Ninas Taqueria
248 Capital Ave SW, Battle Creek, MI 49037, United States
Review №1

Portion was excellent, flavor was excellent, everything was great. They were swamped (busy) and still received quality service

Review №2

Store was a lil messy but tamales were 5stars . Service was great will deliver return

Review №3

Family owned and operated. Excellent authentic Mexican foods. Made to order. Full of flavor. Friendly staff. Fair price for a full plate of food. Highly recommended. I've been coming here for years

Review №4

Amazing food and great prices. Large selection on menu and the service was outstanding. I highly recommend this place. I wish that I had enough room to try the fried ice cream. It looked delicious!

Review №5

My opinion the best Mexican food place in the area ..prices are very reasonable and the food tastes very good! The service was fast.

Review №6

Fast service, fantastic chips and fresh-tasting salsa to accomodate warm chips. Then, the entrees are absolutely fantastic, fresh, and will leave you very full and happy. The portions are generous, and the tab was very reasonable. My waitress was very kind, and the family was content with their orders. Top marks!

Review №7

Nina's always has fresh, delicious food. It's great for adults and children.They bring you fresh chips and salsa that are home made to your table so you can snack while you wait for your food. It's worth it to go just for chips and salsa.

Review №8

Excellent Mexican food, authentic, family owned and run. The staff is very friendly and polite. This place is busy so expect to take a hour for your meal. Very much a local favorite, you will not go hungry here!

Review №9

Shrimp in the shrimp burrito was RAW. Gray, slimy and translucent. When I informed the server, she tried to argue that anything more than that would be considered "well done". I advised her that shrimp is either done or not done, there are no doneness levels like steak. I had to explain what cooked shrimp looked like (pink and firm). If I hadn't insisted that the shrimp was raw, she would have left my plate on the table for me to eat!!Will not be going back.

Review №10

Didn't know it was seat yourself until we were told after standing in the doorway for five minutes. Then we took our seats and was forgotten about for another five. Afterwards, our service was prompt and the food was delicious. Best mole I've had. Wish I wasn't passing through, I'd eat here often.

Review №11

This place was different. The large amount of art and color added an awe effect but after sitting and looking around you see no consistency when it comes to decoration. Menu was large in size about 5 pages. The menu items may be complex to simple minds. Cactus is served at this location. Not a fan. It is self seating with no hostess. Food was good and on par with typical mexican restaurants. Waiter was friendly and polite. Good experience overall just different.

Review №12

They don't ever answer the phone

Review №13

Good food. Service is a bit spotty though. I ordered the Nachos Supreme and it was quite good.

Review №14

Excellent authentic Mexican food fare. Don't be discouraged by their outside appearance or their upkeep on the inside decor.The food is by far amazing. One of the best places we have had authentic Mexican food at. The servers are super nice and accommodating to the entire party including kids. Overall a great visit!!

Review №15

Food was good however didn't bring what we ordered. Language barrier was rough... Server was friendly and attentive but other staff who was fluent in English didn't offer help, had they, I think we would have been able to give them a better rating.

Review №16

WOW!! So family and I sat there for twenty minutes tonight, waiting for service. Nothing. A man came in and sat down right next to us and received service within 30 seconds. I'm 46 years old, I've learned to live with racism, but this was over the top! We will never go back and I will make sure to spread the word. Thanks Nina...

Review №17

The food is outstanding. Great selections to choose from. Reasonably priced dinners. And their service is always friendly.

Review №18

It was amazing food and the waitress was awesome, the food was so good we order some to go for later

Review №19

I will never eat here again. I called in a pick up order and when I get there they tell me they will not accept my payment because my order was $3.50 and not $5. they never warned me of this when I called and ordered my food. I went to Fire hub instead. not only did they accept payment, they gave me a free beverage because they knew I was frustrated over what ninas did. I only get a 30 minute lunch. I will never ever eat at Nina's again. So they wasted food, lost money, and lost a customer.

Review №20

Best food in Battle Creek! Seriously, great service, authentic food, good prices! Will come back often. Thanks, Nina!!!

Review №21

Hole in the wall kind of place with great food and great people it's a regular stop for us

Review №22

Very good tacos. Much more flavorful than any other that I've ever had (tbh though I've only ever had home made and taco Bell). The service was great. The server always seemed to appear when someone needed her. We had a group of 10.

Review №23

The steak tacos are amazing so are the chips and salsa

Review №24

Taco dinner was great! They brought extra chips and we munched for a long time

Review №25

Great local Mexican restaurant. Super selection and generous portions. Highly recommended

Review №26

Awesome place to eat! They have so much yummy foods!

