Chilis Grill & Bar
6123 B Dr N, Battle Creek, MI 49014, United States
Review №1

I only gave 2 stars because the Margaritas were good and so was our server Torrey. Our order took over 40 minutes to get to us and then the fajitas didn't have any chicken in it and my whole meal was cold.The manager Marissa DID NOT EVEN COME TO OUR TABLE to apologize or make things right she left it on our poor server who was doing the best that he could and then when they went to remake our order they were out of mushrooms so we had to wait 40 more minutes so they could go get more mushrooms. They did comp our meal but it was our server Torrey that had to explain to us that they were going to do it and it should have been the manager Marissa. Sadly I will not be back

Review №2

Food was delicious. The only thing was, that my garlic bread was a little soft. Our waitress was great. Would've giving a 5 stars if it wasn't for the Garlic bread being soft. Great place. Go check it out. A very welcoming restaurant.

Review №3

3rd time eating here. This time was curbside pickup. Most definitely will be our last. Each experience is worse and worse. This time the so called "manager" Char I believe her name was was completely rude, unprofessional, and nothing but dirty looks. She can't even handle basic customer service not sure how she even got a job there. Got home 7 minutes away half of the food was wrong. All the food was cold and soggy. Called to tell them the food was wrong. Talked to a different manager she was somewhat more professional and helpful than the other. But still overall yet another awful experience. We will never return and tell everyone else we know to never eat there.

Review №4

Would love to show you the picture of my food. Never seen avocado cut the way it was and hard. Food came cold . This was in Battle Creek Michigan. Poor handling of food. Never again. I pay to much for the food . They should have been more caring, provided and careful.

Review №5

This Chili's has significantly decreased in quality of food and especially service. They make you wait more than 20 minutes to be seated when there are plenty of tables to social distance. Then if you call and ask about the wait they refuse to give you a time frame stating its against company policy to provide that information. Done trying to give them a chance.

Review №6

Good food, but I went in for takeout (where you can see the kitchen from the counter) and half of the workers weren't wearing their mask. I get that it's annoying, but we are all doing it at our jobs, too. I would prefer to know I'm getting my food safely so I don't have to contribute to any spread and we can just get the virus gone.

Review №7

Went into Chili's and they had 3 other people who were before us but they went back to get their masks. You see the hostess ask me and my family first on how many people were there to seat. Then all of a sudden the 3 people before us who were not ask to be seated took our spot and the hostess gave told us that we had to wait 10 to 15 minutes even though there was penalty of seats to social distant everyone. Do not go to this Chili's, go somewhere else that's way better and have a nicer staff then the jerks there.

Review №8

Perfectly made. Perfectly packaged. Curbside pickup was on time and awesome.I got it home to discover they had forgotten my drink. :(Would've been 5 stars, otherwise.

Review №9

I had the BBQ combo with brisket, chicken crispys, and chicken. This combo's meats were very salty. The loaded potatoes and asparagus were very good. I will not be ordering anything BBQ from here again. This order was to go, so I couldn't let a server know about it.

Review №10

We were seated right away. Service was excellent. Food order was accurate, hot and quickly served.

Review №11

It's Chili's. They haven't gotten any worse. They always had pretty tasty food. I'd still recommend them.

Review №12

Good food in the Tex-Mex style with good portions. I had chicken enchiladas that were well prepared along with rice and beans.

Review №13

Went there today, 8/15/2020 at approximately 1:20 pm. The hostess was outright rude. She had a look on her face that indicated we were inconveniencing her when we said there were three of us. Then my wife asked to use the bathroom since there would be a five minute wait. She rolled her eyes. As my wife walked away she then told me and my son in a rude tone that we would have to stand outside. It was hot and sunny and no one else on the lobby. We left most likely to never return.

Review №14

Our server Nicole was amazing she took care of everything that we needed and was always one step ahead of us. The food was good and I look forward to going back.

Review №15

Love Chili's! Everyone that works here is friendly and keeps my Dr Pepper topped off ;) I highly recommend their cheese bites, I always ask for extra seasoning on the side & they accommodate with a smile. SO HAPPY THEY CARRY DR PEPPER!!!!!

