140 S Samish Way, Bellingham, WA 98225, United States

Review №1

Employees are extremely professional and polite. Food is very good as always. Meat is fresh

Review №2

I got a Dave's double special meal this is what my hamburger looks like after I ate it and I ordered a Sprite medium and fries yum yum yum thank you for serving me up Wendy's

Review №3

Liked the seasoned breakfast fries. Tried a few of the breakfast items, still have not found one to blow my socks off. But still good.

Review №4

Usually when I order a loaded baked potato they dont put in sour cream packets or chili sauce packets and they even tend to forget utensils and napkins. There have been a few times where I have gotten hair in my food that wasnt mine. I usually love the food but the service quality is terrible. Since it's not all bad I give this place 3 stars.

Review №5

Of all the Wendy's in Bellingham, this one is the fastest. Good selections and friendly staff. Be quick, they are fast here. They are clean as well!

Review №6

I was mainly happy about the fact that when I ordered a water with my $5 for 4 combo that I was handed a bottle rather than cup, which is very useful in my cupholder-free car. The fries were good, nuggets were good and sandwich was on point. Well done.

Review №7

Never thought I'd be so motivated to leave a review for a restaurant I rarely visit, but the Samish Way Wendy's really went above and beyond in my opinion. I called to see if they were offering lunch options in the morning, a gentleman named Tom said they can, it would just take longer to prepare, but that they'd be willing to get the order started before I head over. I told'em what I was hoping to order, said it'd be ~10-12min to get it all prepped and ready to go and to just let‘em know when I get there.It may not seem like something big to others, but I really appreciated that level of effort to probably go out of their way to prepare something before the customer arrived. Knowing how long it may take really helped make sure that there weren't any surprises for anybody when ordering too. If anybody happens to see this, Tom was quite helpful.

Review №8

I don't know what's going on with this location lately. The food is good enough, but I can clearly tell that the staff is overworked and undertrained, the person taking my order was interrupted by a completely different person shouting into the mic, the screen was broken, and they somehow managed to hear honey mustard as sweet and sour. I don't know what the manager is doing wrong, but it's clearly something major because one of the workers took out their frustrations by taking a bite out of our burgers last time we went. I feel bad for the people working here, for their sake stay away from this dump.

Review №9

I had an awesome experience at the samish Wendy's they went above and beyond to help me. Service was quick and the food was very delicious, I will definitely be going there again highly recommend them

Review №10

I've been here dozens of times. The staff is always friendly and polite, the food has always been hot and fresh and they've never made a mistake.

Review №11

Their parking lot is kinda tight, but pretty decent tasting food for a Wendy's

Review №12

Good food. Clean facility. Careful packing (sealed). And most importantly the staff are true gems.

Review №13

I can never seem to get a good batch of fries from these guys. But I've had some chicken sandwiches that were surprisingly tasty!

Review №14

I go here several times a week. The people are great, very friendly and courteous. They focus on quality, but it's adorable too. A nice treat to get is a Jr frosty with french fries. When I go inside it reminds me of the 90s for some reason, and that's a good thing. Downside: the drive-thru is often crowded. Why? Well obviously because they're successful and a great place to eat! So, the good: friendly, quality, price, frosty, nostalgia. The not as good: traffic.

Review №15

Much better than some that I have gone to when in the area again will definitely stop buy burgers were juicy not dry spicy chicken burger 5 star hot.enjoy...

Review №16

Stopped for breakfast this morning. So much better than their neighbor. Husband loved the biscuit and gravy. I loved the egg, bacon, and cheese biscuit. Potatoes were also good. Noticed that they do breakfast sandwiches with Swiss Cheese. Have to try next time. Thx.

Review №17

We stopped here at 1230 a.m. to get 3 meals and it was the worst idea ever. We should have gone next door to Mcdonalds. The hamburger patties were cold and dried out like they were cooked an hour prior. The vegetables were fresh at least. The fries were soggy greasy and cold Wendy's has really gone downhill and I don't think I will be going back. Do not eat here.

Review №18

I always order the spicy chicken nuggets!! Absoluty love them!

Review №19

Always fast and delicious. Strawberry Lemonade is top notch.

Review №20

Baconater, I love it. My dog does as well

Review №21

Very good food, very nice personnel and very clean. Enjoy coming here when on lunch break from visits to the State Archives Bellingham Branch down the road.

Review №22

Very poor experience with the manager Heather. I came through the drive-thru already having a bad day and hoping Wendy's could cheer me up. I asked for the biggie bag and said the one with the nuggets and chicken sandwich. Heather went on the headset and in a really rude tone said “actually that's the only biggie bag we have”. She didn't need to say that just should of say “what else can I get for you?”. Then when I came to the window I asked to speak to a manager about this experience and turns out the manager was the one who was rude. Got home looked in my bag and was missing ranch that I asked for, had 8 nuggets instead of 10 and no napkins. I'm really sad because I always go to Wendy's and now I think that will stop because of today.

Review №23

Service was good. Staff were friendly. Food was fresh and fast. Dining room was clean, bright and organized.

