Little Caesars Pizza
2025 Pass Rd, Biloxi, MS 39531, United States

Review №1

Me and my son from Texas dropped by here to grab some pizza. Delicious just plain out tasty. I rested this store, this particular store to be the best on the entire Gulf Coast. If you like great taste drop in on this particular store and you and your family will be blessed. Not only five stars but a Standing Ovation.

Review №2

I love little Caesar's extra most bestest pizza. I tried the 1/2 and 1/2 with the garlic cheese pizza slices. I would just order that as a pizza so good. I love that they have a drive thru.

Review №3

My favorite store location. Nice and cheesey, on point majority of the time. Portal pick-up too.

Review №4

Love the bread stick and pepperoni half an half

Review №5

Old and cold, and chewy. So was the bread sticks.

Review №6

I'm only giving two stars because I order two pizzas. One thin crust. Pepperoni. Cooked right. The problem. Cut into a bunch of little pieces like it was the screw up pizza from the new guy. The second pizza was the biggest problem. It was doughy and the toppings wouldn't stay on. Just bad. We normally order from the ocean springs store and they taste fantastic. Since moving to Biloxi. I tried this one and I don't think I will be back, I'll go to ocean springs. I don't like writing bad reviews but this store needs some help.

Review №7

Love there pizza

Review №8

Very good

Review №9

I like hot n ready

Review №10

Been eating at this place for ages despite the below average service. Tonight, on Monday June 17th at 6:45pm, however, was the last straw.See, I had already waited 30 minutes for a thin crust pepperoni pizza when I was informed by the girl at the desk that the African American gentleman who was cooking in the back forgot to put my pizza in. Despite only being 50% of the current staff working at the time, this cook is responsible for committing roughly half of my failed service. I looked back to see him diddling around on his cell phone while senior citizens stood in the lobby for 40+ minutes waiting on pizza. If this restaurant knows what's good for it, they'll replace this cook immediately.

Review №11

No one ever came over the speaker to get my order. I drove to the window and none of the workers looked my way.. I sat there for a few minutes and got online and ordered Pizza Hut, I drove off as I confirmed my order. I wasn't happy. It wasn't even near closing time either.

Review №12

Love the pizza. Just needs to be cooked a little bit longer. Always have to bring them home and put them in the oven for a few. Not raw,just not the way I like my pizza. But all in all. You get what you pay for.

Review №13

Waited 30 minutes for a drive through cheese pizza and never got it. Ten other cars waiting, too. We just got our money back and made sandwiches for supper.

Review №14

Quick well priced

Review №15

This location is 1.5 miles from my house. It's sad that i have to drive to the next town over b/c i know this one will have me wait at lest 20min ( for a hot n ready), or mess up my order smh I guess if the staff wasn't always so busy on their phones or relaxing on the front counter they MIGHT be able to get it right.

Review №16

It's little Caesar's

Review №17

Best pizza, best price...

Review №18

The pizza is always fresh and taste amazing.

Review №19

Easy, quick and affordable

Review №20

Didn't taste right...something off about the taste

Review №21

Its not Dominos or Pizza Hut, but you definitely get your moneys worth.

Review №22

The deliver left the pizza box on the ground so nasty

Review №23

The cook tim deserves a raise, hes always smiling and in a good mood. Hes also working his butt off to make sure the customers are satisfied.

Review №24

Fast inexpensive good pizza

Review №25

I always end up waiting for my pizza every time I visit. I guess that means I am getting fresh pizza but it kind of defeats the purpose of "hot and ready" pizza. Also they have a sign on the window saying to use their app to order ahead next time but when I tried to use it to cut down on wait time this store did not offer ordering through the app.

Review №26

Quick service and always worth the trip. Can't complain with the price. Friendly staff and clean environment. Order ahead for anything other than the Hot 'N Ready so it is ready in time.

