FireKeepers Casino Hotel
11177 E Michigan Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49014, United States
Review №1

I am not a high roller and do not frequently go to casinos but I have been to this casino about 6 times. We have family who live nearby and have gone here several times for dinner.First off, I miss the buffet - we've eaten there a couple of times and it's always very clean and fresh. I'll be glad when they are able to reopen.We've also eaten at smoke ‘N Fire. Breakfasts there are awesome. We've eaten dinner there once and it was excellent.We've stayed at the hotel a few times and the rooms are very clean and nice. It feels very upscale.I've only played the slots here and I don't have gobs of money to throw in these machines but I'm able to play for hours on some of the Penny slots. The machines give lots of free plays that allows me to play longer and they frequently make announcements on winners. It keeps you energized! There is a good vibe in this casino and I'm always happy when we make a visit.The staff is VERY friendly. The security guards welcome you with a smile and are very helpful if you have any questions.One time I was walking in with a water bottle I brought with me. The security guard couldn't have been nicer to me, explaining that there is not outside beverages allowed.Hoping to visit again at the end of December when we meet up with family again!

Review №2

Loved the atmosphere, you probably won't win much here. The crazy money machines are the best.

Review №3

FireKeepers is a fantastic hotel and casino. The hotel is top notch with beautiful rooms with all the amenities. Large room, spacious bathroom, fridge, coffee maker, safe and comfortable mattress! Casino is just steps from the hotel elevator and offers all the best slot machines, lots of table games, keno and a sports book. Great bars with a large number of delicious craft beers, great cocktails and friendly staff. Nice choice of restaurants with some spectacular offerings on the menu. Dacey's is definitely one not to miss. Very clean and constantly seeing employees cleaning, wiping and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces. Poker room is currently closed. Thanks again to all the employees who provided us with another great stay! See you soon.

Review №4

Employees are very rude about the mask situation. I was taking a sip from my coffee, and some lady aggressively yells at me to put my mask. I tell her I'm taking a sip from my coffee. She tells my to take a sip, put my mask on, then take another sip. I CANNOT TAKE TWO GULPS BACK TO BACK WITHOUT PUTTING MY MASK BACK ON!!!!That's very outrageous, we're all touching the same chips. You're here screaming at me with a power trip! Shut the whole place down if you're that worried. WE ALL TOUCH THE SAME CHIPS!

Review №5

Couldn't find decent hotel parking because of construction.Planned on using the fitness center in the AM only to learn that it's closed; MGM Detroit indicates this type of closure on their website. At no point during booking, was it EVER mentioned that the pool/gym was closed. Had we known that, we wouldn't have booked.The table games offered are minimal. There are a few $10 minimum tables but for the most part, you'll play $25 minimum.As other reviewers mentioned, security is rude. I imagine reminding adults over and over to wear a mask or wear it properly gets old rather quickly, but security just seemed like they were instigating arguments between patrons. Incredibly aggressive and rude.Overall, I don't recommend this hotel. Zero amenities outside of basic expectations. Way overpriced for what is available. First and last time we'll stay here.As for the casino- there are better casinos operating during covid-19. I don't recommend this particular casino as one that's really nailing the "operating during covid" thing. Go elsewhere.

Review №6

Just wanna give my Daughter Ms.Mesha a shout for showing me so much love. You are one of the most beautiful woman in the world. Firekeepers was all that.Thanks for the over the top Stay...,,

Review №7

Had a blast playing table games with friends. Even wearing a mask wasn't as bad as usual. Good drinks and friendly staff

Review №8

This place is amazing and good for all ages to find something they love at this particular casino &; resort.I recommend this place to everyone! I even worked here so I personally know how extremely clean and sanitary thee employees make the entire place. It is sanitized at least 18 times in one day. I left on good terms I was just focusing on my finishing the last little bit of college I had left to complete in order to receive my bachelors degree. TMI this EPIC PLACE WILL LEAVE YOU FEELING ON TOP of THE WORLD

Review №9

Absolutely love the casino. Love the blackjack tables even if you have to wait around for a bit. Would be nice to have a few more. Foods decent so far but pretty much what you can expect at any large facility.

Review №10

Had a great experience at Firekeepers Casino Hotel! Staff was helpful and courteous. Food was good, table games were a little crowded, but I was still able to play all the games I wanted and didn't have to wait long. The hotel room was beautiful and clean. I had all the amenities I needed in the room. I will be returning!

Review №11

Very clean casino with attention to covid precautions and cleanliness. Saw quite a few slot machine wins during my visit.

