Red Lobster
2565 Capitol Ave. S.W, Battle Creek, MI 49015, United States
Review №1

Our server was amazing. When my steak arrived tough, our server made it right by having it redone. The lobster was done perfectly, as well as the scallops. Our young daughter didn't think much of the salmon, but hubby thought it was delicious. It was a very nice dinner in a quiet and clean restaurant. We enjoyed it very much.

Review №2

Despite the Corona epidemic the service here was great. Kind of hard to understand what people are saying under mask but at least the server here went above and beyond our expectations. Food was really good the biscuits are always the best. I did notice the prices have definitely gone up since the last time I have been here and did not care for the fact there were no specials going on, must then just bed timing. Over all excellent experience, suggest everyone go here.

Review №3

Seated quickly. Food was good but slow to come out. Slow on refills, slow on desert. Liked the fried whitefish (flounder), it is thin and has crispy ends, not too much breading, the tartar sauce is sweet and the lump crab cake was true to its' name with big lumps of whole crab meat. I usually have red hot with my crab cakes.. the sauce on the side gives it that extra little kick.They had tables spaced and our meal felt very private and was comfortable as far as social distancing.Restrooms are by the entrance and had an awkward time exiting with people waiting to be seated standing in the hallway.

Review №4

Food was amazing. Had the Nashville hot shrimp. Cooked and seasoned perfectly. Biscuits were of course good. That's a given. But also the service was really great. Had a wonderfully kind and polite waitress took really good care of us. Actually ended up forgetting my phone in the booth. Returned an hour later, they had found it. Kept it. And returned it. Very greatful. Will definitely return.

Review №5

I'm glad Battle Creek can still support this place! We've been regulars for 20+ years, but today was outstanding! The way they helped my daughter celebrate her birthday was stellar! Great service, fantastic food, A+ every time we go!!

Review №6

We were in the city for a special event and decided to go out for dinner. There were seven people in our party. Other restaurants gave us 90 minute wait times. They were able to seat us right away. Our waiter was efficient. friendly and knowledgeable. The food was delicious.

Review №7

Ordered curbside pickup got my food in the time they said was cooked just right very good.

Review №8

The food was wonderful even the crab price went up. I couldn't have asked for a better server. My mom cut finger on the crab shell and they povied us with a band-aid. Great service all in all.

Review №9

I enjoyed not having to cook that night. The service was great, however the prices were extremely high for the portion of food that you receive. I would rather stay home and cook.

Review №10

Wins- warm biscuits! That is the real reason anyone goes, right? They are taking the social distancing seriously. So yes we had the max size allowed at 1 table but...Negatives- tried the new Dew Rita, but tasted like the soda gun was out of syrup, taste and color was wrong. I love seafood but these were even sub-par for RL, chewy scampi, limited menu but the feasts were still there. Just a disappointment in food and service for a place we usually go for celebrations.

Review №11

Excellent service!! The food was great as well. I don't recall the name of our server (sorry, was on a date) tall guy, bald, really nice. Will certainly go there again.

Review №12

The food was delicious and came out in a timely manner. Honorable mention to the new crispy brussel sprouts and our waitress Margot for suggesting them!

Review №13

I must say, very impressed! The service was outstanding and the food was on point! Maybe due to the lower capacity more time is taken on product and customer service. If I could have stuffed more in my face, I wouldn't have left. Thank you Red Lobster! Best birthday dinner in some years for me.

Review №14

Server Jamison, Had great customer service skills. He is a people person. The cook was very low with our cooking our food. We were disappointed. Jamison was consistent with biscuits salad and drinks. Accommodations was very professional. Thank you!

Review №15

Great experience the waitress was super cute and refilled our glasses the whole time she was really sweet a great place to eat

Review №16

Wonderful waitress Jackie helped us out was very cooperative food was excellent I do want to see the number

Review №17

Horrible food. Salmon and green beans were cold, biscuits were doughy in the middle. Drinks were too sweet. Too much salad dressing. It was a horrible experience. I'll never go back.