Review №27

I've been getting pizza here for a couple of years, but recently the service has gone downhill. I always order Italian cheesy bread and pay for a cup of sauce. Went through the drive thru today and ordered like normal—a $6 pepperoni pizza and Italian cheesy with a cup of sauce. I pulled around and waited 5-10 minutes for the order. They give me a pizza and a box of cheesy bread, so I asked for the sauce I'd requested. The employee told me “oh, we always put the sauce on the ICB” when customers ask for sauce. Never in my two years of ordering have they put the sauce directly over the cheese sticks. When I explained I wanted a cup of sauce, she said she didn't charge me. I told I her I didn't care, that's I'd pay for the sauce, but she closed the window and told them to remake the order. First of all, don't refer to your products with initials—ICB sounds a lot like IBS, and it's confusing to the customer. Second, make no assumptions about orders. It doesn't take long to clarify what a customer wants by asking “Do you want the sauce on the bread or in a cup?”

Review №28

The staff here are quick!

Review №29

Quick an yummy

Review №30

Service was ok but wait was long. I ordered a deep dish and waited at least 10mins and was asked to park. They were very busy but the pizza was good.

Review №31

Me and my husband went there too get dinner the service was excellent and ad always the pizza was very delish.

Review №32

I don't know why some people hate on this food. Honestly, it's great pizza for the price and their stuffed crust is better than Pizza Hut.

Review №33

Its good for cheap. Its pizza how could you not like it.

Review №34

Cant beat 5 dollar pizza

Review №35

Although this location is probably more busy than they are prepared for at times they manage to accommodate with quick service times. The young staff are still learning what friendly service looks like but they are not intentionally rude or disrespectful. A stronger lead from management is perhaps needed to address this but these are mostly teens at their very first employment.... And with an easy menu it's not overwhelming and they do a good job.

Review №36

It would be more accurate if I could give 0 stars. I have always loved and never had any issues with Little Caesars until I moved here to Biloxi a few months ago from outta state. Ive been to this LC on Pass Rd 5 times the past month. Every single time I order crazy bread they give me old died out bread. Even when I ask for fresh made they insist it was just made and again its old and dried out.

Review №37

Great food for the price.They will top your pizza the best.

Review №38

Nice staff but i have always had to wait for a hot and ready at any Little Ceaser's i have gone to. I hate this chain but my kids love it.

Review №39

After being served the least appetizing pizza and being given cheesy bread instead of crazy bread my last time there, I decided to give it one more chance because I wanted some quick pizza. I went through the drive-through and was told my cheese pizza would take six minutes. After 20 minutes of being totally ignored (during which time, the person behind me gave up and drove around me), I drove off. I'll be generous and give them 1.5 stars because they ignored me so much that they never made me pay. I know I won't be going back.

Review №40

Cheap and good pizza

Review №41

The deep deep dish pizza is sooooo good here. If you put this on a plate and told me it was Little Caesar's I wouldn't believe it. The cinnamon bites are awesome too!The two gentlemen that were at the store on Wednesday night were very friendly and polite.And the store was very clean!

Review №42

I like it, really good

Review №43

Got a double pepperoni Deep Deep Dish and some Pretzel Dips today both were great.Best part of dinner today was Kim the girl that took our order she is a shining star in that place. She was so friendly and a pleasure to talk to. We're only here for a week but we will eat here again before we leave.Great experience!

Review №44

Bestest pepperoni pizza ever

Review №45

This pizza is cheap and easy to get with "hot and ready" pizzas, but it's not the best pizza you're going to eat. It is a quick option if you just want a cheese or pepperoni pizza.

Review №46

Terrible service and still had to wait on my food whenever I was told it was ready

Review №47

I always go to this one even if the Popps Ferry Rd store is closer because they have way better customer service and the food isn't either burnt or under cooked like at the Popps Ferry store is a lot...

Review №48

Quick and good

Review №49

Pizza was good. Would have been better if they didn't forget about me when They told me to pull around and they'd bring it out in a minute. 55min later I finally went inside and they all laughed.

Review №50

Very fast service!

Review №51

Had problem with order, all taken care of. A+

Review №52

Longest wait ever. Food was nasty and had been sitting a while but I had to wait??

Review №53

You can't sit down and eat . It is carry out and drive through only. Hot and ready

Review №54

Very nice staff

Review №55

Loved it pizza was Hot an Ready an cook perfectly.

Review №56

Pizza was good customer service sucked bad! There was no structure as to who was ordering and when there was confusion amongst the customers team members did not place an effort of control to handle the situation.

Review №57

This store is one of the better Little Caesars. The staff are friendly, and the service is usually great. Wait times are usually no more than 10 minutes here. I'd definitely recommend this Little Caesars to anyone.

