Thai House Restaurant
5143 Ming Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93309, United States
Review №1

Always order here with Uber Eats and finally went in to grab some good food! A must try is the Orange Chicken. I don't really like orange chicken but this has the best orange chicken compared to any restaurant i have been at! My favorite dish here is the Seafood Pad See Ew and the Panang Curry with Shrimp. The reason I love this Thai Restaurant is because the food is excellent and is consistent with the taste and quality of food! We will definitely see you again soon!

Review №2

Nice atmosphere and very welcoming service. The food was crisp and delightful. Will absolutely recommend this restaurant to others. Affordable prices and large portions. Great job.

Review №3

One of my favorite spots to grab some food. very good location, well organised, and excellent customer service. I recommend this place!

Review №4

Thai house has the best Thai food in Bakersfield hands down. They messed up on my order but made sure I got my food and I was happy. Accidents happen, its what you do to fix it!

Review №5

Food was good, cant wait til I try the hot pot. Dessert was good.

Review №6

Best service in town. Great tasting food.

Review №7

Great food. Great employees. Clean restaurant.

Review №8

Absolutely the most wonderful Thai food and kind service you could ever ask for. Fresh with original touches to their dishes. Always a clean atmosphere and happy faces greet you on arrival. Love this place without hesitation.

Review №9

Food taste good....,but I have to give it 3 stars because I think it's pricy for the serving size, average $15 bucks for the plates I bought that are equivalent to lunch size, i.g. Rice and entrée.And...kind hard to believe a Thai restaurant don't serve regular sticky to eat sticky rice with hand and dip and scoop into stir fry...let it absorb the sauce... sometimes steam rice just won't do....bummer

Review №10

I thought the service was great and the food was awesome. I totally recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried Thai food.

Review №11

While waiting for my order, 3 customers came in to pick up and the waitress knew them all by name, that told me this place was good and has a lot of frequent fliers. It was my first time here, I ordered chicken teriyaki and it was delicious, my husband got deluxe duck and he loved it and the iced thai tea is phenomenal! I will definitely return. Excellent customer service, thanks Thai House Restaurant!

Review №12

I love this little gem in south Bakersfield! The prices are pretty reasonable. I love there curry dishes here. The green curry seafood combo is amazing! You can also ask them to alter its spice level as well. On another occasion, I ordered the green curry with mock duck which is also very good. The staff are very nice here and have excellent customer service here. All in all, a great spot for Thai food.

Review №13

Had drunken noodle and it's cooked properly. Well balanced between sticky and hard in texture! Beef is also cooked perfectly. No combo's on the menu~

Review №14

Thai food at this place - very tasty.

Review №15

Food is always fresh and flavorful! Staff is so friendly!

Review №16

Love the food, the staff and this awesome restaurant! Highly recommend.

Review №17

I went here for the first time and took my roommate because she wanted to try the Thai iced tea. It was so yummy!The appetizer was deep fried sweet potato slices served with a sweet sauce....mmm good too.My entree was "spicy" (hot) green curry, OMG, this was to die for! Roomy got her usual chicken teriyaki but she was surprised that it was not as sweet as she was expecting but I reminded her that this was a Thai restaurant.She ordered the mango with sticky rice, what a way to end an awesome meal.Great service and food was outstanding. I highly recommend it!

Review №18

The food is really good! We ordered shrimp pad Thai and pineapple fried rice with a fried shrimp appetizer. Everything was seriously delicious. Can't wait to come back!

Review №19

Nice atmosphere nice people quiet little hole-in-the-wall the food was great

Review №20

Extremely friendly service.

Review №21

I love this place. I'm from Los Angeles and ran into this place on accident, but it's one of the best Thai restaurant I've visited since getting to Bakersfield. Highly recommend the Tom Kah Gai soup, it's amazing ! Thank you!

Review №22

Food is delicious but a little pricey ! We will be back

Review №23

We had dinner delivered by Uber eat, it was phenomenal.

Review №24

Other reviews are spot on this place is good.I can't say enough about the staff so nice and friendly made it a pleasure to dine here....We had the orange chicken crispy and sweet so good!!...pork ribs , pad Thai and the pineapple fried rice served in the pineapple!!! Fantastic!!Veggie egg rolls were awesome as well.i will be returning to this restaurant for sure!!

Review №25

Absolutely love every visit!! A must try that's for sure

Review №26

Best drunken noodles in town, authentic Thai cuisine!

Review №27

Great tasting food options. My family gathers for celebration at the Thai House. Staff are sweet!

Review №28

Always great delicious food! Service is great too!

Review №29

My top place for delicious thai food. Entered near eleven, it wasn't packed. The service was very helpful and welcoming.

Review №30

Thai food and the atmosphere at this place is great. Service is prompt even when they are busy. It has an awesome feel to it. Like a restaurant in Washington I liked.

