New China Super Buffet
2003 N Saint Marys Street, Beeville, TX 78102, United States
Review №1

First time open for seated dining since the quarantine. They were taking all the necessary precautions and still able to serve a delicious buffet. Limited at this time but that's ok. It was good to be back. The owner even asked how the family was doing since it was just me and the wife. She's always so pleasant and friendly.

Review №2

Still the best Chinese in town even with only half the choices of before. Can't wait till the full assortment is available again.

Review №3

Every time I go here I end up sick. Sometimes right after, others times a few hours later. I do not recommend.

Review №4

Surprisingly great for a smaller town buffet. Came after 9pm hoping for something edible, instead found a good variety, fresh food, and excellent cooked to order steak. Clean, comfortable restaurant. Friendly and helpful employees.

Review №5

DJ La Wera highly deeply recommends New China super fresh delicious buffet everyday

Review №6

Not that good. Food was dry. Fried food was hard cold. Won't go back

Review №7

Great, Delicious Food! Bit pricy tbh but worth it.. Outside looks creepyish but inside is pretty cute! Lots of ice cream varieties!! Some food was a bit awkward tasting but the rest was great! 4/5 stars for sure!

Review №8

Nice place in a little town. The Chinese food is good. And the people that work there are very nice. Not to many dessert choices.

Review №9

I haven't tried the Mongolian or the sushi but the rest was great and refilled constantly. The desserts could be better as the fruit wasn't fully ripe and the other desserts were very simple but that's my only negative. Some of the reviews mention the service but it's been great every time for me.

Review №10

The food was not so fresh or hot. And the fish was cold.

Review №11

Best egg rolls ever! Fresh sushi. And a lot space to enjoy a meal. The staff has always been polite and helpful. The food has just the right amount of flavor and cooked all the way.

Review №12

The food was good. It would have been better with orange chicken in the buffet selection. Steak was too salty for my taste.

Review №13

The food is tasteless and dry. When they first opened up they were great. Came back to Beeville on holiday and went with my family and they absolutely suck. The only thing I enjoyed was the egg drop soup. They have changed their prices and even charge for kids. My daughter only ate some chicken nuggets. I was disappointed. This is not the New China I remember.

Review №14

Freshest tasting food.

Review №15

The food is good... Sometimes. It's pretty inconsistent. Your best bet to get fresh food is to go as soon as lunch starts or right when it ends and dinner begins.

Review №16

Great buffet for not being in a big city. Been coming here. Even tops the places in corpus. Good selection and the meats are soft and well cooked. Cant go wrong eating here. Rightly priced for a buffet.

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Review №18

Great buffet...great people

Review №19

Good food, very enjoyable plus there's lots of variety.

Review №20

Great food decent price friendly staff

Review №21

Excellent food and wonderful service!!

Review №22

Always a good selection, plenty of food out. This time had a bad case of gas afterward though Followed by Montezuma's revenge.

Review №23

Real good place to eat and enjoy the food but tonight food wasn't hot enough but other then that great

Review №24

We love this place!

Review №25

Large selection on buffet but a lot of the food was American cuisine and not Chinese.

Review №26

The food may good but the gentlemen who answers the phone is RUDE. I called to place an order, we are new in town, misspoke the name of the restaurant, he hung up on me while I was in the midst of saying I'm sorry, that's what I meant.Called back to still place a Togo order, he rudely tells me “Okay, THIS IS NEW CHINA BUFFET NOT HONG KONG.”Cool. Yeah I know. That's why I called back, but that's okay. I don't need Chinese food that bad. Soooo heads up if you call in an order, don't miss speak.

Review №27

Good Chinese food for beeville.

Review №28

I love this place!!! The owners and staff are wonderful!!! Update: 6/2/2020 While I hope to come back when they are fully stocked, we were very disappointed today. We called ahead to make sure the dining room was open, they neglected to tell us that it wasn't a full buffet. When we got there they asked us to wear gloves, which was fine but nobody getting take-out was wearing gloves. A girl was flipping noodles from her take-out container back into the noodle serving dish, without gloves. There was nothing the kids would normally eat being offered. I do like this place but we had to leave and while the owners have always been so nice to us, the gentleman tonight was not very nice about us having to leave. They should tell people they do not offer a full buffet right now and people getting take-out should also be required to wear gloves if the diners are. Hopefully, we will enjoy meals there again.

