O.T.S Up-N Smoke BBQ
450 Capital Ave NE, Battle Creek, MI 49017, United States
Review №1

Came from Florida to look for a house for 2 days and both days ate here. First day me and my mother in law ate the catfish and it was not fishy nor muddy taste Cooked perfectly. My father in law ate the pulled pork he stated it was tender and the sauce was great. Next day I ate the tips and they were banging, that sauce I will pay for. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Took a little time to get it but I over looked that 100%z would love to try the burger and chicken next time.

Review №2

I love their rib tips & fries... cornbread to! Delicious!!! Great prices to!! Pulled Pork sandwiches aren't for me usually but when I want one I order theirs!

Review №3

We ended up throwing everything away, nasty. First off the workers are polite and friendly so this rating is about taste and quality.Placed an order for the tips meal for myself and rib for my wife, both were almost completely pure fat. The sauce went all over our meals, the cheap foam containers cause the sauce to leak outside the containers and go inside the plastic bags.OK so we couldn't eat the food because the flavor and amount of fat, we washed off the sauce and tried to give to our dog but she sniffed it and walked away from it. If our dog won't eat it there's something wrong.Maybe their quality has dropped and they're buying cheaper meat? I don't know, but it's the only story I have to tell about any restaurant serving inedible food. Maybe it was

Review №4

Food is always delicious and hotTakes em only a few minutes to get it readyNo waiting fir a half hour when ur starvingOTS IS THE PLACE TO GO

Review №5

Mac & cheese was bland and not a fan of all the fat on ribs otherwise good.

Review №6

Been here twice. Once for food for myself (never again, puny sized sides for a high price...go to Detroit instead). Second time was for doordash. They have signs to wait in the car until the order was close to ready. Went in to inquire about the order. Instead of handing me the order that was ready, the worker started dropping fish in the fryer. So, I asked how long until the order was ready as I was paying attention to the sign on their door. The lad is got nasty and said they didn't appreciate being h rushed and that the order was ready but I had to wait. Then she started going off about how annoying customers are that stand at the counter. I will boycott OT's from this day forward.

Review №7

I think it is the best BBQ in town. Always get chicken strips smothered in barbecue sauce and greens. Yummy

Review №8

Greatest BBQ around.This is a must visit you will love it..

Review №9

I've always had really good food here. My issue is the customer service. My recent experience stunned me. I say this because I've never had an issue with the customer service until now. Apparently the lady working at OTs yesterday thinks she can talk however she wants, in front of whoever she wants. Swearing at your customers shows that you don't care about your job, nor should you be working with the direct public. The lady seemed frustrated, as she was making several orders alone for a while. However this doesn't give her the right to treat customers like this. I will not be returning to this restaurant and will choose other BBQ next time.

Review №10

Great location with amazing customer service and even better food

Review №11

Great Rib-tips and BBQ chicken; love those greens too! Good eats.

Review №12

Good service. Amazing food!

Review №13

Great pulled pork to much sauce though . Very good fries some of the best I ever eaten

Review №14

After placing an order through door dash for the second time in two days, I would like give my complements to the chef. However, my rating was not solely on the taste of the food, it was the bitter taste left after having two conversation with one of the most unprofessional people I've met since moving here a year ago. She was rude from the opening salutation to her closing statement, "I got other people waiting." This after inquiring about missing items from my previous order and requesting catsup to be included with my current order.Good food... Poor customer service.

Review №15

Good BBQ and fries. The one person that works there seems over worked and little to no help. Not only does she take the orders, she cooks the food too.

Review №16

Wonderful i was just telling my daughter in law i need to take her there

Review №17

The best way to have your entire work ask you what you're eating.Always tastes amazing!I use door dash and they have the lowest delivery fee which is absolutely fantastic!Just all around amazing!

Review №18

Tried this place after a co worker recommended it. I ended up ordering the large rib tips. They were awesome! To start off, the large order can probably feed three people. It's a lot! They were so tender and the flavor is great! I've been to bbq places where the BBQ sauce is either too sweet or too smoky. Thats not the case here. The BBQ sauce is wonderful, the perfect balance of sweet and smoky! Can't believe I've never been here until today since it's so close to work, but I'll definitely be back!

Review №19

The BBQ is delicious, the portions are very large, the place is a bit pricey but it's worth it!

Review №20

I used to love this place but it's going down hill fast...very understaffed. The girl that works there is always stressed out and it makes me not to want to go there.

Review №21

Need to upgrade packaging, don't waste your money! Just spent $40 on ribs & beans that are all over myself & my car! putting a large rib tips in a styrofoam clamshell is not smart, nor is large hot beans in flimsy plastic containers, when I called they did offer to replace it, needless to say this was my first & last experience

Review №22

1st time customer...WILL DEFINITELY be back! I ordered the rib tips dinner with mac-n-cheese and cole slaw. VERY IMPRESSED with the amount of tips. The flavor is sooooo good!