Review №31

Thai food, yeah, excellent. The staff was friendly and observant. Prices that won't break you. They have so many great reviews for a reason.

Review №32

With so many good reviews I was disappointed tonight because it's my birthday and I really wanted to try it. But they didn't wanna give is service 20 mins before closing time. I think if there is a cut off time to be seated they should really mention it online as well. Or maybe update closing hours.

Review №33

Everything so fast service, and the food realy good. I will be back soon.

Review №34

The red curry is the best. The servers are always nice and are always attentive. Best Thai place in town

Review №35

Family owned great food and great service

Review №36

I come here so often, the owner and servers know me and I adore them. It is the same for a lot of my friends. And a bit of a hole in the wall but it's perfect in every way. You can choose what ever meat you'd like with your dishes. If you're vegetarian, there are substitute meat replacement options.

Review №37

Food was pretty good. Hated the fact that they keep the place so hot. Can't even order curry because it's so hot. Why don't they turn on the AC?! We left drenched in sweat. Couldn't really enjoy our food because the place was so uncomfortably hot in there.

Review №38

This place is one of Bakersfield's best Thai restaurants. It has a nice mom and pop feel to it and the food tastes like home cooking. Good size portions too! Try the Thai Tea and Spicy Pad Thai.

Review №39

The Teriyaki lunch special was great. The flavors weren't overpowering. Everything was delicious, including the wontons. The meal made me feel at home. It reminded me of my childhood.

Review №40

Good food

Review №41

Wonderful restaurant with friendly staff, good food, and a great ambiance. The menus is generally Pan-Asian cuisine with a few favorites from different countries. Service is always friendly and eager to help.

Review №42

Thai food at this location - super good. Definitely worth a return trip. The place has a nice atmosphere. Atmosphere is like a restaurant in Fort Worth I loved.

Review №43

Favorite restaurant in Bakersfield. Everyone is super nice and attentive.

Review №44

Yum! Yum! Yum! Their curry is the BEST!

Review №45

I always eat pad se ew chicken here! Nice little restaurant with very friendly staff. A must go!

Review №46

Thai food and the atmosphere here is great. i will be bringing family next time. prices that are reasonable. if it was closer to my home i would be here often.

Review №47

We have been here so many times, and the service is fast and friendly! The chicken fried rice is our favorite and it's always hot and fresh! Small place but definitely worth it.

Review №48

Very good food. Nice staff.

Review №49

Excellent green curry! You can hear the crunch of all the fresh veggies!

Review №50

So good! Had the won ton soup for my cold, feeling better after a hot meal. The staff was very nice and professional.

Review №51

Delicious food, good quantity and nice service.The best Thai restaurant in town.

Review №52

The food was amazing and our server was such a sweet guy! Would definitely come back!

Review №53

Very good food. ive seen 2 price increases since ive been going here. i used to get the garlic pepper chicken but they started to cut the portion really low. before they were generous. not anymore. for that i give them 4 out of 5

Review №54

Favorite place to get Thai food in Bakersfield just like in Bangkok

Review №55

Pineapple fried rice and Tom Ka and Pad Thai are amazing!! I love this place :)

Review №56

The food is great! Not to busy on both of our visits here. Even with only one waitress. They serve Beer, Plumb Wine and Saki. A little pricey. Dinner for two-$56.00. But that won't keep us from coming back!

Review №57

My family and I love Thai House! The food and flavors are spectacular. The garlic pepper chicken is so yum and Thai tea is my favorite drink. The owners and staff are very friendly and hospitable... we feel like we are at home when we are there.

Review №58

The food is satisfactory. The service is great, and the waiters are sweet. I love their Sticky Mango Rice the most!

Review №59

Food was delicious. I have some pet peeves though. Please Do not throw lemon in water.. Can we say germs and disgusting. Second please Do not touch people's straws and place in their cups.. Why? Very clean reataurant and took orders well and received food in a timly manner. Salmon rice bow was delicious so Thank you.

Review №60

Not too bad, but I've had better Thai food for better prices. Wish they'd at least increase their serving sizes.

Review №61

The Thai House has delicious food. I have been eating there for years and every meal has been fabulous! The service is always top notch. I highly recommend the Thai House.

Review №62

Love this place excellent service good food fair priced

Review №63

My mom's most favorite place

Review №64

Refused to let 3 of us sit in a booth, saving them both for a larger party. Once seated at a table, she never came back to get a drink order. It was extremely hot and stuffy in there as well. Asked if they could turn on the air conditioner and her response was that it was working earlier. We left after 15 minutes or so due to not getting service!

Review №65

We like that this is a family owned restaurant, and their family members work there. :-) The food is great.

Review №66

My new favorite place! The food was delicious! I had BBQ salmon in banana leaves, thai tea with boba and sticky rice with mango for dessert. I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit and was absolutely not disappointed! The service was great too. Very nice people.