Review №24

I have not been to a Wendy's in years, but stopped at the drive through this evening. I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing customer service by Autumn and the quality of the food. Well done Wendy's in hiring such great young people and for stepping up the quality of your food.

Review №25

Fresh apple pecan salad.

Review №26

It was a little slow to get my food, but I hit them right at the lunch rush. Considering that, I received my food in a reasonable amount of time. The food was all well-made and tasty. A quality experience at a quality fast food restaurant.

Review №27

It's Wendy's the inside could use an update. The landscaping is wonderful. The food is good.

Review №28

Best bike shop in Bellingham. Amazing customer service

Review №29

The fries were not even hot. Thats the one mf thing you gotta do and they didn't

Review №30

Went there today and the customer service was great! Connie greeted us and took our order and was so nice to us and everyone who came in after us, she was really personable and sweet. 10/10 would give her a raise! Food was amazing as always and tables were clean.

Review №31

Always hoot fresh and super tasty. I love me a juicy triple stack and fries and a shake

Review №32

I was impressed with how the order was right and the delivery was early. Very good first impression. I will be ordering from there again in the future.

Review №33

I had a salad that was delicious and my 3 year old grandson ate some of it too. He asks me to take him to Wendy's because they have the best . Great friendly service also.

Review №34

Breakfast baconator rocks!

Review №35

Fast service, nice employees. Like having that free small frosty keychain for each visit well worth the buck or 2 to buy in the beginning

Review №36

Came through the drive-thru on my way back from Burlington needing a little sustenance before heading home. There's only one car in front of me and service was quick and pleasant. The line moved along nicely and when I got to the window asked about a special they were running and the woman explained it to me and then was willing to just go ahead and ring me up for the item when I decided to add it without any hassle . Overall Alizabeth made the experience very very nice.

Review №37

Very slow the last time I was there and for some reason mixed up my order but the time before that wasn't as bad so hopefully just a bad day

Review №38

One of the best in the fast food industry for taste and quality...

Review №39

Connie was terrific. The was a mistake only oder and she addressed it professionally and courteously.I will be. Ack.The honey chicken is great.David

Review №40

Every wendy's has the best service of any fast food place I've been to. The same can't be said for the food. Still good nonetheless.

Review №41

The food was Hot, Fast, And Very good. Gonna try again right now..

Review №42

A little slow but the food was fresh and the staff plesant

Review №43

2 for $5 is a good deal. Workers were very accommodating to requests.

Review №44

This is one of the best Wendy's I have been to regarding products when the order is correct BUT they missed out on 5 stars due to their numerous errors. They always take care of their errors. Free food is a nice gesture but sometimes you just want the food you ordered. Always check your bags because they often make mistakes and forget items. Management & staff is very nice here.

Review №45

Friendly service and good food!

Review №46

Better than most fast food, just wish their fries weren't so salty.

Review №47

It was kind of pricey and the service wasn't great and the staff weren't very patient.

Review №48

Wendy's seems to have the slowest drive thru of any fast food place out there. The wait would not be so bad if the meat was hot when you get it. I like a Frosty every now and then and that is the only reason to visit.

Review №49

Was pretty slow service and they forgot my daughter's drink, but on the plus side, they doubled down on her order (juice boxes), which was nice.

Review №50

Fast food- good burgers

Review №51

Spicy Nuggets and Spicy Chicken sandwich

Review №52

The customer service at this location is excellent. No matter the time of day or the worker, they always seem to be on point. Nice to see that "customer service" still means something, at least, in the fast food industry.

Review №53

I got to Wendy's all the time and their food is always so much better than a lot of the other fast food places. Not only does their food tastes better but this Wendys is always fairly quick, I never have to wait very long in the drive thru, and for a fast food restaurant the people are pretty Pleasant. The only weird thing I did notice is in the mornings when they open their frosties are amazingly good and cold but if you order them later in the day they're soft like they have been melted oh, I don't think there's anything they can do about this I assume it's just a machine. But their burgers are great I highly recommend them.

Review №54

Great service and text customer service as well as discounts via app.

Review №55

Delicious and fair priced value menu with many items.

Review №56

Matthew at the drive thru window is always there with a smile and a positive attitude!

Review №57

We couldn't ask for a better place to get lunch that was very affordable and tastefully prepared.

Review №58

Love their frostys

Review №59

Good clean cheap and tasty

Review №60

Service is excellent and the 4 for 4 deal Is unparalleled by any fast food chain for value and quality. The ability to get spicy nuggets puts the cherry on top of this cheap, fast, quality lunch.

Review №61

This Wendy's is super solid. Never any mix ups. They always get my weird order right unlike the one in Everett.

Review №62

I loved the food because of the options. I loved it.

Review №63

The food is good but slow service!

Review №64

Food tasted like grease. Especially the fries. Ordered a burger and I wish I hadn't. Now I have eaten at other Wendy's and it seemed fine, but maybe it's this location they need a lot of help! I give you a one star and that's for the frosty!

Review №65

Very adequate Wendy's, nothing surprising about there service.

Review №66

Slowest in the country (Truck driver here). Almost 20 minutes wait for dine in. I ordered a baconator and when I finally got my food it was a chicken sandwich.

