Tastries Bakery
3665 Rosedale Hwy, Bakersfield, CA 93308, United States
Review №1

The wedding cake is a lie. When you ask a customer what kind of frosting they want, I think it's safe to say that you have an option. Now when Tastries decides on their own to change your frosting and then to add insult to injury they had the gall to yell at my fiancé when she called to ask why the frosting was changed. All Tastries had to do was tell us that our frosting option was not feasible at the time of ordering. Tastries is a good bakery; however their professionalism is nonexistent. I will do my utmost to ensure to share my experience with anyone who is willing to listen and within earshot. Thank god almighty that Sweet Surrender was able to help us in our time of need.

Review №2

Delicious! Found a new sweet spot. Amazing variety of baked goods. We had cupcakes, cookies, cheesecake, macaroons. Everything was just wow! Will be back!! The customer service is friendly and knowledgeable. I love when I ask if something is sweet or not or what they recommend and they are able to give you insight. They def did. So I gave it 5 stars for the pastries, the service, and how adorably cute this place is.

Review №3

OMG....I bought a carrots cake and a banana crunch muffin. 2 cookies. 4 cupcakes. The BEST baked goods I've EVER tasted!!!

Review №4

I called in asking for a chocolate cake and was told there were 3 different chocolate cakes in display. I get there and never imagined the bakery to be so beautiful. The cashier who helped me out was wonderful. My toddler picked out 2 toys, cookies, and we got our chocolate cake. Too bad I'm only in town on vacation. The chocolate cake was AMAZING.

Review №5

I ordered a cake for my husband's birthday a week ago (along with snagging one of the best macaroons I've ever had) and picked it up today. Oh my goodness, it is delicious! Perfectly moist, lovely flavor, and simply but beautifully decorated.

Review №6

This is the Only place that i will use for any events! I Love their bakery items! I had pre-ordered some Anniversary macaroons a few years back and i Still think about how beautifully they turned out

Review №7

This is a wonderful bakery. They made a German Chocolate cake for my sisters birthday. It was delicious.

Review №8

I love Tastries! ️ We ordered our wedding cake for our original date in June, but due to COVID we are having to push the formal reception back a few months and have a smaller personal reception on the day of, and they were so helpful with pushing that back and ordering a new one! Their cakes are delicious and the staff is always super friendly!

Review №9

Got a cake for my birthday, just classic vanilla with buttercream, the cake was bland and had pockets of flour amidst itself. The frosting also had an almost savory, out of place flavor. The service was horrible, and the decor is tacky and outdated. 0/10, I will never get anything from here again.

Review №10

Love the cookies, yum.. very nice and courteous, not overpriced for deliciousness

Review №11

My favorite bakery ever! I went in the middle of mothers day and they still had a great selection! When I told them my husband and I drove in from Fresno they even threw in a free treat.

Review №12

Loved how kind, considerate, and accommodating they are for catering my mom's funeral in a COVID safe way.

Review №13

There are way better bakeries in town. The prices don't reflect the quality of the goods. Nice cashier, but this review is for the cupcakes I purchased.

Review №14

This is the best bakery in town!!

Review №15

Cherry cheesecake didnt taste fresh, was very dry flaky.

Review №16

There cookies were delicious,we got a assortment of cookies, fudge, cake, and a few other items and they were all delicious, we had never been here before and the one time I passed by they were already closed. I wanted to pass by and knew they were open and me and the family are glad we did, they are not cheap but you get what you pay for and are money was well spent

Review №17

I went in for my wedding cake tasting the other day and the owner was sooo helpful and sweet! She made the experience so fun! We tried the banana cake and I LOVED it but we ended up picking a different flavor for our wedding, but we had to get it for my shower. Today was my bridal shower and we had the most beautiful naked banana cake and it was delicious! Everyone loved it and was asking where it was from! Will be ordering from them again!

Review №18

So many delicious selections to choose from and fresh!

