Toro Fusion Grill
9000 Ming Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93311, United States
Review №1

Always amazing. Their sushi is fresh and exceptional, rice is unique and delicious. Happy hour prices are incredible. Also, they have a shaded patio for outside dining. A Bakersfield favorite by far.

Review №2

Sooo good! I had the flaming dragon roll and some teriyaki chicken. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was nice and all of the staff was amazing. I will definitely be back! I don't drink often but I had to get some Saki. Perfect.

Review №3

Rolls and appetizers we're very nice, but $7.99 for hot tea for two is bit too much. I liked Titanic roll and monkey brain appetizer

Review №4


Review №5

Sever was great but manager or owner was very rude she yelled at us and yelled at the employees

Review №6

Food good. Service with a smile, prices just right too

Review №7

A variety of sushi options and wonderful staff.

Review №8

Absolute best sushi in Bakersfield. I love the modern feel of the place and the friendly and attentive nature of all the staff.

Review №9

Happy hour from 2-6! How do you not like 50% off beer, apps, and select rolls?

Review №10

Sushi was great but I waited an hour past my pick up time for my food.

Review №11

The service is fast and friendly. Although there was only one server, she was fast and we didn't have to wait at all to be seated. She brought us our drinks right away and explained the menu options as well s their 50% off sushi selection. I really liked all the food for the price. Definitely recommended.

Review №12

I can't believe we've been in town for over a year and have never been here! Our first time and I couldn't have been more impressed. The food was delicious, and the service was the best I've had in a LOOOOONG time.

Review №13

The teriyaki sauce was sweeter than most and it tasted amazing(Ordered teriyaki chicken bowl)

Review №14

Best spot in town! Quality, presentation, and price was excellent!

Review №15

Good 50% off rolls that rotate daily. Good sushi for Bakersfield that is reasonably priced. I'm not a big fan of imitation crab and this place always lets me swap it for something else if it happens to be in a roll I want. Also, great service and friendly chefs too!

Review №16

The food was very good. Staff is friendly but somewhat inconsistent. Waitress was having to cover a very large space, so her service was lacking at times. The host did step in, so I'll give them credit for trying to address the issue. We came in during their happy hour, and the discounts were very generous. Definitely worth a visit.

Review №17

Very Nice Atmosphere.Beautiful Decor, Sushi And Food Is Excellent And at a Very Affordable Price even Drinks Probably The Best In Town.

Review №18

It was ok nothing special but pretty cool the whole black rice in the rolls!

Review №19

This was one of my favorite lunch places to go to until today, not only were they understaffed due to Valentine's day, also I ordered a couple bento boxes and a dragon roll, first they were out of eel (what sushi restaurant runs out of eel at lunch time?), but ok no big deal, we ordered a different roll. No miso soup arrived after 30min sitting down, boxes arrived with the chicken completely under cooked (raw), when boxes arrived the waitress realized she never brought the miso soups, so at the point she brought them over, one of them with a long hair in it!!, 20 minutes later (waitress never checked on us), I communicated to her about raw chicken and miso soup hair, she brought a replacement miso soup right away and the chicken was asked to go, I just now tried to eat the replacement chicken, and not only is it still raw, but its the same chicken that was returned!Never again.

Review №20

I originally give Toro 5 stars, but I've since had to change my view on it. Came in during lunch hoping to get something quick. Staff was very nice, but I found myself ignored for 25 minutes. When someone did check up on me I had to leave for the office. Toro seems have great difficulty remembering to take care of individual diners.

Review №21

This place was recommended to me. I was very happy with the service and the food was very indulging. They also have a good selection of choices for their meals durring happy hour. These dishes are 50 % off regular price from menu.

Review №22

Location is perfect. The fish quality is good and they might have the best deals in town. It's about a $30 savings compared to other joints we frequent

Review №23

Awesome food & great service.

Review №24

Best sashimi salad ever

Review №25

This place was by far the best sushi place I've been too since moving to Bakersfield. The owners and staff are super nice and attentive. We tried the Heart Attack (appetizer) and it was amazing. We also ordered a Salmon Roll, a Spicy Tuna Roll, and the Sake Sake Roll. When our order came out, we were greatly surprised by the presentation of the rolls. They came out on one platter but the rice wasn't the normal white sticky rice. Instead our rolls were made with black rice and our rolls came out purple. Honestly, the best sushi in the area. Definitely will be THE togo place!!! Thank you Toro Fusion for an amazing dinner!

