The Mint Bar
1207 19th St, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States
Review №1

It's a nice place to chill if you're looking for a night out. It's more of a casual spot. It's a popular local bar in Bakersfield. :)

Review №2

Best dive bar in town, free pool, hotdog guy out front on the weekends and great people watching

Review №3

Service is excellent even when they are busy. The staff was friendly and observant. The bill was reasonable I would say.

Review №4

Bartenders are Great! Strong Drinks. No skimpin'Could use better music. Overall a good place.

Review №5

The vibe was cool. Like a backyard party. Dudes can be a little aggressive if u are straight.

Review №6

Love it. Drink are a reasonable price and they are not stingy with their alcohol in the mixed drinks.

Review №7

Great drinks, fun and chill atmosphere and the DJ that was there 2weekends ago had great music!!!!

Review №8

Music is on time.. and the woman are looking so fine.

Review №9

Great local haunt for affordable drinks, good people, and a great EDM crowd that plays often on the back patio.

Review №10

These bar tenders make amazing micheladas!

Review №11

The staff and guests make this place. They seriously need to install an ac. With all the money they rake in, they should be making it comfortable for their patrons. This is unacceptable! Hope the owners read this so they can do something about it. It's miserable in there cause of the heat. Most people I know, say they love this place but don't go cause its too hot. If have to agree. If it wasn't for the staff, I would never return.

Review №12

Most professional staff from the bouncers to the bars. Good pool crowd too and lots of regulars most nights.

Review №13

Anyone and everyone will always end up at the mint. Best prices for drinks in town hands down! Plus free pool and occasional live music

Review №14

I have been going to the Mint for years. Dated the owners daughter back in the early 80's. She broke her leg in two or three places riding my skateboard. Her Dad was not happy. And over the years he gave me a hard time about it in fun. Bud has passed and is missed. He left the bar to his son Walt. He has kept it the same and it feels the same as it did the first time I walked in. The beer is cold and cheap. There is one FREE pool table for paying customers. There is an outdoor smoking area outback and they have a great jukebox!

Review №15

A very good place. That was a very good bar expérience during our trip. The staff is nice and cocktails are great !

Review №16

A great place to grab a drink when hitting the downtown bars. The bar in the back is the best.

Review №17

Great place to meet interesting new people and have some drinks.. Not in the greatest area, but located downtown near everything. My husband and i have been going here for 8 years.

Review №18

Went there to celebrate a birthday. Felt ignored. Was prepared to spend a lot of money too. We left and went to another bar

Review №19

This place has the best drinks and hot bartenders great place to come get you afternoon drink on shots shots shots

Review №20

Best drinks and great bartending at this location. You won't have a bad time

Review №21

Fantastic dive bar! Fast, friendly bar service. Great drinks at good prices! Good music!

Review №22

It's grate every one buys me shots when I ask.

Review №23

The Mint is the Best place to grab a great tasting drink without breaking your bank, It is also a very welcoming environment where all types of people can go and have a great time! EVERY FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH THERE IS A DJ!

Review №24

Nice dive bar decent prices

Review №25

The beer is cold the bartenders are nice. I like the mint

Review №26

First time I all I can say is customer service was awesome

Review №27

Needs to be updated. Ive been going here for years..its a well known place in Bakes!

Review №28

Big open back patio. Pool table.

Review №29

A local favorite, I commend the staff for working as hard and fast to serve everyone. Gets packed and full on weekends

Review №30

A pretty chill place to spend time with friends...

Review №31

A a Drink wit my only Son & a special friend end of da night turned out to b a special one!!!!!

Review №32

Door man was stoned, joint in hand. Bartenders have difficulty smiling. Bathroom is hideous. The entire place needs to be scrubbed and remodeled. Seating is extremely limited. Bartenders have no problem serving drinks that taste like cough syrup if they aren't sure of the recipe. Security is decent and the crowd generally feels safe.

Review №33

I visited the first time last night with a friend. We had a great time and made new friends playing pool. For a Monday night it wasn't too busy but not empty either. Pretty cheap drinks, except their long island ice tea..

Review №34

One of the Oldest continuing running business in Bakersfield.

Review №35

Cheap drinks. However, they have the wost service ever. They dont even try to serve customers, they just ignore everyone unless the staff knows them personally.

Review №36

My Bar of choice. I love you guys so much.

Review №37

Reasonably priced drinks

Review №38

Great people and a awesome patio

Review №39

A small hole in the wall bar where the crowd is cool and stories are made. It can be busy on weekends but it's always a great place to go and get a few beer with friends and have fun

Review №40

Goodprices and badass environment

Review №41

Great drink selection

Review №42

Pretty good choices on the menu, the staff were incredibly courteous and had a vibe, aspiring to the great heights as previously set forth, by Cheers. They had a patio and decent bathrooms, for feeling like that classy dive-bar appeal

Review №43

Nice small bar in an older building which I like. Always end up having a good time when we go there

Review №44

If anybody can help me it would be deeply appreciated,i was in the place last night,christmas eve something happened and i woke up this morning in the hospital i dont remember anything and i was missing my wallet, i know i wont get the money back but its hard to drive a semi truck without a license.

