Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
91 E Columbia Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49015, United States
Review №1

This was the 1st time we got the famous popeye chicken sandwiches. We tried the popeye's app but could not get it to work.So waited in the slow long line. Ordered my meal picked it up, asked if they got it all in there?She replied of course.I drove home 10 minutes away. Put it out on the counter and we were missing a sandwich.Of course I called right away To inform them.Ivan said we get free meals and took my name.. What we got was good.

Review №2

I would give zero stars if able.My husband went to get our family dinner and the employees didn't acknowledge him at the drive thru for almost 10 minutes. Not even a "we will be with you shortly". So he drive up to the window where he was told (with a snotty attitude) they do not take orders at the window and he was forced to re-enter the long line. He sat in line for over 40 minutes total before he left. We will NEVER return to this location and are discouraged to spend our money at this chain again. I understand this is a popular drive thru restaurant, but that does not excuse poor customer service.

Review №3

Horrible Service. Asked for a diet coke, they gave me a regular coke. No big deal, when I remind them that I need a diet coke I get told that they are out of diet coke. It was after I ordered, and was at the pickup window. The manager told his employee just to give me a regular coke, "they won't know the difference" well here's the kicker. The diet coke was for a type 1 diabetic, who absolutely cannot have regular coke without risk of going into diabetic shock. The manager did not apologize, and was rude and rolled his eyes at me the entire time we were speaking. I will never be back.

Review №4

Food was good. The young man at the window was super nice, we appreciated him very much. Then the young man that brought out food out to the car was also very very friendly. The wait time was a bit ridiculous.

Review №5

Nobody was wearing gloves at all even grabbing the food and putting the wrap into boxes. ONE person had a mask on, but wasn't covering her nose. This picture I got of a worker, she kept rubbing her clothes, her face and nose. & HAIR! When the manager came up to help the cashier, she wasn't wearing a mask at all. Beyond long wait time, and as u can see.... The window is disgusting.

Review №6

My kids love the shrimp basket. Unfortunately all I could think about was fitness while sitting in the drive thru. Fitting these chicken samitches in my belly... good fast food.

Review №7

Chicken sandwich is always excellent! The quality of service provided by the drive thru attendees always varies from poor to great. Depends on who's working. I think Popeye's should focus on teach and enforcing good customer service along with many other fast food chains.

Review №8

Hot damn! I finally go around to try the chicken sandwiches. First, its extremely tasty. Its a rather large sandwich though. Price is up there, but the quality of the sandwich is too. Huge, juicy, white meat! Its definitely worth your time and taste buds to try it, over and over again!

Review №9

It was our first time going and everything was spicy including coleslaw and mashed potatoes. So if you plan on eating here make sure you like spicy food. All around it was good. The chicken strips were wonderful. Also my BF got the spicy chicken sandwich and didn't like it. It had some kind of different sauces that he didn't prefer. Mashed potatoes were not too good, but the coleslaw was surprisingly delicious!

Review №10

The wait at Popeyes was so long and just not right. I had to wait as usual, then after I paid for my food. I'm told it's going to be another 12 minutes before I get my food. I was at the Battle Creek, MI Popeyes for more than an hour I believe it was close to 2 hours un-real and I never received a complementary or anything. I asked for a manager the young man said he was the manager and that he was sorry. Sorry doesn't cut this terrible bad service. I'm reporting this Popeyes to the corporate office.

Review №11

Food is GREAT!! Service in the drive thru is beyond slow at the WMain location!! 30 to 45 minute wait no matter what time of day you go.The one in Battle Creek is much faster and friendlier with out a line to the road!!

Review №12

Well first off, I absolutely didn't have a problem with the actual service. Order was taking in a timely fashion, the wait wasn't to long in the drive-thru. My problem was the actual food I received, it was old! I mean old as hell! It was super dry and looked like it had been sitting under the heating lamps since the store opened. What is so sad about it is, this is my 2nd time getting lunch for my 12hr day/night at work, with the same sad results. I spend a lot of money ordering out for work and it is such a let down to know after all the money you spend to patronizing a business they can't at least get it half way right!!!

Review №13

Slow service and sloppy made food. Utensils not in bag or given. Never asked what kind of sauce we wanted, just assumed and put hot sauce and mustard. Food was nasty. Not happy, won't be back OR Recommending to anyone!

Review №14

So...I had to go here and try the chicken sandwich to compare it to the "competitors"...fully thinking that there was no way ot could be as good. I WAS WRONG! The chicken sandwich was absolutely amazing; better bun, pickles, and chicken! Only downfall was the woman taking our order was not frindly at all.

