Chalet Basque Restaurant
200 Oak St, Bakersfield, CA 93304, United States
Review №1

One of my preferred places for basque food. It was so appetizing. Next time I'll be back with my friends. Feeling here is similar to a cafe in San Jose I liked.

Review №2

I did a photo booth job there for a class reunion and I had a steak that night. It was cooked perfectly!

Review №3

Basque food at this spot - super tasty. The service was very friendly and kind. Mood here reminds me of Colorado Springs area.

Review №4

Very elegant and accessible place. They provide large meals and for reasonable rates. I loved the menu very much and the waiters were super affable and chatty. Will definitely recommend this spot.

Review №5

I love the food!! Basque food is like nothing else in the world. If you have not eaten here you are missing out! It is worth a trip to Bakersfield just to eat here.

Review №6

Just ate there twice this week very good!

Review №7

The set up was good, but they now charge extra for the tongue, and there's no spaghetti or rice. We had a 9 top, 6 of which were steaks...they were all served cold, and so tough they were barely edible. My son's hamburger resembled a hockey puck, and was completely inedible. The service was mediocre. I dont know what happened, but I will not eat here again. I am only thankful someone else paid the check, because it was definitely was not worth 300+ $$$, and if I was responsible I would have spoke up over more than a child's burger. Stay home and don't waste your money!

Review №8

I simply like their dishes. I always get fantastic customer service there. The place is clean and the workers are always very welcoming. Will come visit again.

Review №9

Went in for lunch today. The menu is totally updated with daily specials. Service is top notch . I had the pork chops a la creme... delicious. Wife had fried chicken... can't go wrong with that.

Review №10

Just a great place to enjoy a great meal with friends. Staff is great.

Review №11

I come to this excellent restaurant every couple of days because I love the special air that is part of this place. The team is extremely welcoming and skilfull. The service is pretty rapid. Needless to say, the food they prepare is exceptionaly good. I visited often and I was always happy. The expense is modest. I suggest this restaurant to all my friends.

Review №12

Fine place for tasty Basque food. got there near seven, it wasn't very crowded. had a friend come into town and she asked me to take her here again. the prices are fair for the quality of food.

Review №13

Was there for a Veteran's Lunch. The server's were extremely professional as well as very friendly and helpful. Food was excellent, hearty Basque cuisine that tasted home cooked. Love it!

Review №14

My fav spot for delicious Basque food. Arrived at six, it was not packed. I will be bringing friends next time. This place has a cool atmosphere. Atmosphere is similar to a cafe in San Jose I loved.

Review №15

Always a favorite. This place has seen it's good days and also some slow ones. But make no qualms about it. Always produces a great steak and set up. The bar is friendly and a great place to be incognito if that's what floats your boat. They also just added Lamb to the menu on Thursdays. D Liciuos..... If you've been before, go again and be vocal. And if you hadn't; time to play catch up

Review №16

Basque food and the setting at this spot is very good. visited fri evening i think. had a sister come into town and asked me to take her here again. it has an awesome atmosphere.

Review №17

Good food

Review №18

Food was g8. Service was fast. I love eating here.

Review №19

Meh..... My first time eating at a Basque restaurant and I had mixed feelings about it. There was no rhyme or reason to how food is served. It was like at end of the week left overs night! Although it was tasty so there.. the restaurant was really nice and clean however the service was terrible. Felt unwelcomed and rushed. The server and busboy was overly aggressive. I would try it again if they worked on the service.

Review №20

The food is always so good here....never disappointed....very friendly staff

Review №21

Basque food and the scene at this spot is great. this place does it for me. service is typically good.

Review №22

Took a group of 14 for my dad's birthday. Had an amazing time. Our server was absolutely great and was able to handle our party solo. The food came out hot and fast. We had a great time.

Review №23

It's good service good food love this place i recommend Chalet Basque Restaurant to everyone

Review №24

Basque food at this location - very tasty. It was so savory. Service is consistently above par. The bill won't shock you.

Review №25

This place was amazing. Party of 30 was handled with ease. Food is great I will be going back

Review №26

Was very good, enjoyed meal and service hadn't been there in a wild still good, delicious

Review №27

Love this place foods great and so is the saff.

Review №28

If anyone knows Guy Fieri, please have him come to this restaurant! The food is delicious and Lisa is an awesome hostess.

Review №29

We were a group of 18 people and they had accommodations for us. Great staff and they were very good at what they do to make your visit wonderful. Very good menu, with great choices. We all left full and ready for a nap.

