Applebees Grill Bar
Lakeview Square, 5775 Beckley Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49015, United States
Review №1

Waited 45 min. for a table....when we walked to our table NO ONE was in our section which consisted of 10 tables. Tables that were stacked with dirty dishes. And most employee's didn't act like they wanted to be there.On a positive note, our waitress Brittany was awesome!!! Other employees need to put some zip in their step and try to be happy!! It will show through the mask...I promise!!

Review №2

Birthday lunch for daughter. Fast fresh friendly.

Review №3

The staff were amazing for what they had to work with. The place is a little bit smaller due to it being built in the mall, so their half capacity left us waiting awhile. But the waitress was amazing and super fast, the food was delicious as always, and the music was just loud enough to enjoy without drowning out conversation. I still hate the 90 tvs they have all over the restaurant, but that's just like every other location. Over-all a great experience!

Review №4

Had an issue with my food and Melissa was quick to correct it (and then some). Melissa has great customer service skills and was a pleasure to deal with. I'll definitely come back to Applebee's thanks to her. Thank you!

Review №5

The food is not bad, the service was decent and the wait at the front entrance has definitely improved. We sat at the bar because there was a 15 minute wait for a table. The bar tender was busy but friendly, and she was doing her best. Overall not impressive, but not bad either.

Review №6

I highly recommend this Applebee's solely for the service alone! Melissa was extremely kind and helpful! I had a hiccup with my order and she went above and beyond to make things right! Thanks again for all your help! Keep up the great work!!

Review №7

Average. I had a chicken ceaser salad n ice tea. Told waitress 3 times what my order was... not sure what the problem was there. Salad was good. Disappointed they only have the pink artificial sweetener packets... made my tea taste strange.... hopefully the Manager reads this and gets a variety of choices for customers. My next visit, I will get their salmon n bring splenda for my ice tea.

Review №8

Went for half off apps after a long day at work. My fiancee and I arrived at 22:20, they close at 2300. We ordered our drinks and appetizers, which was no issue. As we were sitting at the bar, literally minutes later the manager Paul Boestche asked us to leave. Apparently the "gentleman" at the end of the bar was offended by the conversation myself and my husband were having. We were handes our bill and boxes and told to leave or they were calling the cops.After finishing my beverage and half of my meal we left.Our server was great, and you could tell she was embarrassed by the manager. I will NEVER be returning to an Applebee's location again, nor will I EVER recommend them to anyone.

Review №9

Crystal came to check on our table to make sure we were good and our server Brittany was fantastic and the host Leah was very pleasant when greeting us they deserve a raise 100 percent bc of them I will be back keep up the great work

Review №10

Where do I even start, for one pop was water down and then when we got our food it was wrong order ask for onion rings and got fries asked for a medium steak and got well done and then with the chicken tenders we asked for ranch and never got it and we asked five more times before she finally got it chicken was cold. Waitress never came and asked how anything was and we didn't even get refills until all of our drinks were empty and we had half of our food gone. We assume it was the manager that gave us our food and he didn't even get us drinks when he saw our cups were empty. Oh and also she took our appetizer when it wasn't even gone.

Review №11

Well, this was interesting. Split our family up (covid) which is they brought out chicken tenders for my son. A few minutes later they came back and asked for two tenders back, after he was already eating off the plate.. the waitress said "isn't that your family anyways?". I guess the kids meal only came with 3 tenders and not five. They took the tenders back to the kitchen and a few seconds later our other family got there five peice.... unsanitary especially with what is going on. If you can't eat the cost of those 2 tenders you should probably close up shop! Unbelievable

Review №12

Had a gift card, ordered the half rack of ribs. It's was delicious. I would definitely recommend their ribs

Review №13

Terrible experience here are waitress didn't check on us at all after we got our food , never asked if we wanted refills or anything. Wouldn't recommend

Review №14

This particular Applebees was very clean (unlike some), service was quick and friendly and COVID guidelines were being followed.The food was served hot, fresh, and was very good

Review №15

Always very good, the drinks are professional level.Easy to stop in and be seated. Lunch or dinner is all good.