Review №15

Long line, messed my order up and still took 45 minutes to get food and they messed up the food I would NOT recommend anyone going to this store for anything, even calling thier corporate office they don't do anything either to help the situation.... worst experience ever !!!

Review №16

Food was good service was terrible. I waited 40 minutes in line and on multiple occasions my order was shorted items that I paid at least 4 dollars extra for. Made me very angry.

Review №17

I ordered a 3 piece chicken meal with rice and bean plus another side order of rice and beans.... After 30 minutes sitting in line . I go home and I have mashed potatoes... almost 12 dollars later my order was so wrong... i understand were under lock down ... that's why I didn't go back.

Review №18

The food is usually always good the problem is the wait is ALWAYS long and they are always out of something. I have Never came and been able to get exactly what I wanted. The food is always fresh when I come though and I guess that's what keeps me returning

Review №19

The best chicken sandwich in the business now and the Cajun sparkle is delicious .

Review №20

Chicken was dry and bland.Employees were courteous and helpful

Review №21

This is the worst! I would drive to a different one if you really want Popeyes

Review №22

The drive through is always crowded, they're almost always out of mild chicken, the point of sale system is so old they run cards as credit and you have to sign a receipt, but that's just if it's actually working, just happened to me twinge now that their card machine is down, so after waiting 30 minutes in line you get told unless you have cash you waited for nothing. The place is so outdated and poorly managed, avoid it.

Review №23

Have been going here for years as I am a local. The food is always hot, safe, and some of the best tasting food anywhere! However, until they open up their dining room like some other eating places have due to this covid scare, I will delete one star from my rating. Among other reasons, the long drive-thru wait times (20-30 minuted) for this type of "made while you wait" food that requires long lead times to prepare is ridiculous.

Review №24

Chicken strip bucket great, sandwich is amazing! Good sides. Always busy

Review №25

The chicken was dry. I love popeyes but this experience was a BIG disappointment

Review №26

Great food, management needs to learn how to expedite orders better. It takes 30 to 45mins in drive thru. With the dining room closed there is no excuse for people standing around while the drive thru operator is running around taking orders and filling them.

Review №27

If I could give them less than 1 star I would. I'm not sure how they are still in business. We waited in the drive through for over 40 minutes. As we drove off I looked inside and seen 4 employees sitting at a table talking. I will never be going to popeyes EVER AGAIN!

Review №28

There was of course line cars but moved very nicely..Food was amazing!Been a good while since last visit but could go again tomorrow!

Review №29

Usually really enjoy Popeyes. Last night was horrible, after a 50 min wait in the drive thru, missing a side, no sauce, and the chicken was so dried out and hard couldn't even bite into it!! For $26....really!!! At least my dogs enjoyed it!!!

Review №30

Everything was good today!!! Hot and Fresh!! Plus Good Service

Review №31

I don't understand what takes so long here at Popeyes the chicken should already be cooked and the mashed potatoes and gravy and red beans and rice all of that stuff is already cooked all they have to do is scoop the potatoes into a container scoop the red beans into a container and put the chicken in a box I shouldn't have to wait over an hour

Review №32

Chicken was good, but gave me the wrong order. Sorry if I got your order

Review №33

Long wait cold food, extremely hot red beans and rice

Review №34

Always the slowest fast-food place in town. This time they just put a naked sandwich in a bag. No wrapping at all... Poor service.

Review №35

Ordered from this location over the weekend. The order was not even the one I placed! How can you screw it up that bad? I didn't order chicken wings, but thats what I got. No sauces, wrong sides. Called this location but no one answered the phone. I can't wait for the KFC to be rebuilt in Pennfield. They were nice, and they get your orders right.

Review №36

Smh theres a guy mabey a cook standing outside smoking while a big line out side couple of us sitting more then 15 min

Review №37

The food was good as usual, but the time spent in the drive threw , no thanks I'll go back to kfc

Review №38

Excellent chicken, friendly service with excellent attention to safety and cleanliness. Busy evenings but worth it.

Review №39

I love love love this chicken. O and the red beans and rice. Mmmmmm to die for.

Review №40

The food we got tonight was not good. The chicken tenders were rubbery. The order was wrong. I had it delivered, so of course I couldn't check my order. The chicken tender dinner was supposed to come with two sides and two biscuits. It came with one side and one biscuit. We have not been to Popeyes in a long time because the last few times the food gross or the order was wrong. So I thought we would try it again. Big mistake. Never again.

Review №41

No matter what time I go there it takes an entire lunch hour to get through the line.

