Bangkok Street Food
6300 White Ln Suite F, Bakersfield, CA 93309, United States
Review №1

So delicious!! Very good! Would definitely recommend

Review №2

This is my go-to Thai restaurant since I moved to Bakersfield. My favorite here is pork jerky with sticky rice (the dipping sauce is so good), Thai chicken salad, chicken coconut soup, and papaya salad. I stumbled upon this restaurant while looking for an authentic Thai food and the name caught my eyes.

Review №3

Today was the first time that I have gone here, and I have to say, I loved every bit of it. The staff was extremely friendly, the food and drinks were amazing. I will definitely be going back.P.S. I recommend the Drunken Noodles dish.

Review №4

1 star because I just got my food from door dash they forgot my spicy chili on the side and lemons (when ordering food to go please put everything the customer will need in the bag. My husband ordered the bbq chicken it was dry And skin was not crispy needs more flavor for the price.

Review №5

Good food good service. No excessive amount of sauces added to food.

Review №6

I'm a Health Care Traveler and this Family owned business is original Home cooking. One of the best that I have been too. You have to get the Drunken noodles spicy and combo.

Review №7

Solid food and great service. Have only had to-go but has always been solid. Pad Thai is solid and equally good the next day. They crispy tofu makes the dish pop. The green curry shrimp is good but could have a used maybe a couple more shrimp. Always go for the pork jerky which is a tasty app - we always add some peanut sauce for more flavor.

Review №8

This place serves amazing Thai food. My favorite is the drunken noodles and they perfect it. It's my new go to for Thai food. Also, their ice coffee is very delicious and a must try.

Review №9

Inconsistent. I ordered spicy pineapple tofu about a week ago on Uber eats, and it was amazing! Probably some of the best Thai food I've had in my life. It was so good that I ordered two portions a few nights later. The second attempt was probably some of the worst "food" in general that I've ever had. Not remotely spicy, none of the delicious sauce, just sad looking tofu and limp vegetables in a little puddle of super greasy and tasteless brown liquid. I basically spent $40 on rice that time because the tofu was completely inedible.

Review №10

Bangkok Street Food was recommended to me as unique restaurant in Bakersfield to try out. And it really was a good choice.The inside is quite comfortable, but the restaurant and location lend to a more "order and go" feel. There are 15 tables so about 30 people can sit comfortably inside the restaurant. It feels almost like eating at your grandma's house: cozy and relaxing, and waiting for some really good food.Being a Thai restaurant, there is one dish you can use to compare restaurants: Drunken Noodles. This place hits all the right notes: spicy chili, minty basil, juicy meat. The noodles did clump together, but it kind of made it a bit easier to eat. Maybe it was the atmosphere, but I found myself enjoying this place a lot more than Chef's Choice Downtown.It might be a bit hard to get a parking spot here, but you can just as easily order for pick up. This is definitely a place to try.

Review №11

The food tasted really good. I had the spicy eggplant with tofu (extra spicy) and a Taro Boba. The staff was friendly and courteous. The price was a tad high but during the week they have lunch specials. I'd comeback for sure though.

Review №12

I was lucky to have stumbled upon this restaurant. Everything we ordered was so delicious! I am not familiar with this area but definitely did not expect to find any good Thai food (or any Asian food) here. We ordered pad-see-ew, pineapple fried rice, eggplants, chicken satay, tom kha soup, and mango sticky rice. I cannot decide which was my favorite because they were all cooked so well. I would definitely come back again next time I'm in the area.

Review №13

2nd time eating here and omg this dish was so delicious and filling. Loved the noodles wish they could have added a bit more since i paid the extra but its ok. Great customer service and very clean place loved it.

Review №14

Very friendly staff I felt welcomed as soon as we got here. Compared to Blue elephant. Great prices and food come on in a timely manner

Review №15

Real Thai food. Loved it. All the food was great. Almost the same as it tastes in Thailand. Clean restaurant with nice people. The prices were reasonable too. I think the plates were about 12 bux average.

Review №16

I actually ordered through UBER eats but overall, great service and tasty food. I received complimentary shrimp chips (which were really tasty!) Also, I ordered super spicy for one of my options and it really was! Love it. Thank you!

Review №17

I had stir fried vegetables with jasmine rice. It was delicious. The vegetables were perfect . I mixed a couple of the sauces to pour over. Wow! Hidden gem.

Review №18

Great value, awesome taste, and amazing service!

Review №19

Was really looking forward to trying this but it wasn't that great. Employees were friendly though and they're boba is pretty good

Review №20

Omg in this corona virus times what I see is a human hair in my yellow curry . Never ordering from here .

Review №21

Good food. Been coming here for 2 years now. I still enjoy the food.Tom Yum!!!