Review №16

Very friendly staff. Did curbside pick up and Melissa was very fast and friendly. She knew exactly what order went to our car. We were a bit late...about fifteen minutes late to picking up the order as I had another stop to make and the food was still hot and fresh

Review №17

Anthony was a great server, attentive, personable. I will definitely return especially if I can have him again

Review №18

Great service!! Three cheese penne was wonderful - very saucy.

Review №19

The food was decent however the service was amazing! Our server was Krista and I have to say that she was on point! We never had to ask for anything and was always super friendly!

Review №20

The online ordering was a little wacky and we did not get a text that our food was ready so we just pulled into the line approx 7 min after our due time. On the plus side the lady that brought us our food was super nice and thanked us for coming and tipping and the food was amazing!

Review №21

Twice in the last couple weeks we have haf to sit and wait 30min plus after the time was given to be here for pick up. The food was cold and dried out. We will ne frequenting the Marshall one from now on. 10 thumbs down on this place..

Review №22

Friendly staff, awesome food and they were following state safety mandates.

Review №23

Menu is a little smaller since we reopened but food was good. And waitress was nice as can be.

Review №24

Its ok. Nothing special, most of the food is better had someplace else.

Review №25

Waitress was good.. Food sucks

Review №26

Hours say open till 11, but they are not open at 8pm... glad BWW is right next door and open!

Review №27

Hostess wouldn't seat us, told us "your tables over there, find your seat", told us to wait outside in the mall lobby and then locked the door behind us, and obviously did not know how to do her job. Kept saying ummm and kept giving excuses. Wont be returning here.

Review №28

DO NOT EAT HERE IF YOU ARE PHYSICALLY DISABLED AND REQUIRE A WHEELCHAIR OR OTHER MOBILITY AID.I recently went to this Applebee's in an attempt to eat dinner with my in-laws and husband. My father-in-law is in a wheelchair, so we asked for a wheelchair accessible table.After waiting for 15-20min for a table they attempted to seat us at a booth with a chair, but said we could NOT move the chair from the wall so my father-in-law could sit at the table with us. They essentially wanted him to sit next to our table, but NOT at the table.When we asked why they would ever seat us here or why we couldn't move the chairs they said it was a “safety issue” with no further explanation or options other than wait another 20minutes for the ONE SINGLE low top table that was wheelchair accessible. That party had just been served their food so it probably would have been longer than the estimated 20min.How does a restaurant of this size have ONE wheel chair accessible table and they don't even keep it empty for disabled folks?!?! It really seemed like this Applebee's didn't want to service disabled folks.We went across the way to Buffalo Wild Wings where with no wait we were promptly seated at an actual wheelchair accessible table.

Review №29

Would have gotten more but they changed the way they make their mac and cheese,they might as well call it alfredo

Review №30

These people are not to be taken seriously. There are certain bartenders that are good, but others that can't be trusted. The wait staff are for the most part awesome! The managers lack integrity!

Review №31

Always a crowd. I think because food is great. Picked up to go order. Warm still when I arrived home. And tasteyForgot the picture, next time.

Review №32

Applebees always had great food

Review №33

Good food and service needs to work on carrying the coffee pots around but other than that great job. Oh they say Merry Christmas instead of Happy holidays which for me is a good thing. When we all left we were full.

Review №34

My daughter and I stopped in with her son and a friend. Thank goodness for the table top computers, it kept the boys busy until the food came. It was quick, the food was great, and my steak was perfect! Our waitress was great, handled the kids perfectly, and seemed relaxed, never hurried. So extra thanks to Kristi S. She's a really good waitress! It makes dining better.

Review №35

My family ordered curbside to go. We were told it would be ready at 6:26. I got there a little early at 6:19 but was in no rush. At 6:36 someone finally came to the car to ask the name on the order. She came back out with the food but forgot the milk so she had to run back in. I checked the bags quickly and saw the small portion of one of the meals we ordered. I asked her to confirm this $11.50 salad was the right portion. Applebees usually has better portions when you dine in. She went inside to ask her manager. She came back out to confirm it was right. There were about 5 shreds of cheese and a handful of greens. At 6:48, 22 minutes after I was told our order would be ready, I left to head back home. We ordered an extra side of shrimp and broccoli with our order. As pictured, you can see the portion cup is not much bigger than a plastic spoon. We are 3 minutes down the road and the food was cold when we got back home, like it sat the whole time I waited at the curbside. Really disappointing being we just moved here. $65 later, we won't be back!

