the restaurant.The Mongolian Beef was flavorless and was supposed to be spicy.The Sweet and Sour Chicken was neither sweet nor sour.The Beef Spare ribs were...well...you get the picture.My Advise! Just go to Panda Express. The food is better and cost half as much. Or!, try Bill Lee's Bamboo Chop Sticks downtown if you really want to show her a good time.

Review №86

Over priced food, considering the portions. Wait time for service was ridiculously long for a half empty dinning room.

Review №87

Great food, Friendly Waiters, Great location

Review №88

Service was awesome. Veggies are too big for my mouth and crunchy lol. Very nice atmosphere.

Review №89

Just ate here for the 1st time and not really impressed. My wonton soup came without wontons and was warm not hot as it should have been. My husbands orange chicken was bland and seemed microwaved. They don't give you any sort of dish to mix the wasabi and soy sauce for sushi rolls. I will say my California roll was decent but I have had better around town. The female servers need to do a better job of keeping their hair pulled back. Our server had a sloppy ponytail with hair hanging down in front of her face. Long story short we can now say we've eaten at P.F. Chang's but we won't be returning. Quality of the food doesn't match up with what you pay.

Review №90

Great indoor dining as well as takeout

Review №91

Had reservations got there early but Manager Bree made sure we waited for our reservation time and would not even try to seat us any earlier.Sad thing is she made sure I knew that.

Review №92

No good too pricey period!!

Review №93

Standard affair of chain Asian food. I got the Chang's spicy chicken and there was very little spice to it 3/5. The chicken fried rice was good 4/5. The lava cake tasted pretty good but was dry 3/5.Their pear mojito was delicious, but it did cost $11 each.Service was decently attentive for a Friday night, but it did take us 30 minutes to place our order, then over another hour to get our food. We we're there for about 2.5 hours

Review №94

Excellent food. Really good waiter.

Review №95

Rice was hard the onions and bell peppers wasn't cooked wasted my money eating here

Review №96

This is from a visit back in September, 2016.The food is pretty good, but not really good enough to justify their high prices.Ate here on a Saturday afternoon, so we missed the lunch special prices that were available only during certain hours on weekdays.The menu was a bit confusing, this is definitely an Asian fusion restaurant rather than a Chinese restaurant. Though we also saw no Asians working there, which was kinda weird.

Review №97

Menu and food preparation changed for the worse. Mixed variety of items...to no apparent purpose. Every dish served cold. Very poor preparations. Again Every dish served cold: rice, walnut shrimp, sweet/sour chicken . Friendly service...sad product . Never going back..

Review №98

Their food is always good but the service could use some improvement

Review №99

The best upscale Chinese restaurant!

Review №100

We had made reservations early for a group of 25 at 8pm. We called and verified that the tables were ready. We were told yes no problem. When we got to the restaurant, we were told that they had used those tables for other guests had been seated at our tables. This is poor management. Those tables should have had a reserved signs on those tables. Apparently your kitchen was under staffed as well. People were not getting their food on time. Again poor business practice. The manager that was on was not mature enough to handle this situation. I suggest that when there are large groups that have reserved tables that the owner should cpme in and handle that. The other hostess was real good at spouting off percentages etc. Unfortunately I found that sne was just spouting averages she was given in training. Food was ok. But all in all this was a bad experience all the way around. Bill Lee's would have been a better fit

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:10700 Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield, CA 93311, United States
  • Site:https://www.pfchangs.com/locations/us/ca/bakersfield/10700-stockdale-hwy/9817-bakersfield.html?utm_source=YextMain&utm_medium=Directory
  • Phone:+1 661-664-8100
  • Asian restaurant
  • Chinese restaurant
  • Dim sum restaurant
  • Takeout Restaurant
  • Sushi restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–9PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9PM
  • Friday:11AM–10PM
  • Saturday:11AM–10PM
  • Sunday:11AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Fireplace:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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