Ritzee Hamburgers
1463 Michigan Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49037, United States
Review №1

One of my all time favorite Breakfast places! Best place around and very reasonable prices! Always get fresh hot food.

Review №2

I NEVER go to Battle Creek when I'm not working, but yesterday, I wandered around a bit on my lunch break and drove past this place. The huge, retro-style sign got my attention . I thought about going today, which I did. I was pleased to see there's a drive through too! Service was quick. My order was already up when I paid. I got two Olive Burgers, because I was hungry.Wow, those burgers were great! Blows away a typical fast food burger! Hardly greasy, perfectly seasoned, and a decently thick patty for what you pay. Yum! I will return.

Review №3

My first time going here, and on the menu it showed a fish sandwich meal. I love fish so I decided to order one, and it also came with crinkle cut fries. The fries were really good, but the fish sandwich was lousy, there was just as much breading as there was fish and it had been cooked way to long so it was tough to eat. If I go back I'll never order the fish sandwich again!

Review №4

Wow, I just googled Ritzee Hamburgers in Battle Creek, MI. I have not been there since 1974, but I plan to return now that I know they are open for business. Ritzee Hamburgers and french fries were soooo much better than McD's in the day, which means they are still much better today. Glad to see they are open and yes, I am planning a trip to the Gilmore Car Museum just outside Kalmazoo, MI, will stop by the Ritzee for sure.

Review №5

This place is full of nostalgia. I'm not sure how the service was back in the day but it's not that great now. We ordered an olive burger well done. Comments came from back in the kitchen, "All our meat is well done". I surely did not need to hear a smart comment. Best thing to say nothing and just give us our burger well done. We ordered two root beers. The girl was going over the order and said, "one mountain dew". My wife said no that was a root beer and the girl said smartly, "yeah I got that". So we didn't like the service and the food was second rate at best. Except for the fries, they were great! We won't be back. They should try fresh hamburgers and all beef hot dogs for starters and have the kitchen staff and counter staff get some manners. This was our first time and last time. By looking at the rest of the reviews I can see we must have gone when the prisoners took over. It's a shame because we love olive burgers and chili dogs but they were the worst. Nothing juicy about that burger. Sat around for awhile I expect.

Review №6

Wow these folks are are doin' it right! You know how all the lunch places move so slow since COVID - not these guys! They are fast! Great value! Thank you.

Review №7

Ritter is always a great place to eat. Burgers are great, fries are near perfect, and the service is always good...Highly recommend!

Review №8

Love ritzee's been going here sis I was a kid. A favorite amongst my kids. Good hometown food and affordable as well.

Review №9

Nest place to get burgers and hot pepper cheese balls! Better than mcdonalds or burger king

Review №10

Have started going here again recently. Forgot how good the food is and fair prices. Love the fries and honey mustard sauce

Review №11

Their fish sandwich was very good. love the all in one breakfast sandwich with cheese!

Review №12

Best fries in town. Great service and food

Review №13

This place has great food and employees.I keep going back for their Fries. OMG..

Review №14

Imo. this is the best fast food restaurant. Fast friendly service with great food at a reasonable price,

Review №15

Staff are so very polite and the burgers are the best.

Review №16

Good Value, awesome service, great food

Review №17

So good! A must have when in the area

Review №18

I am a loyal Ritzee customer. Tonight i stopped by. To grab some food. Sat 3 minutes! waiting for someone to answer the drive-thru. When the girl answed laughing so hysterically. you would have thought she was high. Most likely was. Her coworkers in the back you could hear through the microphone laughing as hard as she was. She couldn't understand me no more than I could understand her. When she said laughing hysterically if i wanted ranch. I lost my cool. So i did what i have never done. canceled a order and drove away. like I did tonight. Closeing crew on oct 3 should be fired.

Review №19

Olive burger, cheeseburger w fries, hot pepper cheese cubes and chili cheese fries. All amazing and for under $20.

