Nothing Bundt Cakes
Suites S & T, 600 Coffee Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93309, United States
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Another amazing bakery in bakersfield, is the Nothing Bundt Cakes.Their cakes are super Moist and I love the cream.I just love their assorted cupcakes.My favourite one is the lemon flavoured.It's not very cheap I would say, but for this taste I don't mind.The red velvet is my 2nd fav.Whenever I would go to the store I would eat Atleast 3-4 of the lemon cakes on a toothpick, which they would give out as free samples.They are located in the Frugattis plaza.

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Great cakes! Very delicious. You can get cake, plates, silverware & candles in just one stop. Makes it very convenient.

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This lovely little bakery has some very sweet and customer oriented service staff. They go out of their way to help you with your order and be very personable. The product is perfection as well. The prices are a bit higher than I would like but these day quality is pricey. Or as the old saying goes “You get what you pay for.” and each bit is better than the last. It's so good and lots of fun as you can get very small finger cakes up to larger style occasion cakes. My only request is that they start selling the buntti (tiny cakes) in smaller quantities like even just a 1/2 dozen this would help senior on a fixed income as well as kids who want to get something with their own money so it would be more affordable. And feel made for their size. Little cake for little people. Little budget little cakes. Thanks for your wonderful service and delicious Bundt cakes. God bless, stay safe and healthy.

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Picked up my birthday bundtlet today... I asked for the chocolate chip cookie got home actually got the chocolate chocolate chip! I must admit I was a little disappointed but as soon as I tried it all was well... it was absolutely delicious!!! Again thank you very much, Mary ️

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It was friendly service, clean and beautiful looking cakes and cupcakes and party supplies.

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Fantastic! Great selection for all occasions and amazing customer service! Highly recomend

Review №7

Best little cakes.. And the girls working were so nice.

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Rep dropped off some samples at work today. I got a lemon flavored cake. It was delicious. Will definitely be getting more.

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The red velvet cake is my family's favorite.

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Delicious,Delicious,Delicious!Went in today to pick up my"Free" birthday bundtlet.They have samples everday.The personnel are super nice.Definately Recommend!

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Any gift giving holiday is a mad house at bakeries. I know this, my bff worked at one in her teens and a decade later she's still bitter about it. However, today, the eve of Mother's Day was gravely mismanaged at Nothing Bundt Cakes. I ordered a four days in advance a picked a time of 2PM that was most suited to my work day (because why else designate a time) and ended up waiting an hour in the hot sun. And these poor girls are running around like crazy trying to prevent customers who'd been waiting for so long from exploding (it didn't happen while I was there, but I'm sure it happened eventually) while people who didn't plan and order ahead are able to walk right in and be in and out in five minutes. This whole time, nary a manager in site, none of the girls had PPE on. Also, I watched two of them leave whether because their shift ended or it was their lunch, while there was still a line down the plaza, and no one showed up to relieve them. I heard one of the girls tell a complaining customer (who had been waiting longer than me) that they had over 400 hundred orders this weekend. Alright, great, that's fantastic, mad bundt cake profits right there. If you had that many, though, you should have KNOWN it was going to be a mad house and planned accordingly so when someone says they want their Mother's Day gift at 2 pm, they aren't standing in line until 3 PM while people who didn't plan ahead are in and out in five minutes. My order included leaving my phone number, so at the very least I could have gotten a call of warning, or a deferred delivery time to spread them out and better accommodate that poor staff.That being said, the cakes are great, but I don't recommend the bundlet towers. They don't travel very well, and even while mine was finally being handed off to me, the little flag was already falling off. There is no type of supportive structure, just three bundlets stacked one on top of the other and wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon. I tried to be careful, but by the time I got mine where it needed to be the cellophane got loose from the ribbon and it became more like a bundlet bag. It was a hot mess, albeit a tasty one, and it once again reminded my mother that I am the disappointing child. I tried to tell her I waited stubbornly in the hot sun for an hour for that, and my BROTHER would have never waited for that! She was underwhelmed. So was I.

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In my opinion, these cakes are the best in Bakersfield California. Cakes are always moist and delicious. For my family's birthday, we will always buy a birthday cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. You can't go wrong with flavors. Every flavor is delicious. Also Nothing Bundt Cakes have samples to try. Staff are always very professional and friendly.

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Your mother day set up as far as the process to pick up an already paid for cake was horrible beyond belief it made absolutely no sense i waited in line for 30 mins to pick up a basic cake I've tasted better cake at an Albertsons bakery

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Very nice and helpful thank you Megan W for the great service.