Review №26

First time here. The service was nice. Inside setting was nice, not so much the patio area. The sake was very good. The place was fairly empty so figured service would be rather quick. So we waited, waited and waited. Everyone was getting served so we were curious about our food. We waited a little longer and nothing. After waiting a good 30 minutes for food we decided to leave. DO NOT GO HERE

Review №27

Always delish!

Review №28

Good sushi decent service(:

Review №29

Absolutely terrible! Order my food online and show up about 2 minutes before my order is supposed to be ready. They lady inside acknowledge me and says what are you here for when I walk in. I say for online order. She says ok. Then an hour goes by and 4 people come in after me order and leave with food while I'm still there. I finally had to ask for a refund because I didn't want to wait anymore. They offered no explanation and said ok. The absolute worst service!

Review №30

The staff was very helpful. Good environment, I was here on a Monday. Calm and relaxed after a long day. I missed happy hour but was still impressed with the price. I ordered a "red bull" it was wrapped with filet mignon with tempura shrimp really good. I would eat here again next time I a in town. Also with I walking distance of my hotel and close to a theater if you want to catch a movie.Highly recommend.Wow and they gave me free ice cream for dessert

Review №31

Maybe it was just a bad day for me, but they were hella slow and I thought for a moment that they forgot about me like I'm just want to chill here for about 20 minutes for a call in...

Review №32

Awesome deals on selected 1/2 off all day sushi rolls. Delicious! Love the service and location. My go-to sushi spot!

Review №33

Had a very good experience in here with my girlfriend. The food comes quick and the service is just good. Prices are convenient.

Review №34

$$ Sushi and service was a 3 star experience.

Review №35

The food here never disappoints. I usually eat their sushi rolls, and I'm always super satisfied with the ones I get. They are short staffed, but hiring at the moment. Hopefully their service improves. Still love this place.

Review №36

Sushi was fresh and delicious. Will visit again.

Review №37

They gave us canned soda, which I think is slightly unprofessional, and their menus are a bit confusing. Their food, even though it was delicious, took a while to come, so if you're looking for a place to eat and you're hungry, this might not be your best choice.

Review №38

Excellent food and great service.

Review №39

If I could put a zero I would. Sushi isn't bad, but the service is the worst I've seen in Bakersfield. I shouldn't have to track down our waiter for just 1 refill on water during our 2 hour dinner.

Review №40

After our dinner we had a question about some charges on the bill. The waitress explained why she charged and we said we would have liked more transparency but okay. We did not ask to speak to a manager. The manager approached us, squatted down and said "What is going on here?" we explained the question we had had. He then patronizingly brought a second bill that was one cent different to... prove a point?Do not treat your patrons this way for having a question about the bill. Disclosing surcharges is good practice. If you have a policy, then that's fine, no need to make your point with such a demonstration. We won't be returning, and recommend others don't waste their time on a place that looks down on their customers.

Review №41

Really nice staff and everything I've ordered so far has been excellent. Get the ice cream with fried oreo.

Review №42

It's price and it's not great, we order the chef special and it was a ball of rice with fish on top. Bentos and Ichiban are delicious.

Review №43

They're terrible with online and call in orders. Nothing is ever ready on time. Last time I came in one lady was handling the online orders one by one until a line formed. They're shouldn't be a line just to pick up

Review №44

Favorite sushi spot in town. Bit pricey, but that's sushi. My favorite is the Last Frontier Roll

Review №45

The service was terrible. The waiter came to our table two times during the whole time. The drinks took around twenty minutes to arrive and they brought us canned sodas like what?? The rolls were tiny and everything was excessively sweet. Descriptions of the food on the menu were terrible. Decorations do not even match everything is out of place. There is an automatic 18% surcharge for "gratituity" that is not mentioned. We paid $110 for four rolls and two appetizers during happy hour plus drinks.To sum it all up i found twelve grammatical errors in the menu and i was not even looking for them. I strongly advise anyone to steer clear of this establishment.

Review №46

Sushi... super satisfying. Great ambiance & decor. The staff was very helpful and observant. It has an awesome feel to it.

Review №47

Excellent happy hour prices, food very good. Easy going environment, great place for late dinner.

Review №48

Love going there! Friendly service. Very delicious and reasonable prices. Enjoyed my time at Toro's

Review №49

7/30/2019 My girlfriend walked inside to ask for a job opportunity cause it says now hiring. she even called in to speak to a nice lady for an interview then she came inside to see her. Though, a rude girl named Lina or Luna in front seems to be the manager and had a very bad attitude towards my “black” girl friend, who ever it Concern, I will be calling corporate tomorrow cause how it came off was unacceptable. I don't recommend trying to work there at all.

