Pho Hut
5404 California Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93309, United States
Review №1

Pho Hut has always had excellent service with the food to match. The #25 vermicelli Bun is my go to for a light and delicious lunch!

Review №2

First time getting food here, asked for take out for my bf whose sick. The pho hit the spot. Got the combination beef, and chicken. Prices are reasonable. Staff was friendly. Quick Service.

Review №3

Staff is always friendly! Food is great especially the spring rolls with crispy rice paper inside! Banh Mi's are filled with tons of grilled pork meat. Clay pot ribs are delicious! Salt and pepper pork ribs are my go-to!!

Review №4

Pho Hut has the best pork rolls!

Review №5

Good place to fill up on Pho. Even if you're not a fan of pho, they have rice plates, bahn mi, etc.

Review №6

The spicy noodles with the chicken pork and shrimp could be spicier, other than that it was so good!

Review №7

The quality of the food and the cleanliness of the environment are the primary contributors of my rating. The rating is not a reflection of the service; the staff were quite nice and attentive.In regards to the food, the broth was not the most flavorful. It had a slight sweet, licorice root taste. Personally, I prefer savory or spicy food over sweet foods, so it was not for my taste.Second, when arriving, there were only 2 other tables taken near the window but I saw small scraps of trash sprinkled around other areas the room that were not picked up. I also noticed sticky spots on the table we were directed to. What concerned me most, were multiple small wet areas on the floor that I noticed on the way to my table. Im assuming due to dropped pho but I would hate to think if someone accidently slipping.

Review №8

So yummy every time.. my favorite PHO in Bakersfield..

Review №9

We are very satisfied with the service. There were 2 waitresses and I think the manager kept on coming to our table and asked us if we needed anything, and made sure that we have refill of our water and soda. They were very nice to us and provided us with small plates, knife, and fork for my birthday cake plus providing us with a lighter. I can say they deserve 5 stars and the restaurant is really commendable, staff are nice and polite. Thank you for an excellent service. The good service added to my memorable 70th birthday. Keep up the good service.

Review №10

I like the Pho here but the spring rolls are not worth the money. The pork was not properly trimmed and the shrimp was sliced very thin and parts of the wrapper were hard and chewy.

Review №11

The Ramen noodles with shrimp and chicken are the best

Review №12

We ordered, they brought our food to someone else, then it popped up again, and it went to another table again. Then the guy walked up and tried to take our order again. We watched everyone else get served before us, when we were there before they were. We decided to leave finally without ever getting served. Sucks, I was looking forward to my food.

Review №13

Vietnamese food and the atmosphere here is quality. Super delicious. The service here is attentive. Similar to a cafe in Las Vegas I loved.

Review №14

Favorite pho spot in Bakersfield. Always pretty open, great spot to hop in and hop out for a quick bite.

Review №15

I love their food!

Review №16

One of my preferred places for quality vietnamese food. the staff was very helpful and observant. not close to my job, i wish it was.

Review №17

Food tastes good would like to go back.

Review №18

I recieved a lot of food. It was great.

Review №19

Had a good time. They took care of all 14 of us. Good foood, good service.

Review №20

Vietnamese food, yeah, so great. There was quick and friendly service.

Review №21

Sadly, the quality was of this restaurant has gone down since the original owner sold it about 2 years ago. Today, I ordered the three meat combination plate. The wait person said it included pork chops, chicken, and meatloaf. There were only two meats on my plate (no chicken). When I told my server, she looked a bit worried, and said, “I'm sorry.” I told her to be sure to let the cook know. I guess she was afraid of the cook, or me.This used to be our favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

Review №22

Handicap accessible. Friendly staff owners are a cute young couple. Keep up the good work

Review №23

Vietnamese food and the scene at this place is excellent. Next time I'll be back with my friends.

Review №24

Delicious! The whole family loved it! Best Vietnamese food I've ever had!

Review №25

Me and my husband enjoy pho once week great staff

Review №26

Best place to ear if u like Vietnamese food

Review №27

Vietnamese food and the feeling here is excellent. The bill was well within reason for the quality. This place has good reviews for a reason.

Review №28

Love their seafood Pho with rice noodles and veggie broth. My husband loves the same just with egg noodles. Customers service is great and attentive.

Review №29

Vietnamese food and service at this spot is great. Certainly worth a return trip. The bill was reasonable. I can see why they have a lot of great reviews.

Review №30

The pork chops that I ate there were seasoned just right I will return there some day.

Review №31

One of my preferred places for quality vietnamese food. I love this place, great food & service. Prices are reasonable.