Review №58

Best Pizza Love The big New York Slices.

Review №59

Good pizza for fast food

Review №60

Good pizza

Review №61

Very nice people

Review №62

I would give no stars if it were possible. My fiancé and daughter went in today(4th of July) it's only 2pm and they waited 5 minutes at the drive thru, no one answered so they went inside. They waited another 10 minutes inside and when my fiancé finally asked for someone to take his order he was straight up told “we're not taking your order we're trying to go home early today”. Completely rude and unprofessional. All the employees should be fired for not doing their job and being so ignorant and rude. Every time we go we get treated very poorly.

Review №63

Good food, wait was a bit longer thank expected but not bad for bargain pizza

Review №64

I called in my order she didn't ask for my name.... when I came in and told I had just ordered over the phone which didn't matter anyway because my order was completely wrong she asked 3 times what was that again. So it had to be remade what was the purpose of calling it in I don't live in the area but come down this way every once in awhile. I will not be back to the Biloxi little Caesar again

Review №65

Been there many times. Almost always my pizza is burnt.

Review №66

Great for kids. The only place left to get taco pizza...maybe.

Review №67

Tastes like cardboard

Review №68

Great all the time

Review №69

Fast & good service

Review №70

Good service and they are so polite.

Review №71

Asked for a menu to take home and they were unable to produce one$5 pizza tastes like $5 pizza....On a positive note, customer svc was good and wait time for our order was

Review №72

Went in to get a hot and ready decided i want the cinnamon pull apart as well... Wasn't none made and the worker wasn't emphasizing to make me any..Sad

Review №73

Not what I expected I've been buying here for years and tonight was the worst my step dad bought me some wings and instead of getting my money's worth and got less than what I expected I did not expect this is like idk what her name was but it's like she did not want us to get what we needed and that's not fair I work at a fast food restaurant and I always make sure our customers are happy but with what happened not again

Review №74

Fast and nice

Review №75

Purchased a Hot n Ready Pepperoni...was shocked that there were only 1.2 Pepperoni per slice... someone, including the owner is not doing their job... will not return...had to give them 1 Star, actually rate them at negative 5...Thanks for the rip off!!!

Review №76

Fresh, fast & friendly

Review №77

Loud music in the background. The employees couldn't remember who's order was who's. My Extra Most Bestest was burnt to a crisp and maybe it's just me, but there was less cheese on this than a normal large pepperoni.

Review №78

They were real nice and quick

Review №79

Not good.

Review №80

Fast service, decent pizza, cheap. Not much to complain about.

Review №81

Quick and ready. Mostly positive experiences here. Maybe a handful of disgruntled cashiers or just annoyed to be at work kind of attitudes.

Review №82

Dude tired to make you get the $6 one trying to say the $5 one ant ready that it'll be 10min till its ready but he has the other right now, dont listen order the classic it'll be ready,,,

Review №83

I live right by this place! Great food and service!

Review №84

Wonderful service

Review №85

I love these inexpensive, yet delicious pizzas

Review №86

Very good pizza,wings,and prompt service when you order very polite people to make sure your order is right.

Review №87

Good pizza for the price, really good deep dish for outside of Chicago. And the crazy bread is always in point.

Review №88

The service is pretty good their. Loce the pizzas

Review №89

Out go to spot for quick pizza for the kids. Friendly staff.

Review №90

Great hot and ready nost bestest

Review №91

Fast and easy

Review №92

Love their pizza, great value

Review №93

Great food, helpful staff.

Review №94

Hot, fast & quick.... Like my 1st husband. Lol

Review №95

Very limited on choices didn't have half the stuff on the menu and were really rude.. They cussed constantly and I could barely put my order in cause they were so loud

Review №96

Winner winner

Review №97

Good cheap pizza

Review №98

I waited forever and a day only to get pizza that looked a hot mess.

Review №99

Great value

Review №100

Hot and ready

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  • Address:2025 Pass Rd, Biloxi, MS 39531, United States
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  • Phone:+1 228-594-2136
  • American restaurant
  • Pizza restaurant
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  • Fast food restaurant
  • Pizza delivery
  • Pizza Takeout
Working hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–10PM
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Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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