Review №20

Love that there burgers have a home made taste to them in sted of frozen perpresed feel and taste

Review №21

Great breakfast, both in taste and in price. Thank you

Review №22

Drive thru only. Closed on Sunday. Awesome burgers and fries!

Review №23

The fries are the best in the city! The burgers and chili dogs are delicious and great prices. Still a great family run business!

Review №24

Great staff great food

Review №25

Good food. Good prices. Great staff. It was a part of my teen years & the food is just as good, if not better, than it used to be! I miss the one that used to be closer to my house. The one that used to be in Verona Area on NE Capital Ave.

Review №26

Had their ham and cheese and crispy fries perfect

Review №27

Love their olive burger and love their fries!!!! Always hot, fresh and love the amount of fries you always get!! Staff is always friendly and polite!

Review №28

Great place to go for cheap burgers, cheese fries and more.

Review №29

Used the drive-thru. The wait was short and the food was hot and tasty.

Review №30

Little slow but the food is made fresh and is very worth the wait, I would highly recommend this to all my friends.

Review №31

Very good burger joint the food is always cooked to order, hot and reasonably priced the staff was wonderful just nice customer service

Review №32

Love this place! Great burgers

Review №33

As a cook of 23 years, I have one thing to say. Best fast food, period. I wanna work there! (:

Review №34

Overall good food fairly fast but the chicken tenders are amazing

Review №35

Quick and affordable. The food is delish!

Review №36

Hot food. Great and fast service!

Review №37

Still drive thru only.. but yummy as ever !

Review №38

Excellent burgers and very fast service!!

Review №39

Good food, not bad on prices

Review №40

I love the peach drink and olive burgers great service good price

Review №41

Great tasting (and hot) food! Like the Friday fish special also. The French fries are good too. Close to home makes it very convenient.

Review №42

Very cool place. The wait staff is extremely friendly and polite. The all-you-can-eat Alaskan pollock fish dinner was great. And it is all you can eat without a catch. Very fast service also. Great place check it out

Review №43

Drive thru was packed we were at the rd...still faster than most drive thru spots with a couple cars and way better food cuz they guts r great!!

Review №44

Food was good but there was someone asking everyone how they were doing while we were there and how was the food but us. Walked by me and my friend didn't bother. So that's why I gave them one star because that is just rude

Review №45

Their burgers and fries and shakes are unsurpassed by any other fast food type establishment within 25 miles. If you're dining in, they'll bring your order to your table or booth when it's ready so you can enjoy friends and family time. You can also tell the lemonade has real lemons in it. Where other places take shortcuts and offer sub par items. Ritzee takes their time to get each order correct and ensure that the quality of the meal you may have had there years ago still exists today. I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys great tasting comfort food without all the commercialized gimmicks.

Review №46

Good local and fair priced

Review №47

Food is good don't really have much more to say

Review №48

Always a great place to eat

Review №49

Service was fast and food was good

Review №50

Fast friendly service with friendly people working. Ritzee will always be a favorite.

Review №51

Olive cheeseburger and fries are the best!

Review №52

Been going for like 43 years now. Love chili dogs. Fries.. Super chick.. Mushrooms.. Burgers. Ice... Just good place to go to remind me of my childhood.

Review №53

Always good food! Friendly staff. Efficient.

Review №54

Really slow. Not that good for the price.

Review №55

Hated it!Service horrible.Food horrible.Rude.Highly suggest you DON'T patron this establishment.Such a disappointment.Bathroom was dirty and all around not the cleanest place.Ordered Olive burger literally could not eat it, started to but it was gross.Very disappointed!

Review №56

Love their food and always very friendly.

Review №57

Best burgers fries in BC!

Review №58

Great food, super slow service thru the drive thru only right now

Review №59

Good food good service all around good experience

Review №60

Great food for your money

Review №61

Really good, best fries ever

Review №62

Slow service but good food

Review №63

Great food for good price. Good service. Order and take your drink to table. They bring your food to you. Awesome place!

Review №64

Pretty effing tasty.

Review №65

We came in after church today with about 13 people. We could've easily confused the gal at the counter but the staff got our entire order correct and it came out fast and delicious! They repeatedly checked on us and were very courteous. Great job Ritzee employees!

