Saltgrass Steak House
140 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39530, United States

Review №1

I've been to many Saltgrass Steakhouses in Texas prior to this visit. It was good but the menu is more limited than the Texas locations. I got Chicken Fried Steak with country gravy to the side, otherwise the crunch gets soggy. I remembered this being so good. In this case overall it was good but not as good. There was an end of the steak that bent and doubled which allowed part of the steak to be uncooked batter in the middle. Not good. The thin portion that didn't have uncooked dough was good. My friend got the Chicken Laredo which has traditionally been good there and this one didn't disappoint. We did start with the range rattlers which is a must do at this restaurant. For those not aware it is a very large shrimp stuffed into a jalapeno with jack cheese, then battered and deep fried. A most excellent choice. Also having 22 oz beer on draft is great. We chose Blue Moon as always excellent. The disappointment was I felt it was all to rushed for us by this waiter. He was alright but I like when a waiter comes back to check on you and see how things are. That did NOT happen with this server so I just had to sit and stew over the batter being raw. He said he'd let someone know but I know he didn't. It was still nice though to know I have a place to go when I need a little bit of my former Texas life.

Review №2

This was my first Saltgrass experience. I looked online they had a 4.5 star rating so I thought this would be a good place to check out.Arrived early for dinner around 5pm, we were seated immediately. The service was great and the steaks were cooked perfectly. The Mac and Cheese side was the best I've ever had. Our server was very attentive checking on us several times during our meal.The meal was an excellent value, especially when compared to the higher end steak houses typically located on Casino property. If you want a great steak and a great value, try Saltgrass.

Review №3

We went in for Sunday brunch. We were seated immediately. Our server came right away with menus and took drink orders. She then took our food orders and took pains to get our request for what we wanted and how we wanted the food prepared. The food was delicious. The service unhurried. The atmosphere was quiet and we had a nice leisurely lunch! The cost reasonable. Will go back again when I am in the Biloxi area.

Review №4

One of the best experiences at a restaurant I've had in a long time! Food was outstanding, the waiter Elias was excellent, and the atmosphere was very welcoming. Looking forward to going backs in the near future!

Review №5

This steakhouse is the way to my happiness. We first visited during Cruise the Coast and decided to dine again the very next week. Great service both times as well as scrumptious entrees and drinks!

Review №6

I had the lunch ribeye, which is a 10oz ribeye and man it was amazing! I am pretty funny when it comes to steaks and I would rather get one and cook it myself instead of ordering one in a restaurant but I decided to try it since I was out of town and man the taste of this steak was phenomenal and it was cooked perfectly. I highly highly recommend this place. The only thing I would have had different is to order the dinner size ribeye. Great place and great atmosphere.

Review №7

Nice chain steakhouse. Food was good service was professional. Beer was a bit pricey but it is a resort area. It was open later than other places which helped make my choice to try it

Review №8

Reason for two stars is because we all ordered steak as each steak was not cooked to what we asked for, but for someone to come back to fix is was nearly impossible.They over seasoned the steaks. And not all the hot,was more like warm...steak got cold super quickly and was very tough and chewy.The 8oz looked like a 4oz and the12oz looked like an 8oz.The salad was tiny, much smaller than what you normally get in a longhorn,Texas road house,ocharleys, etc...Saltgrass is a very Hyped up High dollar steak house we were expecting "better"..Was it busy, yes, but still no excuse for not coming back to ask if we needed anything.We came hungry, left unsatisfied.Won't be returning.Drinks ran out quickly and getting them refilled took a bit as well ..The only positives are, we got told we would have to wait an hour or so, and we got in there 45mins. But the wait honestly wasn't worth it.The scenery is the other positive. And also the person serving us was very nice.But the over all experience, was not worth the pretty little price it comes with.Rather would of paid Texas road house or longhorn,or outback,knowing the sides are not tiny, food will be hot,not just the plate..and the steak is cooked to your asking,and even on busy nights you get refills quickly, and if something does get messed up, there are many people around you can ask for your server back to help fix the issues.Sucks leaving such a low experience, but we do not understand why so many people are talking great things about this over priced place. We could overhear others complaints too as we were walking in and that should of been a sign. One about how they had been waiting 2 hours to get in and everyone else is getting seated befire them and they were just two people. And the other about their service wasn't all that great and they were not coming back.But being we have never been there, we thought we would ignore the negative and go in there with a positive mind..well they were right...

