Crumbl Cookies - Bakersfield
10530 Stockdale Hwy Unit Q100, Bakersfield, CA 93311, United States
Review №1

They offer curbside pickup, but don't bring orders out to the car in order based on arrival. We sat in the parking lot for 13 minutes after our scheduled pickup time and employee served 2 other vehicles who showed up 8 minutes after us. My husband still had to go in and pickup. When he went in there, our order wasn't even ready.Cookies were good though.

Review №2

Their "cookies" range from classic to experimental, but everything I have had so far has been delicious and wonderful to look at.

Review №3

As a baker myself and cookie lover I really loved their cookies. I wish some didn't fall apart so easy. (Little ones, make a mess trying to eat them) delicious though. I loved my chocolate chip. On my way in I saw a bunch of young girls all with cookies in hand running out and giggling. Made me smile.

Review №4

These cookies you'd have to see in person..they are humongous! They even have mini cookies for catering. Different cookies every week! Great service, clean place. Great idea for last minute birthday dessert. Great price too!

Review №5

I placed an order using the app and checked in when I arrived. After 10 minutes the app showed I had received my cookies but I hadn't. I waited a few more minutes then called the store and was told they were working on it and would be out soon. 15 minutes later still no cookies. At this point I'd been waiting over 30 minutes past my pick up time. I called again and was told they didn't have my order on the screen and could I please come in. I went in and gave them my phone to look at the order which they then got together for me. No explanation of what happened to my order or apologies for it taking 40 minutes after arrival to receive my order.

Review №6

Very sweet, highly recommend coffee or milk to wash down cookies. Loud greeting from staff upon entry. We ordered a box of 4 and paid. There's hardly any place to wait for your order. The "menu" is a small display you can't see until you're near the checkout. I would recommend more signs so orders can be fulfilled faster. Ice cream is offered online, but not at this location so the the already limited menu is very limited. On the way out we were aghast to see bugs ALL OVER the walls. Dead bugs. Absolutly disgusting. Snapped a quick photo, but they were all the way up the wall.TL/DRPROS: convenient hours, tasty cookies, rotating menuCONS: No ice cream like advertised (very limited menu-only 6 cookies), BUGS-EWW, pricy, cramped space

Review №7

BEST COOKIES EVER!! Every flavor I have tried has been delicious! Each weekend I impatiently wait until the following week's menu is posted. I highly recommend!!

Review №8

The cookies are addicting. Great service. Fun to look at the options on the app and fun to share the cookies with friends!

Review №9

Not only complete game changer cookies, (With 4 new cookies every week?!) but the positive vibes walking through the door make you feel so welcome! Super clean and friendly staff too. I don't think Bakersfield knows yet what just hit them!!

Review №10

We have gotten party boxes several times a week now and tried every flavor! These cookies are HUGE and delicious! So many great flavors, friendly, welcoming staff, fun location with upbeat music, and fantastic service! We will definitely be Crumbl regulars!! ️

Review №11

My review is only based on the app. It's easy to follow but it doesn't allow delivery if you're not in the direct neighborhood of the bakery which is located in Rosedale where all the good things are. It would be nice to have other parts of Bakersfield included such as the east side and north side, especially during these hard times of being in the middle of a pandemic. Expanding this feature would widen the customer base thus gaining more business. I'm sure the wait wouldn't be in issue for people in these areas since they would be aware of where the location is coming from. I hope to see this change soon

Review №12

I ordered 4 cookies. 2 milk chocolate chip, 1 rocky road, 1 sugar shark. I ordered them at 7am for delivery. They waited until the time the cookies were supposed to he delivered to call me and tell me the 3 different cookies I ordered were out of stock. Wish the website would've told me before I ordered. I would've just canceled the order but I didn't wanna go through the hassle of waiting for the refund to return to me. Quality wasnt bad just wish I received what I ordered or been told what I wanted was out of stock.

Review №13

The cookies are awesome we got a box...Definitely going back The only BAD thing was watching the employees going outside deliving boxes to cars wearing gloves and coming back in and using the same gloves to handle the cookies in the warmers and putting them in the boxes ..... A employee heard me telling my husband and rolled her eyes.... I hope in the future there's a better sanitizing routine ..... Once again amazing cookies

Review №14

I've gone 3 different times. Every single time the cookies have been extremely dry. Not a fan.

Review №15

I ordered a small box of cookies for my husband who had a rough day at work, and I expected so much less! The cookies were big, soft and unique! We cant wait to try new flavors every week :) so happy that they are open!

Review №16

Large speciality cookies. Great concept for boxing and running out to car. PS amazing taste.

Review №17

I ordered thru door dash when I got the four cookies all of them were not done they were all doughy which made them taste bad which sucks cause I love getting their cookies.

Review №18

Great cookies and great crew! Yes I did see some hiccups but with any new business this is going to happen. The reviews I've read all have to do with growing pains and honestly the company seems to be doing the best they can to make things right. I was treated well by all and took everything with a grain of sugar. Looking forward to trying new flavors and keeping fingers crossed that gluten free is in the future. Keep up the hard work!

Review №19

Never had cookies from here before. They were delicious, I say were because they didn't last long. Well done Crumbl well done.

