4785 Beckley Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49015, United States
Review №1

They sent 1 drink with Door Dash and it should have been 2 but they said they sent 2, but in my bag there was only 1 straw... get an attitude with me, not a big deal but to lie on Door Dash?!? Can't trust them. At least not this Battle Creek location.

Review №2

It was delicious. Service was great. So great in fact we returned for breakfast the very next day. I don't feel like there are many choices for breakfast in Battle Creek, that serve breakfast all day anyway, but Denny's is usually the same any city or state so its nice to know you will enjoy your meal no matter where as long as it's Denny's

Review №3

It was great! The service was very friendly and funny. They have some new things on the menu. They have grilled salmon and fried salmon. I had the friend and my friend had the grilled salmon. We both enjoyed our meals!

Review №4

Very good service! Clean! Didn't wait long for food. Nice experience.

Review №5

Had a great brunch/lunch here. Our waiter was beyond fun and down to earth. I ordered the make your own breakfast and was not disappointed. Everything tasted fresh and bursting with flavor. They apologized for the hash browns taking a few minutes longer but they gave me almost an entire plate to make up for it. I had scrambled eggs and sausage which also tasted great, I do wish that their sausages were a bit bigger though. I'll definitely be back when in the area.

Review №6

Wow well my waitress i strongly suspect was hopped up on something!? my food wasn't cooked the bacon was so thin you could see thru it where it wasnt all fat! we had to ask several tines for water? ketchup? salt and pepper comes in packets?! besides all that uncooked food was not not cheap!!! I do not recommend!

Review №7

They have good food, but limited choices if you're vegan. If they had more I would give them 5 stars. My friends liked their food and had no complaints.

Review №8

Carryout T-bone Steak and eggs. Ready within 10 minutes. Made just right. Friendly staff. Excellent!

Review №9

Waitress on duty couldn't handle 1 table of 9 and take out orders. Never took a drink order in an hour after being seated. Being a member of the food service industry this person should find a new profession.

Review №10

Great food. Great service. Keep up the good work.

Review №11

Okay food, decent prices. Nothing special. could make everything at home. Also not a fan of all their "to-go" items being packaged in a plastic container, plastic condiment cups, plastic fork and knife, plastic bag, etc.

Review №12

Good food was made great but my sandwhich was sloppily made other than that no complaints!

Review №13

The Marshall location has really gone downhill in the past couple of months. The Battle Creek location is much better.

Review №14

Out server was amazing. Great personality. Very funny and down to earth. Extremely helpful.

Review №15

Food was ok. Service was ok . The table sucked . It wobbled everytime with just the littlest touch .

Review №16

Are waitress was awesome and the food was great prepared exactly the way I wanted it

Review №17

Food was good and our waiter was really nice

Review №18

Great service...and the food was good!!! Actually great because I didn't have to make it!!!

Review №19

I did a take out order and it was perfect my only complaint is that they didn't have Belgian waffles for a Belgian waffle slam and they didn't have pancake puppies I think it had something to do with coronavirus

Review №20

They have a great bourbon chicken skillet.

Review №21

Good food good service. Definitely pricer these days then old menu was tho.

Review №22

Yikes! I ordered curbside today before going into work and besides some wings which weren't covered in any sauce, the burger I ordered was so nasty and overcooked I couldn't bring myself to eat it or anything else. I just spent 50 dollars and left a 20% tip on an order that isn't even edible. Not only that but the servers who took my order were rude and raised their voice at me when I tried to look at the names on the pickup orders to save them the trouble if one was mine. Don't know what their names were, but treating other essential workers like sh*t when you yourself are one is not the mood.

Review №23

The food was good. The service was super fast and my server was very friendly. The pancakes were fluffy and delicious.

Review №24

I just ate there and I've literally never posted any reviews ever, but the food was that AMAZING I had to share GREAT COOK!

Review №25

Denny's is adapting well to this covid craziness and I know they definitely don't get paid enough for all the Karens they have to deal with now. I heard so much whining from impatient patrons and have a huge amount of respect for the staff who kept smiles on their faces and polite tones in their voices

Review №26

The closing lady on 7-20-20 was being extremely rude to all the customers. Yeah you may have been by yourself, but be decent to people and don't say, “hey if you gotta problem with something, go talk to my manager” Not their usual standard at this location during the morning hours.