Review №67

Hands down the best spot in Bako for authentic Thai food!! It's small but the staff is great and the service is pretty fast even on a busy night. The food is amazing!! I get the green curry, I've tried a couple other Thai places here in town but they just don't compare. Even my kids love it! This is our favorite place to eat out. I highly recommend the Thai House!

Review №68

If I could give them zero stars I would. Came here for some wings. They served me what looked like dog food, as if someone had eaten the meat off the bones already. Luckily I looked at the food before I left, or else I wouldve been even more upset. They knew that the food was horrible, in fact I asked the hosts if they thought the food they served me looked appetizing and even they agreed it did not. Even if you like warm dog food I wouldnt suggest this place to my worst enemy.

Review №69

It's small and comfortable I ordered a noodle soup lt consists of chicken and couple shrimp and bbq pork but I had them hold the pork it was bland for my taste but went home and jazz it up I still would go back and get something else but love the shrimp rolled yummy

Review №70

This is favorite Thai Restaurant in Bakersfield. The food is always delicious. I've tried multiple items and they are all great. The coconut soup is a must have.

Review №71

Favorite place to eat!! The food is amazing and the staff is so friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Review №72

The staff was great and most importantly the food was delicious!!

Review №73

Great food and service. Love the curry fried rice

Review №74

We were in a hurry (had an hour to eat). We told the waiter so. Our food came in 2 minutes.This was the nicest fastest thai place I've been to in years. I cant believe how great they treated us. Wow.

Review №75

Just out of the Sierra Nevada after a week long backpacking trip up Mt. Whitney, and wondering where we where going to eat in town. Did a little search with Google, and where lead here ... The food was awesome, and being Vegan they where right there with many options. Service was the best, and I would highly recommend this place if you find yourself in Bakersfield!

Review №76

Highly recommend the lemon grass soup and Drunken noodles. Service was great even when they were crowded. Great job by the servers.

Review №77

The best thing to order is the spicy seafood combination soup and the chicken larb! It comes in a beautiful display! The staff is so friendly and fast.

Review №78

The best Thai in Bakersfield.

Review №79

Love this place! Has vegan options!!!

Review №80

Friendly staff with delicious food. Loaded with flavors you'll dine in a small environment that's perfect for a first date or a small business meeting.

Review №81

Food was ok. Fairly clean. Not bad just not impressed.

Review №82

My wife and I both love Thai food, probably our favorite. We have our regular dishes we order no matter where we go: Drunken Noodles with beef for me and Pad Thai with tofu for my wife. This is definitely our favorite Thai food in Bakersfield, and we've been to most local Thai restaraunts. Highly recommended.

Review №83

One of my favorite Thai restaurants was a complete disappointment this ( last) time around. Arrived at 8:30pm on a Thursday evening. Was informed they were out of many things and they are only doing "to go orders." When asked if they had the Tom Kha Gai soup, the waitress said yes. When asked why could we not sit at one of their empty tables to eat a soup they could provide as take out, there was a blank look and then an apology. The waitress and by association, the restaurant failed miserably.

Review №84

Pad thai and tom ka soup is delicious

Review №85

This is the best Thai Restaurant in Bakersfield! The food its delicious, the service outstanding and the place is very clean! I been going to this place for the last 7 years and I HIGHLY recommend it to any one!

Review №86

Tastey very reasonable

Review №87

I highly reccomend the tom ka soup and pad tahi

Review №88

I love Thai House. Everything is really good.

Review №89

Oh my god! This is the BEST Cashew Chicken I've ever tasted! My husband's garlic chicken is fabulous, too! We will definitely come back! :-)

Review №90

Awsome food.Awsome serviceOn my second time going the waitress remember My order when I didn't.Pad ti u. is a must.Idk if that's how u spell it.U can pick ur spice level on any dish

Review №91

I been customer since 2008, is my favorite spot for Thailand food, anything is tasty and amazingly delish!!Recommend it. They are the best of bakersfield.

Review №92

Great atmosphere and delicious food my husband loved the red curry and we both enjoyed the all the wonderful flavors that the food has

Review №93

Good place to go.

Review №94

The best Thai in the Valley!

Review №95

Super clean with interesting wood carvings and thai decor. The red curry was nicely spiced at medium heat, with plenty of pineapple, peppers and bamboo shoots.

Review №96

A bit pricey but delicious, pad tai and curry dishes are excellent

Review №97

Great food! Be careful about how spicy you order though. The drinks are too expensive.

Review №98

Great food. Very good service.

Review №99

Great service and awesome food!! We are on our way from LA to SF and wanted to eat Thai food, we went abt 12 miles from highway 5 but it's all worth it and you could fuel in too.

Review №100

I always have the Pepper Garlic Chicken, and my boyfriend orders the Kung Pao Beef, we love it. It is delicious every time we go there. The service is great too. No complaints what so ever. :)

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  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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