Review №36

The dinner this evening was fantastic, we had the grilled chicken breast with grilled onions, garlicky green beans, coleslaw, and loaded mashed potatoes, the service was wonderful from the time we sat down! Our waitress was great. Definitely will come again

Review №37

To start the hostess was rude and was not seating people when clearly there was 3 tables open we could see I ask her (her name was Kathy) why can't we set there at the open table. Her response was i might have 6 people come in I'm not seating 3 people at a 6 seat table. What?? So we waited. Then moms steak was over cooked. Really done. She wanted med well. Then Dean ordered a triple bacon burger and it was a single with 2 peices of bacon. Wow applebees i am disappointed!!!

Review №38

Great take out but horrible service's for a wait when they have ton of open tables

Review №39

I just tried to call in a to-go order here, and first they had me on hold for almost 10 minutes, and when I finally got through to someone and started my order, they were out of what both of my kids wanted to order, and the appetizer, as well as the steak I was going to order. Called over to the Marshall location and they had everything I needed and picked up the phone right away. Probably will be just going to Marshall in the future.

Review №40

I ordered chicken tender basket and broccoli chicken Alfredo with the boneless wings appetizer. The fries were stale and chicken tenders were cold. The broccoli Alfredo had basically no sauce and the noddles were like mush. Paid for sauce and didn't receive any of it. Won't be ordering from them again.

Review №41

Great food!! Great service!!

Review №42

Always have a great experience and after 8 years of not one complaint I'm so happy when one did occur they handled with class and I love how friendly the staff is and always smiling

Review №43

Car side to go was fast and on time. Do you have to park around the curve because it's located in a mall. I ordered the three cheese chicken pasta which was very good. My friend ordered the lime chicken which he said was good also. we also got boneless chicken wings as our appetizer, besides having a little too much barbecue sauce for my liking they were very good. That was the 2 for 20 meal. Overall I would say it was good food and a good value.

Review №44

Hadn't been there in a while they food is okay

Review №45

They won't let me buy eggs! They have a whole kitchen full and they won't give me any!!!

Review №46

It's a very good diner to visit if you're running through battle creek. Serves all sorts of appetizers and tasty foods. Very friendly staff.

Review №47

This has been one of my favorite restaurants since I was a teenager and I still go there now in my adulthood excellent

Review №48

My sister and I went to dinner here one night and it was a disaster. We got the Alfredo, she had to ask for extra sauce because hers barely had any on it. He brought some out and she put it on her food, turns out it was the salad dressing that goes on the oriental chicken salad, not Alfredo sauce. Waited 15 minutes for another plate, ended up having to take her whole meal to go. Didn't give a discount on the meal or anything. Not happy.

Review №49

My husband and I come here once a week and it's always a great experience!

Review №50

I waited for twenty minutes to be ordered for drinks, the other tables came in after us were served first. My nieces mac n cheese was nasty, my order was messed up too. The waiter never checked on us. I had to leave the table to find a waiter.

Review №51

Fun friendly atmosphere with great food.

Review №52

☆Cleanliness☆Excellent. [ ]Average. [X]Poor. [ ]Not applicable [ ]☆Food☆Excellent. [X]Average. [ ]Poor. [ ]Not applicable [ ]☆Lighting☆Excellent. [ ]Average. [X]Poor. [ ]Not applicable [ ]☆Location☆Excellent. [ ]Average. [X]Poor. [ ]Not applicable [ ]☆Price☆Excellent. [ ]Average. [X]Poor. [ ]Not applicable [ ]☆Parking☆Excellent. [X]Average. [ ]Poor. [ ]Not applicable [ ]☆Restrooms☆Excellent. [ ]Average. [X]Poor. [ ]Not applicable [ ]☆Staff☆Excellent. [X]Average. [ ]Poor. [ ]Not applicable [ ]☆Top Pros☆1.great food2.seated fast3.friendly staff☆Top Cons☆1.table was not cleaned well2.3.☆Verdict☆Had a date night here, got the bbq brisket tacos and these things were just amazing. Full of flavor and juicy. Mozzarella sticks were great. Our waiter was alright, didn't really offer refilling our drinks as soon as he should of but overall would recommend coming here.