Review №27

Ordered through Grub hub and meal never arrived. Denny's said it was a Grubhub issue and not their problem.

Review №28

Friendly staff and food was hot and decent. We waited, which is expected during the time, however, nobody addressed us when we got there or said anything about wait time. The people working front just let us stand there without any information.

Review №29

Absolutely the best meal we've had at a Denny's restaurant. It's Christmas and all the employees were so happy and helpful. The food was remarkable and cooked perfectly. I just cannot say enough about our experience today. If I could give them 10 stars I would!!!!

Review №30

Food was great. Friendly atmosphere

Review №31

We did curbside pickup today. The food was good but they forgot 2 items(fries and eggs). We called and the lady kept insisting that they were in the bag after we told her 4 times that they weren't. She told us to come back up and get them but no one wants cold, old fries and eggs. It would have been nasty.It seems like every time we go to this Denny's the service is great and the food is lacking or the service is lacking and the food is good. They can never find a happy medium. I never have this problem when I'm working in the Jackson area and visit their Denny's.

Review №32

Amazing breakfast selection and dinner options brovo.

Review №33

Clean,sanitized,social distancing,was happy to sit in and dine.wait staff was pleasant and attentive.

Review №34

Worst service ever. Went inside and many tables were dirty and no one was cleaning them in order to sit new customers. Went inside and no one ever acknowledged us, just kept getting stares and servers just standing there. Will not go back again. After 20 min of waiting for anyone to ask us our name we left. Half the restaurant was empty. Very dissapointed

Review №35

The worse waitress I have ever had it took so long to get my food and the waitress only came over like 2 times my drink was empty for a long time I felt bad for her though because at denny's they only have 1 waitress at night time that's not good you can't have anyone by them selves on Friday or Saturday night what is wrong with thos company

Review №36

Great breakfast great service

Review №37

Don't bother going there it was horrible! Poor wait staff, 35 minutes for the meal. No apologies 26.45 later won't be going back!

Review №38

The waitress who served my son and I was very kind to us, smiled during practically every interaction we had and she even gave my son quarters for the quarter machines near the entrance of the restaurant! My son and I decided to have breakfast for dinner. It was a good experience!

Review №39

Great meal. Wonderful service

Review №40

Great service,great people.

Review №41

Had a bad waitress that forgot our food. Had to have it made again by manager.

Review №42

Food was really good, cooked well and server was nice

Review №43

Best hot meals for late night after hours. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and senior menu served any time.I highly recommend. Good food and service.

Review №44

So, I'm not a huge fan of the food but they will go out their way to get the order right. My significant other is pregnant and they got her cravings down to a Tee

Review №45

The service was great but seems like everything else went down hill.

Review №46

Great service and the food was even better! The bathrooms were very clean and the restaurant had a great atmosphere!

Review №47

The cook did not no how to cook fish sent it back came back over cook!!!

Review №48

Great food , n workers b nice once we can b back n side of place.

Review №49

The food was fabulous! Our waitress Que was probably the best waitress ever! Overall just a great experience I would drive 2 hours again just to eat there!! Thank you!!

Review №50

The mozzarella sticks

Review №51

Food was okay as was the service. Husband said the men's restroom needs some much needed TLC.

Review №52

Good food and service!

Review №53

Good food, good service, no wait. Denny's is a staple!

Review №54

Danny's serve good, healthy American food, their ultimate primium skillet is good for health cautious people, ice tea is good, pancakes are Irresistible...

Review №55

Food was good. Waitress was awful. She didn't bother to come back to the table after bringing our food to see if we needed anything else. Stopped at a table right next to ours, acknowledging them and all her other tables. She would avoid even looking our way until we had been sitting there for 5 minutes after our meal was done. Then she finally came over to give me the bill. Just a really Awful experience.

Review №56

Great take out meal deals

Review №57

Doing great on social distancing food is very good service can be a little slow

Review №58

The food was awful! And the service was terrible!