Review №22

Delicious food and very sweet service...I took my best friend here for lunch and he is PICKY Lol!!! He loved it I loved it the milk teas were yummy! And I love that the boba is soft and squishy...we will definitely be coming back

Review №23

Best food ive ever eaten off the street ten thumbs up

Review №24

Excellent flavors, love love love... equal with Jasmines on Chester!!!Service Excellence (happily accommodated a slight recipe tweak!)

Review №25

I had the yellow curry and fried banana puff for dessert. I also had a few bites of my girlfriends peanut chicken. Both were very flavorful and had a perfect amount of heat (spice). The dessert was flaky and had a honey drizzle served with whipped cream on the side. I left very full and pleased with my experience. If you enjoy Thai dining, this is a small but nice atmosphere. We will be returning again to try more of the dishes.

Review №26

I asked the hotel clerk for a recommendation for some dinner. I was going to go to another place I found on Google. So glad I drove the 3 miles. Ordered drunken chicken to go, excellent flavors, fresh basil and high quality ingredients. Super friendly staff as well. Well definitely find a way to come here if I'm passing through again.

Review №27

Great place, kind people, great food and drinks. No complaints here. Can't wait to come back.

Review №28

I am addicted to this restaurant! Both the food and drinks are amazing. I recommend this place to everyone that I can. The staff is always really nice and the service is great. I love that they bring cups and carafe of ice cold water to the table for you to enjoy without even having to ask. One of my favorite places to eat!

Review №29

Food is good there if you know what to order

Review №30

Our favorite is the chicken tom kha gai and the shrimp pad thai noodles. The thai iced tea is pretty good too.

Review №31

This place sure knows how to serve their customers. Constantly with a friendly mindset. The food is reasonably priced, constantly fresh and neat.

Review №32

Very delicious and authentic.

Review №33

Delicious food and a great value. Highly recommended!

Review №34

Thai food, my preferred treat. i can say this place does it for me. i'll return with my friends. prices are reasonable i would say. i see why this place has so many good reviews.

Review №35

Nice spot for thai food. the service here is better than most.

Review №36

Fresh ingredients! The Tom Kha, pineapple shrimp curry, happy shrimp and fried dumplings are perfection! Ice cold drinks, good variety of teas and ice mugs for chilled beer. This set a new standard in my book!

Review №37

This place has not disappointed yet. Aside from maybe needing a little more help, the food is so great and the service is friendly. If you like quality Thai food then i definitely recommend you give this place a try.

Review №38

Came in got chicken lard it was a bit diffrent then other places i do like the service overall it was ok

Review №39

This is definitely my favorite Thai restaurant in town. The standard Thai dishes I usually order, such as Pad Thai, Pad See Ew, and Drunken Noodles are on par with some other Thai places in Bakersfield, however, what really sets this place apart is some of their more unique dishes. The Bangkok Pad Thai is amazingly delicious and different from the standard Pad Thai. It focuses more on a chili and lime flavor than a sweet peanut one. The Tom Yum Noodle Soup is one of the best things I have ever eaten and keeps me coming back for more weekly. It is a super delicious spicy and sour/sweet broth with noodles, soft boiled egg, fish balls, and super tasty pork. I HIGHLY recommend this place and will choose it over any other Thai place in Bakersfield.

Review №40

The place is nice and serve good food....

Review №41

Best thia food intown! compliments to the chef.

Review №42

I was reccomeded by a friend and holy wow am I glad I followed through. I ordered the yellow curry with pork and rice and the dumplings (fried). I was a bit concerned that the dumplings were going to be over fried and they weren't, still soft with a bit of crunch.Now for the curry; I'm actually still eating it as I type this review! It is so good that I just had to stop and express how amazing this is. There's a bit of sweetness and an underlying spice level to it that may not be noticeable at first, but it's there. The curry includes onions and potatoes and whatever meat you choose but, while both of those ingredients don't really add to the overall flavor, it does help it to become a heartier meal.I will definitely be ordering from here again soon and often, you guys have a fan.

Review №43

Great food and service.

Review №44

The food is bomb and service is really fast!!

Review №45

Good food! Very different...tasty

Review №46

Thai food, super tasty. Visited near twelve, it was not full. It has a nice interior. I see why this place has a lot of positive reviews.

Review №47

I came here twice within two days. I had dinner and a lunch special on my visits. Everything was fine with the food and drinks (milk tea).

Review №48

Very good guest service, very friendly, clean place. Food came out quickly and hot. Great flavor for sure! One of thee best Thai food spots here in Bakersfield. We will definitely be eating Thai only here in the future.

Review №49

This place was recommended by a friend and I am very glad I came here. Had a great experience.