Review №9

The food was good. Not great, but good. The service was what changed our minds about visiting again. We dined in an hour before closing. The wait was only 5-10 minutes. We were greeted promptly, however it took our food quite a while. I'm sure the food was ready (because it was not steaming hot); it just had not been brought to our table yet. I have worked many years in the restaurant industry and I understand as a server there is a lot of closing work to do before going home. Regardless, this should not come before serving your customers. We never got refills, had to ask another server for a couple of items, and waited a long time for our check to be cashed out. Also, there were no to go boxes so I left with my food wrapped in aluminum foil. Lastly, as we were walking out, the hostess was at the host stand watching videos on her phone. No “thank you” or “goodnight”. For somewhere we probably would have frequented, sadly, this will be our first and last visit.

Review №10

I had the soup if the day (loaded potato) and salad (Caesar). Overall the soup was not to bad, but a lot more mushy than I expected with only one noticeable chunk of potato, and it desperately needed salt. Salad was real good with plenty of dressing. My fiance had the Salmon with tempura asparagus and herb rice. Nice big piece of fish, tasted great! The herb rice was fantastic. I ordered their Bloody Mary, and when I say FANTASTIC, that might not even do it enough justice! Waiters were very friendly, but could have executed food arrival a little better. I will be back at another time though so I can leave a review of their steak!!

Review №11

Food was excellent!!! Best Filet I have ever eaten. Bar service was great. Was surprised a little by price but will eat here again. Food was well worth the price

Review №12

Our server, Cherry was excellent. He did everything to make this bday dinner a success for my daughter. Drinks were a lil weak, but food was good. I'd definitely return.

Review №13

It was me and my boyfriend's first time to try salt grass The food was so good the steak was delicious.What stood out the most was the service I had a waiter named rashad or rashon just want to give him a shout out best waiter I've had in a long time. Also the woman in the red dress in front was really kind too! satisfied

Review №14

Busy as usual but wait time minimal food and service were excellent..Time spent family was wonderful....

Review №15

Food was excellent, very reasonable pricing, staff very friendly, nice portions and atmosphere. service was moderately slow but was not because of lack of trying they were nonstop busy and seemed short staffed. would highly recommend!

Review №16

I had the ribs that were good my wife had some type of chicken it was had and had no flavor. it was almost nine we had to get our food to go but a white couple got to be seated. I don't think that was fair.

Review №17

It was okay. Definitely not worth the price though. Our waiter was great! Our steaks were well seasoned, but mine was wafflehouse steak thickness and my wife's was almost raw. Neither came to us hot enough to melt the butter on it. Same with our sides, my potato wouldn't melt the cheese and she said her mac n cheese was lukewarm. That is disappointing, especially at the price. I've had better food at outback, and that's disappointing because I specifically went to salt grass for a better steak. All in all, I won't be returning.

Review №18

Very good. Used a recommendation from the hotel and glad we did. We all got the rib eye and it was very good. Our waitress, Tara, was very nice.

Review №19

Really good quality. First time their but won't be my last time visiting! Nice place and great date spot!

Review №20

Looking at the reviews now. I see the error of deciding to eat here. It is a common occurrence for the service and the food quality to be terrible. We received both last night. 3 out of 4 steaks our party ordered were terrible. Dry, underseasoned, served near cold. It was not an enjoyable experience. Combine the poor quality of food with the poor quality of our waitress. If I could leave no stars I would. I left more then half of my steak on the plate to be thrown in the trash. That 5 dollar discount really helped for the 80 dollars worth of garbage we were served. Conclusion, the only reason this restaurant survives is location.

Review №21

Everything I have ever had from here has been delicious. The drinks from the bar are always great and don't taste watered down. I particularly enjoy the salmon with the oscar topping, it is to die for. Definitely recommend paying a visit to this establishment if you have not yet tried it.

Review №22

Went for lunch, had 6oz sirloin w/grilled shrimp and loaded mashed potatoes. Steal was done perfectly and the shrimp and potatoes were great. Service was spot on and prices were very reasonable. Will definitely be going back for sure!

Review №23

Decided to go here with family that was down from Oklahoma. Wait wasn't too bad considering its cruising the coast. The waitress had pretty decent attitude. Drinkand appetizer came out just fine and were great. We were only offered a refill once, and as a party of 9 we waited over an hour for our food. Thats not bad considering our party size, but for the price food was garbage. I order T-bone as medium, and it came out closer to medium well and was one of worst cuts of T-Bones I have ever had. I wouldn't have paid ten dollars for this steak at store. I also only received one side with it. 2 other steaks at my table were barely cooked to rare, and a plate of ribs had to be sent back because they were ice cold on middle. The price of the place the food quality should be much better, I will not bring my family back for food of this quality, and would expect more of a place like this. I have now been without a drink for 45 minutes.