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Friendly, Fast Service, Polite Cashier.

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Awesome cakes always fresh Awesome people Thank you

Review №18

The staff was helpful and patient

Review №19

Cakes are absolutely delicious. The mini cakes are perfect to eat alone, or I GUESS you can share, but you probably won't want to once you try it. The cake is moist and perfectly flavored, not too rich. I've never ordered the bigger cakes, but I'm sure they are just as good. I also don't like having too much icing, which they happily gave me mini cakes with the amount of icing I prefer. Stellar customer service. They are always so cheerful, it's contagious.

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This place is absolutely adorable inside, the cakes are amazing and the girls at the front are always exceptionally nice.

Review №21

My favorite cakes Ever!! I think I may make obscene noises while eating them, they're that good. The White Chocolate Raspberry is gorgeous! All their cakes are amazing, but that one is the one I'll fight you for. The store has cute, unique gifts for sale and they always seem to have a deal going on, so don't forget to ask when you're there.

Review №22

Manager was weirdly standing right over my shoulder the whole time I was trying to decide on a bundt cake flavor. Also was very pushy about adding on water to my order. The experience was very awkward, to say the least. My whole family was complaining about how the cake did not even taste fresh, and the decorations did not look like the pictures I saw online. Not coming back.

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Absolutely terrible! Ordered a 10” birthday cake online. birthday cake with extra flags that say happy birthday and I love you, which are extra cost, when my sister in law drove across town to go pick it up, we were greeted with with a dozen of cupcakes and not a 10” cake.Called to complain with the manager and she was of no help. No compensation or a simple apology.On another note, customers should know what kind of management this place is under. I've heard about and experienced the poor management this place has.I made the order online payed with my credit card but I work out of town so my relative was going to have to pick it up. On the 16th my relative goes and picks up the cake they never showed her the cake or anything she just grabs it and goes because she was on a time crunch, when she opens it at the dinner that's when she noticed it was a dozen of cupcakes. The reason “ “ they gave her those cupcakes it's because according to the manager someone with that same name and last name had made an order of a dozen of cupcakes, and let me tell you my name and last name is not very common. The manager told me that the order was under my relatives last name that's why that happened even tho the cake was payed by me with my credit card. I just find it hard to believe that someone else with the same name and last name had placed an order online the same day as me.

Review №24

A great little spot for individual cupcakes. (Red Velvet was AMAZING) Prices for larger amounts of cupcakes for parties seemed reasonable, especially since what you're getting is excellent quality pastry. Only complaint was there wasn't a public bathroom, but it's not a cafe to sit-down.

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Delicious little cakes! Not as sweet as many other places which is nice. Picked up a dozen for a friend and she absolutely loved them.

Review №26

The rep came in to my work and gave some free samples. Super nice guys very good cakes. I have to say if all the staff are like him and all tha cakes taste this good you cant go wrong

Review №27

Drop dead DELICIOUS ive NEVER had my boat rocked in such a delightful tasty way. Nothing but wonderful taste and its better than sex..This Company has nailed the cupcake industry10-16-2020 git some champagne cupcakes. Pink and white. They even gave me some candles

Review №28

This place is awesome. Ive had some buntlets here and there, but I've recently discovered their cakes! Whole cakes of pure delight! Prices are great for what you get. They offer online ordering and delivery. I recently messed up on an order, called them and they fixed it without hassle. A definite recommendation for any occasion.

Review №29

Thank you for the beautiful birthday cake for my 4th of July Birthday. And it tastes great!!

Review №30

Love their bundt cakes! My favorite is the raspberry white chocolate but I have tried many different kinds and each are true to their name in regards to flavor. The cakes are very moist and this place is my ultimate go-to if I want something sweet. If you are going to treat yourself to sugar I would chose this guilty-pleasure.

Review №31

Always delicious & consistent. Great selections of flavors

Review №32

Got a dozen of their buntlets for a birthday party. I figured they would be little cupcakes with some cleaver shape. The box they came in was very nice with a cut-out for each little cake. The variety pack comes with 4 different flavors, which is cool because people can be picky. I have to say the cakes are very moist and not too sweet. The lemon are my favorite, I think I ate most of those myself. My wife thinks the chocolate cakes are better than any she's ever tasted. I guess the other's were good too since the little cakes were the first thing everyone went for at the party. I have been back twice sine to get a dozen or two of these yummy little treats. PS. It makes you look much more sophisticated to bring a few dozen of these to work instead of a box of old crusty donuts.

