Bayview Cafe
850 Bayview Ave, Biloxi, MS 39530, United States

Review №1

The food and the service is absolutely terrible. My fiance and I ordered the country fried steak and it was so tough we couldn't even chew it and grease logged the server who took their time between checking to see if we needed anything or drinks was very rude when offered one of the meals be removed we agreed and asked for a to-go box for the other meal as we're asking server proceeds to snatch the other plate off the table we will not be eating here again it would be much more efficient spending 30 bucks at the vending machine getting snacks then eating it Bayview Cafe

Review №2

Beautifully renovated. Service was great! Food was eehhhh. Best part is they're open 24/7. I've tried it twice and had ordered a lot of food, nothing really stands out except for the garlic mash potatoes & cajun pasta.

Review №3

Food is decent but not very good. I had to eat here a couple times for breakfast while I was staying at IP because it was one of the very few places that opens in the morning.My recent order was a Back Bay omelette--the only dish I thought was great. The highlight of this dish is the crawfish sauce. Somehow they left it out of my to-go order. I asked if I could come down to get the sauce. However, the worker had a terrible attitude and told me that I would have to literally bring my food back to the restaurant to get the sauce.Also, there's also no option to call from your room to order pick-ups. You'd have to come to the restaurant to order then come back again to pick up, which I think is ridiculous.

Review №4

I have had only one experience without issues here since it was the High Times Cafe on the 2nd floor. Unfortunately the food quality is usually fair-poor and the service inconsistent. Now at the point where I refuse to eat here on my trips.

Review №5

Had server Rebecca . She was great, very friendly, polite and helpful. I had a beef brisket sandwich with cheese, peppers,onions and mushrooms with a salad and fries. It was very delicious and the price was not to bad. Was not to busy , was there on a Monday about 4:45 . I will be back !! Thank you Rebecca!!

Review №6

We loved our food, and the appetizers were SO GOOD! We got the crawfish egg rolls and seafood beignets. The chocolate cake was delicious with the berries, and the sweet potato tater tots were wonderful.

Review №7

Limited menu. Food was coldBurnt Bacon on the hamburger. Won't go there again.

Review №8

Service is terrible and the food is very hit or miss. I recommend eating elsewhere

Review №9

Kiddos loved the pepperoni pizza and the potato soup/salad with grilled chicken was good. Becky was our server and she was great! Sissy colored Cinderella too, it's on the back of the kids menu! ;)

Review №10

Worst service ever! The food was terrible. 3 chicken tenders for 9.99 is outrageous.the steak tasted like rubber

Review №11

If not for the mediocre service I give this place 4 stars because the food was good. I ate dinner there twice and both servers were inadequate. It seems they have no service standard. I wonder what training they're given? Both servers were very slow even when I only asked for ice water refills. Generally I was ignored way too long both nights. Most servers know that good attentiveness = a good tip. Something is wrong there.

Review №12

A great alternative to the buffet at IP. Good food. Generous portions. I highly recommend this place.

Review №13

Great food in nice clean environment. Had the chicken sandwich for dinner and Denver omelette for breakfast. Both were excellent dishes. Highly recommended.

Review №14

1st day for breakfast was awesome. Chevy our waitress was awesome. 2nd day for dinner was great. 3rd day for Late night. Service was so slow. Had to wait forever for drinks, silverware. Just ridiculous. Forgotten food, refills, etc. Waitress didn't really check on us.

Review №15

This Cafe area has been renamed The 850. We loved it! My sister had the chicken and peach bourbon waffle. She said it was rich, but very good and quite unique. She would have liked to have more waffle for the amount of chicken. I had the Fish & Chips and they were great. I am not a fan of french fries and usually eat a few but these were the best french fries I have ever eaten and I ate every one! The presentation of both meals showed that the chef takes pride in his work. We will definitely be back next time we go to Biloxi.