Review №42

I love the food when I can get it.. The wait is ALWAYS ridiculous, everytime i go its atleast a 30 minute wait, I've even tried going different time of the day and different days.Half of the times i go they are out of something. Also they will close earlier than the times on their door.The owner really needs to evaluate how to correct this, whether it's hiring more efficient staff or preparing food for busier times of the day. Some of the staff is great and others I've seen just standing around and talking instead of helping prepare orders.Honestly someone else needs to open up another location in BC, I would drive across town for it. I've seen so many missed sales (customers leave) because of the wait.

Review №43

This Popeyes location in Battle Creek normally have good food, I went there at 11am when the opened placed my order and was told I had to wait on the spicy chicken sandwich, once home the sandwich was not hot to have been just cooked, very greasy the chicken breast was dry, I called the restaurant at 12:15 a hour later requested to speak with manager, she said her name was Stephanie she was very rude over talk me and hung up the phone, the owner Percy Bean really need to pick better managers. I now rate this a 1 from normally rating a. I will not visit them any longer.

Review №44

Good portion sizes, friendly workers, and very yummy food.

Review №45

Excellent chicken sandwich and friendly customer service.

Review №46

I went there to try their new chicken sandwich.. I asked them to please cut it in half because my left arm is in a cast and it's easier for me to eat... They said they could not cut it in half because it was cross-contamination.. I said you're kidding right no ma'am.. I asked for a plastic knife don't have plastic knife s.. So I was irritated and left... I went to Wendy's asked for chicken sandwich and could they please cut it in half..sure no problem... Told them about my experience at Popeye's and they just could not believe it. So I sat there ate my chicken sandwich and contacted Popeyes corporate.. my mind is just blown telling me they cannot cut a sandwich in half.. in a restaurant..

Review №47


Review №48

The only thing I ever order is the shrimp, it's delicious! I hadn't been to Popeyes in a long time so was happy to pick up lunch for my daughter and I to eat in the park. We waited in a long line of cars which moved pretty fast. Then it was our turn to order. We waited. I called out. We waited. Called out some more. It was more than 5 mins before someone snapped, "What do you want?" Ok, whatever. Place our order--shrimp tackle box with shrimp sauce, 6 piece chicken strips meal with blackened ranch sauce, person still snapping back. Turned the corner and there was NO ONE. No cars in front of us. We finally got our food, asked my daughter to check for sauces because I didn't see any. No sauces. I turned in front to go back through the drive thru, cars were lined up to the road again. I called, asking if someone could please bring them to the door and hand them out. "We are not allowed to open the door because of Covid" OK, what do you want me to do? Drive up in front of the car at the window, get out and walk back to the window. Which I did, between cars. And stood out there waiting for almost 15 mins while people in cars stared at me. And then the employees argued that I had to pay for the EXTRA sauces. If there had been any sauce at all in the bag--even something we didn't choose, I would have just drove away. Worst service ever. I'm sorry, your jobs must suck so bad to treat someone like that Popeye employees

Review №49

Takes too long to get food through the drive thru.

Review №50

Very poor service. Long wait times, understandable due to covid 19, but when you get to the drive through window you see everyone standing around and/or texting while customers waiting 40 mins or longer to get food that this restaurant specializes in and when you get the order, it's not complete or it's completely wrong. I would not recommend ordering food from this establishment.

Review №51

Been there twice in the last month. Hadn't been there in several months. First time the chicken sandwich was good but the mashed potatoes looked like they had been sitting out for hours. Second time ordered a chicken sandwich with no pickle only to be told at the window it would be a 10 minute wait because I ordered a sandwich with no pickles. I opted to just take one with pickles and pick them off rather than wait. Sandwich was hot but the top bun was hard. Both times the service was horrible. The rudest staff around. No manners whatsoever. Both visits had different women in the drive thru but both need some serious customer service training. Either that or find a different job. It's almost as though you are a bother to them by them having to take your order, your money and give you your food.

Review №52

Good food and polite service.

Review №53

Good food but an ungodly long wait time. Expect min 30min wait or more

Review №54

Waited 45 minutes for 3 chicken sandwiches and 3 fries. Seriously it should never take this long. Its the 3rd time Ive stopped but the other two times I got out of line. If it hadnt been a reward for my son I would have never went thru on the 3rd stop. 4 different employees came and filled their personal sodas while I was at the window waiting. I wont be back.