Review №19

Had previously purchased a cake here for my high school graduation with a bunch of friends and it was good! Decided to repurchase another for my college graduation and bought a TOTAL JOKE. Had heard someone mention the bakers as ARTIST and when I picked up, I can not imagine what this person considers an artist. It looked as if a 2nd grader drew on my cake. Had preordered it to have a cap design made out of fondant on the cake and somehow was registered by someone there to draw it out of frosting. So weird, right? Even when I told the girl while picking up of the mistake made, she said I hadn't been charge for a fondant design and made her look at my charge again, AS IF I CAN'T READ. Was refunded $15 as if it even WORTH that. This was definitely done the night before pick up or maybe even the morning of, I wouldn't put it past them. I really wouldn't want anyone else to have a special day ruined, so let my mistake be a lesson. NEVER AGAIN.

Review №20

Nice and cute store with delicious mini tarts. I just happened run into this store which is owned by my friends' friend as deserts of our dinner. The local people love the sweets there.

Review №21

Some of the best cookies in town! Service is always excellent and professional.

Review №22

Pumpkin roll was amazing

Review №23

Tastries hosted a fabulous advanced level cupcake decorating for my wife. Cathy Miller, the owner, was professional, knowledgeable, and an incredible teacher. Thank you Tastries for a great class, a beautiful party, and a perfect memory.

Review №24

There was 6 of us who each had something different and they were all delicious. I will definitely return. The lady who waited on us was very sweet and helpful.

Review №25

Went cake tasting. All was very nice. Shannon the sales girl was very nice and helpful

Review №26

The pastries and cookies were spectacular and reasonably priced!!!! This was a special find for passing through town. Quality items and the lady was very helpful.

Review №27

I bought my son's birthday cake

Review №28

Food was so delicious. I've had nothing but great experiences here and will keep coming back. I see why this place has so many great reviews.

Review №29

Next time I'll be back with my coworkers. Menu is similar to a restaurant in Jacksonville I loved.

Review №30

Wonderful staff and beautiful work!! LOVE this bakery! They do gluten free as well!!

Review №31

It was so appetizing. It has a nice interior.

Review №32

Love it delicious 3 leche cake

Review №33

Great service. Came in to make an order for macaroons and croissants with only a few days notice during the holiday season. The order was completed on time and the croissants and macaroons were absolutely delicious. Will definitely come back for future orders.

Review №34

We do a decorating class and they are fantastic!

Review №35

Cupcakes, cheese cake, and cookies taste delicious

Review №36

The shop is beautifully decorated, the service is great. The bake goods are very good for the exception of the brownies. I've tried them twice on two different occasions and both times they were disappointing. My first time I thought maybe a goof, probably been there a while, not sure, but, I went a second time with my son. I ordered the walnut brownie and my son the fudge brownie and both were hard as a rock-the fork could not go through the brownie. Difficult to say if they were good because you cant eat them. Other than that, great little bakery

Review №37

Their cakes are absolutely stunning, pastries are delicious, their display cases are always full for those last-minute Stop Inn, and their coffee is strong. What else could you ask for in a bakery? Thank you for always giving me a wonderful experience. Bakersfield has the best :-)

Review №38

Rude! Bad customer service, so I called to see if they can make a specific design for my husbands bday he loves hookah it's a culture thing.. the lady who answered said hold on let me ask the owner..when she connected back with me she told me she asked the owner and that the owner said no they don't make obscene cakes that's not how they run their business she's strict on that” seriously lady OBSCENE are you kidding me it's a hookah! not a freaking crack pipe or syringe or any drug paraphernalia! All she had to do was just to say no and that's it not offend me or my husband customs from his country.. she needs to get out of Bakersfield perhaps travel more or open a book and not be so ignorant! Rant over.. I'm so mad!

Review №39

Maybe I went in on an off-day. But we were driving through Bakersfield and I wanted to get a cup of coffee. I saw that it had pretty good reviews so I gave it a try. I always order way too much but I wanted to try a few of everything. We ended up throwing the bag away at the next gas station. Everything was still and at least a few days old. Can't say I could recommend it to anybody

Review №40

Great Bakery with incredible selection. I stand with them in their faith. May God bless you and your business.