Review №16

My husband ordered the southern pot roast. The roast was dry, tough, and flavorless. The potatoes tasted like they had been cooked and frozen for a while. My chicken piccata (daily special) had plenty of capers (which I don't mind), but nothing else was as described. Think of it more as ordering chicken with angel hair and lot of butter with capers. No lemon, wine or shallots. Our server only came back with the check and we were not asked about the quality of our food. They may have learn a thing or two of things that they could improve if they had talked with us, but customer service is not their strength here. You been warned, skip this place.

Review №17

I had a great visit, Jordan was my server and was pleasant and efficient. The manager, Gary I believe, was awesome and attentive. Highly recommend!

Review №18

First of all, our server Tee redeemed any past experience we've ever had! Our service was exceptional and our food was great! Thank you Tee and keep doing what you're doing.

Review №19

Service is trash but the food is good.

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Review №21

We ordered breakfast for dinner which was not very good. First time we didn't care for the food. Recommend ordering breakfast in the morning.

Review №22

Bay View Cafe's has a large number of young male wait staff. I like to see young men working. They are very energetic, friendly, and efficient. My waiter Doug was fantastic.

Review №23

Our waitress, Angel, recommended the country fried steak that came with garlic mashed potatoes and a side for 12.99. It was one of the best country fried steaks we had ever had. It was as big as the plate! The garlic mashed potatoes were delicious as well. Angel was a great waitress and gave us great service. We will definitely go back!

Review №24

Great place to relax and have a cup of coffee

Review №25

Since the cafe relocated to the first floor I think it has really improved. They have changed the menu a few times to fine tune it and while many classics remain, the Korean short rib sandwich didn't and it's a shame since it was so delicious. Only reason 4 instead of 5 stars is service is always inconsistent. The gumbo was especially tasty today and I finally tried the HUGE chicken fried steak, bringing more than half home. (We asked the waiter if anyone finishes it and he reported about 5 out of 100.) Work on service and they will earn that 5th star.

Review №26

We have been here several times and the food is always good and the servers are friendly. I recommend giving it a try

Review №27

Me and my date came and sat down and no one came to take our order until 30 plus minutes of us sitting there. The waitress took our order and read it back to us and it was correct. My side salad came but his appetizer never came. When my meal came his was not with it. After waiting another thirty minutes the waitress finally came to check on us and when was asked about his order she claimed he never ordered. After going to check the manager came and apologized for the inconvenience and offered to take the cheapest item off our bill. I am very disappointed and made it clear that I was.

Review №28

Terrible terrible customer service. Stay away from this restaurant. If i could give it zero stars i would. Our waiter did not check in on us not one time during our whole meal. Waiter had a very bad attitude. The whole experience was just terrible.

Review №29

It took to long to get someone to help us and it was very cold in the restaurant..

Review №30

So far everything that I have eaten at this Cafe has been great! No complaints. Then the fact that they're open 24 hours makes it even more perfect.

Review №31

Excellent food. Great staff. Wonderful atmosphere.

Review №32

Ordered a New York strip steak well done and got a medium well steak sent it back . Then I got a burnt steak on the outside and STILL MEDIUM WELL INSIDE . NOWHERE NEAR HAPPY WITH THIS PLACE. 11:22 AT NIGHT AND IM LOOKING FOR SOMEWHERE TO EAT NOT GOOD BAYVIEW NOT GOOD AT ALL.

Review №33

Tried it twice in same day. Lunch was ok. The waitress was bad. Once we got our food she never checked backed until she saw we were ready for the check. That was about 15 minutes since we had been finished. BUT SHE TOOK CARE OF MORE IMPORTANT CUSTOMERS.Tonight I went by to get a to go item. Keep in mind we are guests. I asked the greeter if I could place an order to go and bring back to our room. She advised no. I had to use room service. It was 11:00pm and it is 24-7.Something very wrong here.NOT GOOD SO FAR FOR A VALENTINE'S GET AWAY.

Review №34

Were never waited on. Sat down and flagged down the host after 5 minutes to ask if we had a server. She went and spoke to a person (manager?) and came back and said, are you leaving? It is going to be a yes, we left. Cannot believe that they could not at least get someone to bring usxwater, waiters walked by, so us there. Teamwork? Non existent.