Review №23

You guys need to stop this!!! My ol lady drools every time she looks down to take a bite...... 3 thumbs up

Review №24

Decent bbq, good portion for price. Cornbread was also ok. Store has only one bench (outside ) for seating and small. I wouldn't necessarily use the word dirty, but could use a little more care. Overall I would eat here again.

Review №25

Best rib tips in Michigan by far!!!

Review №26

Something as simple as substituting greens for fries and they couldnt even get that right...1st time ordering from here and definitely the last I did not want soggy fries covered in bbq sauce...should have known I couldn't trust the state of Michigan to get bbq right

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Review №28

They used to have good catfish.now they are selling a fish that is not catfish and selling as catfish but really is swai fish

Review №29

Best Ribs in the world!!

Review №30

Parking lot is small everything else is good

Review №31

Was wanting to stop and try this place for a while so for the first time coming in I was a little disappointed. Could have had friendlier service, also I feel like I was supposed to get my mac n cheese in a way bigger container than what I received it in, after looking at other pics, it looks like I was upcharged to get a tiny serving in the size of the Cole slaw containers. The food itself was . Might try again in a few months.

Review №32

Best BBQ around.

Review №33

Highly dissatisfied the corn bread was burnt to the point of uneatable rib Tips were dry and I paid for extra sauce on my fries and didn't receive it I called back and explained my problem and was told there's nothing they could do about it I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone and won't be returning!

Review №34

Great pulled pork BBQ and fries!

Review №35

Food is great service is fast also

Review №36

I got the rib tips and I was not a huge fan of it. We also got some fried chicken wing basket and that's whole wings and comes with a large portion size. The food was okay. The fries were not good and I couldn't eat them. It was very greasy. I would be willing to try something else off the menu.

Review №37

Awesome food rather If it's smoked pork or deep fried cat fish or any of the fixings side items, it's all good. My wife really loved the car fish and I really loved the pulled pork sandwich (so good and saucey you have to eat it with a fork). It always smells so good while waiting for the food , nice and hickory smoke smell. They do catering items you can pickup or have a caterer come to your event.

Review №38

Maps took us on a weird detour coming home from the Cereal Fest last weekend and we could smell the BBQ driving down the road...when we saw the smokers, there was no mystery what we were having for lunch! The pulled pork, black beans and rice, sweet tater pie and baked beans were AMAZING! The rib tips were a little fatty but good. The cornbread was not my style but others liked it. Ask for your fries in a separate box, although my son loved that they were coated in the baked beans, no ketchup needed! The staff was so friendly and efficient, I would give them 10 stars!

Review №39

Best greens I have ever had I buy them on the regular

Review №40

Always the best ribs and greens!

Review №41

Awesome porkWas happy I could add my own sauce (which was very good)We will definitely be back

Review №42

Love everything

Review №43

Oh my gosh!!! BEST ribs ever! Everything is homemade. Potato salad is as good as my own & there are apple bits in the coleslaw!! Homemade cakes & pies YUM!! And most delish of all is the bread! We've never eaten more tasty cornbread. Be sure to take extra home with you!

Review №44

Best flavored chicken in town.

Review №45

Good service. Foods ok

Review №46

This place went down hill.

Review №47

Friendly Employee! Good Place, To Get A Catfish Basket & Also, A Pulled Pork Sandwich! My Husband & I, Really Enjoyed It! Small Place & Take-Out Only! We Would Go There, Again!

Review №48

Ive always heard good things about this place. First time trying these folks and I was quite disappointed. The ribs and rib tips were dry, and extremely hard to eat. My dog had to finish them, she even struggled. Everything else was pretty bland. The only good part was the beans, they were pretty excellent. Not worth the price overall.

Review №49

Ordered the pulled pork dinner w/ mac & cheese and cornbread. Mac & cheese was alright...pulled pork was edible but a little on the dry side. Huge portion of pork. Cornbread was raw and doughy....nothing to write home about.

Review №50

Delicious food!! Friendly service!! Good sized portions

Review №51

I love the bq

Review №52

Flavorful but as bit pricey for portions and very fatty pork sandwhich

Review №53

I drive from Portage at least once a week to get dinner from here! Awesome food!!!

Review №54

Awesome quality tastes and portions

Review №55

The few little ribs I tried were dry and crewy and after i ordered I saw that the meat was just sitting out in tall container in the back and piled on top of each other like trash. I wish I would've taken a picture. Definitely not healthy. I might call the health inspector honestly.

Review №56

No sitting area so plan on picking up. Call ahead of you know what you want, they stay busy. Best BBQ sauce there is and generous portions. Best fries around also, especially when dipped in the sauce.

