Sushi Track
11635 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, OR 97005, United States
Review №1

One of few dine-in kai-ten sushi places open in pandemic. The belt isn't running, so you have to order, but at conveyor-belt prices. Fish/shrimp pieces are pretty small compared to other places.

Review №2

Absolutely delicious sushi. Perfect size. Great service. This place deserves a lot more stars. Definitely coming back

Review №3

They're doing the best they can during covid. One advantage is everything is made fresh!

Review №4

It was ok. Vegas rolls were ok, too much sauce and it was a little to thick. Mainly 4 stars because its expensive

Review №5

Good sushi conveyor belt restaurant for the price. Nice place to satisfy a sushi craving and the location is quite nice if you need to go to Fred Meyer or Trader Joe's area. The fried items did stay nice and crunchy even being passed on the belt. Will be back when the craving comes again.

Review №6

The sushi is very good. The salmon was so fresh. The rolls are large and affordable. We had a custom roll made, and that was a very fair price. I liked everything I tried. Looking forward to coming back!

Review №7

It was a fun experience. Sushi was good, place was clean. Great for sitting down even if you don't have much time. Tasty and reasonably priced too.

Review №8

Awesome spot for a quick sushi meal or snack. Good price and great tasting

Review №9

Typically everything is amazing but this last time we went nobody was making rolls, just doing prep work but there were very very few actual pieces to eat on the track. Won't be going back for awhile.

Review №10

Convenient and easy parking. The lunch special was delicious and at $6.95, a no-brainer. It was also more than either my mother or I could eat! We will be back!

Review №11

My fave place to get sushi I want at a great place, can't wait to visit Beaverton again so I can get my sushi fix. Great people who run it too

Review №12

Good sushi for the price. The stuffed jalapeno and tomago are my favorites.

Review №13

Good sushi coming down the conveyor belt. Nothing fancy, but reasonably priced.

Review №14

We go there often the staff is awesome the sushi is mediocre, not bad just ok. It's fresh though sometime the edamame seems over cooked, for around 30.00 for two people the price is right, but if you're looking for super high end sushi this is not your place, like I said it's good not great

Review №15

So good....lots of new ideas...

Review №16

It has good food. But it's not my personal style of sushi restaurant I don't like how they make all the rolls and it goes around on a conveyor belt. Other than that I had great service friendly staff.

Review №17

Good place, good food! They also helped me find my phone! prompt customer service, very friendly.I highly recommend

Review №18

Seats were comfortable and service was good. The rolls were meh. Heavy on the fake crab. When they did have fish it was the smallest pieces I've ever seen.

Review №19

Surprisingly good sushi great service and good price

Review №20

This has been our family's favorite sushi place for over 10 years now and we just celebrated our daughter's 14th birthday here!

Review №21

Great sushi, great price, even better customer service!

Review №22

Sorry to leave this review. I used to go to this place quite often. Not the best sushi, but it's fast and decent and right by my work and I've never experienced any problems before. The last time I went in I only ate a few dishes and know exactly how much it costs (considering how often I've been in) I paid with my card and left them a cash tip which I wrote on the receipt "cash", everything was filled out as it should be, but now a few days later it shows on my bank statement that someone gave themselves an additional amount, about a 40% tip. In fact it's more than if I had had another conveyor dish... It's not worth it to me to go in and make a stink over $3 but I will never go back there and neither will my coworkers.

Review №23

Very clean it's very modern I love their Style and their fish is delicious

Review №24

The fish was not fresh at all, the sesame balls were cold, and the chef was more interested in talking with the one group of people here was conversing with than taking care of the other customers.

Review №25

Good selection, nice service, I ate too much, but would go back.

Review №26

The food was good but they were about to close so we were a little rushed.

Review №27

Fresh food with a good selection, and amazing service from the staff.

Review №28

Good sushi. The conveyor has limited choices, but you can order whatever you want. The staff is very nice.

Review №29

Love! Eat here a couple times a month. Consistant and friendly staff. Highly recommend

Review №30

The couple that owns this place are so sweet. They remember us every time we come in. The sushi is delicious & there is a good variety. They also do some really nice fusion cuisine.

Review №31

They have sushi plates going around and around on a track with some really amazing looking presentation and some cool looking pieces of Art that you can eat not to mention everything taste great

Review №32

I like the Sushi here over most other sushi belt restaurant in the area.

Review №33

This is my fiance's and I go to sushi place in the Beaverton area. The dragon rolls are absolutely delicious, the sushi is always fresh and they have a very nice variety. I give 5 stars because every other sushi place around here does not compare and you must come here if you don't want to be disappointed.

Review №34

A lot of good sushi today

Review №35

Good food! Friendly service!

Review №36

If you show up during a lunch or dinner rush, it's five stars of fresh sushi train magic. Good service, comfortable seating, and decent prices. If you show up outside of the rush hours, the conveyor options are far less fresh, and you're better off ordering items off the menu.