Review №41

Great service by Brandie and Andy! I walked in and was immediately welcomed into the store. Brandie helped guide my sweet tooth with some amazing suggestions. Andy made the check-out process very smooth and quick since they were getting busy. I am pretty picky about sweets but I will definitely come back and try whatever else Brandie recommends.

Review №42

Family friendly. Great customer service. Amazing sweets!

Review №43

Getting married soon and would never consider this place as a vendor, as our wedding will not support businesses that use bigotry and prejudice as a marketing tool. Many can make a wonderful cake- the majority can even do it without intolerance towards love! Crazy, right?

Review №44

Absolutely love this place. They never fail to put a smile on my face as soon as I walk through the door. Amazing group of people work here. I will be back very soonPs: I gave them a drawing I'd like for my 20th birthday and they did it!

Review №45

Tastries Bakery is the absolute best ! Some bakeries are too sweet or hardly any flavor but this bakery has the whole package of Just right. I don't even like sweets but NOW.. I LOVE THEM !

Review №46

They wanted nearly $200 for my sons smash cake! Ridiculous! Three little fondant animal decorations and a few small details. Nope. Ridiculous. Also, it took a week to get ahold of them. I emailed them and they never got back to me so I called and left a message and they never called me back. That's no way to build a clientele.

Review №47

Great ambiance & decor. The service was friendly and sociable. It has an awesome atmosphere.

Review №48

This bakery has been nothing but great to me and my fiance. we have been treated with nothing but respect. the baked goods taste fantastic and we decided to use their services for our wedding. i don't believe that a business should be judge for their religious or political choices but for the service they provide. i can guarantee you that i will be returning to this bakery.

Review №49

They were so helpful, I look forward to ordering from them for our wedding.

Review №50

I wish there were more places like this around town. I think I might become a regular. They have so many good reviews for a reason.

Review №51

On a recent trip to California we stopped in this bakery to purchase some goods for our Airbnb rental. It seemed clean enough but the next morning when we tried to have some of the good to be bought with coffee it was all incredibly stale and hard like it was days old and didn't even look like the same items we picked out from the cabinet. When we called her to see if we could maybe exchange them she was very happy and acted like it was gonna be a huge inconvenience I would not recommend this we ended up throwing them out I didn't even feel comfortable giving them to our dog

Review №52

Really nice place and people at tasties just went here and it was really good

Review №53

These girls are amazing! I gave them a picture of a cake I wanted for my daughters birthday and they did even better then the picture and the cake was delicious! There was not one piece left over!

Review №54

How wonderful can a bakery get?! I'm from a town with a famous bakery and these folks genuine and loving nature is baked into every morsel! Sweet, delicious, and wonderful you instantly feel welcomed! I never write reviews but saw the outright lies in the posted reviews while saving Tasty Bakery in my google maps and felt behooved to comment positively. These negative reviews are nothing but hollow slander. Tasty Bakery is where your magic begins, make no mistake about that.

Review №55

I love Tastries Bakery!! I order all special occasion cake's from here and just because cakes! Lol. Always so Delicious and Banana cake is our family fave! Thank you Tastries Bakery for serving our community with the most Delicious meticulous cakes!!

Review №56

Tastries Bakery?Not impressed, whatsoever. I was, by their web site, but they're not to be counted on, unless you don't care about your special day.Not fun at all, to have your expected experience ruined, and not by any choice of your own.I ordered a cake for my sister's birthday for a surprise, as I live in another state and can not bring it to her myself. $50 for a 2 layer, chocolate cake, plus $20 to “deliver” it.I had to call them when I found out (and now ruined my surprise) from my sister that nothing had been delivered.I would not recommend these folks for a biscuit. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice..shame on me.

Review №57

Bought a walnut brownie from the Tastries at the mall.It looked great, but about half of it was hard. And I do mean rock hard.It was obviously a few days old.

Review №58

I love this place. Their fondant tastes so good! Last year I forgot to order a cake for a birthday, just a simple white fondant nothing crazy. I called the day before I needed it and they were able to make it. :) very happy with them.

Review №59

Nice place to relax, people watch, eat good, etc. I had a brother come into town and asked me to take him back here. Prices were appropriate.