Review №16

We had a good time on daughters day. We arrived at 7pm...didnt get our food till 7:45...Waiter was polite & nice. Kept our drinks filled. I didnt feel 45 min wait to get food was responsible. My soup was good but runny, my daughter had chicken fajitas, very hot But I dont think her chicken was cooked all the way. She started feeling sick 1/2 thru her meal. She had me try it and I did not like it at all. She only ate 1/2. Then desert time...Cheesecake, I asked for strawberry(not plain). Well a small drizzle of strawberry on the plate and a slice of plain cheesecake. We asked for more strawberry sauce. Well to top it off, the cheesecake was Frozen! The hostess happen to be at the table while my daughter is trying to cut a slice off with a steak knife. As my daughter in law was trying to get a piece with her small, a small piece came loose flying across the table almost hitting the hostess as strawberry splattered on my daughter in law. We asked for a new piece and they said All of the cheesecake was frozen. We spent 2 hours in chill's for dinner. We watched people arriving after us order eat & leave. Chilli's is my daughter favorite restaurant and we will be back at a later date. Hopefully things can go smoother, and food will not make my daughter sick. Yes, her stomach still is upset & she has the runs, constant & sick feeling. Please be sure chicken is cooked thoroughly before serving.

Review №17

Our server in training was AMAZING! I think her name was Tae, but I didn't quite catch it. The food was delicious ! I have no complaints.

Review №18

Lunch time wasn't very busy at all, so we were distanced quite a bit from other diners. The lunch fajitas portions were small, but the black beans were awesome.

Review №19

Very fast and friendly service plus food was amazing

Review №20

Best server I have had for a long was hot, very fresh, kitchen did very well. Thanks

Review №21

Asked for Mac and cheese and they gave me kids craft mac and cheese.. Epic fail Chili's!

Review №22

Don't bother. After the shutdown and since they've reopened the chef got more illiterate I ordered a steak with double mashed potatoes instead I got a burger with corn and spinach queso and had to wait another hour to get my food and I was there until they closed waiting for my food. Finally got the correct order and it still was wrong. Just shut back down save yourself the time

Review №23

My steak and waitress were excellent , the roasted asparagus was raw .

Review №24

I got ToGo dinner, and people at the counter were very friendly. But my bag missed 1 item I had ordered...

Review №25

The below average ratings are earned from this Chili's. On a slow Sunday evening there wasn't a host/ess to great anyone at the door, the floor was dirty, several of the staff and manager were congregating in the rear corner next to the restrooms, the corn had obviously been around since lunch and several tables were waiting to be cleaned. I WATCHED one of the waitresses putting silverware in to the bags, then rubbing her face/playing with her phone then back to putting silverware together. If that doesn't make you cringe I really don't know what will. Lastly, when the manager and several co-workers take delivery of pizzas in the main restaurant and sit in the corner to eat it; that tells you quite a bit. Bright side: Wade was a good server. Go someplace else, there's plenty of choices around here.

Review №26

The atmosphere is amazing, the food is delicious and spicy, the portions are large and the service is prompt.

Review №27

Good food. Pretty good at their social distancing.

Review №28

I had a good father's day dinner!! Servers were nice & prompted & Sharneeta was the best!!

Review №29

My mom and I went for lunch after church, we were seated without favorite server Ryan! He is always so nice, wonderful service, great conversation and the food was awesome! Thanks Ryan for the best experience!

Review №30

The service is spectacular and the food is amazing. It was busy and it did not take forever for them to bring it out. The food is also inexpensive unlike most restaurants.

Review №31

Food here is decent, but nothing special. Service is good. My wife and kids seem to like the food less than I do.

Review №32

Such friendly service and the food was amazing!

Review №33

Waited about 1 hour for food after being seated at our table. Server was great! Food / Burgers and Fries was ok, ribs were Great.

Review №34

We always have a nice meal and great drinks. We sit at the bar and enjoy conversation with other patrons and the bar staff. We are proud to be "regulars"

Review №35

The move slow here in battle Creek. The lady manager is rude. Didn't know only one can come in.Charge my mom extra for her shrimp scampi. It three for ten. They need shut the MF down. Bad service.

Review №36

Went to this chilis for Valentine's day with my boyfriend. Waited a reasonable amount of time to be seated given the holiday. But waited over an hour for our food. We watched people be seated after us. Eat. And leave. Multiples times. I finally asked to speak to a manager, and our food was brought instantly, indicating it had clearly been ready for a while. He explain that some how...there was confusion about my boyfriend's steak because two people ordered the same steak. (I don't understand this) it clearly sat in the window for a while because it was dry and the bun to my sandwich was hard as rock. The manager apologized and left the food. Didn't ask if we needed napkins or steak sauce. Which we did. On top of that we didn't see our waiter the entire time we waited or after our food was brought, until we were done eating. He gave us some meak apology followed by excuses and walked away. We missed our movie we planned on seeing and we're disappointed with our food. Thanks.

Review №37

Wasn't what I was expecting but still ok service and food.

Review №38

Steak fajitas are great.