Review №12

Still not paying out, usually my husband is winning or me, but since covid...nothing, just donatingthe place is very clean, covid respects and all. I don't understand the handle for the bathrooms, why have a door with a handle that you need to turn in order to go in out out for a bathroom of 30 plus stals? All the hand washing goes out the door once you turn the door handle to come out, something to work on I suppose

Review №13

Didn't come to gamble just came for a overnight say to relax but went to 247 Cafe food was delicious and for the amount of they give the prices are great Deborah was very helpful in taking our orders and making sure that we was all set... keep up the great job

Review №14

Parking for the hotel is terrible due to ongoing construction.Fitness center and pool are closed; I'm not sure why they're charging full-price when half of their amenities aren't available.Everything about this place is lackluster. If you're looking for an easy location to stay while you visit the casino (also don't recommended based on the limited table games/promotions), then just stay at Quality Inn right down the road. They provide a free shuttle service back and forth from the casino AND a free breakfast.I wish we had just stayed there instead of staying at FireKeepers. This is such an overrated and underwhelming hotel/casino.I do not recommend and will not stay here again.

Review №15

Fun place to drink with friends. No chance in hell of winning. Nice buffet.

Review №16

I enjoyed my stay and we are coming back. Very clean . Workers always cleaning. Good thing to see during these times. Food good also.

Review №17

Wonderful experience. Two night stay. People are so helpful and friendly. Room is magnificent. Would recommend to anyone who loves Casinos or just a good eating experience. Absolutely love it.

Review №18

This was our first time here and I was very impressed by the entire hotel and casino staff. From the reservation phone call to checking in, to playing at casino,to eating at Smoke n fire everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. The room was extremely clean. I will definitely be coming back and will be recommending Firekeepers to friends and family. Thank you for all the Covid precautions that you have put in place. The experience as whole was a great one.

Review №19

It's a 100% fact they cheat at every game. They make there own rules. All electronic shoes are rigged

Review №20

Tables high due to covid but still good place to plua

Review №21

Had a wonderful time at Firekeepers. One of the slot machines had stopped working for us and an employee fixed the machine within 5 minutes. He was very nice and helpful. We ate at Smoke N' Fire- the food was delicious and service was great. Originally, we were going to eat at NIBI, however you need a reservation and the hosts were snooty.

Review №22

Fun and always have new games. Slots are not super loose but you can usually pull a few bucks out of them. The BBQ place in there has the best brisket!!

Review №23

The casino as itself is awesome place but if you plan on winning money definitely don't go here. The name FireKeepers actually turned us on and we thought we'd have a great time the fire in this place will only burn a hole in your wallet after I spent 50 bucks didn't even get one chance at a bonus round bonus spin never even won $0.50 back no more gambling for me at this place.

Review №24

I love FireKeepers. I went fairly early in the day. Must wear mask but it's fine. Use the percentage full meter on the website. Under 80% they let people in with no line. It was 25% when i went. Lots of slots no waiting. Drink carts available and you just had to use a straw.

Review №25

I really like this place over other gambling places lots more options... We went to the fire pit and tgey had all you can eat crab for around 35 bucks each.. We will come back just for this again lol

Review №26

I feel as though that everybody that I have dealt with at fire keepers casino has went above and beyond. I feel respected and valued. I recently stayed in one of the rooms on the3rd floor. I felt it was state-of-the-art technology with a large TV which I never did watch. The shower and bathroom were fit for royalty. The bed was comfortable and it very clean and well kept. In all fairness my Room was comped. None the less I earn that privilege. I ate at the 24/7 restaurant. I chose the breakfast I had an omelet which was very tasty and I had the homemade raisin bread which is a must have. I feel so everything at the fire keepers casino is just a little better than everyplace else and they keep working harder to keep that bar of excellence. As of this writing they are constructing a new tower of rooms and will be doing a little bit of switching around which all sounds like it's for the better experience for us the customer. I have talked to a lot of employees and I have not heard any of them tell me that they really do not like to work there . There are really strict rules that they have to follow would some of them are just crazy but they are implemented for a reason.This review is my personal opinion and it is worth what you paid for it.

Review №27

Absolutely had a great time! Everything went well! Including a little winning! Delicious food at the 24/7 Cafe. Much better than we anticipated. We returned the next morning for breakfast and walked away satisfied again! Room was astonishing with a view to match. A lot of storage and extra little amenities! We will certainly return!

Review №28

Probably the best casino in Michigan, in terms of gaming. There is a great selection of slots. There could be more table games, as they fill up on the weekends.