Review №55

The spicy chicken sandwich wasn't that spicy, but was good for anyone that went to the states to try it. Popeyes is always good for their chicken! I also had their jambalaya and thought it was good. I just wish it had more chicken inside of it. The service was ok there, but it appeared that the staff just didn't care. One of the staff members was running around the restaurant both inside and outside, while their superior was trying to talk to them. I know the person was just joking around. I thought it was unprofessional.

Review №56

Extremely slow, my sandwiches were soggy because were prepackaged prior to placing my order.

Review №57

Stopped at Popeye's tonight through the drive-thru paying $10 for a number two asking for two breasts instead of a breast and a leg. I received a breast, a leg and a wing, obviously not what I ordered very disappointed that you can't even get an order right especially after you read it back to me and then hand me my food will not be returning anytime soon not to mention I waited 30 minutes in the Drive-Thru for my meal to be wrong not happy.

Review №58

Really good food in battle creek, Michigan

Review №59

Food was good until I seen a pale manager getting undressed outside the store like its not a.bathroom inside the resturant it was tasteless disgusting and unprofessional!!! I couldnt believe my eyes WOW

Review №60

They never get our order right, and when we have to go back for it, they always act like it's our fault and cause an issue over it. Unprofessional

Review №61

It was ok they were out of a few things !

Review №62

Everytime i go here their out of what i came for. And then they mess up my order. Nothings ever seasoned, and you have to wait 20+ minutes for food.

Review №63

Went to try the new chicken sandwich. They had a picture but said be back soon but I asked and they had them at the time. I tried the regular and spicy. They only difference is in the mayonnaise. Decent priced at $3.99 each so it was worth it. I will go back to get more when it becomes a regular menu item.

Review №64

Long line but great food

Review №65

The service has GOT to get better. I mean, Its Popeye's, so the food is always good. In fact it's the only reason to put up with the lack of service. Dont blame the staff, those kids work hard. It's a management problem..Just look at their turnover.

Review №66

We have been there 2 times in the last month...the 1st time we got there at 7:40 (they close @ 8) we waited at the drive thru speaker for 10 mins and when the lady came on she said they were closed!! I said well i have been waiting for 10 mins and she said well we are closed!!! And the 2nd time I waited in the drive thru line for 20 mins for them to tell me when I ordered the 20 wings ...I'm sorry we are out of wings...he said that they can't post when they are out of stuff....seems like every time I try to give them the "benefit of the doubt" it's always they are out of something...terrible manager response as well. How do you run a business like this, when your always running out of something??

Review №67

Meh. Long wait for average chicken.

Review №68

As I was the food is delicious. but it should not take 20 minutes in the drive-through with onky 2 cars ahead of you. This happens every time.

Review №69

Very good fried chicken. The coating is crunchy and golden. The prices and service are good.

Review №70

Was two cars back from the order window, twenty minutes to get to order window, after waiting ten minutes for someone to take my order, they were out of sandwiches. HANG UP A SIGN TO LET PEOPLE KNOW YOU ARE ARE OUT OF SANDWICHES! You wasted a half and hour of my time, your too slow at the window, and I will share this experience with as many people as I can.

Review №71

Better than KFC By far.

Review №72

Great food. But employees needs to learn about customer service, professionalism, urgency and not talk about their personal live while guests are present.

Review №73

First time going to a Popeye'sIt's a Wednesday night at 6pm. It took us 5 minutes to order a #9 Spicy and a #3.We were greeted with a "what do you want?"Insulted my partner by commenting on her accent.Ask for a side of Mac n cheese - "we're out"Ask for a side of red beans and rice - "we're out"Can we just have an extra biscuit? "Can't do that"Ask for an apple pie - "we're out"We get two flat sodas, and two cold unspicy sandwiches.Personally insulted, completely wrong order.

Review №74

I dont normally review chain restaurants, BUT, this is an exceptional Popeyes. Super clean too!They were slammed, but were polite, fast, got our order on the spot perfect. Our food was incredible too! (2 of the Chicken Sandwich combos)We even got to meet one of the cooks, I think her name was Ninya, and she was an incredible person. She talked about her passion for cooking, and how she felt she had to carry that passion to work to make sure "the chicken is right".RARE in the fast food industry!We told her we'd be back for more of her chicken asap!

Review №75

Very good chicken sandwich and filling, will be getting it again.

Review №76

The lady in the Drive thru has a terrible mouth, honestly me and my friend just wanted some nice food and she was in rage. We asked if there were sandwiches she yelled, we said we had card and she was quite furious. Please get this situated!

Review №77

Great chicken sandwich. Good service and descent prices.

Review №78

Good chicken but the employees don't know how to count alphabet 123

Review №79

Not done and not hot

Review №80

Love their chicken and biscuits...