Review №60

Went in today for Keto cupcakes. I was told they don't make them but they had some brownies and cookies, I asked what the ingredients and carb count was and the cashier said she had no idea. Well maybe you should know this incase someone has an allergy. Knowledge is everything my lady.

Review №61

This place is AMAZING!!! The Cherry Cheesecake bar was so good almost slapped myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. The place was clean and there were very friendly. There were so many delicious looking treats I think I want to try them all. I highly recommend this place.

Review №62

I ordered a cake from here a while ago because it was recommended. It was very dry, expensive and tastes kind of like plastic. I tried again recently because of a lack of options but before I could even order my mother and I were asked to leave because my mother had a Darwinism shirt on. My mother, who uses a walker and is 80 years old was refused service. This place is not worth the garbage with which they apparently make their cakes. So in summary, cakes which are dry and taste of plastic, high prices, and disgusting and cruel service. Imagine if my mother had been wearing a shirt with a menorah on it or even a head scarf! Judging from their behavior they probably would have ripped the walker out from under her and stepped over her lifeless body. Yeah, they are real Christians alright. Poor Jesus. How embarrassed he would be. Shame

Review №63

Friendly service and GREAT products. Wonderful desserts and cookies. Creative and wonderful tasting. Their decorated cakes are so unique. Great place for that special treat.

Review №64

Great choices. Service is fantastically

Review №65

Best bakery I've ever visited. ABSOLUTELY fantastic! Service was prompt and polite and the pastries a delight!

Review №66

The brownies are delicious! Also bought a iced cookie for a friend . Nice assortment of cakes and pastries

Review №67

Will not reccomend or come back to this place very rude and misleading people that work here

Review №68

Cookies are amazing! Everything is amazing!

Review №69

A friend bought me one of the vanilla cupcakes form Tastries for my birthday. I don't frequent bakeries very often, and this one is a few miles out of my way. But I loved the cupcake! then she reminded me this was the one that won the discrimination suit brought on by someone looking to cause trouble and silence Christians, so I knew I had to go check out how some other goodies tasted. There are some mean people in the public workforce who really ought not to be serving people. But these gals are not in that category. They are friendly and helpful, and PS - the blonde brownie with a hint of almond was delicious. The brownie part reminded me of a St. Louis goody butter cake, and the icing was just the right texture and flavor. So.... if you stay away for whatever reason, you are missing out on some good treats. More for me, and all the others who will still frequent Tastries Bakery.

Review №70

Best deserts ever

Review №71

I wasn't aware that I had to order a birthday cake weeks in advance... I have never ordered a cake before. My husband's birthday is in 2 days. The owner was incredibly sweet and helpful. She reserved one of those window cakes they make every day for me. And they put writing in it for me. And they let me pick the flavor. I would recommend this bakery to everyone because they are the nicest people and they will do what they can to keep your business and make you happy!

Review №72

Great Service... Everything was Beautiful and delicious. Thank you...

Review №73

Stopped in and purchased some sweets and treats for my parents , they absolutely loved them ! I will definitely be back ️

Review №74

Just visited the booth at the valley plaza and got two turtle brownies and the service and product were wonderful!! :) moist and tasty; definitely will be back!

Review №75

Great service along with great tasting custom designed cake

Review №76

Tastries Bakery is not only a welcoming establishment for all families and individuals, but also they have the BEST baked goods you'll find anywhere! That bakery smell when I walk in the front door is overwhelmingly delicious. And the customer service is the BEST.

Review №77

I got a few little treats here cause they looked good. They were really bad. The blueberry muffin tasted so dry an like doe!! I was shocked at how awful the deserts were.

Review №78

Excellent Bakery making killer pastries from scratch using quality ingredients. If you need any special pastries come here and talk to the owner she's awesome!!

Review №79


Review №80

If you have a sweet tooth then this is the place to go they have it all fast friendly service their pastries are good and the price is good the cannolis their melt-in-your-mouth. They also have a good faith that I really believe in and I am glad that they stick to it

Review №81

Love the all of their stuff!!!