Review №29

The slot capacity on the website is correct but the place is packed. Counting machines not people.The table players are not socially distanced. People walking all over the place. Right on top of you. NOT SAFE. Also if you are coming from east of Jackson you will have to deal with construction. They are always messing with i 94. Plus tons of trucks on the road trying to pass other truckers doing 70. If you pass one, they breaker to another 18 wheeler to pull out in the passing lane.

Review №30

Good business, the pool and spa is amazing if you ever get the hotel room for a weekend do it. Also hit up the 24/7 lounge for a ruben its amazing

Review №31

Loved the rooms, and the bubble-craps. Good: TV, Lenore maid, express-check-in-staff, express check-out using door tag.Bad: Room 3126 had furnace that when under 60° outside, had a worn solenoid that clucks every 7 min! Waking us up..Suggestions:1. Parking Lot Trash cans.2. Room 1127 TV WAY too dark.

Review №32

Was surprised by this place. it's spacious, modern games, friendly and clean. Definitely five stars! No, I didn't win, I lost but had fun doing it.

Review №33

Good casino but right now it's a Petri dish for Corona. Most people who come here have one foot in the grave.

Review №34

Great customer service, the hotel was wonderful. Love there is no smoking, would be great for it to stay that way, hopefully! We had a great time, very clean too.

Review №35

Beautiful area huge game floor. Nice restaurants also. Tight machines. But fun.

Review №36

Fun place, not the best staff. Always felt I could be treated better there.They have been in trouble for running their slots too tight.

Review №37

Only went to the casino and had dinner, but everything was great. The people were nice and the food was great. They went out of their way to make sure we were happy.

Review №38

My wife and I always have fun at Firekeepers Casino. We usually go when we get the free room vouchers (which I must say Firekeepers sends out more than the other casinos in Michigan) I have ate at the restaurants located in the casino and always have a good meal and service. The rooms are clean and are very nice.

Review №39

The dealers art this casino are terrible. This place used to be a place for fun and entertainment but apparently the staff forgot. The dealers are so incompetent that they regularly are unsure of how to pay winners. Better yet they act as police and are in no way considered friendly. All in all I believe gaming to be an experience and this place does not provide a happy upbeat experience, GO TO SOARING EAGLE.

Review №40

Clean room, comfortable bed, mini refrigerator, big tv, spacious bathroom with private toilet area. Very nice.

Review №41

I couldn't believe how beautiful the rooms are. They were clean and comfortable. I also appreciated the security at the elevator in order to get to the rooms. I definitely will stay here again.

Review №42

We had a blast! The second tower is looking spectacular, and we are hoping that it will soon be open. Very happy with the staff, too.

Review №43

Just not a fan of casinos for the drunks of that reason! Other than that it's fun like any other. Haven't gotten a hotel room there so couldn't note anything in that area. Always different areas to catch a bite haven't had any I'll experiences in that area either great food all around!

Review №44

Wifey and I LOVE it here! Great atmosphere and friendly slots!!! Staff make you feel welcomed and comfortable!

Review №45

Nice casino. Really busy on Saturday nights. Only 2 roulette tables open. 1 $25 minimum & 1 $15 minimum. Waited an hour and a half to get on the table. Be nice to see more tables open on a Saturday night.

Review №46

I'm impressed when a restaurant has compostable straws. The landfills can do with less plastic. The food at Dacey's is super, the gift shop always has interesting clothes and gifts. If you enjoy gaming, there are plenty of new machines.

Review №47

We've been to this casino many times. Through the years it appears these slots are set pretty tight. We've been to most of the casinos in michigan, and this one seems to pay less than most. Just my careful observation. As far as food goes, it's declined since covid. Food is prepped Mediocre, but wait staff is super friendly. As far a security goes , my truck was actually broken into a year ago, so be sure to park near the cameras.

Review №48

They treat you like class I had a really awesome time they're both times the first time I won 2500. Couple days later I go back I want 2525 I spoke to the supervisor today about my concerns about the first night when I want just making sure that I was treated properly and the staff was great all the way around so I highly recommend go there they don't call it FireKeepers for nothing when you're hot you're hot!

Review №49

Nice casino and clean. The restaurants were closed along with buffet. Smoke free atmosphere

Review №50

Clean. Follows cdc guidelines. Friendly staff. Good food. Hotel is clean, modern and not pricey.

Review №51

One of the top three best casinos in Michigan. Has ton of gambling area, plus yummy coffee shop, and nice pool room with fresh, clean water.

Review №52

It was awesome...i had never been there...Not much of a gambler but i won 500 in the first hour

Review №53

Discounts should be given if we can't access everything at the moment. Other than that nice place

Review №54

Love FireKeepers. Felt very safe they took temps before entering, masks were mandatory , they had plexiglass between many machines.

Review №55

Awesome VERY COVID friendly! Great security, and atmosphere.