Review №29

We got there after 4pm and the food was cold. As more people arrived the food became more fresh and heated. So for the time of day it could have been better.

Review №30

Delicious food great service and awsome people!

Review №31

Food has improved significantly. The food tastes fresh, they keep trays full, big selection. Price is very inexpensive for the buffet. Large selection of healthy foods, desserts, ice cream, sushi, etc. Started going back more regularly. Staff is great and eager to please you with a smile.

Review №32

Good food and awesome service

Review №33

Food tasted like rubber, was cold, and the sweet n sour sauce tasted like soap

Review №34

Needs an up date, but pretty good variety of food.

Review №35

The buffet is good. There is also a menu for non buffet items which is great!

Review №36

Clean place food is good just that the food should be hot most of it is cold

Review №37

Always fun eating here especially when its all fresh

Review №38

Three stars because the wait staff is responsive and the food stays filled. Those are the only reasons. Not a fan of the looks you get from the staff. They constantly look at you like they are disgusted with you. I've had a German roach crawl across my hand on the table, and we were done after that. Have not gone back since.

Review №39

They were great love there stakes and are good waiters

Review №40

Horrible.... food was cold, sweet and sour sauce was nastyVery dissatisfied

Review №41

Has good food and friendly staff and owner

Review №42

There are several that I got today was very polite and very helpful anything that I needed was on hand so I gave her a $10 tip not much but I like the way she was treating us will recommend anybody to go there and eat

Review №43

Cold food and the Jello tasted like chemical.

Review №44

Excellent food!

Review №45

Great food alot to choose from.

Review №46

We were with some friends from work and they treated us very well and the food was all good. We have been there twice now and they definitely make it an enjoyable experience.

Review №47

A top site for delicious Chinese food. i'll return family next time. feels similar to a cafe in chicago i liked.

Review №48

Second time to eat here. Enjoyed food! Restaurant was recommended to us by friends.

Review №49

Order off the menu for take out, it's fresh and not from buffet!

Review №50

Great buffet items. Numerous selections. Food was seasoned well. Will definitely go again when I'm in the area.

Review №51

Amazing food for cheap! Sushi, steak, squid, oysters, frog legs and really good gen tso chicken. I couldn't believe the dinner buffet was only 10.89. I Highly recommend this place.

Review №52

Good variety and Free desert....Ice cream too.

Review №53

I came in with a group of friends and they would not stop staring at us and getting uncomfortably close

Review №54

I just moved to Beeville and it was my first time there (take out)... So I would have to go and dine in to have a better experience.

Review №55

Steak wasn't very good. The sushi, however, was great.

Review №56

Good food even a steak grill it the place to go in beeville for a China buffet

Review №57

Its a family place and very good coffee cakes

Review №58

Nothing spectacular or austentatious. It's just a strip mall Chinese buffet restaurant. But the selection was vast and varied. For the most part, the food was hot and prepared just right. The dessert selection also was more diverse than expected. I would come back.

Review №59

Haven't been to China Buffet in a few years. I was sadly disappointed with the food . Food was like warm except soup. Pathetic salad bar. I'll never waste money there again.

Review №60

Wonderful Place To Eat

Review №61

The food and prices are great.. my only complaint the menu never changes. The fish is always salmons. A black bass or cod something different.

Review №62

Great staff prices and food

Review №63

Fresh food was a welcomed sight and the staff was friendly.

Review №64

Delish, fresh and a good variety. Will definitely be coming back. The staff is super nice too.

Review №65

Good food most of the time great service every time I go and my family and I go here alot

Review №66

My top location for delicious chinese food. I'll return family next time.