Review №30

Manny is a good host. Their lamb sandwich is real good.

Review №31

Good food! Nice staff!

Review №32

First time eating Basque food and was amazing from beginning to the main

Review №33

Great food, THE PLACE for dining with family and friends

Review №34

Outstanding location for tasty Basque food. The food was tasty. Prices were decent. I can see why they have so many good reviews.

Review №35

Nice spot for delicious basque food. The service was very helpful and welcoming. Prices are reasonable I would say.

Review №36

Fine scene for tasty Basque food. Went there on a Friday I think. Staff treated us so nice.

Review №37

Good food and pleasant atmosphere.

Review №38

Really old looking run down place. But if you like some old authenticity, you might really appreciate it.The main entree for dinner is normal with no sides but you get the "setup" ahead of time which includes basic bread and butter, cabbage soup, salsa, beans (I think all vegetarian) , salad, french fries and pickled tongue (although this was not mentioned in the menu - this usually is a standard for all Basque restaurants).After all this, the main entree comes. We had orange roughy with Basque tomato sauce and the other with lemon butter. The sauces were good.This is a lot of food. The price is OK. The food is OK. I wish the bread did not look and taste like it was from a dollar store. I wish the cabbage soup was not bland as well as the beans, but most basic restaurants can't go further than this for cost effectiveness and lack of cooking knowledge.Mexican music plays with Mexican TV at the entrance bar/dining room. We were sat at the main dining room. I twas a particularly cold day. Their keg lines were frozen, so they couldn't serve some of the beers they had on tap. Also we overheard that their heaters were broken and we were freezing the whole time we sat there. An average dining experience which will bring us here maybe every other year, maybe not that much.

Review №39

Basque food... super yummy. i give this spot a thumbs up. i've had nothing but great experiences here and will keep coming back.

Review №40

Great food, love atmosphere!

Review №41

This place is so stuffy and old. The waiters are terrible, there are only 4 tables that have customers and the 2 waiters are so confuse as what table they are serving. I have to asked the waiter for a clean plate since it was dirty and it took the waiter 10 minutes to bring me a clean one while the food was sitting there on the table staring at me. First they try to give us the ice tea we never ordered, then the ketchup we dont need, the worst is trying to give us the bill and we havent even have our main entree. They food is mediocre, they serve garlic butter which is parsley chop with garlic and not enough butter. Let me say this We wont be back !!!!

Review №42

The atmosphere was very nice. I was charged $10 more and I don't know why to be completely honest. The reason why we won't go back however is not from being overcharged, rather it's because they wayyy over salted their food, so much so that it was inedible. It made us feel so sick and we were hungry an hour later, but couldn't eat anything else because the salt had dehydrated us so bad. I understand they want to make the food salty so people don't eat as much as the set up, but I feel it was a waste of $50. Also ordered the beef borgeneon (however you spell it) and classically it is supposed to be more like a stew, instead it had a bunch of bell peppers in it and was more like fajitas. I don't eat bell peppers and did not expect it, so I ended up just eating the set up. The two stars is for the atmosphere, if it was based solely on food it would be one star.

Review №43

Best birthday great service

Review №44

Basque food and the setting at this place is super good. food is similar to a cafe in portland i loved.

Review №45

Enjoyed the variety, the amount of food per dish, and the friendly staff.

Review №46

I LOVE Chalet Basque! The food is served in such a family friendly/community style and all the appetizers before dinner are probably my favorite part. The vegetable soup is delicious - I literally crave it sometimes - and the fries, bread, and green beans are always tasty. Though I don't eat beef or pork anymore, their peppercorn steak used to be a favorite of mine, and my husband enjoys the New York strip.

Review №47

Always great food and the best service. The employees have all been there for years and feel like family now. One of our favorite places to go.

Review №48

Love the food and the service is excellent

Review №49

Great soup, green beans, and potato chips. But the fried chicken was fantastic!!

Review №50

Excellent basque food.

Review №51

This place is great for first tine people. I went here my first time trying basque food and for the most part we enjoyed rhe food. It was served in several courses and some of it was really tasty some not so much. The overall experience of trying a new cuisine was great though and the service and staff was excellent. I would eat here again.

Review №52

Just wanted to try Basque. Delicious had pork chops with white sauce. Everything was so fresh! Lots of Food. Yum

Review №53

Great service, fun atmosphere, and food was delicious!

Review №54

Amazing food. And big.