Review №18

Delicious, and we had a brand new waiter. He was awesome. He made sure we had everything we needed.

Review №19

Need more roomBuilt a bigger buildingP.S. needs new management

Review №20

Great food but this location has an amazing friendly Team:)!

Review №21

Thought today would be a good day for one of my favorite meals & I was sadly mistaken... (mind you I order the same thing all the time) my food was old.Not same day old!!! I mean left overs old old and reheated. And the biscuits was burned and cold as well. My mashed potatoes taste even older than the shrimp linguine ( which was watery and Utterly disgusting) my feelings could not have been more hurt... a waste of money. My husband and I made a second stop for dinner and settled for a fried chicken spot.. I do understand that they are operating on limited time and menu. But it was a complete waste of drive and money! Sincerely a take out customer that will not make another trip to this particular location

Review №22

Did curbside and they we right on time. I was even a little early. Food was great. Only issue was one of the entrees popped open and leaked in the bag.

Review №23

Our 36th anniversary. Hubby said he's never gad a bad meal there. Thats good enough for me.

Review №24

Great service and highly well taught cooks because the food never disappoints.

Review №25

Good place, clean and friendly considering the COVID!

Review №26

Teresa C. Was a great waitress! Food was good!

Review №27

Love this place. Top drawer Seafood. Miss the stuffed founder though

Review №28

This was my first time and it was super fun

Review №29

The atmosphere was great like always, the food was amazing, and my waiter was on the ball. 6 outa 5!

Review №30

Great prompt service. Food was fast and delicious.

Review №31

Decided to leave town and have a change of scenery. Our server was the absolute most fantastic server I think I have had a long time. Heidi was extremely friendly very attentive and so fun. This dining experience is definitely on my top 5. Thank you Heidi we appreciated you

Review №32

The three of us came there last evening, Jamie was our waiter, he is excellent! I hope every time we come there he waits on us ! Very friendly, and everything was great ...from the service to the food . 3 happy customers! Thanks Jamie .

Review №33

Limited menu due to Covid 19.. service was good

Review №34

Great food and great staff

Review №35

Great customer service, restaurant was clean and the food was great

Review №36

Did takeout from Red Lobster, spent $80.00 and the biscuits tasted like they were old and not fresh at all. I had the shrimp linguine, but only received the shrimp and not the linguine. Very dissatisfied.

Review №37

Great waitress, good food, just expensive.

Review №38

Very attentive waiters, fast service, probably mostly due to low crowd during Covid, but still great service.

Review №39

Good food but exspensive

Review №40

Great all around experience this evening @ Red Lobster (Battle Creek, MI). Enjoyed the Sirloin Steak + Wood Grilled Shrimp combo. Excellent service from Jessica W... Highly recommended!

Review №41

Service was good, food was good, not great. Since restaurant reopened food just seemed to be very bland... Lacking flavor. Very expensive!!!

Review №42

Good food. Good service

Review №43

Super quick and Steve was a great server!

Review №44

Place was awesome. Food was served fast and fresh. Waitress was mostly awesome. Took out orders served us drinks. Food came out by another person. Annoyed by this, as who's the tip really for. Another family at another table. Made made it an issue about how all there orders had a problem. They were loud about it. The manager at the time, tried to accommodate them. Seems like all they wanted was free food. Manager jumped though hoops basically to make them fell welcome. She repeatedly said that she personally over saw there order. And it was brought out as requested. I mentioned loud about it. It was date night for my wife and I. So I wont knock down the review for that. Doesn't make for a pleasant evening though. Drove way out of our way for a seafood dinner. About 150 miles. The manager really tied, stating multiple time she doesnt see a problem with things. I feel she was right. As only one person from the start said something was cold. When the manger wasn't around we could hear them basically conspiring about how nothing was right. The manager handled as best she could. Offered them a discount on there meal. As well as a gift card for the next meal. And they said it wasn't enough when she walked away. It was more than enough, If their problems were true. We had a great experience here. Order my steak medium rare. Came out closer to well done. But, let's be real. I'm not a seafood person at all. And this is a seafood restaurant. So if my steak isn't perfect. I completely understand. Not sure if the waiter heard me wrong, or the kitchen didn't understand.It was still a great steak. So I recommend this restaurant.