Review №67

It's a little expensive and missing a few good Chinese food items. The egg drop soup is hit and miss being good one day and terrible the next. Overall though I love going here. The host listen well and service is usually pretty good

Review №68

Food was not hot, more warm, but tasty. Easy to overeat.

Review №69

Clean area,clean restrooms, great food, great service and most importantly the owner makes sure that every customer is satisfied. Wanted fresh fish and she brought me the amount requested all the way to our table. Always going to be #1chinese food restaurant to our family. Would highly recommend it.

Review №70

Good food

Review №71

Good food very clean. Fast service.

Review №72

Everything is always fresh and good tasting.

Review №73

Good food. For a buffet, good wait time and fair food options. Could use more food choices. Best time to go, around 12:00 to 2:00. Dinner time food is cold, and chefs give up by then.

Review №74

Waiter named Steve was very nice and came to our table multiple times and gave us refills and took our plates away when we were through with them!! I recommend you come and eat here!!!! The food is always fresh and good looking!!

Review №75

The food was fresh and very good. The staff were attentive and we needed for nothing. I truly enjoyed my visit to this buffet.

Review №76

Food just gad no flavor.

Review №77

Been here plenty of times and the food is pretty good. Service isn't the best, but it is a self serve buffet. They get you your drink, give you refills, and take away your dirty plates. You know exactly what you pay them to do, so don't go causing any inconveniences for the staff. Usually $15 which is for food and a drink that includes refills. Would recommend and come again.

Review №78

Food was fresh and delicious.

Review №79

Food was cold and the place is a trash can.

Review №80

They open at 11 am on a Saturday, I'm eating cold food at 11:30 am. Very old food for a high price.

Review №81

Simply love the place

Review №82

This place is great. Love the selection. We r in love with crawfish my husband loves the frog legs. Just great. Always great service

Review №83

Good fresh food

Review №84

Great food and friendly people. Great prices to. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Review №85

Food was fresh and steaks were cooked to perfection!!

Review №86

Horrible place. The food was cold and worst of all, when I was using the bathroom I saw an employee not wash his hands when he was finished using the facility. I then watched him go back to the kitchen. I informed the management to which they said he washed his hands in the back kitchen.

Review №87

Dirty plates in the clean plate stack.Several items they had set out were coldFood looked to be sitting there since they first opened up. Will definitely not be returning to this restaurant

Review №88

Fresh, tasty food.

Review №89

Food was COLD!!! buffet was steaming but food COLD..nasty

Review №90

Most of my food was not hot. Some almost cold. Lots of scolding of employees going on. Not that great of a meal and I had to pay $25 for two at the buffet.I've heard it's usually better.I'm not going to go again.

Review №91

Friendly staff. A variety of food which includes American food and also sushi. Cleanliness could be improved.

Review №92

Very good food. Especially like the build your own stir fry.

Review №93

Wife and I Came here on a Monday, and were a bit sceptical because of some comments.But there is so much variety, everything is delicious! They have a great selection of dessert too.All the standard foods you would want in a Chinese buffet! We ONLY paid 25$ for 2 adult dinners and 2 drinks! (You get free refills on the drinks)Staff is friendly and helpful.Overall a very good experience! :)

Review №94

It was good. Lots of selections. Kinda our go to chinese food place when we visit Beeville. Good service.

Review №95

I love Chinese food

Review №96

The man is a ugly man who wants to make you pay $30 dollars for the buffet .....Maggie is so much friendlier everyone likes her ....

Review №97

Great buffet great selection of foods and very friendly staff

Review №98

I don't like the smell but the food is good. I would recommend to my friends.

Review №99

Good food. Clean Restaurant. Staff is very friendly and make sure got plenty to Drink and take plates when you're finish. Lite Pricey.

Review №100

Great selection, price and staff

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  • Address:2003 N Saint Marys Street, Beeville, TX 78102, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 361-358-8889
  • Chinese restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–10:30PM
  • Thursday:11AM–10:30PM
  • Friday:11AM–10PM
  • Saturday:11AM–10PM
  • Sunday:11AM–10PM
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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