Review №45

Service is consistently great. Prices are reasonable.

Review №46

Great place!! Love the drinks (very creative and tasty) and to food was excellent too. Tried the fish taco and octopus taco. Octopus was perfect (tender, flavorful, and now chewey). Yum!!! Will definitely be back soon.

Review №47

It's a great place to drink.

Review №48

Had a lot of fun , went during the day, bartender was awesome made us feel right at home !

Review №49

UPDATE REVIEW: 04/01/2019. Hate 2 low rate this spot as it was once our favorite, but me and my husband came in to have a drink or two and shoot some pool, like we usually do. Older Hispanic bar tender (that we have never seen here before) was giving us dirty looks the second we walked in, youbcould feel the tension in the air, then the bar tender with the biggest obnoxious additude yells at us I NEED TO SEE YOUR ID'S , we say okay no problem and proceed to show him our ID's , I accidently hand him my expired ID and before I could correct myself and hand him my current ID he rudely snaps and says THIS ID IS EXPIRED I CANT ACCEPT IT! And THROWS it at me instead of setting it down or handing it to me, at this point my husband is mad at his rudeness towards me and tells him to calm down, he then starts to get all crazy with us and slurring his words, he was obviously drunk you could just tell , I told my husband lets just leave and when I did the bar tender said all loud and stupid BYE! .. Wow!!!! Really? So F'n rude and un professional. All the other bar tenders we have delt with here have been great , but not this dude. Because of him we will not come back ever. Matter of fact we are at a new bar right now called the library right down the street and it is awesomeOLD ORIGINAL REVIEW 5 stars: Came here Mid afternoon the day after fathers day with my pops, mom and hubby (late fathers day celebration), I wanted to find a dive bar with strong and cheap drinks, with a pool table, is low key and laid back,...there where a few locals (Locals i am assuming) sitting at the bar already when we entered, clean and full bar, semi spacious, with one pool table in the back and an outside patio area , it was pretty quiet besides the bar chattering and music that played in the background, I found exactly what i was looking for , and the Bar tender (a younger punk rocker looking gentleman) was very accommodating and super cool, we all felt very comfortable and welcomed while we where there for 2-3 hours shooting some pool, i never did go inside the restroom so i cannot say how clean/dirty it was and they could use some more pool sticks because there was only 1 decent one we all had to share, but other then that, Drinks where SUPER strong (like a ratio of 70% alcohol and 30% juice) and CHEAP (one Long Island and one Sex on the beach = 12$ and one beer and one Pina Colda = 8$ . It was an enjoyable experience and next time i am in the mood for some pool and a drink i have found my spot! (MUCH BETTER THEN VINNY'S BAR in Bakersfield) sorry not sorry for the blast.

Review №50

Service was good music was a little loud for my taste

Review №51

Very nice bartenders the drinks were beyong what i expected and not very expensive like most other places a comfortable atmostphere when you go in and they lgbt friendly

Review №52

Great drinks and company and awesome music

Review №53

Live D.J. on Friday night outside in the back patio, partial bar outside in the back patio, full bar in the inside , jukebox and pool table ,cool atmosphere, bomb drinks

Review №54

I love this place because the drinks had really great prices but to be honest it can get very very crowded in there if you're already drunk it's fun to hang out there with people but if you're trying to start drinking I wouldn't start here

Review №55

Great place, not to crowed when I went the few days I went! Great place, people and price of the drinks was great!!

Review №56

Cheap Drinks But Can Take A While To Get Them

Review №57

Good atmosphere, no real bad attitudes, pretty woman, cool guys, pool table and good music. Inexpensive beers....big back area outside to smoke and get air.

Review №58

Cool place with cool people and cool music.

Review №59

Don't go if your black you'll be ignored by the Bartenders. I experienced this last night.

Review №60

The guy bartender is bad ass! He is why we come back. On top of our drinks and funny. The chic the gothic one. Um not good :(

Review №61

They had live bagpipes!! Nice crowd, good drinks!

Review №62

There is always some gling on there very good place to have some drinks, hangout with friends, and if you want play pool and music.

Review №63

The mint is chill, diverse crowd gay friendly.

Review №64

Love this over 100 year old bar!! The employees are great cheap prices but please consider this is a DIVE BAR and on any given day its full of all walks of life

Review №65

I love this bar! They have some totally amazing bartenders and some alright ones. The mint is a cool place to chill anytime of the day it has such a diverse crowd of people and they all seem to get along with each other.

Review №66

Fun place to go for a cheap drink, go to the back and you can usually get a drink a lot quicker. The only downside of this place is the bathrooms are always disgusting and the wait sometimes.