Review №53

Food came out very late and not at the same time. By the time my food got there some people were already done eating. Had to wait for a table for 15 minutes when there was a clean one the entire time and the restaurant wasn't at all busy. Server was nice, and they gave us dessert for the issues. Probably wouldn't return to this location though.

Review №54

Horrible........chicken alfredo was cold and all clumped up.....had pieces of corn in my daughters yogurt and strawberries......steak burned your lips it had so much pepper on it.....never again will i eat there.....manager Elizabeth she acted like it was nothing....

Review №55

Great price good staff great food, great late night specials, all you need is their app.

Review №56

One Star only because I can't give Zero. Waited over an hour for a table we were told 30 minutes for. Went in to check and were told another 20 minutes. Unexcusable. No apology and the hostess could have cared less

Review №57

Food and drinks were great. We were gonna order the sampler combo, but our waiter Ty told us about half off appetizers.. got way more food for only a couple dollars more.. Ty you are the bomb!!!

Review №58

We love this applebees, we go back there everytime we are in the area. We actually got engaged here 22 yrs ago. It still looks the same we can actually show our kids where daddy proposed down to the table we sat at. Its a great applebees keep up the great work.

Review №59

Went at 10pm on a Sunday night and walked in to find loud karaoke.. Food and drinks we're good with good service this time which isn't always the case.

Review №60

Best steak ever and Rachel was a amazing server

Review №61

Applebee's was great. Amazing service and the food was great. The chef came out to ask if our meal was good. A++

Review №62

Has good food in the service is good

Review №63

Excellent service and a great atmosphere! Attentive servers came to our table straight away. Was quick about bringing our drinks and returning to take our food orders. The food was fantastic! It was hot and fresh and tasted incredible! Generous portions left us feeling satisfied. Oh and you got to save room for dessert! There was this apple fritter with icecream and caramel! It was sweet heaven to the taste buds!!! I highly recommend this place! Whether it be just the two of you or a large group, you will definitely enjoy your visit

Review №64

Good food, good drinks, good prices, good service!

Review №65

The food was awesome. The waiter was very pleasant and helpful.

Review №66

Food was awful, steak was tough and ribs were pretty bad too !!

Review №67

Great, wonton tacos,Kori is a good tarbender, lol , the music was great, but too much volume, couldn't hear any other person with me. But loved it.

Review №68

Our favorite place to eat. Wonderful food, great service and the manager is tops.

Review №69

Had a wonderful ribeye. Better than I've had in a while.... Ribs were also ordered they came with honey barbeque sauce. Also very good. Highly recommend .

Review №70

Good food, good wait service. Sometimes the food takes a while but it's worth it.

Review №71

This is the best restaurant in town hands down. The atmosphere, the service, the management. If anything is wrong with your food, they take care of you. The bar is legitimate, the drinks are good and strong. They always have a deal going on with their drinks. $1 long islands, $1 bahama mamas, $1 holiday vodka drinks. There's not another restaurant like it in Battle Creek.

Review №72

I arrived early for a party of 7. I was sat right away and waited for my party to arrive. The waiter was attentive and helpful. But when we mad our order we waited for over 40 minutes for our food, and one of our party waited for almost an hour. Two of our party ordered the all you can eat mix and match and we waited for another 30 minutes for refills even though we ordered right away. We will never be back.

Review №73

Its just a Applebees! found something in my soup i did get my $8 meal for free

Review №74

The hosts and servers were very friendly and attentive. Our food took quite a while but it was busy. It's hit or miss here with food quality. Everyone is usually happy as long as they don't order a steak.

Review №75

Bartender was awesome but the hamburger on that nachos was old and not fresh!!

Review №76

This location does a really great job. I've never had bad food. It has always been delivered tasting good as expected and delivered on time. Staff is friendly, and the location has a clean atmosphere. My kids (college) love going there for their late night happy hour

Review №77

ETA, per manager response: The food and service is typically pretty good, the reason I can't give 5 stars is because when we pay with cash we don't get all of our change. For example if my bill was $32.38 and I pay with a $50 I usually get $17.00 back. My return change is $17.62.I realize that 62 cents is not a lot of money, but that is 62 cents that was stolen from me. How many other tables have their change stolen? If it's 10 tables over the course of a shift that can add up. When this does happen I typically lower the tip I leave by $2 (I tip 20%+).I understand that we are becoming a cashless society, but people still pay with cash and proper change needs to be made. I worked as a server and had to make my own change for customers. I was always told by management that you shortchange yourself (as the server) before you short change your customer. Had the server returned $18 in change in the aforementioned scenario I would have increased his or her tip by $1-2.