Review №67

So much better then the Meridian location! I was so unsatisfied with my previous nights trip, that I decided to try a different location, and I'm glad I did! The customer service was similar to the Meridian location (it wasn't the drive thru workers fault they were out of some items) which is to say that they were all pleasant! The Samish location had baked potatoes and chicken nuggets, which Meridian didn't. Our burger and chicken sandwich fully satisfied our Wendy's urge! My only complaint is that they forgot our side of sour cream for the baked potato, but in the grand scheme of things, that's not too bad at all!

Review №68

My almost everyday 4 for 4

Review №69

Sometimes okay service is otherwise hilariously bad. So slow, 20 minutes for a $4 4 peice meal. Ordered a bacon cheeseburger without cheese ( a bacon hamburger ) and received a very cold cheeseburger, no bacon. Decided to turn my car off twice :/

Review №70

As far as Wendy's food goes if you have had it before then you know what to expect with the food. Quality is one of my favorites for fast food. As far as this location actually goes it is hit or miss. I have had multiple wrong orders received from this place, the parking lot is a mess to get in and out of. The staff is also hit or miss. It's fine, I go there still but yeah, I just always make sure to check my food before leaving.

Review №71

We got the key chain so we get free jr. Frosty with order. You can get six piece chicken nugget for $1 on the app.

Review №72

The food offer is more less the same as Mc'donalds but at MC is better experience

Review №73

Best fast food place...also, willing to serve a group of college kids walking through the drive thru with a couch on their heads

Review №74

Hit & miss. Sometimes it's very sloppy.

Review №75

The 4 for 4 deal is the best bang for your buck at any fast food place and its by far one of the better tasting fast foods.

Review №76

I like how they didn't turn us away for having a large dollar bill. The Wendy's on the guide meridian basically cancelled our order prior to discovering this location... Due to having too large of a dollar bill.

Review №77

Price is fair. Food is TASTY

Review №78

Best fast food menu, freshest, and tastiest in the area. Only lunch stops I make! Prices are reasonable, locations at both ends of town are well-staffed, clean area for 'dining in' and they will efficiently handle a complaint to your satisfaction, should you have one. As with all drive-thrus, check to be sure your order is correctly filled before driving off.

Review №79

Never had any issues from this Wendy's, and the staff is always friendly and helpful.

Review №80

We like Wendy's burger better than other fast food chains. And their 4 for $4 is a pretty good value. I come away feeling like I've had plenty to eat, even though the burgers for this deal are quite small.

Review №81

Love wendys try to have it at least once a week.

Review №82

Good service good food very friendly I was having car trouble and employees came out and asked me if I need help ... thanks for carrying

Review №83

I like their burgers. I always have, so I go to wendy's quite a bit.

Review №84

Great fast food I wouldn't even call it fast food it's some top-notch high-quality food chicken nuggets are quite expensive though but it's worth it burgers taste amazing I love how to use square meet big fan of the white bags overall a great experience and for the price I would take it over most places.

Review №85

Usually my experience with Wendy's is good. This time they tried to charge me too much for what I ordered. The food was good for fast take out.

Review №86

The food was always fresh and tasty which why l loved coming here.

Review №87

Fast junk food. Blah. I'm not anti Wendy's, but I realized once I bought it it was just a pile of junk food.

Review №88

Convenient location with easy freeway access. Clean and friendly service.Hey! It's a Wendy's, you know what to expect and they didn't disappoint. Same familiar menu, served quickly and reasonably.This location has recently upgraded to the Coke "Freestyle" system so you can pick from 160+ different Coke flavors and combinations.Also, don't forget to bring your "Free Frosty" keyfob (you DID buy at LEAST one, didn't you????) so you can get your free dessert.

Review №89

I like it...good burgers

Review №90

The food tastes like Wendy's the place is clean but some of the workers kind of sucked, I just hate it when that Miss fear just feels kind of weird you know there's nothing wrong with it just feels weird.

Review №91

Very busy but the service was outstanding

Review №92

Very unfriendly place. Abrupt and a very cold.

Review №93

Wendy's is my favorite fast food BY FAR. They almost always beat prices at all other fast food eateries. Additionally, they never send out warm or cold products. They have beef, chicken, fish & fries that equal almost all selections at other fast food competitors. Also, as a bonus for us grey-haired customers they offer free small soft drinks.

Review №94

I love it and its amazing

Review №95

Bad small, and not really good taste.

Review №96

Good burger & friendly service "!

Review №97

2nd day going getting my salads , the employees are on top of there game, they make your order right , friendly and great customer service. . My salads have been fresh .

Review №98

I don't remember going to this Wendy's! But Google says I ate here, and boy did I love it!

Review №99

Only use drive through but always have great service and food.

Review №100

It's pretty good for fast food.

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  • Address:140 S Samish Way, Bellingham, WA 98225, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 360-752-0055
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:7:30AM–1AM
  • Tuesday:7:30AM–1AM
  • Wednesday:7:30AM–1AM
  • Thursday:7:30AM–1AM
  • Friday:7:30AM–1AM
  • Saturday:7:30AM–1AM
  • Sunday:7:30AM–1AM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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