Review №59

I love Dennys, just not this one. Tonight has taken Dennys off our menu for restaurants. To keep it brief and not waste time. 10 minutes to be seated. 10 minutes to order. 30 minutes to receive food. Did not get the complete order and the wrong items for my wife. Ordered a TBone steak medium and got a well done dry slab that's thinner then a fast food burger patty. Waitress says she will bring me a steak knife she had forgotten. Fast forward 25 minutes, no knife, no refills, and no service. Wife finishes her entire meal I went to see the manager. I said I had a complaint and he went to help other tables while I stood there. When he came back he showed no empathy to my situation finally saying he would take half off because "well you got your food" I refused because I ate non of it. I paid for my wife's food and we left. Side note is this experience threw me into a anxiety attack to the point I was shaking and had to have my wife drive us home. It's sad I used to love this location in the past.

Review №60

Good place for dinner food takes too long to get

Review №61

I waited 25 minutes for my omlet and crapes. Then someone else came back in complaining about his food wasn't made properly either

Review №62

Sometimes a friend may want to dine at Denny's on a Sunday after services with the confidence we will have a good experience. And so it is, every time! The meal and service are great and on time. The dining room and restrooms are always clean. We will continue to enjoy Denny's for years to come.

Review №63

Great breakfast place! I have known mothers to work here and express their breastmilk unlike the lawsuit against them states. The server who sued was rude, lazy and just doesn't want to work. I love this place and it doesn't deserve a bad rap.

Review №64

Love Denny's. But short staffed AGAIN. Cook needs a beard net!!!. Only one waitress on duty Again!!! Food was Great As usual

Review №65

Place was nice and clean and had a friendly staff. Food was good also. There value menu is a great deal for the price. I would highly recommend this place.

Review №66

Good Food Great Service!!!

Review №67

Give them two stars me and my wife went in the order erbacon was like raw her French toast was under cook it was soggy with egg and it still then I got an omelette which was okay but they never brought me my toast and I never came back to check on us to see how everything was so if I was you I'd stay clear

Review №68

Food is great. Staff are great. Beware the patrons after midnight unless you're looking for adventure...

Review №69

Very nice beach. Very. Crowded and small.

Review №70

Absolutely love the fact that I can just sit down, spout out what I'm in the mood for and have it served in the blink of an eye. The food has always been on point and consistent and exactly the price I want to pay for it. Denny's will always be my favorite breakfast food spot when I'm in no mood to cook!

Review №71

The service was very badly and the food was cold and the food was terrible and i will not be returning to the dennys in battle creek every again steak and shake had way better food and service

Review №72

I had a great experience in this restaurant today. I have worked in food service waiting tables and cooking for over 15 years. The experience today was wonderful. The store was staffed with the right amount of waitresses. They were friendly and smiling and working together. I came at lunch, around 1pm, and it was busy, but I was seated quickly, my order was taken quickly, and I was served in a reasonable amount of time. The food was delicious and fresh. The manager was even part of the team, cleaning tables, handling cashing guests out, sweeping, and menus. You can tell he's a great manager because everything was running like clockwork.Several months ago, I have to say, the restaurant was not so good. There were not enough waitresses, they were rude and frustrated. Our table was only the third table in there the last time and the waitress said she didn't know when she could get to me. That had happened on other occasions too, so that was the last time I went for a long time.I noticed there were always vars here lately, which is a good sign for a restaurant, so I stopped in. This is my third visit, and it had been consistently good. Food, staff, and management has been excellent. Our hometown Denny's is back!!

Review №73

Not bad for cheap breakfast food. The ultimate omelette is my favorite with the queso cheese sauce.

Review №74

Wonderful upbeat staff and fast service! Food quality is always impressive for a diner style resturant as well.

Review №75

This visit was not the best. My friend chose garlic bread for supper meal and was told they were out so made another choice and was told it would more money. Hello. The waiter was new. He took my order and came facto tell me that too was unavailable and my second choice would be more as well. My question was why they needed .15 and .05 to keep their business going? What ever happened to good customer service.At the Denny' s in Marshall they simply exchange.To make it even more ridiculous the reason the choices were missing was because it was the day before arrival of the weekly delivery. Do not go to the Battle Creek Denny's any Monday or Tuesday if you wish to order from their menu.