Review №24

We came in at a busy time and our waitress was working her very first shift. She forgot about us. It was ok though because another waitress stepped in and waited on us. The soup wasn't hot but the steaks were excellent! Totally recommended them! We would go back.

Review №25

I called in advance to check if there was a wait and was told that there was no wait. We were seated right away but waited 20 minutes before our drink order was taken. Then before our drinks arrived a party of 9 (including children) were seated behind us less than 3 ft away. A little girl of about 10 was leaning her chair back and letting it bang down on the floor numerous times (no one said anything about it). They were seated so clise that the wait staff continually bumped into my chair as they passed by. Another party of 4 ladies at a table 5 ft away were talking loudly and every other word was a cuss word. I ordered steak and grilled shrimp. The shrimp were over cooked and I had to cut it with a knife. The steak had no flavor and the iced tea was $3.25 for a glass. Will not be going back.

Review №26

Steak was tough,had Texas T Bone.everything else was great. Waitress was extremely helpful and very friendly. It was my Birthday and she bought me some cover vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup with whip cream and a candle to make a wish on. Did it on her own without us asking for it. That was sweet.

Review №27

Good food and excellent service. Wait time for 6 of us was 17 minutes! The steaks were cooked to perfection ! We enjoyed the evening immensely. Keep up the good work!

Review №28

Loved everything about this restaurant. Great food, great service, (Thanks Trey!), fabulous atmosphere. Chicken breast was grilled to perfection. We will be back.

Review №29

Excellent, great and fast service!! Fair prices and we are glad to get out and enjoy.

Review №30

It was wonderful we had waitress the food was superb and desert was awesome. Best I've had in a long time we went Nov 2 at around 5 I can't remember our waitresses name but she is very outgoing and one of the best waitress I've ever had

Review №31

The food was good. Although, I ordered a Moscow mule which says its made with Belvidere vodka on the menu and they poured Titos in 1 drink and well vodka for the next and charged me $32 for 2 drinks. The first drink was only three fourth's of the way full as well. The drinks are over priced and low on alcohol. Don't order drinks if you come here.

Review №32

The pats ribeye is the best steak. Always great service! Reasonable pricing for a good steak.

Review №33

After waiting 15 minutes at our table with no sign of wait staff I got up and asked the hostess. She apologized and sent someone over. Food was good, well cooked and served in a timely manner.

Review №34

Second vist, and everything was great again! Jamie our server was super and very attentive. Food was great, you have to try the onion rings!

Review №35

Fantastic food and service. It was the most friendly and courteous staff I've met. The steak to fish, everything was so tasty. I will be back for more.

Review №36

The hostess was professional. The server exhibited warmth, with a high degree of professionalism. They both made me feel appreciated as a customer. Social distancing was in full force. The meal was superb! The warm bread was delicious. The ribeye, loaded potato, and steamed broccoli were worth the 50 mile journey. The 6oz glass of Cabernet wine that the server suggested was an excellent choice to have with the ribeye steak. I live approximately 50 miles from the Saltgrass Steakhouses. One in Pensacola and the other one in Biloxi, hence the 50 mile journey. We have fine steakhouses in my hometown, but to me they do not compare to Saltgrass Steakhouses. In my opinion the quality of the food at the Saltgrass Steakhouses is superior to Outback and Longhorn in Mobile, Alabama. The Outback and the Longhorn food is tasty, and the service is okay, but I wouldn't consider driving 50 miles for one of their meals.

Review №37

I just left SaltGrass I order a New York Strip Steak I asked for well done, fries and a baked potato with only bacon cheese and butter. When it came out the steak was pink in the inside and the potato had sour cream on it, I told the waitress she took both of them back. When it came back out the potato didn't have any bacon on it I ate it tho, and the steak was still pink, she took it back again and it came back pink for the third time. The worse steak house on the coast. I'll never eat there again

Review №38

Wonderful! We had a team of 2 servers and that were amazing. They explained everything very well. Food was delicious, cooked to perfection.

Review №39

Delicious food! Great wait staff. Best steak I've had in forever.