Review №39

Server was very friendly and food was very fast. Delicious food!

Review №40

Went out on a dinner date with husband and it was our first time and last time going. Server was rude from the being and than same server was so kind kind to the teenagers behind us. Order food appetizer was good waited forever for food. After placing food order server came out about 15 minutes later said we're out of mushrooms ok that's fine waited another 20 minutes. Food came out cold burger ws still pink and dry and my husband's food was awful. Past tasted like it was over cooked so he just the shrimp. Serve never said anything.

Review №41

It's absolutely disgusting in the restaurant. I don't usually post anything. The last two times I have been seated. I have to stare at dirty dishes all over behind the bar. I guess it's too hard to walk them back another 10 feet. For the glasses(from the bar), the bartender is supposed to wash them. He just let the pile up. It was gross. Not going back

Review №42

Great service . And having two baby's is not easy to deal with so thank you for working with us so we could get the kids food early so they wouldn't be cranky.

Review №43

Called ahead to see how long the wait was. They said there was no wait. My thought sweet! Get there no wait for a table. But you have to wait for a server.... 25 minutes yea no. Ordered drinks and a appetizer. And left. Not getting my business ever again. Vary disappointed.

Review №44

Service is absolutely wonderful but I guess being a Friday night the food was lacking. Mark, the manager on duty was informed and he made everything right. Even though we only wanted him to talk to the food staff he compensated our bill. Love Chilis!

Review №45

Used to love this place but every time I come in now it gets worse and worse. The service was once really good and so was the food quality. Now it's like let's let the food sit in a window for about 20 minutes and let's see how dry we can make it look.

Review №46

I usually have enjoyable experiences here. Not this time and on my birthday. It was absolutely terrible service this time around. I'm not sure if I'll return.

Review №47

Improved from the last time I was there. Food was hot, and good. Waitress was nice and efficient.

Review №48

Weeknights I'll occationally drop in to Chili's Grill & Bar with a friend or two over a fine meal in an excellent dining area. Service is always excellent and the cooks will go out of their way to prepare the meal precisely to my liking. Mike in particular prepared a Vegan meal that was completely satisfying and nutritious. I give them an A+

Review №49

We come here just for the queso and chips. Extremely disappointed! The queso is not the same, very thin and doesn't taste as good. I'm definitely finding a new restaurant.

Review №50

Busy, but service was very good. Nice lunch combos, hot and yummy.

Review №51

The food is delicious and the staff are really nice

Review №52

Always a great burger and the tea is tasty

Review №53

Really love the food here.Its delicious and a great price.There alcohol prices are reasonably priced and there desserts are so good.Dont miss out on there great food.You don't leave hungry!

Review №54

Decent. Good value, decent service. Food was good. Place was clean.

Review №55

I love chillis!! Service is great ! My steak was over cooked and they immediately fixed it and it was so good!

Review №56

Ribeye was great but sides were horrible. Raw broccoli with steak

Review №57

Excellent taste and great location

Review №58

Best waitress ever.

Review №59

Good food..

Review №60

Love Chilis great food and service

Review №61

My experience here was amazing the staff are so nice and are really helpful if it's ur first time I love this place

Review №62

Delicious. Great server.

Review №63

The staff and the manager on duty were great! Unfortunately the kitchen was a little off that night. We will give them a second chance soon.

Review №64

Great food and service

Review №65

Service was brutal and pretty much non existent. Food was barely warm when we got it. Sub par, at least today and

Review №66

Very kind server she brought our food out to us because she knew we were in the parking lot

Review №67

Good food and service

Review №68

We don't go to Chili's often, but I was wanting a quesadilla explosion salad (which I love) and I haven't had one in a very long time. The salad wasn't as good as it use to be, it didn't have much dressing on it and the cheese quesadilla was cold and it wasn't as big as the last time that I had it. The service is still slow as it use to be too. Besides that it's an okay place to eat and have drinks and enjoy a conversation with people.

Review №69

The place is probably all right I just really don't like their food

Review №70

Food was good, service a little lax. They weren't very busy, but waiter didn't come back often