Review №20

Heard this place was new and open wanted to give it a try so i decided to drive 25 mins away from home and took my sibling to try with me to. Little did I know this place would make me so uncomfortable that I had to leave . Never have I felt so discriminated. Will be taking my money and recommendations some where else

Review №21

1)Lemon Cookie, 8 out of 10 cookie points. Extremely light and fluffy, sweet but not over powering. Light lemon zest not to pungent.2) Chocolate Oreo cookie, 6 out of 10 cookie points. While not a disappointing cookie it does not entirely live up the "Oreo" name. The center is almost chewy/brownie like. The outside of the delicious cookie tastes and appears to have been dusted with actual oreo dust. The cream cheese topping is relatively basic and sweet.3) Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip macadamia nut cookie, 8 out of 10 cookie points. Great crisp but not a  hard cookie texture. Well proportioned chip to nut ratio. Very subtle deep almost dark like chocolate finish, creamy like cocoa if you will.4) Butterfinger cookie, 8 out of 10 cookie points. This one is excellent if sweet and sugary is your forte. A couple of complex flavors brought together neatly. Not to heavy handed with the Butterfinger crumbs. The actual peanut butter cookie underneath is the real star. It finishes somewhat gooey as a piece of christmas peanut butter fudge does.

Review №22

I am not a poet but I think I want to write poetry about Crumbl Cookies. These cookies are so good! Today was my first visit to crumbl and I am already hooked. The Bakersfield location was so nice! I loved how clean and modern it looked and they had a kiosk inside which was so user friendly . We recieved our cookies in under 3 minutes. But, the most valuable key in my entire visit was the amazing greeting when you enter into the shop. I immediatley fell in love. So happy and I will be going back soon!

Review №23

Today went in no one in line I waited and waited..... About 10 employees and no one no one addresses me ... Very sour feeling finally a young boy waited on me he made up for catastrophic visit if this is the way there going to do business forget about visiting and I was excited was..... Good luck...

Review №24

Went in to pick uo order. Very friendly. Pretty quick.

Review №25

Very big and extra rich. Definitely shareable. Really great cookies served warm!

Review №26

I got the box of 4 cookies, they are massive and delicious, will definitely be going back! They were so warm and smelled amazing!

Review №27

The cookies were delicious, but their business practices aren't good, so that's why I gave it 2 stars. You can get cookies at many places, so I hope they improve the things that frustrated me, and others because I heard others complaining while I was there yesterday.I saw it advertised that Friday was free delivery day. I tried placing an order many times through the app but it never worked. When I mentioned that in store they said the system got turned off because of too many orders, and didn't offer anything to make up for the fact that I had to drive there even though they were still advertising free delivery on their Facebook page.I tried to call about the delivery issue and heard on their voice recording that anyone who stood in line today would get a free chocolate chip cookie. So I also mentioned this when I was in store. They said that they weren't giving away free cookies in store even though that is what you hear when they call their phone number. Also, even though the screens in their store and website shows ice cream, they had no ice cream.So overall, I had 2 things promised online and over the phone and none came true with no offer to try to make up for it. My visit was disappointing and I don't have plans to try to return.

Review №28

Pretty tasty cookies, workers were fast.

Review №29

Great experience walked in and saw the mayor and owners. Customer service was awesome and the cookies are to die for

Review №30

Great cookies, but we've found multiple hairs in them. please enforce a hairnet policy.

Review №31

Manager wasn't wearing his mask over his mouth and several employees had their masks pulled down. Cookies were good though.

Review №32

Cookies are great especially the peanut butter and jellyCookies are huge ...easy to share

Review №33

Always great customer service and fresh cookies

Review №34

Tried ordering 65 of their smaller cookies in store and the cashier said “small cookies are reserved for catering only” and that I couldn't buy them in store but had to do it online. This is a policy needs to go!

Review №35

Just got the reeses peanut butter cookie!!!! So delicious!! Will definitely be coming back for more!!

Review №36

Awesome place, my favorite was definitely the chocolate-chip cookie.

Review №37

Cookies are big and tasty complaints long waiting times app pickup times isn't correct no place for Curbside pickup so you have employees running around trying to find who's order is who's cars were parking in the no parking firelanes service could use some upgrades I do understand you just opened so i understand....

Review №38

Thank you to one of the owners he saw we been waiting awhile!! He apologized and gave a free cookie with our order

Review №39

The cookie is beyond perfect

Review №40

The chilled sugar cookie is fantastic! Looking forward to trying the other cookies!

Review №41

I can't believe how good these cookies are

Review №42

All cookies were good

Review №43

I have been on hold for 45 minutes! Said I was caller 2 then all of a sudden said I was caller 15. Very frustrating.

Review №44

The 2 and 1 stars are trippin. Cookies are bomb

Review №45

Great cookies and excellent service.

Review №46

Overcrowded , loud inside .. tried the lemon cookie and the confetti cookie not to great sorry won't be going back !

Review №47

Good cookies

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  • Address:10530 Stockdale Hwy Unit Q100, Bakersfield, CA 93311, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 661-241-0903
  • Bakery
  • Cookie shop
  • Dessert shop
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:8AM–12AM
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:8AM–10PM
  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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