Review №40

Was our last day in Biloxi and we decided to try the Saltgrass steak house, and man are we glad we did. Let's start with the service it was great our waitress Misha who is in the picture at the bar was super. The food mirrored the service and was great. For starters we had fried mushrooms,I had the porter house and baked potato with a house salad. My fiance had a smothered ribeye and baked potato. The steaks were cooked perfectly. The bill was super reasonable for food and service. We will definately be eating here again in the future.

Review №41

We had the worst experience ever. The hostess was very rude and the so called manager was even worse. The server brought us iced tea that was more water than tea. We never got bread so we asked and was told it was in the oven, one minute later the table seated after us was eating bread..our server was the worst. We have ate here several times and have never had a problem. We will not go back. Very disappointed.

Review №42

THEY DO MILITARY DISCOUNT.Usually go to the bar for happy hour. Came here for lunch instead. Sat in the dining room. We tried again the fried mushrooms. They were good and I recommend trying them.Our server was good for the most part except:We split the Chicken Salad. It has BACON and my girlfriend does not eat BACON. We asked and she verified that it would be on the side.Someone else brought our split salads and no bacon on side. I EAT BACON.Here's had bacon. They did bring another one out quickly though.Would have been 4 stars. BUT...The CROUTONS WERE NOT VERY CRUNCHY AND A BIT SOGGY. Didn't seem freshly made.

Review №43

Awesome food. We ordered the steak and ribs. The steak was tender and the ribs fell off the bone.

Review №44

Only reason I give it a 2 stars is because of the waiters we had when we visited. I ordered a Tropical Sangria and it tasted like water, even though my waiter told me it's a wonderful choice.I then ordered sweet tea, it was unsweet. My husband ordered a Jim and Coke...all he tasted was Coke. Didn't seem as though their bartender knew how to mix drinks very well. Now of course we got is a steak house! Well if your going to charge people $32 for a steak, please make sure that steak is worth $32. My steak had WAY more fat on it than it did meat...I wasn't too terribly thrilled with that, neither of our steaks had much flavor to them....and they weren't even hot....I honestly don't think we will ever go back to this one.Worst part, this was our annivasry dinner...Now the SaltGrass I went to in Texas....a long time ago....THEY WERE ON POINT!!!!

Review №45

Went to Saltgrass for my wifes birthday. The food was good and we received it in a timely manner. On the other note our waiter was very dry, he didn't have much enthusiasm or hospitality when talking to his tables

Review №46

This restaurant is awesome. Way above most steakhouse. From the quality/ quantity of the food to the best service on the coast.If you are a Landry card holder then things are even better for you. On Father's Day our wait was about 5 mins compared to 30 plus minutes for non card holders.What a great enjoyable meal we had with our father on his special day.

Review №47

Where to start? Food is good in taste but service is not so good. It was very difficult to get our server when we were out of soda and tea, which was unsweetened and I had to ask one of the hostesses (?) If she can bring some sweetener. From there all went down the hill, at least for me; since my friend was ok with everything. However, I went to a mission for Tabasco sauce and when they brought my steak it was so hard because of the muscle tendons in it and I had to return it to the kitchen.They probably think I had an attitude, but this place should learn from the service in other "not so trendy" places.I am very disappointed

Review №48

Service was very good. Ribeye steak was cooked correctly but was a little salty. Caesar salid was also good.

Review №49

Food was great, the staff was super friendly and professional. My only problem was that the sweet tea could've been sweeter and made with non tapwater.

Review №50

Slow service. Even with a slow restaurant (as in not many patrons). They were out of all the salmon dishes. My wife's steak was great but my burger was a burnt, ruined hockey puck. If you go don't order anything but steak. I guess that's what you should get at a steakhouse anyway, but if it's on the menu and you're going to pay $20 for a cheeseburger meal, I feel like it should be cooked well.

Review №51

We had a party of 8. Our server was very polite, but our food was not acceptable. My salad had cold/soggy/hard to chew tenders on it; the croutons were soggy/stale. Three of the steaks ordered were cold to warm and not cooked correctly. When the server was notified by one of our unhappy party members she did not seem to care much and just grabbed management. They took $5.00 off and left it as that. We will not be returning.

Review №52

I was extremely pleased with the service, and our steaks were cooked exactly how we ordered them. No other restaurant could have done better for our anniversary. 100% exceeded our expectations.