Review №50

Great food, great prices and service was good. Really awesome place for Thai food!

Review №51

Friendly staff who are willing to explain the different dishes. Food very flavorful. Good value. Will visit again.

Review №52

Pretty good food. Its our first time being here. My gf and i enjoy the food. The price is fair, places is clean and friendly workers.

Review №53

Very good Thai food

Review №54

Thai food, very delicious. i give this place double thumbs up. i'll return family next time. this place has a good atmosphere.

Review №55

I really like this place. Food is good and great variety of things to choose from. I recommend the Thai Coffee and their combo Pad See Ew.

Review №56

Great food , Great prices & service was good. Really awesome place for Thai food ! We will always go back fore more ! Worth the drive.

Review №57

Third time eating here. I found this place by accident. At first glance it appears to be a franchise it's branded so well but it's not. It's a LOCAL family owned joint. Service is super personal and food is always amazing. If you have any hesitation DONT it will be well worth it. Hurry and go before the word gets out on this one.

Review №58

Food is really good although staff can be a bit rude

Review №59

All the food, in my review I tasted. I have nothing bad to say of it. Great place, small area a little wait, but the wait is worth it. I highly recommend this business to everyone.

Review №60

Food was okay. However I found it very expensive for the amount they give. Wouldn't come here again.

Review №61

Great tasting food great friendly service definitely will be going back

Review №62

Food was great. Owner and staff were very hospitable. Menu was full of choices. Would definitely eat here again.

Review №63

Good location for Thai food. great food with quality ingredients. the bill was decent for the quality.

Review №64

Second visit, every bit as good as the first! Cute space, quick and friendly service, fair prices, and delicious food!!

Review №65

I love to come here for dinner

Review №66

A fav spot for thai food. Everyone at our table was enjoying everything. I look forward to a return trip.

Review №67

The Tum Yum soup is so delicious .Great appetizers.

Review №68

Delicious food. Good portions. Friendly service.

Review №69

Salt and pepper pork chop pineapple fried rice delicious

Review №70

I've had a lot of Thai food in my life, and have explored Thai restaurants around Los Angeles. Bangkok Street food sits among the top! Run by a Thai, and as authentic as can get!

Review №71

Food is good and staff is friendly. nice atmosphere. they sell boba and other drinks as well. prices are very reasonable

Review №72

I recently moved here from LA and I have been searching for a a good Thai restaurant. I have been eating Thai food for many years, its my favorite. Not one Thai restaurant will ever measure up to this. Thank you Cody from Sprint for making my Thai dream for great Thai food .

Review №73

Spent the night in Bakersfield for work and got pad thai to go. It was delicious and the staff was nice even though I walked in right around closing. I will definitely eat here again.

Review №74

The pad se ew is great. I wouldn't recommend the drunken noodle.

Review №75

Authentic Thai food, that I can vouch for as a half Thai. Tastes just like my mom made it. Service was excellent!!!! Everytime my water was empty it was only empty for 30 seconds and the server came and filled it up. I wat eating som tam (papaya salad) so my water was gone fast! Our food car very quick like 15 minutes max I believe.

Review №76

Food is very cheap and tasty

Review №77

Amazing food and service.

Review №78

Same of the best food that I have ever had! Service is always on point too

Review №79

The food is delicious, and the almond drink is my favorite

Review №80

Nothing really had flavor. If somethings suppose to be spicy hot don't put jalapenos. Use Thia chilli.

Review №81

The spicy eggplant and tofu was on point, as was the boba....highly recommend!

Review №82

The soup was too expensive for how brothy it was. The soup tasted very good but it didn't have much in it and I was still hungry after I finished it

Review №83

Thai food and service here is better than most. had a friend come into town and she asked me to take her here again.

Review №84

Excellent Thai food with great flavor

Review №85

Good service good food good people

Review №86

Ordered PU, really good food.

Review №87

Have eaten there a dozen or more times. It has always been enjoyable and at time excellent.

Review №88

Stopped through for some Thai food. Pretty good food, really nice service.

Review №89

Could not even eat the food, paid for it, but through it away.

Review №90

If you are looking to widen your pallet, this place is great. Large portions, intimate dining, and inviting service.

Review №91

Amazing food and service.

Review №92

We love the food and the staff!

Review №93

Very good staff and good food

Review №94

Very good food!! Great portions!

Review №95

Wonderful authentic food!!

Review №96

Food is amAAAAzing ! Server is very patient in answering questions about the menu. Have been twice and can't wait to go back.

Review №97

Found hair in the curry

Review №98

The best thai food that i have tasted in bakersfield

Review №99

Best thai in town

Review №100

They hurried up and try to get me out of there he gave me a whole bunch of burnt chicken sauce on it in the bag was tied up so I can check it

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