Review №35

Close this place already. Terrible service. Horrible food, and the managers could care a less. Last time I'll ever go to this Casino because of the quality of service and experience we had all together. Been coming for years to IP been at this restaurant several times and haven't had a decent meal or service ever.

Review №36

Loved it

Review №37

The food is above average but the service is atrocious! They forgot my soup, messed up my wife's bowl of soup with a cup, brought us the wrong food, couldnt give us a refill on drinks to save our soul ( we had to go to the hostess to get one) and had the nerve to think that two free desserts should make up for getting 25% of the order correct. Totally upsetting.

Review №38

Garbage don't waste your time

Review №39

Very good a variety of food from breakfast lunch and dinner staff is very friendly it is open 24 hours now

Review №40

This was my second time eating at the bay view, the first time we had a bad experience (I'll leave those details out) with them and we said we would never be back. But, we decided to try once again, this time since it was after certain hours they only offered a smaller menu selection. We didn't want much so my boyfriend ordered the "seafood" gumbo which came with rice, we asked for the rice on the side needless to say he ended up with more of a sausage gumbo (we never found any seafood) then seafood and the rice looked and tasted like it had been left out and dried up. I myself ordered a patty melt plain with french fries with the patty melt on a different bun, when I received the melt it had everything on it and was on the regular rye bread instead of what I requested, they remade it with the right bun the second time, but forgot to make it (plain). I showed the waiter he apologized and asked if there was anything else he could get me, I said no thanks I'm not that hungry any more, so he brings out our bill and the patty melt was still on there! I politely asked to speak with a manager, and she is the only reason I'm giving the place 3 stars, because she went above and beyond not only did she void our whole check, but also gave us a free meal and dessert. We might try once again when their more established and familiar with everything. (It's only been opened a few month's)

Review №41

Delicious Food, Polite Hostess, and waitress!

Review №42

Not a good experience at all. Wish I could add a picture of what was on top of silverware container. Will not be back again !!

Review №43

Love it. The loaded potato soup is wonderful.

Review №44

The hostess was working hard and tried to seat us but the Food Shift Supervisor was giving us and her co-worker a hard time. She asked us to get up and remove ourself after we were already seated by the hostess. Not sure why she thought this was acceptable behavior. This is why Lorie Berumen the Food Shift Supervisor isn't pleasant to be around and gave a negative energy to the restaurant. I'd suggest she work on her customer service skills or that she works in the back of the kitchen where she won't be seen or heard by the customers.

Review №45

I have been waiting for over an hour on 2 clusters of crab legs and steak med rare....they are not busy...they have only 10 tables and if I could give a 0 for service I will. No one has checked on us or has am explanation of why our food is taking so long

Review №46

We stopped by to get dinner before a wonderful show on 1/18. We were greeted by a nice young lady named, Danielle. She was great and attentive. The restaurant was slammed packed, but she made sure to make me and my husband feel like we were the only ones there. We never had to ask for a refill, which is expected, she had all of our condiments ready ahead of time therefore we didn't have to wait for her to bring them after we got our meal. Being a restaurant manager for 14 years, I know great service when I get it. Your bus boys are great as well, when our waitress got caught up on another table they made it their business to clear the table after we ate our appetizer. Our meal was great, we started off with Matter cakes as an appetizer, which she had recommended and they were great. My husband had a seafood platter and I had shrimp and grits, which were by far the best I've ever had. I would love to give this place a five star review, but during our meal, there was a manager( short blonde hair, and very short in height) walking around harassing and belittling all of the wait staff within our view. Not very professional in the way she went about telling the waitresses/waiter what to do and how to do it. At one point she came up to our table and asked if “Danielle was providing great service” as if she expected her to be doing a horrible job. That is not how things should be ran. At my place of business I encourage my staff to be great, not go around hounding them expecting them to mess up. Not a good look Ip! As a customer we want to come and enjoy a meal without knowing what's going on in the back of house (or should be in the back of house). I wish I could have asked our waitress for the managers name to put in this review, but lord forbid she'd get in trouble for giving us her name. Better shape it up IP, I could tell by your staffs body language they're not too infatuated with her(manager) either. While your staff may be replaceable in such a successful corporation as yours, waiting jobs are a dime a dozen as well. Happy wife, happy life. Happy waitress/waiter, happy customer.