Review №76

Food was DELICIOUS and service was EXCELLENT!

Review №77

Great food great work staff

Review №78

The food is good

Review №79

I love this place. I come here at least once every two weeks. I was introduced to this place by friends and I was not disappointed. My only issue is that I went here at 3 am (Dennys is open 24 hours) and the service was not great. It took the girl 25 minutes to give us the menu even though there were only two other customers. Their breakfast menu is great, it has a wide variety of options. Their pancakes are good and I make sure to order them almost every single time I come here. Their lunch options were not bad. Their chicken tenders were good and for someone like me who's a picky eater the menu offers enough options for you to chose. Their skillets are also great, my friend recommended me their spicy skillet. Small issue I see is that their servings are huge so in the times I have been there, I always have to ask for a box. So I'm not sure how much food is wasted, so that is something that should be considered. I would recommend a strong 8/10.

Review №80

Great service and good food

Review №81

I had one of the worst experiences of my life at this establishment. The employees were kind, but slow and seemed to have no idea how to run a restaurant. It was impressive how bad the experience was. I am saddened there are no negative stars to express my utter discontent with this establishment.

Review №82

Always great service and clean.

Review №83

I had one of the worst experiences of my life at this establishment. The employees were kind, but slow and seemed to have no idea how to run a restaurant. It was impressive how bad the experience was. I am saddened there are no negative stars to express my utter discontent with this establishment.

Review №84

Yuck! You get what you pay for. Not sure why every booth is sticky though.

Review №85

Good food, good service

Review №86

A good Denny's. Fresh coffee, hot food, and pleasant service

Review №87

Not busy. Had to wait . Grill was dirty. Pancakes & eggs both covered in debree from grill. Food was tepid & decaf coffee was old. Wait staff was great though. Won't be back to THIS Denney's.

Review №88

The wait staff was very upbeat and positive. The food was made perfect

Review №89

Excellent food and exceptional customer service. My favorite Denny's!

Review №90

Very good service. Food cooked well waitresses very attentive

Review №91

The staff was friendly and efficient. I picked a random restaurant driving through Battle Creek and picked the right one. The food was great and I'll be sure to visit again if I'm in the area.

Review №92

Loved the bluberry muffin balls but the eggs werenot done right but good price.

Review №93

My husband loves the Grand Slam. I like everything I have tried. Everyone is friendly.

Review №94

As always food was great!

Review №95

Very friendly service cheap price and Great food

Review №96

So much nicer experience then that was when I was there a few years ago

Review №97

Normally decent food and service. Last two times service was very slow. Evidently under-staffed. Girl literally had asked us 3 times how everything was and ignored her table right next to us that hadnt even gotten their drinks yet. Man had to ask for their drinks. One table got up and left.Today, girl was preoccupied with a to-go order and had to wait for salad till the meal came. Wanted it to go being that we ran out of time, then couldnt get a to-go container and had to leave it. Even after the ridiculous time we waited, still got charged for it even though couldn't eat it. As far as I'm concerned it shouldve been taken off my bill. What I'd like to know, is where is a manager? Didn't see one anywhere.I think we will be going elsewhere.

Review №98

Not bad for for being the only place opened on Christmas

Review №99

Food is great

Review №100

My husband and I go here quite often usually it's later at night on the weekend. We went with our fairer and our niece. The waitress apologized said she was the only one on the floor in a very patient person told her I understood, by the time we ordered our food we were there only people there. My husband ordered pancake bites better received them. All of our food was cold and rubber, I NEVER complain usually but come on. We were the only people there, then I went to put pepper on my hashbrowns that I had to remind that was ordered and the whole top fell off, needless to say I had a while hat of pepper on them. The last few times we've been there want impressed. Last time we go there. Done with Denny's on battle Creek.

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:4785 Beckley Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49015, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 269-979-1402
  • American restaurant
  • Diner
  • Breakfast restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–10PM
  • Thursday:7AM–10PM
  • Friday:7AM–12AM
  • Saturday:7AM–12AM
  • Sunday:7AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Fireplace:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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