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Two enthusiastic foody thumbs up! Amazing cake! And I can get an individual one just for me for a few bucks! Sooooo not sharing!

Review №34

Delivered the wrong cake. Called and they basically said that they couldn't do anything about it but give $15 store credit, not even give me at least $15 back. They offered to trade the cake out as long as it hasn't been eaten. How do you even know it is the wrong cake unless you slice it? Like I am going to even order something else from there after I spent $68 on a cake and there is nothing they can do for delivering the wrong cake! Terrible customer service.

Review №35

I can't get over how moist & Delicious these cakes are! If you wanna get your world rocked... Call Nothing Bundt Cakes

Review №36

Great cakes, go there whenever I need to buy a cake for a party or birthday

Review №37

My wife absolutely loves this place.

Review №38

Oh my gosh! The most pregnant thing I've done my whole pregnancy was walk into this cake shop and stare at everything in the case with a glazed over look in my eyes. My daughter's third birthday is tomorrow, and I just wanted something simple, so I got four of their tiny cakes. The woman behind the counter was sweet enough to give me a free cake for signing up for the free cake on your birthday slip they have, and honestly I'm hormonal enough that it made me cry, lmao. I'm due in six days, don't judge me. I'll be back. What an adorable shop and the kindest employees - AND delicious cake.

Review №39

I love this place and its so delicious dont be sorry you wont disappoint at all.. my favorite is red velvet

Review №40

Love this place!! Cakes are so moist and good...never get tired of their regular flavors and the seasonal ones are usually just as delicious.

Review №41

They are So good I went back twice in one day

Review №42

Had a sample brought by to me at work, " red velvet cup cake" . OMG really good, could possibly be addicting. I will be stopping by sometime really soon.

Review №43

Nothing Bundt Cakes is such a breathe of fresh air with its fun atmosphere and delicious cakes. I am impressed with the staff and the operation. I am always greeted with a smile by polite and helpful staff people. Nasha runs a bakery that feels like going to your favorite aunt's house for a treat. I highly recommend them for corporate events and parties at home with all the decorations and fun themes anyone could need.

Review №44

The Best Cake you will ever Taste, Share and Give...! Dave Zaccaria is a pretty cool guy with some great energy. It is always good to see him...

Review №45

Soooooo good. And very pretty inside u

Review №46

The cakes are delicious and amazing. I would order more. Delivery fee is $40 which is ridiculous.

Review №47

Love these cakes they are all delicouse

Review №48

Friendly staff and patient. Delicious cakes.

Review №49

White chocolate raspberry is my favorite flavor of bundtini

Review №50

Nice cake and decorations except I received the wrong cake flavor than what I had ordered

Review №51

Honestly the best cake you can purchase in bakersfield... You have to try their red velvet!

Review №52

Real cream cheese frosting n real moist cake... that's all I'm gonna say

Review №53

The staff was exceptionally polite & helpful! The cakes were elegant & delicious! Five stars isn't enough!

Review №54

They are very accommodating when ordering ahead of time and usually not a long wait. Can't recommend their Bundtlets enough.

Review №55

David is amazing and the food is delicious great place to buy

Review №56

The white white chocolate bundt cake is amazing! Best tasting cakes I enter had.

Review №57

The 12 pc Bundtini are amazing

Review №58

Fist time here and we fell in love with the red velvet sample. Everyone needs to try it! Yummy!!

Review №59

I had a cappy thing happen. I bought several small bundt cakes...I specifically asked for a red velvet one that wasn't damaged and I pointed it out to the manager and when I got home I saw that she didn't give me a non damaged one, she gave me the damaged one. SHe' also way too pushy about buying other items such as water. Very very unhappy. Won't be going back.

Review №60

These are there most scrumptious juicy cakes I've ever had!

Review №61

The cakes are amazing!!!! The people are very nice one of my favorite sweet treats!!!

Review №62

The cake is bomb the ppl are friendly

Review №63

They immediately provide friendly customer service and their cakes are absolutely delicious and moist!! Must try if you have not!

Review №64

The cakes are very most and delicious

Review №65

The best Luv their Bundts

Review №66

It was very good

Review №67

Love this place!!

Review №68

David and the cakes are amazing!

Review №69

Amazing service and cakes!

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  • Address:Suites S & T, 600 Coffee Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93309, United States
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  • Phone:+1 661-379-8120
  • Bakery
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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