Review №32

Never had Pho before, but the broth was great and flavorful. The beef was tender and juicy and the addition of bean sprouts and jalapenos was just incredible. Will absolutely be coming back again.

Review №33

Their fresh chicken spring rolls are the best!

Review №34

Good place to eat. They have a few vegetarian options. The eggplant and tofu had good flavor. Overall a good place to eat. Good friendly environment.

Review №35

This place is awesome I have been going there for years my son loves it and my out of town son craves it lol. Make sure you try #17.

Review №36

I always love the rare steak Pho with Jasmine tea. The spring rolls are delicious and my favorite is the shrimp ones.

Review №37

Shrimp Spring rolls are so good I would definitely come back again .

Review №38

This is the best PHO! A little lighter and fresher then most. The grilled pork rolls are good enough not to want to share. Never been dissapointed after a visit. Wait staff is friendly helpful and bring a very family feel to place

Review №39

Good food, but very slow service

Review №40

Love the beef soups.

Review №41

Good food and ambiance, you know is the real deal when the place is full of Vietnamese people! Try number 25 in the menu, you will not regret it.

Review №42

Nice clean place, nice area, great service, best Pho in Bakersfield. And they have "shrimp only" spring rolls that are fabulous! Highly recommended!

Review №43

Good service, great food

Review №44

Thai tea: 5 stars, not overly sweet which I prefer.Combination rice: boyfriend ate this and said it was 3.8 stars (haha). To be clear this was the rice with all the meatChicken pho: negative stars. I actually ordered the food to go and after taking two bites I ended up making something at home which was a huge bummer to waste money, especially when I bought food to relax for the night. I've never had a broth that was SWEET and no where on their menu did they mention it being sweet. It tasted like cinnamon and licorice which most people either love or hate, I CANNOT stand!!! If they're trying to do something different with a unique flavor profile, they should definitely label it on their menu!!Menu: 1 star. Their menu is very confusing and non discript. They don't explain the ingredients or what actually come with/on the itemsService: 3 stars. We ordered to go so please take this with a grain of salt. We waited about 20minutes for our order which was fine. The waitress asked if we were ready to order and we said no, she left and asked us about 45seconds later and when we said no again she rolled her eyes. Felt pressured so I panic ordered and it didn't turn out well for me lol.Overall $29 and I would not go there again, I much prefer Maui pho. If my boyfriend didn't have a decent experience I would give 0/5.But for real I will order Thai tea if you give it a shot

Review №45

Hated it! The one staff member was nice, but these owners are cheap & awful. I asked to substitute other meat for the meatballs & only got 5 thin slices of meat... owner got mad & gave me an attitude...I should've walked out, but will dispute with bank. They care nothing about customer satisfaction & she refused to give me a receipt & overcharged me but to the other customers who she was speaking to in her language she gave receipt & was super courteous Soooo disappointed!!!!

Review №46

Food was delicious, especially the pho and egg rolls (most definitely the egg rolls). The prices were honestly too pricey. I paid $10 for 8 egg rolls. But, it's just that they took 4 egg rolls and cut them in half to make it 8. Super disappointing. Because I can make bomb ass egg rolls myself for a cheaper price for a better quantity. Not only that, service was bad. They never gave us our drink, and we asked a different waitress then towards the end of the of it all they charged us twice for the drink.

Review №47

This place used to be amazing. I use to go once a week.. It's been sold a few times I believe and it's just not the same anymore.So sad.

Review №48


Review №49

First time here. Spring rolls awesome! Crispy spare ribs a lot of work. Friends' lemon grass chicken tender and moist and delicious. Definitely coming back for more

Review №50

I enjoy the large Pho, though the regular is probably big enough for many people.

Review №51

Great food and service...

Review №52

Been there twice and so far so good ... taste and customer service as well love the coconut drink

Review №53

Love some pho for sure. Gotta try it.

Review №54

Very very clean and pleasant. the food is excellent I've had many of the items on the menu. I highly recommend this restaurant. Enjoy!!

Review №55

Best Pho in Bako!

Review №56

I honestly was not a fan of the food here... I did not eat any of my soup, but just took it to go for family to eat it and they didn't like it either. I ordered rice to eat instead and took two bites and was not good at all! Just left it there because I was over it. Wish I would've been offered to get that removed from my receipt because I didn't even eat it, but couldn't bother to complain either. I just would not recommend it to anyone. Bad food, extremely pricy.

Review №57

The place, the food, everything is great, but I'm beginning to see why the service is bad. The ladies there dont seem to pay attention and they can get easily distracted. Been waiting 10-15 minutes to get seated and no one came by to service me. They serviced a person who came by and order for pick up. I pretty much left in frustration.