Review №55

Horribly disappointed. My husband and I arrived for a late lunch and found staff laying across the benches. Also, it seems like we disturbed some clandestine meeting, because people scattered.Our waiter reeked of smoke, when he brought us menus. He returned within a couple minutes with water and asked for our orders. We hadn't decided yet, so then he disappeared for about 10 minutes. Did I mention we were the only customers at the time?He returned and took our orders. Later he came back to say they were out of the orange roughy I'd ordered but I could have salmon or halibut, instead, still getting the basque tomato sauce. He leaves, and my husband starts cleaning gunk off the outside of his water glass.We get the "setup" first course dishes, though they're brought by a member of the kitchen staff, as our waiter had disappeared (another smoke break, perhaps?). The server is nice but never tells us how we're supposed to eat the items--do you mix the beans and salsa into the soup? Or just eat them individually? Also, we weren't given butter for our mediocre bread. So we wing it. Soup was decent. Other stuff was confusing but tasted okay.Then we get the salad course, delivered by the same guy. I am allergic to red meat so I didn't try the tongue. The rest of the salad was fine.The same staff member brought our entrees. Mine was wrong--they'd brought the right fish (halibut, substituted for the roughy) but with the wrong sauce. So my husband gets through about half of his lamb brochette before I get my correct entree.I got my fish and it was rather bland, even with the basque sauce. Also, there were lots of pin bones in the filet. My husband liked his lamb, though.While we're already disappointed by the dining experience, someone turns on loud country music in the bar area (again, we are the only customers in the entire restaurant). I know Bakersfield has an affinity for it and I just don't, so I wasn't going to make an issue of it. But then our first waiter reappeared at the bar, and the other server started playing horribly profane rap on his phone on top of the country music. My husband had to say something about how distracting it was to have dueling loud music, none of which was for our benefit. The server turned off the profane stuff, and the waiter came for our dishes, smelling like even more smoke.My husband got the check. To add insult to injury, they charged us a substitution fee for my fish. Needless to say, the tip reflected the service.On another day, during a main mealtime, things might've been different. But I have no way of knowing that. All I can say is that I will not be returning to that restaurant. And I am reluctant to try Basque food again (I don't think I've said that about any other ethnic food because of a single experience). What a HUGE blow to an otherwise happy vacation day!

Review №56

The service and food quality was definitely lacking. Have not and will not return. Woolgrowers and Benjis are my go to for wonderful Basque experiences.

Review №57

One word " FANTASTIC"

Review №58

Love the food, staff was friendly but place is dated.

Review №59

The new your steak was so tough (med rare)I couldn't eat two bites.three people at my table had the same thing.we won't be back.

Review №60

Basque food and the scene at this place is great. food is like a restaurant in louisville i loved.

Review №61

Forgotten till reminded several times

Review №62

The food is fresh and delicious. The owner Lisa is funny, beautiful and kind hearted. The servers very polite. I never go when I'm in a hurry...but why would anyone be in a rush when going to such a cool place?

Review №63

I was told that should I ever make it to Bakersfield that I should try Basque food. So after visiting a museum in Bakersfield I used Google maps to find Chalet Basque. The app shows good ratings, close by and open. I was glad I did. This restaurant has good atmosphere great food and great s service.

Review №64

Love the Basque dining experience. Food is excellent. Best in town.

Review №65

Good Food. We had several small children and the staff there was accommodating and made sure the kids were taken care of.

Review №66

Basque food, yeah, awesome. very filling. the service was sociable and attentive.

Review №67

Absolutely love this place Manuel is the best.

Review №68

Filet with the BlackBerry sauce. Won't be disappointed.

Review №69

Very busy and the helpers were stretched thin, but the food was good and the atmosphere nice.

Review №70

So good!! Had a great lunch!

Review №71

Wonderful Basque Food Selection!

Review №72

Excellent Basque food. Always great plentiful meals.

Review №73

Took my wife there a few days ago. Very clean, very nice atmosphere. The owner made sure she smiled and spoke to each customer. The service was quick and the food was outstanding. The sauces on the appetizers was unique and delicious. We both had steaks and they were prepared perfectly! We travel a lot and have eaten at many places all over, so happy to have this restaurant in our home town. Well done!Mark-

Review №74

The garlic chicken is good.

Review №75

One of my favorite spots for tasty Basque food. visited on a thursday. prices are fair. food is like a restaurant in louisville i loved.

Review №76

Yummy food, which is alot, wait staff are friendly and great custmer service, so if youve never been here,you are in for a treat!