Review №47

The service is beyond horrible! I cannot stress enough how bad the service is. I wish there was a negative rating for this place. Do not expect service at all. The people that were hired (including management) have no training.

Review №48

I order a hot dog with chili but i has beans on it.

Review №49

The food was not seasoned and the customer service was minimal. It was not worth the amount I paid for the food.

Review №50

Upon entry of the Bayview Cafe hostess Elizabeth was very very rude treated as if I worked for IP casino not as a paying customer when I asked why she was so rude she had no explanation:The food is great here although the service is horrible.Soif you plan on being treated fairly and respected Do not eat at the Bay view cafe.

Review №51

Best casino buffet in town

Review №52

Food takes forever to come out. Short staffed. Servers too busy to wait on you.

Review №53

If i could leave zero stars i would. The only one person who was taking care of the tables wasint even a seever, they said she jusr brought out the food for every table. All while the servers where just talking in the corner. It took 45 minutes being the only 2 people in the whole place, plus when we asked about it they called security. So after about an hour of going back in fourth we ended up getting the food. Will not be back and i would not recommend to anyone.

Review №54

Wonderful food and friendly staff

Review №55

I know it's new but I expected more from a restaurant at the IP. It is over priced and the service both times I've been was horrible. The decor is nice and the fries are good. The first visit I had the cowboy up burger, it was a bit milder in flavor than I expected despite having everything on it. Still it was pretty good. Others ordered the Mississippi burrito and enjoyed it. However, the soda was $3.00 the burger around $15.00, with tip it was over $23.00 for a burger and fries. The server was slow and left us alone almost the entire time, we had to find our own condiments. There were only a handful of people eating so it was odd trying to figure out where was our server. Others in my party did enjoy their meals. But for our party of 4 with no one ordering alcohol just soda, tea, hamburgers and the Mississippi burritos our bill was over $100.00. That was on opening day so I didn't review them. My next visit I ordered chicken tenders $9.99 and got water with lemon. Server brought no lemon and then disappeared for 20 minutes. A second server brought our food and I asked for lemon. The portion size was 3 tenders, not large tenders either. On the menu it said it came with jalapeno pickles, it came with 3 hamburger dill chips in a zesty spicy sauce. It did come with enough honey mustard and ranch for 20 chicken tenders and they were not bad. I asked when ordering if it came with fries and was told yes but it came to the table with no fries. I asked the 2nd server about fries, he said oh, they must have forgotten. Then came back to the table and said sorry fries don't come with that. Fast forward 20 minutes and the original server returned with the check. No one ever came to check on the table and the check has everyone's meal on it. She never asked if it was the same check. Then she disappeared again leaving us to wait to ask if she could fix the bill. Eventually she returned and left again, leaving us with no pen.

Review №56

It wasn't friendly and no machines pay out it's not a great place to gamble the women staff are mean and rude.

Review №57

Good service, great bartender.

Review №58

Fun,great food

Review №59

Waiter food great

Review №60

You have to pay for crab legs.

Review №61

Need to improve on a food and menu

Review №62

Foid not that great

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Review №65

Not enough items on menu.

Review №66

Amazing food!!

Review №67

Great sushi!!!

Review №68

4.00 per shrimp after complaining to waiter on the order of shrimp scampi. HORRIBLE PRICES!!!!! Got 5 shrimp total and a bowl of no for $20.00

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Review №71

Love the service

Review №72

Love it

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  • Phone:+1 228-436-3000
  • American restaurant
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  • Great coffee:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
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  • Healthy options:Yes
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  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Groups:Yes
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