Review №71

Very good burgers

Review №72

Visited and ate Tuesday night for the very first time. We (my boyfriend and I) were seated and we started off with some appetizers, he ordered southwestern egg rolls, which were good, I ordered Texas cheese fries they come with jalapenos on the top, I simply asked our waitress if she could have the jalapenos put on half only, when she responded "while they come on the top so you can pick them off." I sorta thought she was kidding so I just said okay and asked if we could also get chili on them too which we never saw and we ordered our food as well. My boyfriend ordered ribs and fries with corn and coleslaw, mind you he got some extra fries too, after he got out what he wanted she turned and looked at him and said "and where you gonna put all this" in my opinion you dont just turn to a paying customer and judge them for what they are ordering. I proceeded to order the cajun pasta with shrimp and not the grilled chicken for some very personal reasons, which I didn't think would be a problem for anyone but then I recieved my food and she sat my plate down and said "here's your chicken pasta" and walked away before I could even say anything. I had to find a different waiter to fix my meal and then our waitress never came back to check on us until about 5 minutes before my food came out she came up to us to let us know my food was almost done and that again I could have "picked the chicken out and been okay" talk about awkward feelings. In the end she made us feel to embarrased to even get her name or go to a manager. So first and last chili's trip added to the books. I'm not one to normally complain about stuff but that was very uncalled for and rude and unprofessional.

Review №73

Chili's has a Black Bean burger option for some of the crafted burger. Loved it.

Review №74

Our server was great. But the manager is not! I'm here now on 9/14/ 2019 at 7 pm. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger no onion bc they trigger severe migrainesWell the manager delivered our food and of course there was onions. I told him and I had maybe 10 fries on my plate.. Matt is the manager and he looked very unkempt. He took my food back and was gone only a minute and a half so i know he pulled the onions off and added fries with No Gloves. Couldn't eat it. But our server Tory was awsome.

Review №75

Good food, consistent service.

Review №76

I waited for quite a while to be acknowledged by a server, a nearby table got drinks, chips and salsa before I even met my server and they sat down 10 minutes after my party was seated. However, when we were finally able to get the attention of a server, things improved. I'm happy that they have several vegetarian selections. It's why I went to Chili's instead of Ruby Tuesday or Applebee's.

Review №77

Food was good and the wait staff was very good and pleasant, this was my second time at this location I will be returning.....

Review №78

They always have really great food!! Steaks are always cooked to the temp I ordered it... the service could be a little better but the food was good and got to our table quickly. They also have those fun little table tablets with games while you wait. I personally think that's a pretty clever idea!!!

Review №79

Great experience

Review №80

Our son has ASD and at times yells and makes squeaking noises and it get so bad that we do not stay and eat we just get our food to go.Today he/we had one of those days!Our son was yelling so loud and we just asked for our food to go, the manager came over and said we didn't have have to leave and that they would talk to the other customers about what's going on with him.We still decided to leave because they were just starting the lunch hour rush.The manager came over and took 50% off of our bill and say we could still stay and eat.We said thank you anyways and decide to leave.This is by far one of the nicest experiences we have had taking our son out to eat.We want to thank Caleb (server) and April (manager) and the rest of staff, they are great people.

Review №81

Food was ok very overpriced imo.

Review №82

The food was not good, no flavor, barely cooked potatoes, just not appetizing

Review №83

Our first ever visit to a Chili's... we WILL be back

Review №84

Fast and friendly service! I also left my id on the table and went 5 days not realizing it i called them they still had it! Thanks for a great date night!

Review №85

Love me some chicken crispers and chili's has good ones. Waiter was cool.

Review №86

Our local Chilli's in Metro Detroit have had terrible service for the past year so we stopped eating at Chilli's. We found the one in Battle Creek- Food was awesome and service was superb! Thank you Caitlyn!

Review №87

I had the chicken pasta it was delicious took home half of it and the next day it was good as yesterday

Review №88

Excellent Bar Service. Enchilada meal superb. Tortilla soup very good.

Review №89

Great meals, service

Review №90

Love the quesadilla salad... yummy

Review №91

Staff was nice and the taste of the food was good. However, when I got my hamburger, I had to squeeze the grease out of it. There was a huge puddle of grease on my tray and I was only half done with it. I just couldn't eat it anymore.

Review №92

Great service. Good prices. Good food.

Review №93

Had a delicious mushroom Swiss burger. Device was great and price was good.

Review №94

Mighty good burgers

Review №95

Best spicey shrimp tacos ever! The rice was undercooked but everything else was super good. Can't beat it for the price.

Review №96

Great food, great service.

Review №97

Picked up a "to go order". Cheeseburger and fries. Tasty.

Review №98

Very nice place great food

Review №99

Their so called smoked foods couldn't be worse. The brisket is awful. Tastes microwaved,the sausage tastes good but the skin is so tough you can't begin to chew it.

Review №100

Food was fantastic. I hadn't gone in a long time. The menu was completely changed. I was able to get a gluten free, dairy free salad with greens, fruit, chicken. It was incredible and so different from anything I've had elsewhere. Our waiter was super attentive even though they were busy when we arrived. I can't wait to go back

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  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
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