Review №81

They were very unfriendly unhelpful for got items ext.

Review №82

They locked the doors early, waited 45 mins in drive thur only to get our order wrong. Told the guy he rolled his eyes at us and started yelling and throwing a fit in the back. Asked for our money back and left. What we could see inside food was all over the floor and it looked disgusting glad we didn't eat there! (pic posted)

Review №83

Drive to popeyes in Battle Creek. Better then kfc. Hands down. Be glad when they open in jackson

Review №84

Went through the drive-thru and got the complete wrong order. The woman at the window wasn't very friendly. Then when I got home and seen my order was wrong, I called and the phone just rang with no answer. They need to work on customer service and better training

Review №85

Love the food but they are always out of stuff

Review №86

Oh delicious little bit dry all the breast meat so they gave us the heat lamp stuff we're good paying customers kind to the people and everything that's all I got to say about that please try not to let it happen again

Review №87

I love popeyes food but everytime I go there is always an issue with my order. It never fails and the staff act a if here is an issue if you inform them of the mistake. I will continue to go but sometimes I take a break hopefull they get it right the next time!

Review №88

Good food, poor service.

Review №89

I got there at 11am opening time, they didn't open doors until 10 after 11. Then when we got in I was told there will be a 20 minute wait for chicken. They had nothing ready. No strips, no sandwiches, no chicken. There were 5 cars in drive thru. And 7 people in store. To me it was very unacceptable. When you open the doors food should already be ready and waiting on customers. I know there will come a time throughout the day where we will have to wait but not at opening first thing of the day.. people are on lunch break at 11am and only have a limited amount of time.

Review №90

They were out of everything, popcorn shrimp, french fries, macaroni and cheese, honey and who knows what else. I ordered spicy chicken, filled my drink cup, waited for about 5 minutes then was told it was going to be 12 minutes because the had to make more. I said ok. Well about 40 minutes later I got my food. I don't think it was spicy chicken at all. I believe it was mild, because it was not making my nose run.... needless to say I will not go back and I will just stick with going to Kalamazoo to Lee's Chicken!

Review №91

Everything was great but no sweet tea and cashier needed more training.

Review №92

Great food at a great price. Yummy to your tummy.

Review №93

There is no meat and the jambalaya. Unsatisfied with that. Sandwich was pretty good the new chicken sandwich.

Review №94

Chicken sandwich was awesome after I removed the pickles and any residual juices, due to my allergies. I asked 3 times for their not to be any on my sandwich, but obviously that didn't matter.

Review №95

I think my fish was cooked the day before. Literally 1/4" thick fillets.

Review №96

Chicken sandwich hype is real! THUMBS UPService is sub-standard at this location. THUMBS DOWNI stopped to try out the chicken sandwich at 7:45 PM on a Sunday night, very recently.The drive-thru had around 7-8 cars waiting in line when I arrived. So I decided to order inside. When I got to the doors, I discovered one of their employees had locked all the doors. It was 7:52 PM and the sign on the door says their lobby hours are until 9:00 PM on Sunday nights.So, fine. I get back in my car, get in line again (after losing 2 spots to other vehicles).I ordered: 2 sandwiches and a 5 piece chicken only.What they gave me: 1 sandwich and a 16+ piece chicken.I noticed the order error after I was taking off, and I didn't want to get back in the drive-thru line to fix things. I came out on top for value, but I really wanted that second sandwich.The workers were mostly dismissive and zoned out. I would say they were acting very entitled, like they could treat their customers anyway they want because they have an item that everyone wants so badly.I know it's fast food... I know it's not the best job in the world... but treat people well. The Golden Rule is so important in every industry, especially in the service industry.I may try them out again sometime in the future, because that sandwich is really good. But who want's to deal with mistreatment in order to get that sandwich? The manager there needs to pull rank and get the workers motivated or hire in different staff.

Review №97

The worst customer service ever. The drive thru attendants are always rude. I got there an hour before they closed. They said they weren't making anymore chicken sandwiches because they were closing soon. This location is ridiculous and horrible. Don't go there unless you want to wait forever for bad service.

Review №98

Food was good. Sometimes you have to wait a little longer for your food, but when you get it it is fresh and good.

Review №99

Waited in line for 42 minutes one night. For one sandwich. Service is awful. They dont greet you or even tell you the total. One of the worst fast food joints around. Corporate needs to clean house, including getting rid of the "management". Nothing but slow and stupid workers every time I go there. Never again. -5 stars

Review №100

Do not order any food from this place they take your money and then they don't have the food you ordered and they won't give you a refund

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