Review №45

Excellent food. Well served.

Review №46

We went out for dinner after a beautiful service and luminary celebration at Floral Lawn Memorial Gardens. Our mother passed away in March this year and Red lobster was always her favorite! Our waiter was awesome and the food was great as well. We will definitely be back

Review №47

During this pandemic they have a limited menu and that's fine but the issue is I just ordered the cajun chicken that normally comes with salad they are not doing salads and will not substitute for a different side but still charge the same price. So your paying the same price for less how sad.

Review №48

This was the first time since March that we have eaten out. I ordered what I always order. The broccoli was yellow, the crab legs were old and the lobster was rubbery. Our waitress wore her mask on her chin and 'Bev' was just plain cold and rude. It was a total waste of $65. I hate to say it, but we will never go back.

Review №49

Red Lobster never disappoints. My husband and I had the new shrimp raagoon appetizer and we split the ultimate feast. It was so very good. Waited on hot fresh biscuit...worth the wait. Great service.

Review №50

Got curbside to go last night was very impressed food was hot and very tasty prices were very reasonable will definitely be back.

Review №51

Unfortunately the original salad ordered was not the initial one received. Grilled chicken arrived when the order was grilled shrimp. The waitress fixed the order or so we thought. What happened was the chicken was just taken off the original salad and replaced by shrimp. One piece of chicken was forgotten. Leaving us wondering if the was done with bare hands. The whole salad should have been redone!

Review №52

A great server and really good food. Celebrated my sister in law's birthday and everyone had a great time to boot. We will be be back soon.

Review №53

Great service. Collin was our bar waiter. Great guy. Very helpful and friendly. Wonderful food. Love Happy hour.

Review №54

Best place for seafood and steak

Review №55

Nice place for a quiet meal. Shrimp and stuffed mushrooms are always amazing. Our waiter is always on top of it. ( Burke)

Review №56

Waiting staff was awesome and the food was perfect. Salads were cold and crisp. Entrees were piping hot...

Review №57

Red Lobster is Red Lobster. Although their prices have went up, the quality of their food remains the same. The service was good and it met the expectations of its brand. I had one of the platters and a pasta side. Again the price is a bit too high for the quality and quantity of food you get.

Review №58

Good food...amazing service!

Review №59

Great steak, great lobster, great customer service and perfect long islands.

Review №60

Our server was amazing! Wish I could remember her name!

Review №61

Friendly staff. Great food.

Review №62

Good service great food

Review №63

The Shrimp Fest was excellent..We had really good shrimp...salad..sides.Service was wonderful.Will go back again before we leave Battle Creek...Yummy.

Review №64

Absolutely the best if you love seafood all you can eat shrimp their crab legs are great, the butter for dipping the crab legs is great and it's really not too hard on the wallet. Red lobster synonymous with great seafood.

Review №65

Not our best experience st this location, from the moment we walked through the door & were greeted by the rude hostess. Our 15 minute wait turned into a 35 minute wait. When our name was called for a table, the hostess was answering a coworkers question & was clearly annoyed by it and snapped at is to "come on!" The table we sat at was near the window & we were very cold! Our server was "ok". Our dinner took 40 minutes & when the food arrived, it was very apparent it had sat under a heat lamp. The seafood linguine was crusty and dry. The manager was very kind & comped the entire meal

Review №66

Great food and greater service!