Review №78

Frequent visitor, I love their spinach artichoke dip but sometimes the chips are stale. It can be hit or miss with the servers but most are great! There is a female manager that always makes sure they have gone above and beyond to meet your needs and make you happy.

Review №79

Unqualified server, she didn't know to get our drinks in before cashing out 3 tables as she was swamped. After all 3 tables left, we went to the bar to get out own drinks, then she came by for the appetizer. Never got plates or napkins or waters with ap. She never came back to check on it. We were starving so ate it all before she came back to finally take the entree order. That took an hour and half so we told them to just cash us out. She just didn't know how to serve. More importantly, who put her on the floor? No manager ever came by to check on us.

Review №80

Throughout the last year i have frequently visited Applebees! I prefer to sit at the bar. I am always greeted by Kristin Savage with a friendly smile and good conversation! Its because of the great service i receive, I will continue to come back!

Review №81

We were pleasantly surprised by the new menu items. Since I don't eat gluten nor dairy, restaurant eating can be a challenge. There were actually several meal options that worked for me. I was able to ask for a few things to be left off and it was no problem. We can't wait to go back. The lunch time waitress who served us was fantastic and we made sure she knew how much we appreciated her advice on menu items and cost savings

Review №82

Food for this chain restaurant is certainly not what it used to be. Actually disappointing every time. Chicken Alfredo was so dry the noodles clumped in one bunch, prime sandwich rock hard, fries were cold on everyone's plate, boneless wings were barley coated with what seemed to be tomato paste, not hot sauce. It's a shame because our server was amazing, Thanks Austin! We wish you well on your martial arts journey, but until then don't waste your great service skills at Applebee's.

Review №83

Love he mudslides

Review №84

Nice Place To Eat! Great Food! Nice Employees! We Were Here, On A Saturday Night & We Had Quinton, As Our Waiter & He, Was A Good Waiter & He, Was Very Nice & Attentive, To What We Needed! We Would Eat Here Again, As We Have Several Times Before!

Review №85

Came for a great night, sorta an anti-superbowl party. Our server was so great! I wanted to invite her to sit and hang out with us. Our dinner was really great too. We'll be back!

Review №86

Food was good had to wait to be seated and 3 people walked by without acknowledging me. Had to ask fir a coffee refill and didn't get it.Need to review good customer service.

Review №87

A friend met me at Applebee's Grill for dinner and a conversation and we were delighted at the quality of services food from the Hostess, Server, and the amazing Chef who especially made a Vegan wrap perfectly for my needs. All deserve an A+

Review №88

My pasta was undercooked and my broccoli tasted old and microwaved not fresh. The manager took it off our tab. Thanks

Review №89

Great food, great service, and a wonderful atmosphere.

Review №90

Most of the time it's a great restaurant! Sometimes not so good. Food is good, store is clean, staff generally nice and attentive.

Review №91

Food was good. Riblet dinner was kind of small. Not sure if it was supposed to come with coleslaw. That would have made it better. Service was good.

Review №92

Went there with my girls and had a great time even had good music in the background and all the food and drinks where amazing as well as our server

Review №93

Great service. Food not so great.DO NOT get the fajitas! There was absolutely no fajita flavor... I think they forgot the seasoning.

Review №94

Food was good...waiter was good but teenagers hanging out in mall come in and cause ruckus and leave without paying

Review №95

Good food

Review №96

Great food. Reasonably priced and super cool staff.

Review №97

Great place with fair prices.. friendly staff

Review №98

Very unclean, extremely loud and lousy Karaoke night. Ran out of most food when we arrived around 9pm.

Review №99

Great service server was so pleasant the $9.99 streak was really good

Review №100

The food was good the waitresses were nice and friendly and the dollar drinks were incredible.

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3.5 Rating
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  • Phone:+1 269-979-8619
  • American restaurant
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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