Review №50

Ok, but big portions. not like in europe

Review №51

Sushi is really good even though the host/server puts everything in front of checking on tables

Review №52

Good food

Review №53

I have been eating at Toro for a few years now and have mostly had positive experiences. What prompted this review was me being told that “all blue highlighted items are 50% off”. Based on the “sushi and sashimi” section being highlighted I (wrongfully) assumed both sushi and sashimi were 50% off and decided to place 3 orders to take advantage of the promotion.After a nice meal the bill came and we saw that the sashimi was at full price. When we inquired we were told that the sashimi was not included in the 50% off promotion. Nice.Had this been disclosed we would not have ordered nearly as much sashimi as we did (or at all). It is disappointing to see that vague pricing is a recurring trend with this restaurant based on other reviews.I cannot say I will be eager to return to a restaurant that does not properly communicate pricing.

Review №54

Sushi here - very tasty. this location is one of my favorites. i had a cousin come into town and she asked me to go back here.

Review №55

Ordered through doordash, overpriced almost $14 sushi that's its nowhere good to compare to Love Sushi's, it doesn't even look like a sushi that's worth that price, will never order again

Review №56

Just had lunch with my love and it was great. We had the 1k and the GoldenTiger roll. It was delicious and the sever was on point.

Review №57

Excellent food. If I wasn't visiting from out of town this would be a regular place to eat.

Review №58

Good food food.very good service, you wish portions were slightly larger. But that is a minor compared to flavor.

Review №59

I enjoyed a very nice dinner

Review №60

We were completely ignored by our server. Another server finally noticed and gave us miso soup on the house and then ignored us after that. We were sitting for 30 mins before he took our order and then another 30 mins and no food ever came out. I finally told another lady we haven't received our food after AT LEAST 45 mins of being there her reaction was unapologetic and then the male server came with another appetizer we didn't order and said it's on the house. We just wanted what we ordered and better service. So disappointing.

Review №61

Good deals, good customer service

Review №62

Great food amazing service

Review №63

Perhaps it was my fault for coming in through the back... Their soy sauce dispenser was empty.. and nobody around to ask for another one... And yes.... I was just to lazy to get up and get one from another table... I had to skip the server to get me some more water, and he had just delivered my order... Whenever I sit at the bar.. the cook/sushi chef usually gets me the roll once is done... Not here.... Nothing special about the toro roll...

Review №64

Food was awesome and what great service

Review №65

Update: DO NOT COME HEREI USED to come here often... this place is HORRIBLE. Food is great but the service sucks!!!!!!!! Absolutely horrible. I repeat - DO NOT COME HERE!!!! We even had bugs in our rice! Omg!!! I can't even! Drink aster watered down and flavorless. The only thing left that is good at this place is Jake. He makes the best drinks and is prompt and attentive as a server.Toro offers an excellent array of apps and they're half off during Happy Hour. Rolls are B2G1 half off. Their cocktails are ample and perfectly poured. High quality sushi and an excellent choice of rolls make Toro the best sushi in the SW.

Review №66

Just visited October 2019. Nothing has changed. The staff is what keeps this place going.I used to really enjoy coming to this place, but it has gone down hill the past year. It looks like nothing is being cleaned or maintained. The chairs are worn and dirty. The tables are always sticky and have either a coaster or a napkin under a table leg. The dishes are usually dirty before you even use them. There was a dirty straw and splashed soy sauce on the window sill. I could go on, but the only reason I go in every now and then is because I do appreciate some of the rolls. If they cleaned up and did some maintenance, then this place could be a great sushi restaurant again.

Review №67

Excellent sushi great service

Review №68

Any haters trying to put this place down are just that, either a hater or a competitor. GREAT food, GREAT service and VERY reasonable prices. WOW!!!

Review №69

I was never a sushi eater when my husband and I ate there for lunch the people were friendly & the food was delish I love it very well recommended

Review №70

Food was good, service wasn't. The young waitress should not be working there. Unless she gets the proper training.

Review №71

Suuuuuper white washed.That being said, great happy hour deals and tastes fine, just inauthentic.Wouldn't go back due to pushy manager and not worth it

Review №72

I love the Spicy Tuna salad, the dressing is so yummy! Their tea is a toasted brown rice thing that is really tasty. I like it so much that I get it every time, so can't tell you about the other items, but I have taken other people there who don't even like sushi, and they have always enjoyed whatever they have eaten there.

Review №73

The waitresses are so friendly. Very good service!

Review №74

This grill was very peaceful. The service was fine. Quality of rolls was high. Smallest I think I've ever seen - but they were very fresh. It's a trade off. I still recommend.