Review №58

Wait staff was rude no one ever came to our table to see if we needed anything I ordered the beef pho you get a few pieces of meat I also ordered the chicken pho I didn't expect to have skin still on my chicken small pho bowl is a good size serving I probably won't return again

Review №59

Consistency need to be improved as far as the taste. Lately, my pho met my expectation.

Review №60

Atmosphere is calming, staff are quick and friendly, the food is ready within minutes, their hot tea is great. If you're in the mood for pho, look no further. They even have pristine bathrooms, always clean.

Review №61

Great food

Review №62

Food was great. Waitresses were too occupied by their phones to check on me until the manager came out and started signing checks. 8/10 on food though.

Review №63

Nice, quiet place to get Pho.

Review №64

Favorite place for Pho. Mandatory stop. Word of warning: don't order a large bowl unless you're REALLY hungry...

Review №65

Yuummmm Great food love Pho Hut

Review №66

Great pork chops mmmm

Review №67

Phò Ga is mmm number one. Has trouble getting separate orders when calling in. Then picking up order will get upset when correcting the order. Bad attitude of one still did not diminish the good food.

Review №68

The food here is delicious it's not bad the problem here is customer service I am NOT sure why businesses after a while they let go of customer service this place has terrible service waitress seem to rush you or you're bugging them the reason why I'm giving them two stars

Review №69

Best Pho in town!

Review №70

Me and Bf went over there. We have to wait for 10 minutes to be seated. We sat down for another 10 minutes the waitress dit not even bother to ask what we are going to drink, Both of them just keep on passing us while they picking up the empty dishes that set next to us.The Food is good but service is horrible. The owner should hire more waitress. Or hire waitresses that wants to work. You can tell those waitresses don't want to be there you tell it on their smirk face.

Review №71

This place is delicious. Chicken Wraps are my favorite, just sadly the MSG they cook with does not sit well with me, if it did, oh man I'd be there at least 2 times a week getting delicious grub!

Review №72

Love the spring rolls and salt and pepper chicken or spar ribs ..

Review №73

Large Phở will fill you up and as always is delicious.

Review №74

They have very good pho, but I just live around the corner, and called at 8:45 and they told me the kitchen was already closed..... Why don't they just close at 8:30? Disappointed

Review №75

Great place, but the space by the front door is way too narrow to accommodate a party.

Review №76

Often the service is slow but the food is worth waiting for. Of the pho places in town, this one definitely stands out.

Review №77

Delicious, clean, and great service...the owner even came out and asked how everything was!

Review №78

Best pork chops I've ever had! I love coming here and I've never been disappointed.

Review №79

Great place glad I live close

Review №80

This is one of places like my second home, they are so generous with vegetables and kind. Main reason I go there is always consistent.

Review №81

Good food fast service peaceful atmosphere

Review №82

Awesome food and service! My family loves going here.

Review №83

They have the best soup ever.

Review №84

Food was outstanding and our waitress was really helpful

Review №85

This pho place offers such clean taste pho. Their dishes are very clean and yummy taste

Review №86

Always delicious. Always terrible service.One good server and this place would be the best place in town

Review №87

Every time I go I ask for extra hot sauce they put close to nothing they are cheap with the hot sauce I have even offered to pay fo more

Review №88

Great pho. Amazing staff and real friendly.

Review №89

I have always had good service and Pho here. It is not the best i ever had but I have only had better in little saigon in westminster south of L.A. I always get the combination pho whicj is great. the bean sprouts and veggie sides are always fresh and tasty. I have been to some pho places that use cheap bean sprouts that are bitter and ruin the soup.

Review №90

Delicious flavors.

Review №91

Very good food, tea was cold and no flavor even when I asked them to change it. Service terrible.

Review №92

Service is very bad, waitress did not bother to come back for any thing we need! Food is okay, just okay, nothing special.

Review №93

Food is good but you need to DE-VEIN the shrimps...I have to throw them away

Review №94

Best pho and spring rolls in town

Review №95

Need to give more attention...

Review №96

My fav Vietnamese restaurant everHighly recommend it

Review №97

1st time eating here and it was a bad exspirence, there was a long hair in my pho noodle soup!

Review №98

Got take out pho, it was already bagged up. tipped and left. Got back to the motel room, NO CHOPSTICKS OR SPOON. called and no answer. You cannot eat pho with out the proper utensils!!Food: mediocre pho - definately instant pho broth taste.Price: $9 - thats also a high price for phoSerivice: Fail - needs work

Review №99

My friend Dan got me hooked on Pho Hut! Enjoy their food and service.

Review №100

Great pho and rolls!

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