Review №27

Arrived to pick up a doordash order at 8:50 pm. Doors were locked but open sugn on, would not answer the phone. This is the 2nd time. Close at 9.....then close at 9!

Review №28

Food was delicious., Place was packed, and the service was still good!

Review №29

Nina's is a great stand by for a Mexican meal. Prices are really good for what you get. Nothing fancy, but have never been disappointed with service or cleanliness. Good is simple and clean. Enjoy.

Review №30

Fast, delicious, and huge portions. Definitely one of top choices for Mexican food whenever I'm in Battle Creek from now on!

Review №31

Very quick service and great prices. I ate 3 largely stuffed fajitas, and the plate looked like it hadn't been touched. Lots of food! Recommend.

Review №32

It wasn't bad at all! The service was super fast! And the chips were yummy.

Review №33

My go to for Mexican cuisine in Battle Creek. Good food at a reasonable price and plenty of options to choose from. I'm a big fan of their Tuesday lunch special.

Review №34

I don't visit Battle Creek too often but on my most recent visit, we wanted to have dinner with some friends, so I found this Mexican Restaurant.Nina's was an excellent choice. The food was Awesome, our waiter was very tentative & fast service.We will definitely visit again in the future.

Review №35

I just left this restaurant and I will never go back!!!! I found a cockroach in my food!!!!! Then they still tried to make me pay and even threatened to call the cops if we didn't. The health dpt needs called!!! EAT HERE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!

Review №36

I most definitely give it a 5 stars at this restaurant their foods are oh so delicious

Review №37

I had the sampler plate. Taco, enchiladas and a tamale. It was very flavorful. I would recommend it to others.

Review №38

Good food at a decent price, service was great to.

Review №39

Our favorite place for dinner! We go once a week. The prices are great and Myra is the best, always sweet and smiling.

Review №40

Love the sausa. Food is hot fast and good. Large portions.

Review №41

Good tongue tacos! I would definitely go back.

Review №42

I love this place! Really affordable and nice large portions. I have never been disappointed here.

Review №43

Super place! Love the staff and the value for the money! Highly recommended!

Review №44

Always great food! Anytime we want Mexican food, this is the place that we like the best.

Review №45

Coming from California where most Mexican food is out of this world to Michigan where good authentic Mexican food is rare but Nina's has topped them all locally. We found our niche.

Review №46

Service and food was excellent

Review №47

I wanted to like this place, but was disappointed. As a vegan, usually I can count on Mexican places to have some good options, but all I could find for lunch was mushroom and cactus tacos. Without the cheese, they weren't great. Hot sauce helped. The mushrooms also smelled like BO - maybe it's a different variety than I usually buy.The chips and salsa were great, but came in quite small serving sizes and were not free to refill unlike most Mexican places I've been. My friends' non-vegan food looked good though, and they enjoyed it enough to keep coming back. So although my experience was lame, it doesn't seem to be a bad restaurant.

Review №48

Make sure you ask for salsa when you get carry out. Other than that food is great, staff is friendly.

Review №49

Fast, friendly and delicious. All homemade tortillas and fresh ingredients. Bathrooms were spotless. Would definitely recommend!

Review №50

Great food and a bright and colorful atmosphere! My favorite thing was the handmade chips and salsa.

Review №51

Best Mexican food in the area. Their salsa is the best!

Review №52

Great food!Can't wait to come back.

Review №53

Fantastic. Stopped here randomly on a road trip and it was the best food we've had all weekend. Huge portions of authentic flavor and fresh ingredients.

Review №54

Love the food quick service great drinks!

Review №55

Great service. A nice atmosphere full of happy people. The best taco plate I've ever had! From outta town and stopped in by chance. So glad that I did.

Review №56

My #1 favorite place to eat at. They are so delicious and addictive lol. I love their tacos

Review №57

Very fast service and food was really good they have the biggest burritos I've ever seen

Review №58

I am addicted to there food I love their food everything is fresh and clean the atmosphere is beautiful I just some of the workers just need to work on that attitude on phone order but they get an excellent high five from me

Review №59

Food was good but no lunch menu and little overpriced. Salsa was very Good

Review №60

I think if heaven is real, it would consist of me getting to eat unlimited amounts of their carnitas, tortillas, and homemade chips and salsa.

Review №61

You can get drunk to hide the taste. So that's a good thing.

Review №62

Great food keeps us coming back. Never had a bad meal here and we visit two to three times a month! Reasonably priced and fast friendly service.

Review №63

Good food. Need to not be stingy with the tortilla chips. Kind of ridiculous. New staff wasn't very good.