Review №56

It was fun just too crowded for covid so I left. The staff was very nice people & it was fun.

Review №57

Was very impressed with how seriously they were taking COVID. Had great luck. Nice dealers too!

Review №58

Nice clean colorful locationLong walk from parking to casino.Good luck trying to find a handicap parking place especially when it's raining. I may return or maybe not.

Review №59

Great atmosphere and games. The sports book food is to die for!!

Review №60

Had a great time! I did not win but my wife did and we both had a blast! We will be going back.

Review №61

Great fun for everyone even if you lose they provide an entertaining atmosphere

Review №62

Wow, got a free suite, haven't been here in a while, wow, beautiful! Nicest room in a casino i have ever stayed in! We will be back!

Review №63

Always clean&fun place to go. Never have to wait to play. A huge variety of machines&tables.

Review №64

The whole casino was smoke free.. Mask were required.. But it was smoke free.. Much more enjoyable to play as no smoke in your face.

Review №65

Its a Casino whats not to love. They have a huge buffett, great food, clean enviorment, great games, their games are also paying right now

Review №66

Love this place can't afford to go to often nice getaway

Review №67

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. What a shame it's over a 2 hour drive one way.

Review №68

Love the social distance safety. Grest food and good service tonight! Cleaners everywhere wiping machines too

Review №69

First let me say I do not gamble. But I do eat crab legs. All you can eat. Enough said.

Review №70

They're doing a great job of keeping up with guidelines and it's very clean but I really hate the drink stations were taken out and there's no smoking! Gambling and smoking go hand in hand I hope soon things will go back to normal, all machines running and everything back to it used to be please.

Review №71

Didn't stay at the hotel, but the casino itself was nice. Slots don't really pay out (which I expected). Enjoyed roulette and blackjack, but I wish I could've played poker

Review №72

The hotel, and restaurants are always a pleasure, comfortable, and good. And as always, the casino is terrible!

Review №73

Receiving isn't too polite. Probably won't spend a cent here. Treat drivers better!

Review №74

A little busy since it was a gove away night, but we still had a good time

Review №75

I arrived at the casino Monday night and played all night. I was also comped a meal at 24/7 one meal for eat in the other one was to go, they made them bought to go .I was waiting for the eat in meal for a while then asked the waitress if my food was ready she said they were in the bag. The eggs were good the hot beef was not so good 1 for 2. The second day I returned and played a little more but the people not following protocol by not wearing a mask and smoking, the thing that got me was the casino made the rules but it seemed like no one was enforcing the .So I went to my room and rested the room was excellent .I left on the third day at 3pm It wasn't about winning g or losing it was about did I have a good time? The stars will tell

Review №76

VEHICLE WAS BROKEN INTO ITEMS STOLEN!!On October 12, 2020 my vehicle was broke into at the Firekeepers casino parking lot around 3pm. Myself and my partner had personal items stolen cellphone,checkbook,house keys, sunglasses, cologne, clothes etc.The individual was arrested on the property after I called and reported the break in to security.INCLUDING my partner and myself,we are part of 57 PEOPLE affected by this person breaking into our vehicles in less than a weeks time!!Please let that process through your minds and sink in. While we aren't guaranteed our items to be returned to us or anything. I still haven't received or have been contacted in any type way, to be told sorry by MANAGEMENT OR TRIBAL LEADERS FOR FIREKEEPERS AS OF THIS DAY STILL!!! I do want to give a shout out to Sabrina In the Host's Department for helping us out with a room the night of the occurance. I sat in my vehicle for 8 plus hours waiting for update by tribal police on the status of our items. Sabrina helped get us a room to await the update from tribal officers Around 11:30 PM.I sent this email below to my casino host 9 days ago I still am awaiting a response. I am needing some assistance in regards to my property that still hasn't been returned to me or found. I got a few of my stolen items back from the detective but am still missing a cellphone,house keys, and various other items of mine that was not located yet or found. I wanted to reach out for assistance with this inquiry along with inquiring on what to do or if there is a policy in place for thefts of vehicles on the property for items that are lost and not recovered? I've never been told anything from the casino staff at all in regards to this matter and I am a little upset about the fact that the security knew that someone had been breaking into cars here and didn't apprehend the individual sooner! I was apart of 57 people who had items stolen from their vehicles. Mine occured in broad daylight and it baffles me how this wasn't a concern or priority to prevent it sooner. I was told by security that "she had been giving them a headache for almost a week". I was also told that firekeepers security cameras see's everything and are top of the line!?! But yet this was able to happen to an alarming number of patrons? I am sorry to vent to you but frustrated that management hasn't reached out to me in regards to this matter since It occurred on 10-12-2020. Please let me know if you can help me I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you

Review №77

My husband just got home and showed me pictures, he said its a nice place, I can't wait to go!