Review №66

My FAVORITE fast food place EVER!!!! great atmosphere..... great service....deco is the same as when I was a kid.....LOVE IT!!! shared a sit down meal with my 9 year old today..... she fell in loveHope you stay for always!!!!

Review №67

Absolutely the best hamburger joint in the battle creek area. Everyone must visit and enjoy the wonderful food there and dont forget to say hi to grandma ritzee

Review №68

The service was quick, and friendly. The food was delicious. The restaurant was clean. The only issue I had was with the restrooms. The smell of urine eminating from the mens room was unlike anything i have EVER smelled (besides at work in a nursing home!). The door on the bathroom side of the building would open and the entire dining area would smell like a urinal cake. Enzymatic cleaners for around the recepticals. This is salvageable!

Review №69

Very good but we never got chili

Review №70

Burgers are great! French fries are my favorite!!

Review №71

Good inexpensive and local! Burgers are tasty and chili dogs are on point.

Review №72

Had an Olive Burger. Best I've had in a long time

Review №73

I've always liked going to Ritzee's for burgers. Keep up the good work.

Review №74

A decent place for breakfast. Not super fancy, but good value.

Review №75

It is a great place to go because they give you a lot of food

Review №76

Burger patty's or twice a size of a regular fast food places like McDonald's or Burger King. It is to bad there's only one in Battle Creek that I know of or in Michigan or any other state.

Review №77

Great place. Good food. Been going there for years. The owners are great. Great job guys. Love the place.

Review №78

Good food for a fair price, but could use an update inside...

Review №79

Pro's: Good atmosphere. Clean restaurant. Friendly staff.Con's: This might just be a personal preference, but I like my cheese melted on the burger and they have never done that the few times I have been in there. Also a little pricey in my opinion.

Review №80

Best All-In-One Sandwhich

Review №81

I love coming here, please never change. Some of the crew are rude and could care less if ur unhappy or not. The food is what keeps me coming. The olive burgers are and my daughter (picky eater) will eat almost everything made there.

Review №82

Always fantastic

Review №83

Great food for years

Review №84

Good coffee, good food, friendly staff

Review №85

Very good food. I recommend it

Review №86

I go for the ice mostly. $.98 a bag. Love it.

Review №87

Friendly stuff good food and you get plenty of food for the price

Review №88

Old school burger joint, great prices old school dive feeling in a good way, good old fashioned fried burger, drive thru slow be every order is hand cooked so it's worth the wait. Only drawback doesn't stay open as long as the chain joints, but I understand with it being locally owned

Review №89

The burgers and fries were great. I'm glad we were on that side of town so we could finally try it. Definitely worth the wait!

Review №90

Friendly staff, fast service, great prices

Review №91

People are respectful friendly ... Plus food always fresh

Review №92

Wonderful place to eat friendly employees and good fresh to order food

Review №93

I make special trips from north west arkansas just for these chili cheese fries.... shhh dont tell my mother in law, she thinks we're coming to see her lol.

Review №94

Just as good as 30 years ago. Reasonable prices and great tasting food.

Review №95

Good atmosphere, but the food was just ok. My friend told me they make the best strawberry milkshakes. Next time, I plan to try one.

Review №96

Wonderful place, like traveling back in time.

Review №97

Love this place been going there since I was a kid. My family of four can eat dinner there for around $25.

Review №98

If you get breakfast get an all-in-one ham and bacon with hot pepper cheese, but if you get lunch for dinner get the olive burger with bacon and hot pepper cheese

Review №99

Nice old school burger joint

Review №100

This is the best place i have ever ate at since i can remember! My mama said my first time there i was 2yrs old! And im now 36 and still go there one of the best burgers and fries ever!

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  • Address:1463 Michigan Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49037, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 269-964-4701
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • American restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–8PM
  • Thursday:7AM–8PM
  • Friday:7AM–8PM
  • Saturday:7AM–8PM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Takeout:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Historic:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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