Review №64

Great food, I read reviews and went and checked it out. I like the flavor, and their chips are great! Thick, not greasy, and very nice spicy salsa. Yum, I want to get some right now just thinking about it. If you are in the area, you should definitely check it out.Don't let the area fool you, it looks a little sketchy.

Review №65

Excellent carne asada, handmade tortillas and good prices.

Review №66

It's hard to find a placelace where you can get a good schim coqtel, I like it

Review №67

Worst place in the world. 5 pm; 4-8-19My wife walked to Nina's and got me the worst burrito I've had in my life.Shame on you Nina's and she tipped well. Yuk! I can't even eat it.

Review №68

I enjoy dinner at Nina's every 2 weeks. Always delicious. Very friendly staff.

Review №69

My favorite place in Battle Creek to eat! Excellent food and staff. 5 Stars all the way. #10 is my favorite!

Review №70

Authentic locally run, outstanding Mexican food. Beef tongue is especially tasty.

Review №71

Good food but the service could be better

Review №72

I love mexican food and the last 3-4 times I have gone here I have not been impressed.

Review №73

Great food n staff

Review №74

Delicious every time. We have enjoyed their food for 20 years! We have literally tried everything on the menu and are always happy with their food and service

Review №75

This dinner was a disaster! We started off by ordering margaritas on the rocks, and (despite all scientific laws) they came out disturbingly warm. The tequila was poor quality , and the salsa was mostly just raw onions. So we ordered guacamole, that was also mostly just raw onions, then we split a veggie plate, that was also just covered in raw onions.The food was honestly some of the worst I've had.I thought the cactus sope was okay, and the rice was decent enough for a two star rating, but everything else was disgusting. Honestly for a $30 dinner and how bad the experience was, I'd never eat there again.Oh, and they only bring you out a few chips with the salsa and charge you a dollar to refill them.....

Review №76

Pathetic. Carry out is impossible: they don't answer phone, it is busy, or they answer and leave you on hold for 10 minutes. If you say something about poor service they smirk and say, "I'm not saying anything." So much for customer service. Leaving me on hold (setting the phone down) has happened the last four times I have attempted to order. The last 3 times I hung up and went elsewhere. Tonight I decided to give them a FOURTH opportunity. Same issues (actually worse, the staff were snotty- and they weren't even busy). I WILL not be back. (Service is "fast" once you order because everything goes in a microwave.) I'm surprised they are still in business. Battle Creek needs some GOOD restaurants!

Review №77

Not what I expected. The interior is adorable....but the food was ok.

Review №78

Our waiter was hard to understand but the food was amazing and the atmosphere made you feel like you were in Mexico definitely one I would love to go back to

Review №79

Good food good people

Review №80

Amazing restaurant, food and desserts are the best , and the staff are so friendly , I came from Atlanta and there no other restaurant like this

Review №81

Great food, high prices, less than average service. Beware of addons

Review №82

Decent Mexican fare, semi full bar, good selection of Mexican brews. Food is above average for the standard Mexican fare.

Review №83

My go to place for local food. They have the best salsa of any restaurant I've been to. The wet burrito with fajita chicken is my go to dish.

Review №84

Best home made tortilla chips in town.

Review №85

Always an awesome staff and awesome food!

Review №86

Quick and convenient. Great lunch menu.

Review №87

Loved it here. Decent little Mexican joint.

Review №88

Great food! I got the super burrito and it was bigger than Los Tres Amigos for a cheaper price!

Review №89

Food was very good as was the serice.

Review №90

Sat for 15 minutes waiting to order. The waitress didn't seem to have any patience for anything. Poor was poor. Only thing I liked was the colorful decorations

Review №91

Very good Mexican food. Not taco bell bs. Real authentic Mexican food! Love it!!!

Review №92

Great food. Good service and nice people.

Review №93

If you are looking for some authentic Mexican, this is where it's at. Fast service and the food is amazing. Fried ice cream is a great way to end your meal!

Review №94

Very good prepared Mexican food,,, Absolutely Delicious...

Review №95

Food is always good and staff friendly

Review №96

Love the food, service is stellar. Price point could be a little more reasonable. Could also extend the $1 taco monday to the lunch crowd as well. Just a suggestion

Review №97

Great authentic mexican food and great staff! Look no further! I felt right at home.

Review №98

Large servings and affordable best Mexican food in town.

Review №99

Delicious food,excelent service..

Review №100

Good food, nice staff..

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  • Address:248 Capital Ave SW, Battle Creek, MI 49037, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 269-969-9448
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Latin American restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–9PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9PM
  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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