Review №75

Fantastic food and service in a beautiful restaurant.

Review №76

The service wasn't horrible, but wasn't great either. We we're seated in the back of the restaurant and we're kind of ignored. I wish the waitress would of been more engaging and offered suggestion from the menu. Over all the vibe of the restaurant was nice.

Review №77

Delicious food. It's so nice to have food that dances on the tongue without being injected with fat.The food is fresh, beautifully presented, and very yummy. I recommend the Shrimp & Crab salad (86 the dressing). It is a little on the pricey side.

Review №78

Pretty good overall. A little pricey, but a decent experience. The day l was there, they ran out of beef ...Pretty typical sushi spot. They call themselves fusion, but not sure where the 'fusion' comes in. Staff was nice.

Review №79

Food is awesome !.. didnt like how they automatically added the gratitude! !... i think i should choose if i should even leave a tip at all... service also not great.... but i will go again . Food is delicious. time ill pay cash where they won't charge my card...

Review №80

Great food and friendly service.

Review №81

Great happy hour and good sushi!

Review №82

Great lunch specials and awsome food

Review №83

Great place great service...loved it

Review №84

They change the amount of the tip from 4 to 10. I called to dispute the charges and they told me that they do not have a manager available and told me to call back. I asked when will the manager will be available they said not sure so I asked for them to give me a call back but they haven't done it yet. So my advice for the public to take a picture of your receipts after you finish writing the tip amount and signature. For this place I'm never going to go back the food isn't fresh.

Review №85

This sushi grill is really good, service is great, they are one of my favorite restaurants...

Review №86

Dined in hand full of people about four cooks that worked very slow 30 minutes to wait for are food not returning.

Review №87

Friendly service. Great happy hour. Will be back.

Review №88

Good sushi and service! Fun place to visit with friends!! Will be back for sure.

Review №89

I got a lot of sushi from the top part of the menu. The was served warm and the fish was mildly warm. Overall the taste of the fish was bland and had no mouth feel

Review №90

3.5 stars. I called in 8 rolls to go. Got there 30 minutes later and they were ready for me. The lady also threw in some edamame (I think it's spelled right), some soup and a free roll. Rolls were good. The rice is purple and that threw me off. I'm not big on dyes or colors and wish it was the original white rice but whatev. All n all it was good but not a full 4 stars. The lady who serve me was sweet and kind. The environment was pretty chill. I think I'll try some other spots though. Been here for 6 months on a project and not super impressed with the purple rice I'm looking for that og

Review №91

We have enjoyed dinner here many times over the years that they have been open; though not enough to be considered regulars. Tonight was great. We asked if we could sit on the Patio since it was a perfect evening for it. Our waitress, Eun K, took our drink orders right away. She was very nice and patient, giving us more time when we weren't ready to order yet. We had the Titanic Roll, and it arrived at the table on fire. It was awesome to see and tasted good too. We also had the Orange Dragon. It was so good, it's our new favorite. They used just the right amount of sauce on it (unlike how other places drown their rolls). Next came a beautiful plate of sashimi. The sashimi was really good too. Finally we ended the evening with small scoops of green tea ice cream and tempura Oreos. The whole evening was nice and relaxing. We will definitely try to come here more often again.

Review №92

Love the service and food!!!

Review №93

Nasty food almost made me throw up when i went to eat there. The chicken is pre made like 5 days before is served. The shrimp is rotten. The meat chicken and shrimp is not even refrigerated. And the service is so bad, the servers, sushi chefs and the Cook are always drunk.

Review №94

Best sushi I have ever had. This place is my favorite.

Review №95

Great Food Great Service

Review №96

Good sushi

Review №97

It is just so so of a restaurant. There are definitely myriad of better choices around town. First of all comparable menu items at this location is at least a dollar or two costlier than other competing locations. Secondly, food is small portioned. Thirdly, the quality of ingredients are undoutedly inferior to other Japanese/sushi restaurants. To its credit, Toro's food tastes good to very good. It makes up for portion size, higher price and lack of quality ingredients. Also the server was well mannered and attentive.I will likely not return anytime in the near future. If you are looking for something better, I'd look to miyoshi, sushi time, love sushi, or ichiban.

Review №98

Good service, modern decor, fresh fish and creative sushi roll options.

Review №99

Overall I had a bad experience-The tables were sticky-The chairs were old and unbalanced-Food overrated-Food pretty pricey for the quality and experience

Review №100

NIce staff, good presentation of the rolls. Good sushi

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3.8 Rating
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  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
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  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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