Review №53

Good steak. Delicious salad dressing balsamic. Yum

Review №54

The wait was long..... but I can't complain. Once we were sat our order came out like clockwork and the service was amazing!! Most definitely will return and recommend.I ordered the chicken Laredo and it was the bomb.

Review №55

Wonderful experience, service and food ! Pomegranate mojito is to die for and amazing juicy steaks ! Must try the fried shrimp . Highly recommended

Review №56

Love this place, never got bad service or a bad meal, highly recommended it

Review №57

Excellent steak combined with professional staff combined to provide a great lunch. Will be back!

Review №58

Food is great ! Amazing tasting. Building was very nice. But the wait was so long we went for lunch and ended up eating supper.. but it was very good.

Review №59

Went for dinner last night at Saltgrass. Food was excellent, great French fries and steak The service was also excellent! Shout out to the manager, Will who has great integrity and runs a great operation. Thank you Will

Review №60

The ribeye was ordinary. The mashed potatoes were loaded with salt. The steak at the Waffle House was far better.The service was unbelievably bad! I would not recommend this restaurant. A waste of $80!!!

Review №61

Poor service. Waitress was slow. Wasn't crowded either. But good food.

Review №62

Everything was wonderful about this place I can't wait to visit again!!...

Review №63

Excellent service & food, was a nice relaxing lunch! The employees were all polite and the bartender was the Boss!

Review №64

Always SOOO DELICIOUS! Average about 1hr wait for seating on a regular weekend night.

Review №65

Great food, was able to use comps from the casino to eat, can't beat it!

Review №66

Very nice.. First time going the food was nice and service was was friendly and on time.

Review №67

Food was amazing! Ordered to go, packed in quality containers with care.

Review №68

Drinks and waitress were really good but everything else seemed standard-ly ok. The build up I had for this place may have led to the disappointment as well. Steaks are decent but definitely not worth the money. The salmon dish was actually the best meal out of all the ones we tried.Will not be back, unless it's at the bar, but worth trying once if you're restaurant connoisseurs like us and need to scratch it off your list.

Review №69

Felt it was overpriced steak had 4 oz of just fat on it was cooked well done instead of medium rare but still good but was not properly prepared for the 32$ steak

Review №70

What a great place. A taste of Texas on the Mississippi Coast. My Wife and I split the steak and ordered an appetizer - plenty of food for both of us. Staff is wonderful. The Manager Will checked in on us, he made sure everything was perfect. Highly recommend. Ask for the Jalapeño Margarita for something spicy in your life. Grab a table on the big porch too - you'll love it.

Review №71

It was pretty good, not like any other steak house that I've been to.

Review №72

This is owned by The Golden Nugget and located just across the street. If you have any comps on your 24K players card you may use them towards your bill! It is a very nice restaurant and I have enjoyed everything I've eaten there. All of the employees are very polite. If you are like me and sometimes can't decide on what to order they are helpful to your needs! They are typically very busy so you might want to set a reservation the wait is usually only about 15 minutes so you have plenty of time to browse the menu.

Review №73

I am from Texas.....your cook and staff have a spot in the Hall of Texas fame list

Review №74

Food was horrible, I never thought I'd say it but this is 1st time they didn't have potato soup and my husband's steak had no flavor or seasoning. It was also both of our birthdays! That sucked...

Review №75

My family heard good reviews about this place so naturally, we had high expectations for the food quality. However, my sister ordered a medium cooked steak & instead, she received an undercooked, almost raw steak. The waiter kindly apologized, and in 5 minutes, he arrived with the supposedly “improved” steak. Unfortunately, the steak was still undercooked & the sides were no longer warm. She was very disappointed, especially since it was her birthday, and our family had to wait an hour for a table. Definitely do not recommend this steakhouse!!!

Review №76

Very good,,every thing was delicious..will be back.

Review №77

Good food served by friendly staff

Review №78

I had the bone in ribeye with a load of baked potato salad outstanding

Review №79

The wait was wonderful. The steak and shrimp I ordered was supposed to be center cut meat. It was so tough that even my husband had difficulty cutting the meat and we were not able to eat the steak. Everything else was really good.

Review №80

The fried onion ring appetizer was delish with the homemade ranch. Our steaks would have been amazing but they were served COLD! The butter on top wouldn't even melt. We drove a ways to try them out and was disappointed.

Review №81

The server Beau was fantastic! If you want fantastic service ask for Beau. The appetizer was great and so were the drinks. All four of our entrees were great and we will be back here again.

Review №82

Awesome food awesome service we so loved it.