Review №78

Didn't win but always have a good time

Review №79

4 hours and left $50 down. Not a bad night.Good food too!

Review №80

Stayed the night. Was great!!! The county is currently without power due to the storm yesterday, but the casino is open and fully operational... Many new restrictions in place... Buffet is closed... Self serve beverage stations closed... Parking garage closed but parking is still available.... Valet closed also. Masks required. Temperature check at the entrance. Many machines closed...but still plenty of them open for all gaming styles. Get your Vegas on at Firekeepers!!!

Review №81

Stayed the night with my love Julia Mendieta for my birthday and had a great time. Will be back.

Review №82

Ate at the 24/7 Cafe. Great food as always. Hey, its open during governor Hitler's shutdown!

Review №83

It was really fun, not real busy when we went. Buffet is not open.

Review №84

Well what can you no say good about this place. They are taking the extra steps to keep everyone safe and doing it the right way. Had a great experience thanks to Anthony that works as a manager in one of the bars. He saw us sitting and still waiting for service and brought out waters just to hold us over. Definitely helped he had a conversation with us and made us not even realize we hadn't seen a server in twenty minutes. I know it's busy and there are a ton of precautions being taken so that small gesture meant a lot to me and my friends thanks Anthony and I hope I can win next time!!!!

Review №85

Great when winning...Chi-mon-ee's is a great place to eat and the buffet is ok the other food laces are 8 out of 10

Review №86

Loved everything but we all know the Dam mask ...

Review №87

Best dinner at 24/7 with our son! Thanks Firekeepers staff

Review №88

Staff and security were very friendly. Check in was quick and easy! Facility and parking lot was clean, no smoking in building! Several game tables for social fun while you win. Nearly all 1700 slot machines were accessible. There are onsite restaurants and bars. Battle Creek, MI winning for this gem easily found off the highway!

Review №89

Had a lot of fun with my brother on his birthday. Won some. Laughed a lot.

Review №90

Best Casino in west Michigan in my opinion. The rewards and promotional gifts are way way better than Gun Lake Casino, and comparable to Four Winds and Blue Chip.. Firekeepers has an up beat energy/vibe that sets it apart from all others in Michigan and Indiana. The Nibi restaurant is very very good food and staff.

Review №91

Love the machines, payout, food, and hotel . Beautiful rooms, a little on the pricey side, but we loved our stay !! 24/7 is a great resturant to eat at. Food is very good with giving you large portions, where I end up bringing half of it home.

Review №92

It was fun good place to relax and try to enjoy your self when you are upset in life calm me down

Review №93

Gotta love some gambling and time away, one of my favorite casino a q

Review №94

The casino was cool even tho they got all my mf money. The rooms was awesome but yall could've had a microwave. You know hard it is to eat cold spaghetti. But the dinning experience waa extremely bad and your waitreses are rude and very slow. But ill be back tho.

Review №95

Nice and clean. Must wear mask. Good social distance.

Review №96

It just like it seems to take your money and never let's you win,even 5 dollars or 10!! At least when my husband and I go to Gun Lake we normally win something!! So I guess thats where we will be going next week!! I'm not saying I won't go to firekeepers again they do have alot of different fun slots I'm just saying not for awhile!!

Review №97

Money got stuck in ticket machine. And the lady wanted me to stand their until she fixed the machine. Hade already stood their for 10min. For help Not for 52 cents. I'm trying to go home. I had to ask 3 times . Then she got on the radio, I'm done with this situation .

Review №98

Went to firekeepers last night with my partner we go at least 4-6 times a month because we normally enjoy the variety of machines to play. We ate at the cafe restaurant and we're sat in a dirty table with food all over the floor and there was plenty of other tables open and that's with social distancing enforced. I asked to speak to supervisor afterward and showed her the pictures of the table we sat at and other ones that were available and clean. She said,"oh I'm sorry I don't know why she sat you there i will say something to my staff." I've been going to this establishment for 11 years driving 1 hour 30 minutes each way there and home. I rarely ever complain but I am today! I am very disappointed with the lack of customer service. I should of went to a different casino and lost 20k to them this past month and received way better customer APPRECIATION!

Review №99

Hotel stay was wonderful, clean and welcoming. Food and service at smoke 'n fire and cafe 24/7 was excellent. Casino floor was very clean. Look forward to coming back

Review №100

Man sour nights but tonight was amazing!!! But whether win or loose the staff there is always the best!!

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  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
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  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
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