Review №67

What can I say?Well it's a Red Lobster. The food was okay. The cost was high. The atmosphere was dark.Service was solid. The menu's were updated so they do have a few different dishes.Overall - it was okay. Nothing to jump up and down about.

Review №68

Had a wonderful time and amazing food! Took us 2 hours to get our food but our server Mindy was FANTASTIC and took very good care of us.

Review №69

Our service was fantastic and food was delicious! Thank you!

Review №70

Food was perfect and our waitress was very personable.

Review №71

Menu has really shurnk. :(

Review №72

A good place to go for sea food with the family.

Review №73

Food was good bathroom not! I couldn't believe it so I didn't use it but took photos!

Review №74

Food was excellent and service superb.

Review №75

My family and I tried going to Red Lobster on 1/5/20. It was about 30 minutes after they opened there were maybe 4 tables of people in there already. As soon as we walked in the hostess was missing. There was no bartender either I walked into the lobby to try and show someone that I was there I only found 1 waitress who was at a table so I didn't disturb her. I went back by the front door hoping someone saw that we were there. Another couple behind us walked in at this time it's been 10 minutes. They also proceeded to go to the lobby to see if someone was going to seat us. Still no one came out. I had 3 kids with me so I wasn't going to wait much longer. I went out to the lobby yet again(after the other couple left) no manager no one was even out there. 10 more minutes have gone by and we decided to leave. So when I told my kids it was time to go the hostess finally decided to show her face and ask if she can help us I said ok thanks we've been here waiting for 20 minutes and no one wanted to help us she rolled her eyes and rudely laughed like I just made that up and told us okay bye. So we left. Needless to say we won't ever be going back!!!! Very unprofessional!!

Review №76

Best waitress out there is Mindy. Always get excellent service and the food rocks

Review №77

Food ok! Service a bit slow but very kind. Prices almost on point. Menu and table tent specials contradictory.

Review №78

Best place in town for lobster! The staff is wonderful too!

Review №79

Not a big fan of seafood but the many other selections were great. Service was good.

Review №80

Did a great job, Even thought the restaurant was closed due to the virus.

Review №81

It was great service and food was on time and well prepared.

Review №82

It was always.

Review №83

Wonderful service and food. We pulled off the highway to avoid a back up and had a great meal with yummy leftovers.

Review №84

The food was so so good thank you shrimp linguine

Review №85

Food was good but the lobster bake is not worth 40 dollars

Review №86

Excellant food

Review №87

Food was great. Service was great

Review №88

Pleasant new Pina colada awesome to bad only til March 1

Review №89

The food was amazing and our waitress was even better! Best waitress I have ever had!

Review №90

It was amazing my seven-year-old said it was delicious

Review №91

Service was amazing as usual. Food was perfectly done.

Review №92

I had the pleasure of visiting Red Lobster while on a business trip. The staff was friendly. The server was helpful and knowledgeable in aiding me on my food and drink selection. My food was so freaking good. The stuffed mushrooms and coconut shrimp was delicious. I had to thank the talented chef Ron Brown on making my meal fantastic.

Review №93

Superb service. Great food. Clean bathrooms. Pay at table readers with games for the kids.

Review №94

Long wait but our food and service were worth it.

Review №95

Service was a little off today but the food was still good.

Review №96

Food is pretty good. The person at the front desk was not really friendly. My son's order was not complete when it was brought to the table. After we asked, they had to make the missed part of his order. It seemed a little strange to me.

Review №97

Red lobster food and drinks always great

Review №98

Red Lobster always makes the day complete! Great food and service with cleanliness and polite, professional servers. Family or date night; we're never disappointed.

Review №99

Went for my Birthday today. The food was awsome!!! Our server (Heidi) was the best! It was very busy, yet she kept giving great attention with smiles to all of us. She, made my special day AWSOME!!

Review №100

It's Red Lobster for goodness sake! Just get there early. Very popular after 5:00pm.

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  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
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  • Groups:Yes
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