Review №37

This place is awesome! It's the perfect amount for whatever kind do of sushi you're craving! They have delicious desserts as well! We ate here every day for three days straight while we were in town. Love this restaurant and can't wait to visit again!

Review №38

Really enjoyed the crunchy scallop rolls. A nice sushi spot.

Review №39

Great sushi! Lots of seating. Nice long Conveyor belt. Clean dinning area and clean women's restroom. If your looking for a casual dinner experience that's reasonable priced, then go here.

Review №40

Favorite sushi place ever! I stop in every time Im in the Portland area. the guys "behind the track" are so great and so friendly. LOVE this place!

Review №41

This is a place you want to just grab something quick to fill your belly. It's great for lunch or quick dinner. Not the greatest their selection isn't supergreat and usually have a load of California rolls. Nice staff and service.

Review №42

My brother took me here on a weekday afternoon and boy was I amazed. The atmosphere is very pleasant and low-toned so you can enjoy a nice, quiet lunch or dinner. The dishes are kind of small in quantity, but about 3 - 5 plates should fill you up. They offer a wide variety of sushi & other types of fish on the conveyor belt, as well as desserts, (their brownies are extremely rich in taste.) Each plate is around the $1.50 area, so it's not ridiculously high. Overall, my lunch was about $7, which I thought was a reasonable price. Quick note I should tell: If your meal is $5 or less, they only accept cash. No check or debit/credit card. Anything above $5, you can pay any way you like. So come on over here and enjoy some Japanese style fish in a quiet restaurant.

Review №43

Really friendly staff. Our girls loved the house rolls and the seaweed salad.

Review №44

Ever since I Love Sushi closed down I have been looking for a place that made a sweet coconut roll, this place has 2. For being conveyor belt sushi, everything is fresh, the place is clean and the service is excellent. If you're looking for high end sushi, this may not be the place for you. But, if you want quality sushi at a decent price with quick service it's worth a try :)

Review №45

Sushi Track is great! Not only is the food great, the atmosphere is as well. The restaurant is very clean. They have a nice flat screen TV playing sports, which is a big plus in my book. My girlfriend loves the fact that they have hooks under the table top for her purse...she doesn't like setting it on the ground.I highly recommend Sushi Track!

Review №46

Owner was not very nice, explains depressing atmosphere; a plus is they have gf soy sauce. Sushi was some of the worst I have had; would not recommend.

Review №47

This is my favorite sushi place because we take our friends' 13 year old here and she absolutely loves it! Beautiful restaurant compared to most sushi train places. Still has the obligatory tv playing soap opera or sports or the news, but it's quiet enough.Good prices, good atmospere, good food!

Review №48

It's a fun place to eat

Review №49


Review №50

Attentive staff, relatively good prices, decent variety, good calamari

Review №51

Sushi is excellent, fresh, and tasty. One of the best sushi restaurants we've ever eaten at.

Review №52

A nice selection of sushi on a track style service. Really there are a lot of these, but I enjoy this place. Atmosphere is elegant and relaxing.

Review №53

Really good sushi and really good prices. The waitresses are really nice too. Will be coming back for sure. :)

Review №54

No. I will never go back. Owner totally rude.

Review №55

It's a good sushi track!

Review №56

Basic sushi. Fairly inexpensive for sushi

Review №57

Excellent sushi on a budget. Good variety, good service, great atmosphere, and cheap and well-prepared sushi, I'm not sure what else you could ask for. Would definitely recommend.

Review №58

Food was good. They advertised happy hour all day and then charged us full price for drinks. I was not happy!!!!!!!

Review №59

This is my go to quick stop for sushi. Good staff, food & atmosphere.

Review №60

Tasty sushi, low prices.

Review №61

Terrible service we waited for 15 minutes just to get water served. After ordering 2 items we wIted another 15 minutes trying ro order more and then finally gave up. We left and went to Sushi Hana!

Review №62

Delicious sushi. The quality of the sushi itself is definitely better than other nearby sushi restaurants. Miso soup is some of the best I've had and the service is great. I wish the actual sushi bar itself had more variety of traditional sushi.

Review №63

Yes, I am a woman who wants two beers on her lunch. You don't need to question me and restate that I had two beers at lunch over and over. The sushi had been out a long time and the salmon and tuna were the smallest pieces that I have ever seen. I typically wouldn't resort to fried food for lunch but there was nothing else for me to eat. I ended up having spring rolls that were soggy, along with potstickers and fried coconut shrimp. I ate this and not sushi because there was nothing else to eat. Never going back. Would never tell someone to visit this place.

Review №64

Beautiful place, but the rice tasted weird and the server wasn't the nicest when we ordered.

Review №65

Great variety of sushi. Clean peaceful atmosphere!

Review №66

This place makes sushi so bad that it's an insult to the concept of sushi. The sushi from here would not be any worse if you were to spread Cheese Whiz on it. I cannot understand how any reviews about this place could include the words "yummy" or even "edible" for that matter. They used to be okayish, but they have gradually gotten worse over the past few years. Cannot understand how they stay in business.