Review №77

Steak was well prepared. Service was great

Review №78

Always enjoy the set up here, foods excellent and waiters are always friendly

Review №79

The pickled tongue here is the best in town hands down.

Review №80

Very good Basque place. Certainly as good as Benjis or Woolgrowers. Highly recommend

Review №81

Great dining experience. Some items are gluten free. Skip the chicken and fries if you're celiac. Very tasty but possible cross contamination with the fryer. Soup and lamb was delicious.

Review №82

Always great food and service

Review №83

Amazing food, great for vegetarians as well. The vegetable soup there is my favorite. Amazing staff and service. I love having my brithday dinners here with all my friends. I've never had a long wait either which is awesome!

Review №84

I try to come here atleast once a month . I always get the setup which includes cabbage soup, beans, bread & butter a salad, green beans and fries . Sometimes I order the delicious fried chicken. Jorge and Lisa treat you like family that's one of the reasons I keep coming back .

Review №85

Basque food and the atmosphere here is above par. will surely make a return trip.

Review №86

The waiter was super unfriendly. The food they were serving was not Basque or from Spain. They used American cheese and the burgers are horrible. The waiter was very rude to us. When some other people came in he suddenly changed his mood. Hugging the guests and welcoming them, probably because they knew each other. But still you can at least treat other guests in a good way. Never smiled or check how we were doing. Seems like a place where locals know the owner and get special treatment. The real touch of Basque cuisine is not represented.

Review №87

Good food and good service

Review №88

This was a random stop on our journey. The food was excellent with great service. Expect to spend a little extra when you visit, but well worth it

Review №89

Excellent food at huge portions! Classic comfort food perfect for fall and Winter.

Review №90

Much better Basque food in town.

Review №91

My grandpa's only choice for his birthday dinner with the whole family, as far back as I can remember. Though i definitely do NOT enjoy the available menu selections, i DO enjoy the atmosphere very much. It is classy yet quaint... However, for our 2 rows of tables, we were only assigned a single attendant to after all our needs. They should have at least one per row. There were several times, again with the drinks, that we were left waiting for something we were out of.

Review №92

Great food and service

Review №93

While Chalet Basque is not as "storied" as some of the ones in Old Town Kern, its location near Oak St/Stockdale Hwy makes it more accessible for some folks on their lunch hour.

Review №94

This is fun experience that everyone needs to try. Every entree starts off with family style sides. You start with pot- beans, veggie soup & French bread. Next comes pickled tongue, salad in vinegar oil, marinated tomatoes ...Then when your main course arrives they bring you delicious French fries and green beans.If you LOVE, I MEAN LOVE GARLIC, try the fried chicken W/ garlic! It's the best fried chicken ever.If ya looovveee fried chicken, but not so keen on getting the "keep vampires away" GARLIC added.... Then order it without the garlic...its wonderful.My mom always gets the lamb & my husband the big steak. ..I think n it's a tbone??They have always been great, but last week, Mother's day weekend, their "MEDIUM/WELL " requested meat came out bloody red.It was terrible.The poor server had two tables of about 15 people each, so we were constantly running out of water, in our 2 water pitchers on the table. So we didn't even complain about the raw meat, because the poor guy was literally running. They really need to hire help for the servers, we should not feel guilty about asking for things, because we felt sorry for our server.

Review №95

A must stop when passing through Bakersfield. What amazing food spread you won't leave hungry. Service was outstanding.I can't say enough, but I will be back.

Review №96

Fun place and the food and staff are friendly.

Review №97

Not sure how this place has a good review at all. Let's start with one of the female waitresses, sounded like she was taking a party of about 20 as a training opportunity, let me tell you it was not the time. She was also super rude, ignored people talking to her. The waiter helping us was friendly and I do feel bad for him. But the place was just gross, the set up was basic nothing special, I honestly couldn't tell you how my steak was. Ordered the fillet mignon and ordered it well, it came out completely dark red and raw TWICE. By the time it happened the second time I had to send it back I asked them just cook the steak and put it into a Togo box because our party was already done and leaving. Got home and the steak was still not cooked. Won't be going back, go to Pyrenees or woolgrowers.

Review №98

Service was good. Bad attitude will not be back

Review №99

Took friends there from Visalua. They l9ved the experience. Great service and food

Review №100

Great food/service/experience had a party of 20 and everyone loved the restaurant. We will be back. Boots and Slipper Square Dancers. Thanks Chalet.

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