Review №67

Nice crowd of people here. The bar is small for the crowd of people that come here especially on the weekends. The gal bartending handles it all with style and personality and makes a good drink. The drinks get better when you tip her with every drink. Be sure to tip your bartender! It maybe slow when you are there during the day, but at night they work their ass off! They have a free use pool table and plenty of music to choose from. My favorite however is the game machine that has every game to choose from under the sun, including Galaga! The toilet was out of order, but some pulled the cover off and used it anyway... Otherwise the place was clean and kept up on all night! Great job folks! The great part about The Mint is their outside patio which allows you to smoke or get some outside air when it gets so packed with people inside. There is seating out here but could use a little more without taking up that nice spacious feeling. Overall this is a great spot and has been here forever, they are definitely due for a make over in certain ways but the owners are sharp when it comes to their bartender, what a great gal!

Review №68

Best dive bar in Bakersfield, drinks Are cheap and strong.. Great starter bar...

Review №69

A mix of all people... Good service and just a great vibe bar.

Review №70

Nice place and very social. Restrooms could use a facelift, but still a good place to hang out.

Review №71

Always have a great time in this place. Love the vibe

Review №72

The bartenders are grizzled, the back patio smells like old cigarettes and last night's spilled drinks, the crowd is all-ages as long as you're a weirdo, the music is loud, and the drinks are cheap. One of the best damn bars in Bakersfield.

Review №73

Best dive bar in town, great people. Love you Rome and Laura!! Keep making them strong ass drinks!

Review №74

Still A Dive Bar But still A Great A place to hang out I know live been going there for 32Years Fred Martinez

Review №75

Best place to be nice b fake

Review №76

Great bartenders, a bit overpriced given the ambiance and available space.

Review №77

Cheap drinks. needs some serious cleaning and updates though. Nice outdoor space but not enough seating for the weekend crowd

Review №78

Quaint neighborhood bar the bartenders are friendly there seems to be people here day drinking every day that I've come the drinks are strong and cheap exactly what I look for in my liquor most of the people here look friendly there are two bars there are two pool tables there is an outside patio area for smoking and you are allowed to take your drinks out there there is an alley access to that area

Review №79

Only bad thing I can say is they ran out of my beer. Other than that, chill spot to hang out with friends.

Review №80

Awesome place, Bakersfield gets a bad rap but this is one of the best punk rock bars on the west coast

Review №81

So I had gone to the mint to have a few drinks with my sister & my uncle.. Now keep in mind that I am 25 years old & 5'1. I had recently got a new california Id maybe 2 days ago and I got kicked out for a "fake id"... I felt hella discriminated against and the bartender didn't even let me explain... Which made it worst because I am a very honest person unlike some people

Review №82

Had drinks with a buddy nice time JD Wilson-Hawkins

Review №83

This place can be really great and some bartenders are awesome but it's a hit or a miss.Some stuck up bartenders will only get drunk and serve there friends. Terrible atmosphere. The owners need to get there bar in check.

Review №84

Cheap drinks, cool bar to socialize, met the chillest ppl there in bakersfield

Review №85

Josex best DJ in town. Luv the Bartenders Howie my man! Luv this place

Review №86

Cheap drinks and a great place to people watch.

Review №87

Popular hole in the wall bar .. Was always my favorite starter bar. Small with patio where you can smoke and only 1 pool table thats never available on weekends lol..

Review №88

Nice atmosphere and some unique individuals

Review №89

Nice spot to play poolMondays r the best live dj

Review №90

There's roaches crawling on the walls. People are locking themselves in the bathroom doing cocaine. Fights are always brewing and someone having sex in the alley. Did i mention cucarachas?

Review №91

Pleasant little dive. Will definately return.

Review №92

This bar is a hole in the wall with really cheap drinks. Morning hours consist of elders chilling and drinking. Night hours are more crowded with younger drinkers and the bathroom can get pretty nasty. I enjoy this little bar.

Review №93

The most progressive dive bar in all of Bakersfield. Open to all. Just leave your bigotry at the door and you'll have a great time. #mintyfresh

Review №94

Smelly but nice atmosphere

Review №95

Lots of fun, great diverse crowd

Review №96

Good cheap drinks. awesome atmosphere

Review №97

Cheapest bar in town, fun environment, and unique individuals.

Review №98

Great place to get cheap drinks in a chill environment. The service at the bar is spotty when the place is busy and the bathroom lines can get a bit ridiculous. The crowd is very mixed with people from all types of backgrounds but mostly students from BC and CSUB.

Review №99

Definitely a dive bar and not in the charming sense. Very limited seating. It was nice to escape to the patio, but the stools were taller than the tables. It's not a comfortable atmosphere in all sense.

Review №100

I loved being there.

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  • Address:1207 19th St, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 661-325-4048
  • Bar
  • Cocktail bar
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Bar games:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Dancing:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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