Review №83

Omg where do I start no ribeyes available service was mediocre my food was cold when they vrought it out the girl liked to have dropped the food i waited all day for this place and was totally disappointed

Review №84

Service was phenomenal, but the food was lacking! We came in around 9:30 (30 minutes before close), and didn't receive our food til 10:30 (party of 5). 3 members of our party got the 2nd most expensive steak on the menu (around $38). They steaks we just not good, they lacked seasoning, and were not tender. We spent $233 and was very disappointed. We will not be back, unfortunately.

Review №85

Drinking at the bar was great! It all went down hill at the table. First, we couldn't get waited on. Finally got drinks and our order taken. Then our chopped steak was ordered to be medium well. One came out and raw, smelled like hamburger meat. We've been there when it was really busy and never had service like this. It was horrible!!

Review №86

Wonderful service, amazing prices for everything, and the portions are worth the money spent. Overall amazing for when you want steak house favorites

Review №87

We really enjoyed the food, best steak I have ate in a long time. Our server was named Tray, and he was awesome. Great customer service , will be coming back again on our next vacation

Review №88

I was so surprised how good the food was especially the steak it was seasoned well and cook to perfection definitely would be back at this location

Review №89

The husband and I came for our honeymoon/vacation and decided to eat here bc it was suppose to be expensive but really good steaks and it was the worst food ever. The waiter was friendly but of course it wasnt his fault the food was not good. I ordered medium well steak and it came out looking like rare and bloody. The waiter took it back and came right back out not even 3 mins and it still wasnt done so he took it back and when he came out and said "I did this myself and is it good now" it was done but had no seasoning at all.My husband drank 1 beer and then asked for another one and while he was in the restroom the waiter asked me if i was driving bc he was concerned about him drinking more. Well of course i was driving and if we are paying it shouldnt matter how many he has if im driving. I will never go to any salt grass ever again.While another waitress was bringing dirty dishes to the back she dropped a cup of something and it splashed on us.Atleast 3 or 4 people in the kitchen was ion their phones. So if they payed attention then they could make customers happier with their food.Good luck if you decide to eat here.

Review №90

Great food at reasonable prices with pleasant atmosphere. Will definitely return. Perfect steak.

Review №91

So lastnight for one last time, we decided to have dinner from Saltgrass Biloxi Mississippi. After a long day packing ( Military family ), we would loved to have a hot meal from our Number 1 and the best restaurant in Biloxi. But it didn't turn out pretty well. My son and I ordered Wagon Boss steak both Rare ( It should be quick cause it's Rare)! My husband ordered Baby Back Ribs. (All to go)! 15minutes turn out 45minutes ! Husband, son and I are patiently waiting (remember the fact it's a long day for us). The front lady ask us twice what's my name and the ordered. FINALLY food came! Yayyy! Check it to make sure food is all good. Really upsetting! All the food is cold. I talk to manager to fix it right. We just want some hot meal. They took the food and what they did. They pretty much heat it up in microwave. You know how I know? The styrofoam melted! And they charge $1.99 each for the bread! Ridiculously frustrating!

Review №92

Food was great. Many of the things we ate were on the salty side but overall delicious!

Review №93

Long wait time, but great food and service.

Review №94

Great atmosphere, best filet I've ever had. Try the Brussels Sprouts, you won't be disappointed.

Review №95

Food was good, we just had grilled chicken sandwiches this visit. The service was great, had Rashad (I think) as our waiter.

Review №96

The food was an unexpected surprise! Get the green beans as a side. They were were so flavorful they almost tasted like asparagus. Was assisted by Lacy but the whole staff did their best in the current difficult circumstances. The cheesecake portion was about three times the size of the normal restaurant portion. My buddy is a big eater but we took leftovers. We'll be back...

Review №97

Wonderful dining experience. Great food!!

Review №98

On point. No complaints

Review №99

My first and last time here. Paid $27 for a $3 ribeye and cold mashed potatoes. Steak was very thin and small. Looked like a steak from one of those family trays at Walmart.Also ordered my steak to be medium well and it was quite pink. We will head to Outback next time.

Review №100

5 star service, delicious steaks

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:140 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39530, United States
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  • Phone:+1 228-435-4964
  • American restaurant
  • Steak house
  • Chicken restaurant
  • Seafood restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–10PM
  • Thursday:11AM–10PM
  • Friday:11AM–11PM
  • Saturday:11AM–11PM
  • Sunday:11AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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