Review №67

AMAZING teriyaki chicken! I don't even go here for sushi. Their teriyaki chicken bento meal is so good! My favorite place in Beaverton for cheap yummy Japanese food.

Review №68

Nasty food, bad quality, poor service.

Review №69

Much cleaner and more courteous service than the sushiland across the street with basically the same prices. Very low key and cozy.

Review №70

Love this place! I am a frequent customer. Great sushi nice atmpshere and a good quick dinner!

Review №71

The sushi is ok overall, but the staff is friendly and willing to customize an order as needed.

Review №72

Not a bad place for dinner or lunch.

Review №73

Good customer service. The food was OK. They served different special dishes that I've never seen before and it looked extremely impressive, tasy and delicious. The sushi was pretty good but it did not taste as fresh. The meat tasted a little too salty than I'm used to and not as fresh. for whatever reason, the meat I tasted , tasted like it was fried in old oil or just had too much salt in it. I had a few sushis with fried meat on it. It was a good experience though ! and they serve different kinds of yummy deserts on the track. I went with my 2 yr old son and he loved it. the servers were extremely kind to him alson which was really nice. Most servers see him as a burden since they have to bring him a special chair and he usually leaves a mess. Toddlers make them work more I think. But i made sure to clean after him. But they were totally happy to serve him and seeing him eatinf the food and enjoying his time.

Review №74

There was nothing I could say stood out on this restaurant. The food quality was just acceptable and the service was nothing to remark on. The prices were higher than expected for the quality of sushi they offered here. The selection was rather small.

Review №75

This place is alright for what it is. Cheap sushi. It's definitely not the best, but it's alright, and pretty tasty if you're in the mood. I like the calamari as well. The servers are nice, but the head chef(and I think owner? Not sure. He's Asian, and wears some kind of special robe all the time) is super weird.The weirdest thing I saw happen was him getting into an argument with a customer. The customer didn't like one of the dishes, and was making a funny face and prodding at it. He saw this and asked what was wrong. She explained it, he took it, did something, then gave it back. She was still prodding at it and looking at it weird. This infuriated the chef, and he said "If you don't like it, don't come back here. I don't need you.". Up until this point, they had both been quite respectful of each other, and the chef clearly initiated hostility. More things were said (nastier things, even), that left me feeling quite uncomfortable. I've been there probably 10 times, and this was the first openly aggressive thing the chef had done. I probably won't be going back after that, though.

Review №76

Went last week and had a pretty awful experience. The fish tasted bad. Like it had been sitting out too long. I let the server know about it, and she refused to believe the fish tasted bad, without even an apology. Will never be back and I recommend you skip this place too.

Review №77

One of my favorite Sushi on a track joint. They make some of the best poké tuna, the sushi taste fresh every time, and the staff is friendly.

Review №78

Worst service I've ever had in my life. Owner yelled at me. Waiter had a huge mouthful of food while talking to us, and didn't wash her hands after eating. Tiny cold portions. Just aweful...

Review №79

Great food for a good price. Service isn't that great though.

Review №80

Not that expensive for good sushi. The service and atmosphere feel a little half-assed. Not that bad for a casual dinner.

Review №81

There are other sushi-go-rounds in Beaverton that we prefer to frequent, but when you're getting cheap sushi, this place will do the trick.

Review №82

I truly wanted to love this place. Having lived in Japan for 3 years, when I saw it, I felt so nostalgic. The prices are pretty low for a US operation, but the quality is not there. I was disappointed with the few items I tried. The goma dango (sesame balls with sweet azuki paste) was cold. Nothing was being made fresh. The cheese cake on rotation was drooping from being in rotation/unrefrigerated for so long. I know I won't find find Japan level quality or priced kaiten sushi in the states, but I can't say I'd go out of my way to return. Perhaps if a friend wanted to go for the novelty of it, but certainly on a busier night where more products are moving and fresher.

Review №83

This is NOT is rolls with imitation crab, cream cheese either fried or smothered in sauce. There were no choices. The worst part are the cramps and visits to the bathroom the days following.

Review №84

Great sushi and responsive staff!

Review №85

Hit and miss but always find time to stop and eat when traveling through the area. But would say the earlier the better.

Review №86

Sushi was fine. Smallish selection.

Review №87

Mexico city roll

Review №88

My main gripe with this place is that the fish is cut TOO thin. I'm talking credit card thin. Definitely not getting your moneys worth. $3.75 for a simple salmon? :| . Food was ok. Don't think i'll be coming back anytime soon. Also the soysauce is super salty. It would be nice if they offered a lot salt soysauce as well

Review №89

1st time tonight was good and good service,thank you

Review №90

Better than sushi land

Review №91

I go here at least once a month.

Review №92

Not bad but not great.A good place for a cheap date.

Review №93

I love this place!

Review №94

I love sushi track

Review №95

It's ok. But not comparable to other places like this.

Review №96

Always a good time

Review №97

Good shiusi and japaneese food

Review №98


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Review №100

Good stuff.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
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  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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