Review №57

Nice prople service you what you want ,affordable pice, clean place , History of winning contest. Nice little setting place while waiting.

Review №58

Very good food. Friendly waitress. Short rib was wonderful. There is seating in the restaurant. Must be there wasn't a while ago but now it is a full restaurant.

Review №59

Phenomenal greens!!!!! Pulled pork is also absolutely delicious! Sauce is everything youd desire!

Review №60

Good food, price is good

Review №61

I have tried just about everything on the menu and everything is delicious. Great BBQ restaurant and reasonable prices. You can get a cheeseburger and fries for six bucks

Review №62

Best pulled pork ever.

Review №63

Great food not so great service.

Review №64

O.T.'s has some great barbecue and catfish. It is a small place that offers take out only. Their pricing is fair. Their pulled pork sandwiches taste great, but are so sloppy wet you have to eat them with a fork. I believe they would have a lot more business, if they offered more of a selection of different varieties of barbecue sauces.

Review №65

Good rib tips and fire greens

Review №66

Great food & customer service

Review №67

Was great as usual

Review №68

The ribs had good flavor, but I think the cooking may have been rushed. My ribs looked done on tbe outside but were so pink in the inside. I'm going to put them in tbe oven for a while and cook longer. Also when I called I was given to seperate prices. I caught it because I have a recorder on my phone so that when I fgoget thibgs I can refere back to the recording, and she did just that, quoted me a higher price the second time. They can also be more welcoming.

Review №69

Award-winning barbecue, right here in Battle Creek. I usually get the pulled pork sandwich, which is second to none, or the brisket. Chicken tenders are also surprisingly good. Yummy!

Review №70

Part of my ribs were hard and dry... but still have to give a 5 star rating.

Review №71

Their food is a-1. A little pricy yes but you can not get this flavor anywhere else.

Review №72

Bbq is amazing here. Super friendly and very quick service

Review №73

Best pulled pork I've ever had. Tender juicy.

Review №74

Best barbeque in Battle Creek. In my opinion anyway. Cornbread is my favorite side, but the baked beans and Mac and cheese are really good too. Buy the big portions if u want to eat for DAYS

Review №75

Amazing food for a great price

Review №76

Ate here for the first time. Excellent food, people and service. And there is a laundromat across the street if you decide to be a pig. I was.

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Review №78

Amen is real good had to catfish dinners both of us excellent and owner and son cooked and served it to us thank you

Review №79

Excellent, good value, multi award winning, barbecue take-away.

Review №80

Horrible second time in years and the food still haven't changed classic case of taking advantage of a neighborhood because u have something thats no one has in the area they could atleast take pride in their since its so pricey

Review №81

Fantastic bbq wish there was indoor seating

Review №82

Came to town for a high school baseball game. Smelled the greatness as I drove by... spun around and was not disapponted... wow got a few meals because I knew when I got to the field my family would devour mine...

Review №83

It's a take-out atmosphere. Great service, awesome food and great portions.

Review №84

Great ribs they are a little spicey but if you love southern road side bbq you will love e this place .I haven't had ribs like this since alabama

Review №85

There chicken is good but everytime I order ribs or riblets the pork isn't done and its chewy

Review №86

Best cornbread and fried catfish I've ever had

Review №87

The lobby at OT's isn't loaded with trophies for no reason. Whether you are going for ribs or catfish (my favorite), whatever you order is fresh and great to eat! Call ahead & you have no wait. Delivery service would get 5 stars.

Review №88

The food was really good, but it also was appealing to me because I love barbeque. It was a smaller building and didn't really include details about the food but for the most part the menu was self-explanatory

Review №89

Decent food; great people; food quality can lack at times but overall good

Review №90

I love the pulled pork dinner with greens and cornbread. I can get 2 meals out of it, the meat is tender with lots of flavor and the sauce is perfect.

Review №91

Had a bone in my barbecue chicken sandwich would not recommend

Review №92

Favorite bbq restaurant and I love the wings too.

Review №93

Best cornbread I've ever had , great food in general , a little pricey and side portions are tiny .

Review №94

This was the best barbeque place around. They lost their awesome main cook. Ribs is not as good now. They should rehire their old cook.They hired their old cook back and this place has tue best rins anywhere! Hands down!

Review №95

Ot's is always a great place to get BBQ.

Review №96

Just good food

Review №97

This place has no inside seating takeout onlybut has some of the best food ever try it love it eat it eat it eat it

Review №98

This place has the best you can not go wrong ordering from here.

Review №99

Best barbque for a 100 miles

Review №100

I love the BBQ and the catfish is amazing the prices are affordable

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  • Address:450 Capital Ave NE, Battle Creek, MI 49017, United States
  • Site:http://www.otbbq.com/
  • Phone:+1 269-963-7777
  • Barbecue restaurant
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Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
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  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
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