Review №82

Cake was dried as hell. A red velvet cake I bought for my moms birthday on September 4th and thinking I was spending good money on a good cake this thing was a mistake. Avoid this place and also to add to this the staff don't seem that friendly when taking a customer. Spend your money somewhere else

Review №83

Our family wishes we could live closer so we could go there more often. They deserve more than five stars. Excellent!

Review №84

Wonderful place outstanding selection of Desserts! I can't wait for the next Birthday!I will be ordering all my cakes from here.

Review №85

She gets to decide what you do with the cake AFTER you buy it. It's none of her business. Find a better baker to use.

Review №86

Clean and charming! A great place for a quick treat or special occasion creation.

Review №87

The Best yummies in Bakersfield California !

Review №88

Tastrie's is such a great bakery. Everyone's friendly and there is more than just the bakery items to look at!

Review №89

Wonderful shop. Their cakes & other yummy bakery items are delicious. God bless you all

Review №90

Amazing!! Endless options of deserts..love this place . Really great staff

Review №91

Nothing special. They have some cool designs but the flavor is sub-par. Granted, I've only had their products on two occasions and it's been awhile but at this point, I wouldn't go back.

Review №92

They had a great variety of cakes Cupcakes and all pastries the employees were very helpful on picking out something for a birthday will return again and they all taste as good as they looked

Review №93

This place is the absolute worst. First of all, their hygiene standards are so lax, I'm surprised they have not been closed down by the Board of Health. I personally witnessed one gray-haired woman drop a donut on the floor and then put it back on the tray for poor unsuspecting customers. Furthermore, this same gray-haired woman was seen coughing and sneezing all over some cupcakes, apparently meant for a children's birthday party. Finally, when this woman got around to waiting on me, she pointedly asked if I was a homosexual because they "don't serve those kinds of people". Needless to say, I was flabbergasted and demanded to see the manager. To my surprise, she claimed to be the manager! Still in shock, I just walked out never to return. In the parking lot though, I encountered a sobbing Mexican woman sitting on the curb. After asking her what was wrong, she stated that she had been working "in the back" of this bakery for some time without pay. When she demanded they pay her, she was summarily fired and told "you are lucky to even be in our presence. We don't like filthy Mexicans go back to where you cam from!". Why this filthy pigsty staffed by bigots is still in business is a real mystery.

Review №94

Walked in and bought one of each flavor of macarons. All of them were hard and crusty. Disappointed. Staff was nice though and I've heard good things about the cakes.

Review №95

We love love ....staff is soooooooo helpful....we ordered our granddaughters 5th birthday cake today..Princess Castle with Unicorn..Pink if course..they are amazing...!! Will post pictures next week from her party!!Thank you soooooooo much

Review №96

FYI if I'm ever in Bakersfield, I WILL stop by and support you. Good for you for standing firm in your morals and values!

Review №97

I've heard the cake is quite good, but we went for macaron twice, and were totally diappointed both times. These are not at all how macaon are supposed to be. They're not cooked correctly or something; the cookie inside is flat and doesn't rise with the shell, so they have a large air pocket inside. The ganache filling is too hard. The flavor is just ok. A macaron should be soft and slightly chewy, with a thin outer shell. These break apart because of the air pocket, and you are left with a too dense, hard center.

Review №98

Everyone has the right to refuse service to anyone, and believe what they want. They are in no way promoting hate, get real people. All they did was refer someone to a different bakery. On the other hand, they do have great prices, good service, and very tasty!

Review №99

Don't go here, seriously. I gave this place a shot the other day despite the controversy surrounding the owner and I honestly regret it. The staff is unhelpful to say the least and completely unattentive. I had called back today after doing a tasting last week for a cake I was ordering and they lost my business permanently in under a min on the phone. Rude, sarcastic, and demanding after explaining I had previously been in to potentially order a cake and asked if the worker that had helped me while I was there was in. I guess they weren't because I was told if I had "any otherbusiness to address!?" after I was told they were no longer working there. This is less than a week ago IIwas there an that worker told me through casual conversation they had worked there for a few years. So no, I don't have any business to do with you.

Review №100

Tastries made an awesome cake for my son's birthday that everyone enjoyed. They matched the photo I took in and made exactly what he wanted. A great bakery with great products and helpful staff. Thank You!

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